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The Adventures of Tyrion the Imp (Season 2) - Game of Thrones

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Season 2 of the Adventures of our Favorite Dwarf!!! Tyrion Lannister is Played by Peter Dinklage. If you think something is missing your probably correct. Remember I can only use 10 minutes from each episode . Enjoy:) Link to intro music :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySjXFjLTagQ
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Text Comments (617)
Futureforward (6 hours ago)
The intro song from the black keys matches Tyrion so well.
ZeeBunny (2 days ago)
you make me want to watch GoT again =)
Chromish Brown (3 days ago)
yea, that period in the series when tyrion was the hand was prob the most entertaining for sure 💀💀💀
caleb hope (3 days ago)
49:00 Even after her being a cunt to Him 24/7 he still tries to comfort her, shame shes too uptight to care
Asterfank (4 days ago)
I love the scene when tyrion puts coins twice.
"I'm not questioning your honor lord... I'm denying its existence"
Timothy Emerson (7 days ago)
"We'll make a fisherman of him yet." *(60 seconds later)* "Threaten me again and I'll have you thrown into the sea."
Harry Chu (7 days ago)
8:56 Looking back, I think maybe Lord Varys was warning him about her.
Anish Tom (10 days ago)
People can become horror to each other but the same behave well in other times. In this all races are same.
The Reaper Wins 1 (10 days ago)
i cant wait for arya to cut open cercei's neck with the cutthroat dagger.
Anna Harris (10 days ago)
I see how it's called game of thrones I'm not sure who played the game bettet
ed trine (10 days ago)
Those are brave men at our door, Let go kill them!
Hereward the Wake (11 days ago)
Great actor.
Straw Hat (11 days ago)
59:14 😂
Erik Wyatt (14 days ago)
What if Jon knew he gave the order
Gulam Abid (15 days ago)
2serveand2protect (16 days ago)
LOVED when Tyrion struck that idiot...though would have been better if he used the knife, rather the fist...
John Ryan (16 days ago)
love the guy at the end of the video, cracks me up
DJ big leg (17 days ago)
if you could bring back one person that has died in GOT who would it be ??? joffrey lol...
SpyxedDemon (17 days ago)
it's funny at 57:25 when she brought in the girl, I said "Haha, wrong whore." but apparently that was the scene title you made as well xD
luckyDancer100 (18 days ago)
“And now I’ve struck a king! Or did my hand fall from my wrist?!” Lmao
Chris Thompson (18 days ago)
Fish pie aka tuna taco
Vanessa Raices (19 days ago)
Tyrion sorry to say is going to betrayal Jon and dany at the end because he loves dany and he thinks dany can't baby. And cersie is pregnant but all we know it's not going to happend y😉 Danny will have a baby.🙋💃👏👏❤ i hope history is not going to repeat it's self .I can't wait . I'm pulling my hair.😃😃🙌
Flame Kai'zer (20 days ago)
As I'm watching this I'm starting to realize that Cersi has never once held any power in her entire life. She's a pawn. Not of anyone but of herself. She ends up losing control of everything she starts and does nothing but dig her own grave. Joffery, the bombing of of the Sept, hell even while she's queen the point where she should have hte most power she's lost all control of the world around her. Jamie's left her all she has to control the lords is the mountain and most of Westeros hates her.
Grimbles (20 days ago)
Joffrey: :) Sansa: You can't! Joffrey: ಠ_ಠ
Raging Bull (20 days ago)
"Our order does not deal in pig shit" 😂
DemJem (22 days ago)
When Tyrion says "of course you are" when Sansa says she's loyal to Joffree, i got chills man. how does this dude express intelligence and empathy with three words and a prop in hand? so good
Carson Blair (22 days ago)
“Cut off his manhood... and... feed it to the goats.” :-3 “There are no goats, half-man. :-/ “Well make do!” :-$
xLegendaryPete (22 days ago)
ive never seen GOT before, but this might lore me to start doing so.
Vincenzo Teahan (22 days ago)
I completely loath the people of the Capitol they should all be brutally murdered
om (23 days ago)
52:30 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Zoya Aly (26 days ago)
Sansa is smart...
Johnny Cash (28 days ago)
Fish pie? Bruh that’s seriously disgusting. Like just thinking about that, in that heat? Super gross!!
Yawg moth (28 days ago)
Around 1:09:00 is the only time besides the deleted scene with Tywin where Pycelle drops his act.
Jay Franco (29 days ago)
Love this.
Carl Keneth Lincosanan (1 month ago)
I ❤ joffrey 4ever
Trever Belmont (1 month ago)
How did varus threaten Tyrion
Rishab Bharti (1 month ago)
24:50 I just believe that here lays something for the future plotline of the story in the final season. The sell sword might be bronn, the other 3 I do not know. Also the decision to kill ned stark by Jofrey might be shown to be something sinister (maybe 3 eyed raven). Also the small man to cast long shadow might be no one other than Bran doing all of this from the start till end. I guess we'll see.
Rizal Disraeli Ramos (1 month ago)
I hope the scene where Tyrion and Cersei share a tender sibling moment be repeated. It feels nice that they love each other once in a while
Rizal Disraeli Ramos (1 month ago)
I hope the scene where Tyrion and Cersei share a tender sibling moment be repeated. It feels nice that they love each other once in a while
Beth Williams (1 month ago)
Never watched this show before.. but now I understand why it's such a hit.
Satan's Shekels (1 month ago)
2:06 is that justin bieber?
Cherry Mae Lear (1 month ago)
Season 8 please!
GDI Commando (1 month ago)
@ 42:25 Jeofry flinches before the shit hits him in the face. the actor knew it was coming
Aakash Goel (1 month ago)
Peter dinklage best actor
Aassassin101 (1 month ago)
Joffrey is a twat.......
Bruce Hall (1 month ago)
" I hope that green stuff that pig shit doesn't reach near my cock or I'd be drinking for the rest of my days" -Tyrion🔱
K.C. LeJeune (1 month ago)
Two people i want to see destroyed on this show, Cersei and Daenerys.
slayer 19978 (1 month ago)
did tyrion earn that title i guess we could call peter dinklage a imp too apparantley
"Cut of his manhood and feed it to the goats" the tone the tone!
Dirty Blond (1 month ago)
Anyone else catch the bag of Taco Bell in the shelf in the background ?
peterah7957 (1 month ago)
Best character of the show.... Peter Dinklage is superb
Lone Star (1 month ago)
Tyrion making Lancel his bitch is one of the most satisfying GOT moments ever. Especially when you realize he's the one who poisoned Robert. _"Mercy! Mercy my lord, I beg you!"_ Get some!
Devan Hale (1 month ago)
well make do!
Aaron Mackellar (1 month ago)
49:30 you can really see Tyrion wants to comfort his big sister, but her hating him so much really makes him unsure of what to do to comfort her, that actually made me sad
Der Stabilator (1 month ago)
Should've fucked off to Pentos as Shae suggested. Just eating, drinking and fucking in a sunny place until the end of their days.
H. A. R. D (1 month ago)
I'm building my personality to be like him😉😂
Henry Statitovski (1 month ago)
'Cut off his manhood, and, feed it to the goats.' There are no goats, half-man.' 'Well, make do!' Grinning like a maniac and laughing my head off inside
Jagjit Singh (1 month ago)
Thanks, @ Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 for uploading these compilations. Legend!!
Sneaky Gypsy (1 month ago)
49:18 only good brother sister moment in the series between tyrion and cercei
Kain (1 month ago)
Janos "powerful Friends" Slynt
Dominionist Gaming (1 month ago)
Did Varys just call Bronn Arthur???
T Z (1 month ago)
49:00 The only time I sympathized with Cersei.
Ginkgo Biloba (1 month ago)
Ironic that Joffrey being merciful to Dontos the Red and what Dontos the Red ends up being involved in...
Jeffrey Ridgway (1 month ago)
"I swear to you." "Swear to me on what?" "On my life." "But I don't care about your life."
Tallgeese3 (1 month ago)
Cersei is such a bitch. But bruh is she hot
Scott Gust (1 month ago)
Season 2 is sooo under rated.
d newkirt (2 months ago)
these are some really cool shits your doing my nigga....i watch these all day
Im Vozza (2 months ago)
See the difference!!!
michele galderisi (2 months ago)
Guys have you found Janos friends at court yet?! 😂😂😂
Egial Knight (2 months ago)
Ma Lord you should do some game of thrones rock videos. Love to see some head bashing an sword swinging to metallica acdc, free, led zepplin,asking Alexandria, in an I want a foot ball for Christmas.
Rubashow (2 months ago)
I love how they gave the mad scientist/alchemist character a German accent.
HamilcarR (2 months ago)
ahhhh.... the powerful friends of janos
Jonas Carlos João (2 months ago)
Dat intro my dude
Annie M. (2 months ago)
"it's hard to put a leash on a dog after putting a crown on its head."
Annie M. (2 months ago)
I like that part where Cersei show a more vulnerable side, talking about her, Jaimie and their kids, about the fact that Geoffrey is indeed cruel, not totally normal and impossible to control... It's one of the rare moments I could almost like her. And Tyrion here is showing her so much understanding and supporting her, even after all the horrible things she's done and said to him, he almost seem like he would hug her but know she wouldn't let him do so, and he stay besides with compassion (such a good actor!). I think it's one nice moment, showing Cersei as what she could have become had she followed a different path... And both are such incredible actors!!!(especially knowing that in real life they knew each other long before the serie and are very very good friends!)(48:00 )
Arisgod27 (2 months ago)
"you should taste her fish pie" xaxaxaxaxaxa. Classic
kgotlelelo M (2 months ago)
You are the best Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 ♥♥♥
GenericName (2 months ago)
MERCY!!!!!!!!! -Lancel Lannister My favorite moment in this whole video 😂
William Christopher (2 months ago)
When Shae calls him my Lion, I thought My Lie on, Leo's get call this, but never think lie on.
red serpent (2 months ago)
Dude, great job. thank you.
InfiniteHaki (2 months ago)
41:43 Hahaha
Jim Lahey (2 months ago)
Most interesting portion of the show for me was Tyrion as Hand.
Planet Watcher (2 months ago)
42:28 "Who threw that?" Don't look at the peasants. It was those watching on youtube breaking the fourth wall that threw that at you.
Prinzessin Silbermilch (2 months ago)
..."and now I've slapped a king! Did my hand fall of my wrist?!" Loooooovee 😂
Jacob Hrynko (2 months ago)
I hated Joffrey, but Jack Gleeson absolutely nailed the role. Fantastic acting. Did you know that Gleeson played that little kid in Batman Begins
friscoHub415 (2 months ago)
I dont like his beard...........what?
Jaerdun Fall (2 months ago)
All hail the true king!!!
daBImA (2 months ago)
39:35 - The most shocked Tyrion has ever been!
Darskul (2 months ago)
Joffrey looked genuinely sad that he disappointed his uncle during the battle of blackwater.
Actorsstudio2777 (3 months ago)
6:36 I love "Yup yup, you got it" look Varys gives.
Kintu Henry (3 months ago)
But I liked this imp although he was a pain in the a** to very one
Captain Yack (3 months ago)
New fortnite update?
AlekSensej (3 months ago)
The alchemist was supposed to play Stannis, but do to an illness was unable to play the part. He is the voices of Game of Thrones Audio Books. 37:37
5280z007 (2 months ago)
AlekSensej really?
Wrestling Warrior (3 months ago)
15:45 That line will never not be funny.
Walter Baisden (2 months ago)
Wrestling Warrior project
Vosk Velcrow (3 months ago)
43:41 Wtf was that suppose to do?!
no one (3 months ago)
Nice touch with the Joker and the Thief!
csdr0 (3 months ago)
Cersei: It's all fallen on me. Tyrion: As has Jamie repeatedly according to Stanis Baratheon. Cersei: You're funny.
Emin Mammadov (3 months ago)
Giving Harrenhal to Lord Baelish is a great move by Lannisters to get him destroyed by his own ambitions. Tyrion and Tywin are the only people capable of trapping Baelish.
Sanoj Mandal (3 months ago)

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