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CS:GO - MOST HYPED CROWD REACTIONS to SICK PLAYS! ft. Snax, pasha, Stewie2k & More!

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Text Comments (359)
Bonobo des 7.Himmels (3 hours ago)
8:21 my whole body is shaking, that is so awesome to hear!
danglez (4 hours ago)
Stewies deny of the plant to send the Boston major to OT should be in this. The crowd going crazy after each of the 3 kills was so good.
Joyexer (1 day ago)
Where is cologne?
MintyMiku (1 day ago)
Get_right got denied at the start
geoffrey prill (1 day ago)
8:18 Thats ALOT of black plastic rimmed glasses.
Nerd Sub To Me (2 days ago)
S1mple on liquid against navi is so weird
Grimx (2 days ago)
You forgot friberg 1v2 spray trans 2014
MarkergeYT (3 days ago)
Damn i wish i was in this situation
Unlucky Luke (4 days ago)
0:45 get_right rip
Kazim Ali (4 days ago)
idc i play better then them all ;-( )
Bu Mpser (4 days ago)
4:14 Pasha looks a little bit weird there ;)
Joko Hd (5 days ago)
Csgo is dead
sheikh saif (6 days ago)
all those virgins
Jordan (8 days ago)
kNg is fucking disgusting lmao. He can’t even keep his cool in a professional match. What a disgrace to pros
Cem Caner (1 day ago)
Jordan +
NeroTheRogue (8 days ago)
I dont seem to find stewie XD
Muhammet Emin Tekin (8 days ago)
Miss ol VP
abdelatif soufiane (9 days ago)
Jarvis He (10 days ago)
hahah the Lannisters send their regards
When I hear the crowd shout, I think of NBA's top ankle-breaking crossovers.
NBA commentators: Oh! What a move!, Ty Lawson! Bounce pass to- !!! Sick handles!!
stubb0rn (12 days ago)
that awkward moment 0:45
Hanafi Ariffin (13 days ago)
Xpy9x part is *AWESOME*
Hayden Dickie (13 days ago)
this was crap no aussie crowds in this vid
Hayden Dickie (13 days ago)
mr.Suzuki 1000 (14 days ago)
piece of Fucking garbage
Squirrel02 (15 days ago)
Did anyone notice that there is no clip with Stewie and his name is in the title?
Mashton - Steam (5 days ago)
That is correct, I was thinking about that.
The Rocks (15 days ago)
You know in favor of whom the crowd will react when you look up and see "SK Gaming" .... there you know that the opposing team will make some great move.
Merlin (15 days ago)
Why r they all playing in 4x3?
Mu iev (16 days ago)
0:43 When Getright gets rejected
St1cky GreeN (16 days ago)
11:50 that round was insane too much fking skill
Abraham Wolde (16 days ago)
10:15 I've never cringed that much in my life
gerardoAlv (16 days ago)
crybaby11196 (16 days ago)
vp :((((
LDM (17 days ago)
3:23 League?
Fomisha (18 days ago)
Nikodemus Karyadi (18 days ago)
The first one is amazingly loud, volume boosted?
NanaMi Desu (18 days ago)
That awkward bro fist at the beginning tho... >•<
NanaMi Desu (1 day ago)
MintyMiku nuuuu!!! \(>•<)/
MintyMiku (1 day ago)
And get right look at the camera like.... Fuck there's a camera?
the staker (18 days ago)
2:30 if jay shot lined up and he got it, it’d be hands down the most insane clip
Beemaster204 (18 days ago)
these always gives me the chills.. brrrr
LOUDER LOUDER (19 days ago)
this fucking guy is overlaying crowd sounds from premier league HAHAHAHA ROFL
Çağrı Koparal (19 days ago)
I will see when xyp gets that vac ban. I don't trust Astralis players.
Nico St (20 days ago)
Como se puede jugar con tanto down exitado gritando de fondo?
Gustaf Johansson (20 days ago)
Snax best by far!
Love You (21 days ago)
Amine Naas (21 days ago)
R.I.P vp :( you were legends
Kingwest L (22 days ago)
Hello!Realy good video. If you want to see esports report or esports videos, feel free to check my instagram account @kwestesports. For 1000 follower line I will make a giveaway :)Thank you and have a nice day !
sysispgm (22 days ago)
Vp is dead
Ryan Dank (23 days ago)
Let’s be honest out of all the majors PGL had the best crowd
Som_ Fun (14 days ago)
Ryan Dank boston
echte magyar baszdmeg (23 days ago)
Cod/pubg nibbas: "csgo is dead" Me: 2:42
Alcore (23 days ago)
yeah advertise that gambling to the kids. stay classy.
Drewz0r (23 days ago)
Happy deagle eco ace....?
Lil' John (24 days ago)
Is this the latest major?
KILLShady (24 days ago)
You hate Brazilian teams?
stdfreesteve (24 days ago)
Way too many fucking ads
Bari Bari (24 days ago)
Luiz Fernando (25 days ago)
Where is ESL one belo horizonte?????
Just4Fun (25 days ago)
0:43 only Vikings in the crowd (bec. Forest is from sweden :D)
krisderwolf (26 days ago)
ESL Cologne is missing
g d (26 days ago)
0:45 Nice! Mmm bro? Ok Heheh
JAMAL SPARTAN (26 days ago)
Just look how huge a simple HALF LIFE MOD CS1.6 HAVE BECOME
Ali3n (26 days ago)
luminosity vs G2 when shox clutched two 4 vs 1 was hyped too
Tort1 (27 days ago)
6:24 Can any Brazilian or Portuguese tell me what did he say? I can imagine but wanna know xD
Rui Nogueira (26 days ago)
"you are trash! noobs, noobs, noobs"
Niklas (27 days ago)
You gotta love pashas reactions.. Old VP indeed!
Flooo XD (27 days ago)
Hey :) im looking for somebody to trade, add me if you want: FlyingEagle016
jepjep portugal (27 days ago)
so sad 0:46
FPM (27 days ago)
ESL ONE Cologne 18 is missing :(
K I T (27 days ago)
This is the reason why I watch CSGO Pro Matches in YouTube , I can hear Casts and GooseBumps Maker Crowd.
Badraqa Ali (27 days ago)
The craziest momment you've been waiting is here 11:03
Paul (27 days ago)
Kng monkey
Max_Beep (27 days ago)
this game need a argentinian team NOW
Vincent (28 days ago)
lol kng toxic af PROVE IT OR ILL KILL YOU
RudyWantPlay (28 days ago)
Jarek pasha! Runda nasza!
Rui Vilarinho (28 days ago)
kNg "Vocês são lixo. Fracos, fracos, fracos" xD
Työmieshuumori (28 days ago)
Where is Belo Horizonte 2018 stewies triple kill on pistol?
Savage Mcgee (28 days ago)
8:33 That matchup is so nostalgic, even tho fnatic didn't have pronax just seeing both those teams against each other brings back some good memories.
Kier Mostoles (28 days ago)
That knife of guardian to stop fallen. So sick
ikkelolNL/BangUrDead (28 days ago)
All u got to do is lissten to the commentators xD
Kappa 123 (28 days ago)
"A friend" isn't the only one who took the stake.com sponsorship
Maexas (29 days ago)
where the hell is cologne 2018???? did u watch any game of BIG?
iMeeky_ (29 days ago)
Old dogs
BalajnacLaki (29 days ago)
Nikhil RV (29 days ago)
Oh guardian, bye bye.
ATHL SPARK (29 days ago)
5:14 papa XD
Fennix Sombrio (29 days ago)
nice video
mr Zuraw (29 days ago)
Old Vp Forever <3
Timothy Demonbreun (29 days ago)
1:40 OMG what a fucking clutch
SeñorPeperoni (1 month ago)
10:49 i love the tt doing 360 trough the smoke
adam beldjilali (1 month ago)
rip vp its the end of the era
the lesnah (1 month ago)
Xyp9x at Overpass is not from this world. Outstanding.
HC NodeX (1 month ago)
Ladys and Gentleman this is eSport :>
Adrian Markowicz (1 month ago)
Old VP never comes back... But legends never die. When i watch videos with vp it makes me cry af
the dockout (1 month ago)
this is y no game like pubg or fortnite can beat csgo's popularity
iPhobiaByte (14 days ago)
+Smiley Face Guy They do actually
iPhobiaByte (14 days ago)
Why is everyone here so toxic lmao. I dont play or like fortnite but to be fair Atem gave some good points.
Smiley Face Guy (14 days ago)
the dockout Well to be fair fortnite and pubg don’t really have tournaments
Van Irish Juayan (16 days ago)
Prolly Fornite and PUBG will only last 2-5 years just what happened to H1Z1 lmao
Van Irish Juayan (16 days ago)
Yeah I agree with you. CSGO and DotA2 are the true trademark of Valve. They even flame these two games when Pubg was so relevant last year saying "CSGO and DotA2 are dead game". I mean, look at PUBG now. Lol These new generation FPS and Moba can't defeat the true Legendary Game forever. Turning 10-15 years (as per Dota1) in the making.
Space.Muffin (1 month ago)
Blame (1 month ago)
nothing beats the humiliation of Flusha by NBK.
The Joker (1 month ago)
5:16: I have a feeling that all the CS players are in that crowd
Vultura (1 month ago)
There is nothing like VP crowd. That's why I loved so much VP back in the days ❤
Zaerdna (1 month ago)
Danish counter strike <3
Abood Almasry (1 month ago)
K0nfig is in like half of these 😂
Lucas Klinger (1 month ago)
BiG at ESL One Cologne???
Maco L (1 month ago)
0:44 4everalone

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