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Assassin's Creed: Unity - "Warriors"

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Song: "Warriors" by Imagine Dragons
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Night watch (8 months ago)
This is Amazing
Getting League vibes.
Sigma 5339 (11 months ago)
2:24 WTF!!!!
Jacob Soto (11 months ago)
Noemigamer (1 year ago)
so...wonderful <3
Haloecake (1 year ago)
Epic Zoak (1 year ago)
I think I'm one of the very few people who liked the game, idk if I'm gonna get hate for this or not lol
Zosphus (1 year ago)
the game was amazing
Zepo (1 year ago)
This is the kind of music they should have used when advertising the movie.
Zosphus (1 year ago)
NoodleThePoodle (1 year ago)
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Micheletto Corella (1 year ago)
Great video
RyseGamiing (1 year ago)
Very well put together, great job on the video Kaswa!!!
Rhianna Johnson (1 year ago)
keep up on the good work and godspeed
xXEpicLemonnXx (2 years ago)
awesome video man, great job
CAPTAIN FAIL (2 years ago)
i got assassin's creed 2 and man that was awesome
Samuel Pobijak (2 years ago)
I love this video, AWESOME, VERY AWESOME JOB Man, you are very good at this.
Rhianna Johnson (2 years ago)
I love to watch ac videos by kaswa101 they're amazingly awesome
Fault (2 years ago)
i like how almost every imagine dragons song fits in perfectly with assassins creed
Flash Fan (2 years ago)
i know
la canción es una obra maestra
Pras Jupiter (2 years ago)
Amazing quality
adrian vlad (2 years ago)
I Have Assasin's Creed Unity And You Don't Have Missions With So Much Things
billert_bone (2 years ago)
best quality if i could drop 10000000000 likes i would do it also good job with ac4
Hemp Farmer (2 years ago)
in every revolution the cowards who enforced the laws and oppressed the poor and destitute strip themselves of their uniforms to hide but there will be no hiding from the amount of enemies  they have made for themselves and their families you feed your children through the means of theft from the mouths of others children robin hood knew the sheriffs where corrupt and poaching was not a crime against natural resources it was either feed your self and family or starve as the king would have it and the sheriffs would enforce it
bloomdark56 (2 years ago)
JustAnothaGamer (2 years ago)
Hemp Farmer (2 years ago)
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tarik yildirim (2 years ago)
+Hemp Farmer how do u propose we keep law and order ther will be choas if there are no limits
Hemp Farmer (2 years ago)
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Hemp Farmer (2 years ago)
if only people remembered history..........."Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." John F. Kennedy
Rissa Prill (1 year ago)
Pretty much
BuM Assassin (1 year ago)
i feel like that's saying "if you plant to revolt plan to fight"
T. Oster (3 years ago)
good job dude really good video
Kyle Collins (3 years ago)
its reletiv to the french
ytevysbhtb (2 years ago)
+Kyle Collins Thanks captain Obvious!
Queen Bee (3 years ago)
How do I get the part where arno speaks
Queen Bee (3 years ago)
I got this song I just like it better when arno speaks on that part
Richard Stacpoole (3 years ago)
if the series really claimed to be historically accurate why does it portray the revolutionaries to be the good guys?
Based Totalism (2 years ago)
Lol 200 year old political argument
Richard Stacpoole (2 years ago)
No it did not, they traded one dictator for another, the difference is that the people were marginally better of while their neighbors were beheaded in a public square. They then killed Robespierre only to replace him with Napoleon. The Revolution was a waist of lives, you may say it was necessary, however, that does not excuse the atrocious and inhumane acts which were committed in it. When we say "Revolution" we think about a rag tag bunch of rebels who embody freedom and liberty, taking on a corrupt, power hungry and dictatorial government forged upon the backs of the lower class. And while that is largely what the French government was at the time, the Revolutionaries were not the sentinels of liberty. They were just as cruel and oppressive as the men who they sought to overthrow. This was not a war, it was a massacre, the systematic genocide of the upper class, and anyone who was said to support them, whether or not they actually did. And this war accomplished nothing, it was a pointless waist of lives. You think Robespierre was a case of, "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Well you are wrong. He was an example of the men who spearheaded the Revolution, talking of freedom and equality when all they really want is power. The void which the monarchy left, after its collapse, was filled by the leaders of the Revolution, who endeavored to create a better government. Only to replace Louis with the likes of Napoleon and Robespierre.
Hemp Farmer (2 years ago)
 the end did justify the means the amount of time that the revolutionaries where killing and hording is short compared to the kings and his families reign back through the generations (so at least the people got some food even at the cost of bloodshed but the rich where rich off the blood and sweat of the poor and the tax/law enforces oppressing the destitute to provide a foundation for the rich to stand on ) and Robespierre was corrupt just  like many men would be with power and look what happened to him in the end he stopped being the revolutionary and started to be a super DICKtator  lol the people got his ass too so he doesn't counteract anything and as for napoleon their will always be men pulling that shit cause they wanna be alexander the great or something cause daddy didn't hug them enough or to much or some shit growing up
Richard Stacpoole (2 years ago)
+Hemp Farmer Very well, explain that. Your entire argument seems to be centered around the idea that, &quot;The ends justify the means.&quot; I do not believe this. You view the revolutionaries seemingly as these saviors of the people, these crusaders of justice. This is not true, there is a reason that certain times of the French Revolution was known as &quot;The Reign of Terror&quot;. Because the Revolutionaries ran around killing anyone on the mere suggestion of there support of the monarchy. The Revolutionaries said they fought for freedom from oppression and liberty but men like Robespierre counteract that argument. And to your argument that &quot;it was fair after they took power and no one hoarded food or power&quot;, is incorrect. Again men such as Robespierre hoarded just as much wealth and power as the previous monarchs. And after they, &quot;fought for the glorious revolution.&quot; They threw it all away let Napoleon crown himself as Emperor. The French Revolution was a massive waste.
Hemp Farmer (2 years ago)
wow just like a Nazi lol...."how am I a bad person for hating the Jews........    and I said "damned fool and piece of shit" not "horrible human being"
Lego Adventure time (3 years ago)
Awsome vid bro
DZCrafter (3 years ago)
i love Imagine Dragons!!!!!
Asura (2 years ago)
Slave of Allah (3 years ago)
Mr. Neat (3 years ago)
Nice job
Lucy Vizhnay (7 months ago)
Mr. Neat am back

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