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I've found this hilarious angry scammer and I trolled him, hope you guys enjoyed the video and make sure to never get scammed again! Check out: http://www.csgoscamalert.com ❤ $20 FOR FREE + Social Media : http://www.MattCS.com ❤ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Outro song: Lil Peep - Told Ya CS:GO Scam Alert: https://csgoscamalert.com/ https://twitter.com/scamalertcom http://steamcommunity.com/groups/CSGOScamAlert ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Scammer's profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198386441309 Chat history with scammer: https://imgur.com/a/mIZWz ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ► My site: http://www.mattcs.com ► Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mattseesass ► Discord: https://discord.gg/Er6e4ap ► Snapchat: MattSeesAss
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Text Comments (601)
MattCS (7 months ago)
Just for the pee. subscribe <3
Zak Ebron (1 month ago)
MattCS he is saying that u r a peice of shit and that u r an animal 5:30
Mafia GazerTM (2 months ago)
MattCS he is a filipino he trashtalked you like boi
Kirito ΞNAL (2 months ago)
that accent IS PEENOISE! LOL XD! love you MattCS im from philippines i love your videos this making me laugh the most toxic in the SE Asia GOD BLESS MattCS
None (1 day ago)
A wild scammer appeared.
Gabriel Calicdan (3 days ago)
PH cancer lol 😂😂
LuizLP PH (3 days ago)
The Words that you don’t understand (hayop) your an animal (potang Ina mo) means your a bitch.
LJTGaming / Aydenbush (4 days ago)
5:53 He said: "You motherfucker invoice invoice cunt you animal you motherfucker go die idiot go die"
Dawson earl galvez (4 days ago)
Kaya di tumitino ang pinas eh (thats why phillipines is not getting better)
Spotter Gaming (4 days ago)
Im a Filpino so many scammers here in the Philippines
Kevs Briones (6 days ago)
Idk if you will notice me but i just watch this video today but the word that he just said is a cuss/curse word
Cedric Joaquin (6 days ago)
Putang ina mo invoice invoice gago hayup ka putang ina mo.........thats what he said lel his from philippines
Zen3 (7 days ago)
Hahahahaha gago amp
ImADude! (10 days ago)
Philippines Again?!?!?!? BTW Filipino here...
ImADude! (10 days ago)
"Gago"IDK, Sorry "Gago" is Tag-alog im Waray-Waray from Leyte Philippines
ImADude! (10 days ago)
Luhhhh! "Tangina mo" means "Your Moms a Bitch"
Blueple Man (15 days ago)
u ruined the name of ur country lol
john aldre (16 days ago)
Hes from philiphines xd he said fuck u
Vipergaming YT (18 days ago)
potangina mo invoice invoice gago ka hayop ka putangina mo go and die
Vipergaming YT (18 days ago)
it means you i dont know HAHAHA
IdiotTV (18 days ago)
Why is my fellow Filipino scamming?
MATTEO TOSI (20 days ago)
Man pls give one skin
AEON (20 days ago)
Matt the one ur trolling is saying the truth.....hes a friend of mine and we have a trade i even gave him dota 2 immos hes not a scammer! And hes from philipines!!!!
GrimPew (21 days ago)
Love your videos bro
IAm JustAnAverage (21 days ago)
He was filipino xd
WhY dO yOu SoUnD sO BoReD when you talk to scammers, I mean do you find yourself more interesting?
Blumbers Dad (22 days ago)
Putangina mo, gago , pakyu =curse words
Blumbers Dad (22 days ago)
Oh my god seriously, am i The only one that is not scammer from philippines?, Like If Youre in philippine's and not scamming
Mariel Clamohoy (24 days ago)
He is saying that "invoice2? You mother fucking shit go die" he mean
ruhul ghhn (25 days ago)
Putang ina mo gago fuck that
sean gerke (26 days ago)
Yawa HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH scammer mygad
Dragon Ball Gamer (27 days ago)
Please don't disrespect him his from Philippines cost that's where I'm from and all of the people there poor
Kronixel ._. (27 days ago)
He said “putang ina mo, gago gago, putang ina mo” which means,”son of a b, ur stupid ur stupid, son of a b” im filipino so yes, hes cursing at you :/
Glitter Fart (28 days ago)
Remelo Jr. Toreno (28 days ago)
yeah i knew it.. from that fucking man that he is from Philippines! fuck you dude! you making our shame! Fuck that Guy! FUCK
Arsenic (29 days ago)
I'm not a scammer... Putangina mo, invoice invoice gago hayop ka putangina mo go die go die idiot. I'm a filipino so I got what he said and he's from Philippines; i dont know why theres so much scammer from ph wtf.
Kieran Nall (30 days ago)
NO just for the pee
Breezyyy (1 month ago)
He said fuck you im not scamming you? YOU THINK I SCAM? I’m Filipino so I know this 🇵🇭
Atrian YT (1 month ago)
hes a filipino and i understand his words cuz im a filipino
tinny keeni (1 month ago)
Guys csgoscamsalert thing in doesn't want to open i need help pls
FadedDistortion (1 month ago)
putangina mo is mother fucker if im not wrong
Wolf (1 month ago)
mahiya ka pre kadiri ka. bumili ka ng sarili mong skin tanga bobo hahah. ohh those curses are just so crisp hahaha sorry MattCS hahaha
Emon Jhon (1 month ago)
damn son its pinoy
RuutJuur (1 month ago)
i fell for it... sadly
FastWarri0r (1 month ago)
Just for the pee...im dying lull
Valliax Extreme (1 month ago)
Putanginamo gago hayop idiot or Goddamnit jerk bitch idiot
Astha Zhorif (1 month ago)
Wadafuk duk (1 month ago)
I am a filipino so here is the meaning of the cusses he said "putanginamo" means your mom is whore "gago ka" means fucker and "tanginamo" is a short term of putangina mo
NoName11 23 (1 month ago)
iam filipino its not google its gago gago is a bad word
Twilight (1 month ago)
He is from Philippines, he talk tagalog. BTW im fan from Philippines.
srBrainy (1 month ago)
He is saying... "Putang ina mo Gago gago Go die bitch." Translation: "You Mother fucker you fucking idiot stupid go die bitch"
SentrexHD (1 month ago)
This guy is very dumb
SiloKhūñ Jetstar (1 month ago)
SKRT 69 (1 month ago)
5:55 he is cursing you
SKRT 69 (1 month ago)
7:43 is so awesome
Hes a filipino and when he is screaming at you He is swearing at you
Bacon Man! (1 month ago)
Damn filipinos
CeeJay Rosalada (1 month ago)
Wat de fak??
Ryan L. (1 month ago)
I’m actually mad at this dude cuz I’m Filipino too
Demetri Mayor (1 month ago)
He is saying motherfucker.and animal shit go die. Im a filipino too by the way.sorry for our country.many filipinos cheats on games or scams.but we feel but for it they are destroying our country’s name.maaann.i just feel but for filipinos who are innocent.
Justin Toledo (1 month ago)
Filipino scammer he said "putang in mo gago gago hayop ka Tang ina mo xd
dark ness (1 month ago)
He was not scaming his from phillipine bro from my country
Vengeful Void (1 month ago)
putangina mo invoice invoice gago kang hayop ka
Cyren Virola (1 month ago)
Its tagalog he say bad words
Kapayapaan (1 month ago)
Johnkenneth Murao (2 months ago)
Elvira Calaminos (2 months ago)
XD hes a filipino from my country his cursing u putangina mo means motherfucker xD
jacob Sierra (2 months ago)
Phlippines nambah wan
Nicholas Gavin Pelayo (2 months ago)
He screamed tagalog swears at u
Nicholas Gavin Pelayo (2 months ago)
Hes from phillipines
Jeush Deang (2 months ago)
Omg hes a filipino i can find him cuz ima filipino and snatch his hair :')
gloves (2 months ago)
yo matt i know what he said he said some bullshit filipino bad words lmfao
Synxpsv (2 months ago)
Gg philippines
Tristan Joshua Panabang (2 months ago)
I understand stand him lmaoo he is so mad
Dota 2 Ez (2 months ago)
A fucking Embarrassment to philippines
Futurethug -C'OPS (2 months ago)
He said is. (English) your moms a whore your moms a whore invoice invoice you ass! You Animal go die you idiot! (Tagalog) putang ina mo! Invoice invoice gago ka! Hayop ka mamatay ka na tanga ka! So thats it im a real filipino not an INDIAN....
Rick Sanchez (2 months ago)
You're amazing i love all of you're videos
John Soria (2 months ago)
also he is getting triggered beacause you are fucking unlimited
John Soria (2 months ago)
hes a fuucking filipino hes saying fuck u bitch idiot
goth uzi (2 months ago)
song is "i told ya (freestyle)" - lil peep
Bossing Pogi* (2 months ago)
Hahahahaha pots filipino pa😂
Litho (2 months ago)
“Tang inamo” pretty sure that means fuck your mother
DogeCS (2 months ago)
Noooooooo just for the pee
Make Trap (2 months ago)
Why you are diring Scammers?!?!?
Chard Rich Chua (2 months ago)
I'm filipino and I understand what his saying and he was so Meagan to you lol
gatorade boy (2 months ago)
Philippines when he scream putang ina mo that is a bad word am a pilipino or philippines
Jp Skie (2 months ago)
Valliax Extreme (2 months ago)
He said goddamn jerk
Valliax Extreme (2 months ago)
Hey dude thats a bad word and a filipino person
Counter Blood (2 months ago)
i'm glad for you youtubers cs go i dont have good pc so i cant play cs go mm only aim maps at least i can watch
HowLiNG Fox (3 months ago)
My name in steam is Mr-_Alert and you guys trade with me
HowLiNG Fox (3 months ago)
MattCs please add me and you guys can trade with me
HowLiNG Fox (3 months ago)
He is saying bad words in Filipino cuz he is from Philippines and I am also
Kierjasper Pandaan (3 months ago)
Rus Toggamton (3 months ago)
I hate that I live in here and gamers are so toxic here.
ChippingDelight (3 months ago)
This Filipino is a disgrace to our country.
BlueFox7 (3 months ago)
this guy also scammed me wtf !!! NO JOKE i remember his voice omg ban this faggot from steam pls
stimpow kk (3 months ago)
an another brazillian, eu acho
stimpow kk (3 months ago)
i caralho o mlk japonês
ICETUBE _2982 (3 months ago)
He is Pinoy. The most toxic player come from there. That's why I'm still silver.( Pinoy= Philippines)
Sylvester Weng Harrebye (3 months ago)
What is the surf maps name
ExtremeGamer (3 months ago)
Haha hi pinoys 😂
Skadoodle Cloud9 (3 months ago)
Hahahahaaha is saying filipino bad words
Why are alot of scammers from the Philippines..... (Please don't hate bcuz I'm also from the Philippines)
MotorDog365 (3 months ago)
honestly your just a trash person who ruins people's possibility of being successful on steam with ABSOLUTELY 0 proof. get gud.
Axel Mijares (3 months ago)
Putang pinoy

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