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Parts of CS:GO's Panorama UI Leaked

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Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VNN Today on Valve News Network, we take a look at the recently leaked Panorama UI strings from the Steam Translation Server. Is the long awaited CS:GO overhaul close by? Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is well in need of something, so let's hope. Thanks to wickedplayer494 for the heads up, and for the help with this video. My Social Media : Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/valvenewsnetwork/ Waffler Weekly : goo.gl/Fm28Ge
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Text Comments (450)
C6 (5 hours ago)
Sorry, I don't really use twitter.
free_muffin (9 hours ago)
hello from two weeks in the future and download the beta client
Chi-Wai Chien (17 hours ago)
Yes. It update!!!
Wersjon PL (23 hours ago)
Lazy tyler make video for Steam BETA UI, and cs:go BETA PARONAMA UI
NietJeroen (1 day ago)
Omg the timing
tim1996 (1 day ago)
its out its ou it out!!!!!! in beta...
PlutoTheMLGPlayer (1 day ago)
awesome work valve
Ramiro Cottet (1 day ago)
Tengo una mac y el Cs Go comprado en steam y no abre el panorama ui porfavor ayuda
Oshen Piller (1 day ago)
Might want to check it now 😂
The Miraç (1 day ago)
The main menu ui looks like critical ops and i dont know why
Rad MC (1 day ago)
who else is here because Panorama UI is here?
Evan Guerrero (2 days ago)
More tf2 please, love the way you present the maps and updates which makes you one of the first people I will go to for tf2 news
galih pratama (2 days ago)
It's just UI
FR7 Galaxy (2 days ago)
wow it really happened lol
Broham86 (2 days ago)
It's fucking here!!!
lol lol (2 days ago)
ZizzLeX (2 days ago)
Hey so the panorama ui is available in beta now
Bardzo (2 days ago)
It's happening
VDavid003 (2 days ago)
Faker Kun (2 days ago)
Beta available now!
and a week later it is released
chines (2 days ago)
soon as today lol
posiclestick (2 days ago)
Beta came out today
Frosteh (3 days ago)
Hey tyler when is that budget VR video comin out?
Blurry Tv (3 days ago)
PeaceBro (3 days ago)
Come on guys give Tyler some love. He's dedicating his life chasing something that's really hard to catch and that's at the cost of literally 0 $ for us viewers. He's one of us.
Mario Stalin (3 days ago)
Ok listen up bitch, the new Steam Beta UI is released.
MrA16 (4 days ago)
I think that new UI update is for the new Steam UI
VPG001 (4 days ago)
I’m just glad you changed your mind about giving up on valve. It was the right decision to stay here. Now take a vacation. :)
Xinxxie The Toon Cat (5 days ago)
Oi, VNN, new Steam UI is in beta.
Ed Kalb (5 days ago)
*5 years later...* "Finally! The CSGO Battle Royale mode is finished!" But when they release it, nobody plays it, because all battle royale games are dead.
Jacken (6 days ago)
post a video on the new UI update!!!!!
Ynli (7 days ago)
too mahy shit talks, just cut to the point jessus
DrDraggy (7 days ago)
PainFul (8 days ago)
new chat is coming to compete with discord/teamspeak
Pink [TF2] (8 days ago)
This is gonna be about the new steam ui. 2 new people added me on steam and i had gone to accept their request when i noticed something, the "pending request list" was changed. I unfortunately didn't take a screenshot because i didn't realise it at that moment, i also could not replicate it. Perhaps it was just a bug. Also the guy who "leaked" the new steam ui was telling the truth, mine looked the same.
BucK. ThePulse (8 days ago)
VNN your lagbots video was copystriked by a script kiddie... Awful kiddie
tiagovalen (8 days ago)
They changed the UI to this
MOH-Hansy (8 days ago)
It loses players because so many accounts are getting banned for cheating. An UI overhall is not what we want though. A new game with a new engine (better than S2) is what's needed.
suket domokos (8 days ago)
Aakash Mash (8 days ago)
they do remove hackers
Missing No (8 days ago)
Tyler, why did you delete both of the last two videos?? One was titled - "valve won't be at e3", and last one.. I don't recall, but it was about how upset you have gotten, and about changes that about to come to your channel.
Giggling Stoner (7 days ago)
Missing No wondering the same. I think he got scared valve would cut him off from any future cooperation
don kijam (9 days ago)
just leave cs the way it is and it will remain the best game ever created, everything u change will be for the worse of the game, no1 needs this panamera hipster shit, go back to oldsql
Panikiller (9 days ago)
Steam beta update OUT NOW!
newski (9 days ago)
New Steam UI is out
BorooBoss (9 days ago)
13.6.2018 :) maybe
Home Slice (9 days ago)
As if Hydra was already over a year ago...
dule savic (10 days ago)
Its not about making game look better, its about getting rid of hackers!
Dakota Long (10 days ago)
People leave because vac is garbage
duhsmersh (10 days ago)
LMFAO nice galil spray looooool
legally mental (10 days ago)
has anyone ever thought that source 2 could be a second chance for cracking down on cheaters
TheFraglife (10 days ago)
fuck this shit i want a new operation
Generic Name987 (11 days ago)
Gaming Legends (11 days ago)
You dont have to say "love ya" in the end. its weird
Alex Voinea (11 days ago)
No one needs a new cs go. Cs go is good as it is in terms of graphics. We only needs overwatch or vac to do it's job nothing more. And whoever unistall cs go for shit games like pubg, or whatever is a fucking noob.
Im_NezY (11 days ago)
sounds like new operation
UnstableAdrianHD (11 days ago)
Scar-H update
Poli Tehnist (11 days ago)
The community has been waiting for a good, transparent anti hacks system. The density of hackers is unbearable. Lag switchers, wallhackers, autotriggers, aimbotters. They don' t even care hiding it anymore. Hope this game will turn out a big loss!
Mobin92 (12 days ago)
But WHAT is Panorama UI?
Oskars K (12 days ago)
CSGO is dead.
Angelo Cella (12 days ago)
Maybe they do a new Operation while releasing Panorama.
Spartan375x (12 days ago)
Love ya too!
Cristian Dnestreanschi (12 days ago)
I think the new operation is gonna be about battle royale, I called it boys.
Nadim Kazi (12 days ago)
Why dont u play MM!? And plz use AK in t side rather than SG ! Its annoying to see someone using that!😃
Nemesi (12 days ago)
So we're probably going to see a few new maps hit cs... possibly for a new operation, with maybe 1 map hitting competitive. New type of trading might be introduced.
Rude Boy (12 days ago)
You are essential to the community. Subscribed.
1 957 896 vues (12 days ago)
The interface of CSGO is really disgusting, so certainly, people will say they do not care, it's an interface and indeed it is in the game itself that we must make changes and you're right but you do not realize how important the form in a game is, frankly it would be really nice for the eyes a nice interface like the one I saw in the video, like that of Dota 2, because currently the interface does not make me want to play lol.
HamptonCollabs (12 days ago)
SatanGoose 666 (12 days ago)
Yo why are you so desperate for people to follow you on twitter in every single video
Extraordinary Boris (12 days ago)
Imagine a new ui, some new features, and a new operation. A revamp matchmaking system. Less laggy menu. wow it would be amazing.
BGames Studio (12 days ago)
Youtube doesnt show your videos in my sub box. fuck yt.
Tejas Suryavanshi (12 days ago)
Dude Play COD
Ivan Tanushev (12 days ago)
I just want old Dust 2....
Bumpercar Crumplezone (12 days ago)
If Panorama could finally make you able to ALT TAB WITHOUT HAVING TO WAIT 60 SECONDS WHEN YOU WANT TO GET BACK INTO THE GAME that would be great.
Bumpercar Crumplezone (13 days ago)
I love counterstrike, I truly do, but for the time period the game has been out it's fucking shit. Just look at the community browser it's so bad. But also things in-game like hit detection (still), 64 tick, the fact that 3rd party software has better anti cheat than Valve themselves, the fact that visibility through mollies varies and that you can sometimes see through smokes. I could go on but you get my point.
Alle (13 days ago)
Thank you for making this vid :)
b888 (13 days ago)
why can't assholes simply port the game to source2?!
1230james (12 days ago)
For starters, Source 2 isn't out for the public yet. Only Valve has the developer tools for Source 2 as of writing. Additionally, iirc CS:GO isn't developed and maintained by Valve; there's a third party developer and Valve's just the publisher. If only Valve has Source 2, a group that's not Valve is developing CS:GO, and Source 2 for developers is not released yet, how do you expect them to port CS:GO to Source 2?
Justin Boney (13 days ago)
The trade ban thing plus other things are really hurting cs, its so sad to see like my heart feels like its broken if I like just got dumped by gf, before it was a joke cs go is dying now its reality I just hope that do something quick
Jim Romines (13 days ago)
CSGO is Dead -shroud
Mike Shaw (13 days ago)
By the time they get this new UI out it will be outdated.
Oğuz Can Soyselçuk (13 days ago)
Shut the fuck up about twitter!
Oğuz Can Soyselçuk (12 days ago)
1230james that is not an argument. What I do, and how I watch the video is irrelevant. But begging for twitter followers is annoying. I gave constructive criticism by telling him how I feel about it, like many others in the comments. I've been following this channel for a long time, and this is very AMATEURISH. "If you like our channel please subscribe, and follow us on social media." is the accepted norm. WTF were you thinking Tyler!? But I have to admit I subscribed because of "Valve news", but not because i liked the channel itself, because i really don't. But If the channel wasn't up to my quality standards, I wouldn't. I'm sure like me there are many more valve news hungry people here who doesn't actually feel anything towards the channel itself. Do not alienate them Tyler.
1230james (12 days ago)
Then stop watching the video when he talks about it, lol It's at the very end; it's not like you'll miss anything.
Sergeant Brown (13 days ago)
Friendly reminder that Translation/Localisation is *usually* a paid job, not voluntary work. ...No, I'm not mad at the fact that there's no room for my language skills on the only western video game company I'd actually want to work with; whatever made you think that? Hahah, hahah, haha... ...I hate my luck *so* much...
Fernando (13 days ago)
This is the guy that every year says that half life 3 is coming out this year, don't trust Clickbait News Network.
Sideswipe (13 days ago)
Woah what music is that??
I'm a huge faggot (13 days ago)
The UI in CSGO is such garbage. I really hope they do this right.
Mateusz Kwiatkowski (13 days ago)
A new UI is not a new game engine. If gameplay will stay the same, players will go play another games with better graphics, sounds, physics, movement, like today. UI is just a menu, health and ammo toolbar, crosshair...
Chris Don West (13 days ago)
csgo is dead it been years
Max 007 (13 days ago)
They should ad weapon attatchements and modifications, so you could have more of that "your one machine" feel. Like if you agree.
namcost (13 days ago)
No, people are leaving CS because their new AI anticheat is banning all the faggots who think cheating makes them "good" while they troll people trying to have a good time. so we see less and less players because not it doesn't matter what cheat you buy or use, you can't beat the AI system that see's all the interesting effects of using cheats. So its no longer a matter of finding the cheats on your system, they can see how your play-style is and if something is odd, they check for it over and over again. So if the cheat snaps on to body parts or head, the AI can see this, and know you are full of shit. If you are too accurate, like you don't have recoil, bullet spread, or proper bullet spray patterns, it will see this and know you are full of shit. If your reaction time is too fast too often, to the point that you clearly had to know someone was coming (but no audio ques) it will know you are full of shit. SOO many people have been banned, and its amazing.
MrGermandeutsch (13 days ago)
michael fish (13 days ago)
Deployment Date: Jun 01, 2017 that was hydra and it ran through 3 months, its due soon, this video is just misleading
ncla (13 days ago)
shut the fuck up about the twitter plug
John Ansolini (13 days ago)
Well valve did say they were making games again right? They didn’t specify new titles or just huge updates for on going games.
Chocolate Sheep (13 days ago)
cs go is for fucking babbys. get rainbow six siege, unless you're russian running a potato in that case fuck off.
Neo (13 days ago)
I'm not against updates but... who really cares in the end? I've been playing CS:GO since I pre-ordered it in 2012, and it's definitely good as it is, always been. Constant updates seem like a gimmick in modern games, and we don't need that. It's natural that players will fade over time and you can't really avoid that.
Dante - (13 days ago)
Adiós <3
maymayman (13 days ago)
I wish valve would start doing shit. 1 year for some fucking UI??? yawn. What a joke of a company
rollermine 2 (13 days ago)
You should make a video on missing information 1.7 coming to steam.

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