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TF2's Player Number Drop Explained

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Sponsored By DreamTeam - Ultimate Teambuilding Platform Join beta today https://goo.gl/zbmJsm Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor Today on Valve News Network, we take a look at the recent massive drop in players on Team Fortress 2, and the possible explanations in the face of Valve's characteristic silence. Sources : https://twitter.com/wickedplayer494/status/963080258714038273 https://steamdb.info/app/440/graphs/ Music By HOME : https://soundcloud.com/home-2001 My Social Media : Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/valvenewsnetwork/ Waffler Weekly : goo.gl/Fm28Ge
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Text Comments (1242)
dani dashev (3 months ago)
The pyro update is guilty for that drop
shovels (3 months ago)
ah, i know im 4 month late, but once tf2 finally dies, hopefully a new war themed hat simulator will be born
Carl Jason Eraldo (3 months ago)
The only resons why so many stop playing tf2? Its because of Overwatch...
Edward Piedmont (4 months ago)
Dammit Thanos
Borky Bork (4 months ago)
I have about 1.4k hours...tbh I just got bored of TF2 and it’s few fun updates
BoGossMaskey (5 months ago)
This is what happen when dev dont give a fuck anymore
Ddynamite (6 months ago)
Tf2 has a maturing fanbase that simply has less time to play
Mr. Poot (6 months ago)
Welp TF2 is dying so time to get a hair cut I'll do it Kurt Cobain stye with a shotgun .
MetalShredMaddNESS (6 months ago)
With more and more players being very good making it harder for new players to enjoy and in turn fall in love with the game it may well die in the near future. What kills me most is a freaking taunt costs 8 dollars on a 10 year old game. Seriously? Valve is no better than EA.
Random doggie (6 months ago)
why me a and my friends stoped playing .. well we maybe grow up a bit or no big update's or engine update to get us back in play we join from time to time to spin the ham and thats its ..nothing new same old trolling around and conga to victory :) and me 2kh idling tf2 like 1000h real gameplay
FuranDuron (7 months ago)
Its time for Team Fortress 3.
peeledpotatoes (7 months ago)
Lol I stopped playing cuz I hated the pyro buff.
Jaydan Sucks (7 months ago)
So... TF2 really is dead?
tonton9598 (7 months ago)
never forget the paid sprays *tsk tsk tsk*
ErichGrooms1 (7 months ago)
It's official, Valve doesn't give a fuck.
VariumDeath ™ (7 months ago)
What's the outro music plsss i need it
Skeet (7 months ago)
"50,000 people used to live here, nows its a ghost town."
ZipperSkull (7 months ago)
I lost interest of the game back in 2015 when they nerf one my fav weapons in the gun mettle update. Updates are SUPER rare, I expect valve to do something about the game in every 2 months, its just so long and completely random that they update the game it feels like nothing was new. Everyone kept using stock, I rarely see anyone use other weapons. There are nothing but shotguns, no rifles or anythimg automatic. Unusuals are dead to me, especially weapons (kinda). To me, TF2 was just getting stale at the point, so I just moved on. lol If those numbers are fake, then good for the community, tf2 might live on..........I think. Also, I think the one thing that made tf2 so special were the new weapons, it seems like valve don't give them out ALOT to the 9 classes, recently pyro but how about medic, demo, heavy, soldier, and etc. I always want to see scout with the nailgun, since valve scrapped it for a unknown reason. Valve could try new things (currently new projects, not tf2).....idk.
Ren (7 months ago)
People just tired of dying over and over again to W+M1 Pyros
No_Nickname_Idea (7 months ago)
Welp I've stopped playing ever since Pyro Update ruined pyro lol
SOLUS (7 months ago)
oh so that was the -12,000 people gone from TF2
LeROYtheLAMA (7 months ago)
Dont understand peoples reaction at this! Game is not dead or even changed for anyone. Farming bots on idle servers have been removed, so unless thats where you were spending your time then how does this affect anyones gameplay or longevity of TF2. Real player number is 20-30k average now and guess what? It always was....
Aqua (7 months ago)
LMAO After watching I said "Well I know one loyal TF2 Player, he would never leave TF-" Bottom Right of my Screen "Pengo(My Brothers account) is now playing Counter Strike Global Offensive"
FunZ (7 months ago)
Just die tf2! How are we going to get to 3 if 2's just won't die?!
Lil Diesel (7 months ago)
I think tf2 "lost its magic" as people would say, because they don't make original updates anymore. Ever since gun mettle, tf2 has just been trying to do what csgo is doing, but tf2 isn't csgo. Instead of adding cool original content like mvm, they just add in skins and a few maps. THATS BORING!!!!
AyeAye Kane (7 months ago)
in a way i hope the player count drop is from bots because it shows that tf2 isn't gonna die next week
IMCAL (7 months ago)
I was playing skyrim that day... ;-;
Day Walker (7 months ago)
1000000 pubg players in every hour. not only tf2, cs go decreased too.
NonsenseCrusade (7 months ago)
Creak W# (7 months ago)
I wanna get into TF2 came here to know is it still alive will i be ablr to get into games quickly??
Slaλer (7 months ago)
what about overwatch free weekend? Maybe 20k people decided to swap to a game that actually gets updates lol?
PicklePyro (8 months ago)
Lots of old veterans of the game I know started when they were young and had to quit recently because of things like college. Very sad indeed, but we cant let these things bring us down! Long live tf2!
KamiJoJo (8 months ago)
Jesus I hate this ad at the beggining
Reniukas (8 months ago)
i want the old tf2 :(
leoric21 (8 months ago)
Meet your match update broke the game I came back for the pyro update but it was ok. but if I want multiplayer I go for left for dead or the unreal tournament beta.
Nighthawk (8 months ago)
the real question to answer here should be: "Why the actual holy *FUCK* is people willing to *PAY* , *REAL* , *MONEY* , for a bunch of pixels!??!?!" more so! PAYING to a third party so they would GET them the items! that is the culmination of stupidity!
JustSmurfinAround (8 months ago)
@Valve News Network, There is currently no way to get marketable or tradable drops from Dota 2, so any item bots would be non-existent.
Williamz (8 months ago)
>wrote to Valve >didn't get a responce Who woulda thunk?
asdasddd asdads (8 months ago)
I guess Uncle Dane is somewhat Right... But Geel doesnt even go to his fucking website ever, not to mention the fucking mega key increase.
this upsets me greatly.
tf2 is too timeless for it to die.
Mourad Kadri (8 months ago)
Devon Ortiz (8 months ago)
Kill the market, kill the bots. Simple as that, Valve.
SupahPiggeh (8 months ago)
+Information Learned +999 Depression +Stool +Noose
tom shep (8 months ago)
I lost interset after pyro update,sorry tf2 :/
diz aster (8 months ago)
Cancel those next three videos b!tch, do it you won't
Blu (8 months ago)
Fuck man I only got bored
Cezary Dudkiewicz (8 months ago)
I personally kind of stopped playing after I was done with the Jungle Inferno contracts early in February.
Nobody #567 (8 months ago)
The drop was actually caused by the match making update and the removal of quickplay
I'm Lorax (8 months ago)
Unit 437 (8 months ago)
It’s just school starting
jowan ayling (8 months ago)
R.I.P Team Fortress 2 :(
fuck mylife123 (8 months ago)
This is not 2007 accept it! and i reeeealy miss the old 2007 years and now there are pubg and fortnite witch is makes no sense to be on the market because 3 things: they drop you off, you collect some items, and you die or win! what is gaming come to guys!!!!!!
SlasherLink (8 months ago)
I haven't played Tf2 for probably 2 months at this point. After the spark I got from Jungle Inferno, TF2 just kinda stagnated for me again. I've been pretty adamant about Valve not seeing TF2 as a priority considering the unimproved competitive mode and casual matchmaking which, even after almost 2 years, is still below the standard set by quickplay. After queueing in to matches already over almost every time and incredibly unbalanced matches, I just kinda threw my hands up in the air and got back into playing Overwatch. I'm not about to say "TF2 is dead and sucks while Overwatch is just flat-out better". Not only is that a matter of taste but Overwatch isn't flawless either. Regardless of how you feel about Overwatch though, I don't think anyone can argue that Blizzard doesn't care about Overwatch. The game is getting consistent updates and new content both cosmetic and game changing, almost like how Valve treated TF2 back during it's peak in the early 2010s. Valve has to know that TF2 has been struggling a bit ever since Meet Your Match but doesn't feel the need to hire some extras for the TF2 team so they can help get these things fixed faster. Not to say the current TF2 team isn't doing what they can but they clearly need some extra manpower if they want to make the game better at any kind of decent pace.
Tylix (8 months ago)
The Atomic Cherry (8 months ago)
TF2 isn’t dead. Yet. But it’s been on life support ever since MyM.
HSK (8 months ago)
I have 5000+ hrs and pretty much experience everything the game had to offer . It just became boring as the days come and i quit the game few months back pretty sure some people quit cause of boredom too
Clacky/ DoomKillerPower (8 months ago)
Now I have crippling deppresion
d d (8 months ago)
ahh yeah, i fucking love entering a video and watching a 30 second unstoppable ad.
Hey! It's Drummer (8 months ago)
Put it on Switch and see how that goes, I haven't played a pc game in quite a while, since I've been doing nothing but playing on the Switch.
austinthehotty (8 months ago)
Wanna know what's better than Dream Team? Steam Groups, and Steam Discussions. boom.
AZNwannabe06 (8 months ago)
Or maybe it’s just the super grindy contract bonuses that require you to play the game in a sub-optimum, unintuitive and unfun way? Just sayin’ Poor choices were made on Valve’s part for some of those.
FrostyB (8 months ago)
Yeah it's interesting. I've been starting to become more and more familiar with people on the servers I play on, I wouldn't disagree with this video.
Raz G (8 months ago)
I've said it many times across multiple tf2 channels. *TF2 is a dead game. It was a game that shouldn't even get old this quick.*
Blue Behemoth (8 months ago)
Really should make a new game or completely refresh it.
DaddyButterV2 (8 months ago)
Tf2 will always be my favorite game but i have been busy i am gonna start playing again though like the good ol days
adrian fernandez (8 months ago)
They deserve This i Was fan of that Game and we used to Play It a lot (my Friends and i).That Was until competitive update that fucked Up the Game , It Was a Game to have fun and relax but now It Lost its Spirit.
Emman Tipan (8 months ago)
Goodbye Froyotech
MacValent (8 months ago)
Valve just needs to give tf2 a bit of love hiring some new devs that would like to work on tf2, or allowing the community to make their own updates along side valve if valve realized that tf2 despite its age could be a very good e sport and does make them a lot of money could help both tf2s player base incress and make more money for valve (Which is all Gaben really cares about) lol
ThatOddGuy (8 months ago)
>John You're alright
Kevin (8 months ago)
well... tf2 is dead.... Please valve mack an update mack it popular agine!
Jeff the meme Guy_6669 (8 months ago)
Memes never die
Mania From TF2 (8 months ago)
So that means those AFK people on BR are idle bots... Well that’s something...
George Washington (8 months ago)
Valve hates their fans, and though Blizzard is fucking garbage at least they're not as bad as Valve
Xander Niles (8 months ago)
TF2 has one foot in the graveyard.
Crosheo (8 months ago)
The cake is a lie!
Jae Lim (8 months ago)
I didn't get a single word you just said other than you talking to Geel and Uncle Dane...
Papa Wuise (8 months ago)
Honestly. Im gonna miss tf2. Theyre going to most likely take another break before the next update. Ill be happy if we get canon material. Animations, comics, doesnt matter, ill be happy.
PHR16384 (8 months ago)
Couple things I've noticed on the trading side: - bots haven't gone anywhere, they still dominate trade listings (esp. backpack.tf) - trading price for keys was just under 38 ref a week or two ago. Price slowly dropped to ~37 since then. - real-money price for TF2 keys has been stable, except for a brief 10% dip (Steam Market, Feb. 13 1PM EST) - backpack.tf/cs has not recorded any drop in the # of keys existing. Wouldn't bans mean those items disappear? From the above info, looks like actual humans are MIA. Bots slowly lowering key-ref trade price due to, in economic terms, reduced demand.
Professor Bearington (8 months ago)
Gah! Dream Team intros is worse than any ad that YouTube throws on videos.
DUCKS (8 months ago)
I stopped playing tf2 to focus on studies and work. I just quit the game about in December 2017, not long ago. I will be back to playing once I finished college but I hope this is nothing more than minor stumble.
MegaMrFreeman (8 months ago)
Video starts at 0:24
Phoenix Veal (8 months ago)
I came to TF2 for the money I stayed for the game
Your Ad Here (8 months ago)
This... makes me wanna play TF2. I was actually taking a break
Hiper Gut (8 months ago)
7:35 42k yes
Appstoneoffice (8 months ago)
Valve can make TF2 better than OW. But Valve don't What happen with valve now?
NUTCASE71733 (8 months ago)
all the more reason to target "friendlies"
Jordyn RamC (8 months ago)
This is. Scary? Is the word I would use, i don't want my most played game to die yet knowing that there are less players then I thought.
Electronium (8 months ago)
I quit TF2, the reasoning behind that was because the Spy received a major nerf, and now is even harder to play. I would be fine if Valve had lowered the accuracy or got rid of the headshot system but they nerfed both and gave the pyro a huge buff. The dead ringer and the eternal reward also received a nerf for some odd reason. Since my favorite spy setup which is already a difficult set up to play as has all been nerfed. I no longer want to play the game. It's not fun anymore. Yes my comment may be nit picking. But I don't find the game fun anymore. My interest started going down when the game added comp and got rid of pub servers. Comp was ok to add for some, but TF2 shouldn't be looked at as game that is competitive. Kill/Death ratios are sickening and levels aren't what we wanted. I do believe this is fixable. The game hasn't lost my interest due to old age, it's lost my interest due to poor decisions.
härjaren Langstrumpf (8 months ago)
This makes me wanna jump back into the game.
härjaren Langstrumpf (8 months ago)
Wow.. but makes sense at the end of the day.
Steve Irwin's left nut (8 months ago)
Tf2 is dieing what do you expect it’s 10 years old probably next year tf2 would be dead
Bobalini1 (8 months ago)
VoidNado (8 months ago)
Bots will take over TF2 but we have the TF Team to stop them with the 9 classes that we all know and love
Edward The Good YouTuber (8 months ago)
RIP :(
sugondezenuts (8 months ago)
I don't play anymore tf2 as i did 2 years ago
luka tosic (8 months ago)
than how many bots are in PUBG or Dota and CSGO
Salvor (8 months ago)
Reason : soon™
Sweetbootysweat (8 months ago)
I've built a friends list with 200+ people from TF2 back in 2011, 2012, 2013. Every single one of them quit the game. At 4500 hours i finally had to quit, myself. Nonexistent matchmaking in "casual matchmaking" and Valve's refusal to fix it already ruined TF2 for me but when they overbuffed pyro with the new, braindead max damage flames it was just too much. Bye.

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