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7 Fallout 4 Mods That Totally Transform Your Game! | The Leaderboard

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Fallout 4 is a game that allows you to play how you want to, and when you throw mods into it, the possibilities are endless. Join The Leaderboard as we explore the word of mods and bring you 7 Fallout 4 mods that totally transform your game. We will unpack mods like be the dog, character mods, weather mods, and more! Excited for Fallout 76? Then learn about the game with our 50 facts about Fallout 76 here: https://frdr.us/2JVlCgd Don't forget to enter our ongoing console giveaway here: http://www.leaderboard.nyc/giveaway and check the community tab for updates. Watch All of 107 Game Facts Videos http://frdr.us/TLB107plys7 Don't miss our videos, make sure you subscribe! http://frdr.us/TLBsubscribe We have a dotcom! http://frdr.us/YTCHdotcom Tweet Us on TWITTER http://frdr.us/YTTLBtwitter Heart Us on INSTAGRAM http://frdr.us/YTTLBinsta Touch Us on FACEBOOK http://frdr.us/YTTLBfacebook Do NOT forget to visit our YouTube friends! Channel Frederator - http://frdr.us/YTCFyoutube Cartoon Hangover - http://frdr.us/YTCHyoutube Want to tell us something? Write an email. theleaderboard@frederator.com Want to work at Frederator? See our job openings and internships. http://frdr.us/YTFREDjobs Sign up for EMAIL UPDATES https://frdr.us/TLBemail Credits for This Episode ----------------------------------- Researched by: Austin Suther Written by: Austin Suther Hosted by: Jacob Atkinson Edited by: David Jenkins, Jacob Atkinson Executive Producers: Carrie Miller, Fred Seibert, Jeremy Rosen Producers: Adrian Apolonio, Jesse Gouldsbury Project Manager: Jessica Ferrer Head Writer: Casey Gonzalez Graphics and Thumbnail by: Alexandria Batchelor Programming Manager: Darrian P. Mack Your Home For Video Game Facts! The Leaderboard offers fascinating insights, development history, tips & tricks, as well as the latest in news and commentary about your favorite games past and present. We cover a mix of AAA titles and indie releases with compelling characters and deep stories. We upload about 7 times a week Chat with us on Discord (The Leaderboard Fam) https://discord.gg/ddnfPwH.
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Text Comments (73)
The Leaderboard (2 months ago)
Which mod have you tried out? ALSO, don't forget to enter our console giveaway!! You can win a PS4, Switch Or Xbox! http://www.leaderboard.nyc/giveaway/
Bianca Stout (2 months ago)
The Leaderboard how is the winner picked by random draw or most entrees
Monkey Gaming (2 months ago)
The Leaderboard on the website it says that the competition is over but I don’t see no winner
Shadow (2 months ago)
how do i know if i won the consolegiveaway
Raúl Negron (2 months ago)
The Leaderboard does the Giveaway include Puerto Rico as one of the places that can participate? I looked at terms but didn't find anything that says it doesn't count.
Crazy Gamer (2 months ago)
I used a Modern Bedroom mod.
Lord Of Woe (2 months ago)
Frost Mod? More like a metro mod.
Injected (2 months ago)
Thanks for linking the mods....oh wait, you didn't.
Guides game pressure (2 months ago)
Frost sounds like the metro
The Hurri-Fan (2 months ago)
Nate Brown (2 months ago)
Any Weapon, Any Mod. Make an Unconventional Gatling Laser that fires 300+ Missiles, complete with Tracking, per second. An actual working Institute Plasma Rifle. A Super Sledge with an Electrified Chinese Sword sticking out the top.
Dustin James Adams (2 months ago)
Raider overhaul changes raiders quite a bit by adding new weapons, clothing, consumables and raider achytypes, I pair it with raider children and modern firearms and it makes the raiders something the Commonwealth should definitely fear
YaBoi Strasni (2 months ago)
4 was great and i just spent 200 on the power armor on 76
Supermankrpt (2 months ago)
I'm early. That's not very good.
The Leaderboard (2 months ago)
Of course it's good! That means you're S.P.E.C.I.A.L! - Lester
SpringBonnie1106 (2 months ago)
R.I.P. PS4 players
TheHiddenNinja07 (2 months ago)
SpringBonnie1106 you are right
PlebNC (2 months ago)
It's ok. PS4 players have never downloaded a mod only to find out it has a virus embedded in it so it balances out to me.
The Leaderboard (2 months ago)
I hope they one day get the crossplay and modding that they deserve! - Lester
squaddd _ (2 months ago)
Do any of these mods work with the XBOX ONE X?
82 Pythons (2 months ago)
Frost sounds like FALLOUT 76.
firefox plays (2 months ago)
Do 107 facts about 123 Slaughter me Street 1 and 2 please!!!!!😭
Aliquid Gaming (2 months ago)
Whao whao wait... So frost is bascially Fallout 76 with no other players, fewer NPCs and quests it would seem and no online and is one of the better popular Fallout 4 mods?
angeltiger777 (2 months ago)
Where the credit for using Brodual's clips?
The Leaderboard (2 months ago)
Credits are always on the top right corner of the the video as the clip appears! https://youtu.be/Ia8-6KPlGVs?t=38
JuiceHead (2 months ago)
Do you guys even have a Fallout 4 install or do you just use the footage of all the YouTubers on the block? At least you put my channel name in the corner, but in the future I would prefer a link
Redoran (2 months ago)
i want doge meat
Caleb 72301 (2 months ago)
Um u have footage from one of juiceheads videos and didn’t credit him
The Leaderboard (2 months ago)
Credits are always on the top right corner of the the video as the clip appears! https://youtu.be/Ia8-6KPlGVs?t=421
Stupid Weeb (2 months ago)
download a armour mod CHANGES THE ENTIRE EXPIRENCE 258%
The Leaderboard (2 months ago)
That's the power of modding! - Lester
APUGINABISCUIT (2 months ago)
Roses are red violets are blue i just got clickbaited and so did you
Team Moss (1 month ago)
I know right! sad.
The Mayo That Loves Pugs (2 months ago)
a pug in a biscuit Hi fellow pug
ForgeDrake (2 months ago)
another life alternative start was discontinued over 2 years ago and will now corrupt your game after a while I recommend the mod - start me up - it not only adds different starts it actually changes the dialogue so if your not the main character you don't still get the old answers - it also adds tons of other features also if you wanted to do mods that change your game - sim settlements - it actually rebuilds the entire settlement system making settlers competent - drop a land plot (house / farm / industrial / security / recreation) and then a settler goes and builds it they will build a house and a job plot - grab the dlc sized updates for it or the all in one version and you can even get fully automated factories making you ammo by your settlers or don't feel like building the town - assign a follower to run the entire town for you - yup Preston this time a settlement needs your help - they will build the entire town for you and even upgrade it as time goes on going from shanty towns to fully walled in fortress city's militarized minutemen also is great mod as you feel you actually have a army of competent people with a fighting chance against the other sides instead of a party of murder hobos
The Leaderboard (2 months ago)
Thanks for the extra tips! We always appreciate it! - Lester
Mega Lucario69 (2 months ago)
Is the giveaway worldwide??
The Leaderboard (2 months ago)
The giveaway is U.S. only. - Lester
Mega Lucario69 (2 months ago)
I play on console and you knkw mkds suck there
Burn Out (2 months ago)
Explain why you were with nicktoon please explain and make a full video of it please us your fans beg leave a like if you believe they should explain
Jack Seriani (2 months ago)
Sim Settlements makes the game feel completely different in the settlement aspect, and honestly makes settlements feel like the main game. It's a completely different play
Travis letchford (2 months ago)
Sim settlements because it’s worth it
ForgeDrake (2 months ago)
yeah sim settlements is really the big one here - I mean I've now got leaders running every town but the mechanist lair (my trade station of robot caravans) and vault 88 which is my personal home base
Malkav The Mad (2 months ago)
Do any of these actually fix Bethesada's poor writing and world building?
Noirlathotep (2 months ago)
Take a shot every time he says game changer
The Leaderboard (2 months ago)
The real game-changer would be playing as dogmeat in Frost. You can't take shots, but you can take bites! - Lester
Zander Sandman (2 months ago)
Where is THICCMEAT???
Micky R (2 months ago)
I just finished the game what do i need to do now?
Equestrian Techies (2 months ago)
get 100% achievements, then play with mods
The Leaderboard (2 months ago)
Micky R Mod it if you're up for it! That's what this video is for! - Lester
senpai meme (2 months ago)
goldnugget (2 months ago)
Can you do a skyrim version of this?
The Leaderboard (2 months ago)
Already working on it friend! - Darrian
I am Everywhere (2 months ago)
This almost fellout of my view
The Leaderboard (2 months ago)
Well, we're glad it didn't! Remember to use V.A.T.S. to find things of interest! - Lester
DieHardBert (2 months ago)
The Leaderboard (2 months ago)
Your home for video game facts! - Lester
POTATO (2 months ago)
Not first but READ MORE
Sniparin (2 months ago)
Very funny hahahaha
POTATO (2 months ago)
THEDONUT OVERLORD (2 months ago)
Hello there
The Leaderboard (2 months ago)
Hello! -Lester
Doyle Hughes (2 months ago)
General kenobi
andrey pabalate (2 months ago)
Leaderboard still keeps up with the good content :)
andrey pabalate (2 months ago)
NP Always #Keepithandy :)
The Leaderboard (2 months ago)
Thanks sooo much! - Darrian
E M O G E E (2 months ago)
-No one cares if your first.- Stupid.
Wyatt isn't Quiet (2 months ago)
The Leaderboard (2 months ago)
Hey! - Lester
TheMobileGames (2 months ago)
Kai Maberley (2 months ago)

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