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CS GO - Pro Games On Nuke Returning!?

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Based on game files it looks like pro games on nuke will be played at MLG Columbus My Twitter: https://twitter.com/OG_McSkillet Trade With Me! https://goo.gl/g7WkUQ Home Skillets Steam Group: http://goo.gl/8AVC8b Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/og_mcskillet My Sponsor: http://csgowild.com/ music by: https://www.youtube.com/CHUKImusic
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Text Comments (905)
r c (2 years ago)
He predicted it.
xd (2 years ago)
it was only allstars game :(
Jesmus (2 years ago)
Der Melonensaft (2 years ago)
I unboxed a FT M4A4 Radiation Hazard with the new All-Star Stickers :D
Richyy!꼬링크 (2 years ago)
Wrong wrong wrong wrong.
bloodtv_ (2 years ago)
It has to be the fucking all stars game. Because when you look at the image in csgo it doesnt show the nuke souvenir.
I really think a special game will happen between the allstar players!
Han Lars (2 years ago)
McSkillet, according to http://www.majorleaguegaming.com/events/84/mlg-cs-go-major-championship--columbus in the "Maps and Settings" section, de_cache, de_cbble, de_dust2, de_inferno, de_mirage, de_overpass, and de_train are the only maps in the tournament.
44crash44 (2 years ago)
Rip Nuke Souvenir Pack :v
N1c3s (2 years ago)
BigZ (2 years ago)
Huge Fanatic fan, but 2:15 was fishy as fuck
Danny Jiao (2 years ago)
2:12 BOT Krimz
Danny Jiao (2 years ago)
2:08 VAC
Jagster (2 years ago)
New Nuke sucks tho :/
Matt Church (2 years ago)
All you had to do was turn on AutoDirector & this video would of been 100% more interesting to watch... FailFish
John Doe (2 years ago)
Look at the shot at 3:33
classyfenn (2 years ago)
is this the match ibuypower threw and got banned for
Flem_ Bmx (2 years ago)
no they threw against net code guides or something like that
Brandon Smith (2 years ago)
when he said ive got some pro gameplay at 0:10 i thought he said throw gameplay
MattSav (2 years ago)
Jack Spooner (2 years ago)
Deathrow.Beats (2 years ago)
I hate and love nuke in the same time....Still not sure why did they removed it from the tournament map roster...shame.
Tommy Andersen (2 years ago)
@mcskillet https://steamcommunity.com/id/bigbobross/inventory/#730_2_1988702387 look ther
derpydm (2 years ago)
throwback to when pronax was still in fnatic lol
Meister Mu (2 years ago)
there will prob be no tryhard game on nuke, their is 8 souvenirs but its only gonna be 7 maps in the map pool
Shaymin 97 (2 years ago)
Where was the cobblestone souvenir package?
MusabGamePlay (2 years ago)
Im really looking forward to the next major, especially because I like to see pro nuke plays
MrSimpson2001 (2 years ago)
Yo man you need to do a face reveal because I'm going to MLG Columbus as well and would love to meet you !
Glazed (2 years ago)
How do the drops work for the souvenir packs work?
Youssef Guindi (2 years ago)
When is the games gonna happen?
Gradient Myriadtail (2 years ago)
Nuke is going to be the April 1st Bots Match. Watch for your chance at a Souvenir :^)
Sergio Valente (2 years ago)
+mcskillet you sound like you're john krasinski trying to sound like he's not john krasinski. MCSKILLET IS JOHN KRASINSKI
richardninertwo (2 years ago)
i'd be fucking shocked if any team elected to play nuke but we'll see.
Tavo_Pupulis (2 years ago)
I think many people wants to se de_nuke matches
mango323 (2 years ago)
wait so old nuke will be played or are u talking about new nuke?
WertyMartin (2 years ago)
That SHOENICE "Either way" at 0:23
Luke Williams (2 years ago)
http://www.majorleaguegaming.com/events/84/mlg-cs-go-major-championship-columbus?utm_source=EventSection&utm_medium=Button scroll down to maps... no nuke :(
Ibrahim Alshareef (2 years ago)
They are not gone be added its just a prank bro !
Hapé F.S. (2 years ago)
Look at the footage at 2:48
Shoo hoo (2 years ago)
well I figured they'd put nuke in. they did they same with train and cobble when they were still pretty new.
720 Thug Life (2 years ago)
is it the new nuke? or the old one
Vinnie Jonny (2 years ago)
For some reason the gameplay is from fnatic but i wont stop looking at ibuypower...
ツElMaty (2 years ago)
I just realized that Krimz looks really souspicious tbh
Art Hendrik Tiit (2 years ago)
3:34 ... wtf was that krimz?
Rohan (2 years ago)
+Art Hendrik Tiit Are we watching the same video?
Art Hendrik Tiit (2 years ago)
He couldn't see him. In that angle
Rohan (2 years ago)
+Art Hendrik Tiit He saw him. reacted by firing the spot then naded it? You can see him cross lobby with your own eyes lmao
BanditFromHell ™ (2 years ago)
+Brandon Miller butthurt fanboy
B Mills (2 years ago)
+Art Hendrik Tiit he was cheating and still is
Klok Sadun (2 years ago)
Volume of your microphone is relly low,Mcskillet pls fix
Slindstr0m (2 years ago)
They will play nuke for the ALL-STAR game!
Red Rebellion (2 years ago)
03:50 skadoodle cant jump
Huzaifa Mazhar (2 years ago)
i really dont think it'll be in the pool for the actual tournament, probs for the all star match being played a day after. this is mainly cuz, the map still has a lot of issues, such as fps lag, and drop. some still slightly buggy places, and not only that, its pretttttyyyy close to the major, and they havent announced anything yet, so i dont think itll be in there. also, they really need to edit, or redo this map if they ever want it to be in the pro map pool, because it is wayyyyyyyyyyy to crowded with unnecessary junk. its a really good thought of what they had, but if u look at all the GREAT csgo maps, like d2, cache, really any map in the active duty group, it does not have so much clutter. the things in the nuke maps just become to much that is overwhelming, and sometimes its hard to find an enemy. its just offputting how much stuff there is compared to old nuke. if u look at old nuke it looks SOO simple and refined, but the new nuke looks more like a COD Advanced Warfare map. i really like the new elements, areas, and rooms they added to make the map more balanced, and i think it really does work, BUT, just the unnecessary shit needs to go.
tyler pearson (2 years ago)
post earlier man its rough for us canadians ur posts are only coming out at 2am for me
Aaron Fogel (2 years ago)
They'll use nuke on the all star game
Bubbles (2 years ago)
Imma start a new CS:GO trend! #FreeMyNiggaNuke1
Bubbles (2 years ago)
+The guy that means nothing to you. I miss old nuke y though
A man has no name (2 years ago)
Kaitlyn Avila (2 years ago)
Hey! It's "iThrowPower"!
Hampie (2 years ago)
.i lok fase klann
Ian Peratt (2 years ago)
does it really seem like there's gonna be a pro game played on nuke? it's not like you said that 80 times in the video
BakedBeaN (2 years ago)
anyone else realise in his thumbnail he spelt returning wrong in your subscriptions tab??
Samuel McGill (2 years ago)
Pro Games On Nuke Retuning? Nice English on the thumbnail McSkillet :P
Samuel McGill (2 years ago)
+Samuel McGill Also what channel are they retuning to i wanna listen tell me radio frequency plz
My name is Jafar I come from afar Theres a bomb in my car Alahu Akbar!
Richyy!꼬링크 (2 years ago)
+Bruhh 1.kys 2.kys 3.kys
Brimstone (2 years ago)
+Bruhh fun fact: your name is an over used, old, and unfunny joke.
Lol, I mean, it is a copy and paste. But atleast its funny, why the hell does it matter if its copied? I posted it because I found it funny and I hoped others would too, so stop being so butthurt and get a life.
Not.Muffin (2 years ago)
+This is a Youtube Channel 1. not even funny joke 2. not original 3. pls go kill ur self for even copying a lame joke
Juho Kinnunen (2 years ago)
The way krimz plays is simply beautiful.
Cheasses Crist (2 years ago)
How can u get this drops wheere to warch
Dustin W (2 years ago)
+Cheasses Crist twitch or ingame if you use twitch you need to connect your steam account to your twitch account.
ChimeraeBF (2 years ago)
Look at 3:39. Krimz aimlocks on an enemy player through the wall :O
ScorpionTheHatGuy (2 years ago)
I think Nuke is going to be playable only for an all-star match like you said, because at 1:17 you can clearly see that they still kept the souvenir packages for all the 7 maps of the current official map pool.
Stampf (2 years ago)
i cant See cobblestone in that gamefile Screenshot maybe they traded cobestone for nuke then there wouldnt bei anymore Souvenir dragonlores
Aharon Tager (2 years ago)
DustyIcedTea78 (2 years ago)
Ibuypower? i think u mean iVACpower
Earth GraVoNNe (2 years ago)
For the thumbnail, did you use the glitch to get the souvenir radiation hazard?
Eskil Claesson (2 years ago)
No Cobble
BadLuck (2 years ago)
Top ten most fugly skins? :D
shawn McDermott (2 years ago)
kennys dragloar
r u h o k s (2 years ago)
lol krimz was hax like jw and flusha (fuck fnatic- no olof)
StepZ (2 years ago)
at 3:30-3:40 you can see krimz shooting at azk. It's look's like you cant even see azk. ?? Say your opinions.
A Grim Zen (2 years ago)
Is there a new IBuyPower team with skadoodle
Unknown Hacker (2 years ago)
So there new Skins :D
Noah Behan-Sahib (2 years ago)
I hope they update the Nuke Collection so it has higher tier skins.
Richyy!꼬링크 (2 years ago)
N1c3s (2 years ago)
+Dustin W totally agree!
Noah Behan-Sahib (2 years ago)
Dustin W (2 years ago)
+Noah Behan-Sahib I hope that the m4a4 will not be allways battle-scared
LAZERBINKY (2 years ago)
i had wished they had removed train from the match list :(
tumppi (2 years ago)
Is there still way to play comp on old nuke
columbus schaffer (2 years ago)
spelling mistake in the thumbnail.
Rhed (2 years ago)
Please make a video on a $100 loadout
that means that skins from nuke collection will drop in price.
seazonCS (2 years ago)
It's just for the Allstar game, myth busted ,Peace.
James Murray (2 years ago)
Guy scraped the stickers off..... That's one of those fuck up moments xD
Niklas Evans (2 years ago)
+James Murray Technically it would lower the value, but it's still the only one of it's kind.
James Murray (2 years ago)
+Niklas Evans true... But wouldn't it lower the value since it's souvenir (sorry if it isn't souvenir, I can't go back to check since I'm at work)
Niklas Evans (2 years ago)
+James Murray He knew exactly what he was doing when he scraped them. It's a Dubai collector.
Smasher (2 years ago)
Hey I have a M4a1-s guardian mw with Sticker: Bash (Holo), Titan (Holo) | Katowice 2014, Natus Vincere (Holo) | Katowice 2014 what can I get from your inventory?
Smasher (2 years ago)
And an USP-S Orion mw with Sticker: Howling Dawn, Nice Shot
sirnosedevoid (2 years ago)
eSports aren't real.
ZN Gamer (2 years ago)
R.I.P. my m4 radiation hazard FN
Sabretooth (2 years ago)
I hope Nuke is just part of the tournament so more cases drop. If it's only used for the All-Star game, not many cases would drop and the nuclear threat weapons would stay as rare as they are now instead of increasing in supply.
Simas Astrauskas (2 years ago)
can u donate 3 keys? plzzz. im gonna include u
Simas Astrauskas (2 years ago)
just reply
niofalpha (2 years ago)
I'm trading an AK Blue Lam FT W/ A Titan Kato 2014 on it for 7% Sticker value (5 Keys). PCed for 6, if you're interested reply.
donnerboy1997 (2 years ago)
whats allstar exactely?
Waite (2 years ago)
they should test the souvenir nuke on All-Stars Match! It would be awesome
ShikanBubbs (2 years ago)
Since Nuke has been remade and been more balanced, I don't see a reason why they wouldn't add Nuke back into the competitive map pool?
ShikanBubbs (2 years ago)
+CS GO Highlights RU. I personally don't find it "heavily" T sided but if majority finds it that way then whatever, it's not a necessity to add it back to the pool but I think it'd be interesting to see it back again in pro matches
Speedflow (2 years ago)
+ShikanBubbs Because it's not even close to being balanced. It just went from being heavily CT sided to heavily T sided
Mitch / Zodis. (2 years ago)
Dustin W (2 years ago)
+Mitch / Zodis. sucka blyat
Luke Rapley (2 years ago)
The pros could have been rehearsing and practising Nuke without saying anything?
xQuote (2 years ago)
Please no, newke sucks
Royal Triangle (2 years ago)
how do you get souveneir packages?
jo jo (2 years ago)
i was just looking at the gameplay
Rikkkuu (2 years ago)
good for you jo jo :)
- Jtman007 (2 years ago)
Take a shot everytime he says "Nuke"
Magic mushroom (2 years ago)
new faze souvenir dlore hype?
Kar Gyi (2 years ago)
Welcome back Nuke!
Pedro Liebert (2 years ago)
dafaq that wallbang fail 3:32
Jake Cgi (2 years ago)
im going to be on vacation during the games D: ripperoni and cheese me
Jake Cgi (2 years ago)
+wut sup and nice thumbnail
Kiliath (2 years ago)
Krimi Hacker confirmed 2:50
Btown TV (2 years ago)
Hey McSkillet, I made a purchase on a skin and people have been saying I got ripped off. I really need you to check it out and confirm for me if it was a good buy or not. Thank you.

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