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Counter-Strike Global Offensive Nonsteam : How To Fix Multiplayer ISSUES

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:3 can We hit 3 likes ? :3 Song : Bryan Mason & Karner H - BASSJUMP CS:GO How to fix multiplayer csgo multiplayer not working csgo fix multiplayer csgo how to patch multiplayer Csgo nonsteam CSGO Nonsteam multiplayer not working CSGO nonsteam patched
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Text Comments (318)
ObjeQ (7 months ago)
20,000 Unbelievable..... love you all
Mr.Noobs (7 months ago)
I been did that and it still didn't work....
GAMER BALOCH (1 year ago)
hey please help this works but i did it every time so the problem is its saying get license to play online
Toni Yammine (1 year ago)
does this requires internet connection ? and if yes how many mb/gb? it will take "sorry for my bad english"
GT Tripathi (1 year ago)
bro I have just 2 questions and I would subscribe if you answer me. 1. does this requires internet connection 2. do we have to do anything else once it's downloaded????
The Legend (1 year ago)
ObjeQ thanks dude I subbed and I liked the edit +sub
MaxYT (16 days ago)
This is not working it still shows the error
Somaditya Sohini (20 days ago)
Hey bro I don't hve updater in my csgo nosteam plz help me wht to do nxt????
ObjeQ (20 days ago)
Somaditya Sohini no ideas. This video is probably outdated..
Muhammad Abubakar (1 month ago)
not launching after updateing
SeMTeX AVRAJ (2 months ago)
Editing was on point!
FunoSital (2 months ago)
this guy has the best editing skills......
iTzMOHPK98 (3 months ago)
this updat take long time like 4 hours
Simo Jackie (4 months ago)
ido this update its not word
Daniyal pro (4 months ago)
when i update it is done i open my game but my game shows black screen and closes automaticly plz help
Vicky Dhar (4 months ago)
it shows retrying and doesn't works
last days gameplay (4 months ago)
Hive me paych v 58
John Richard Giere (4 months ago)
i love u dude thx
John Richard Giere (4 months ago)
and the memes lol
GJ Prod (4 months ago)
what if theres no updater file .-.
Z ROCK (4 months ago)
idiri khaled (5 months ago)
not working dont loose your time trying to fix it
ObjeQ (5 months ago)
idiri khaled look at the date of the video, omg.
AymenGamer (5 months ago)
How to fix error steamcmds
TEVZA (5 months ago)
Houwa record hia ram houwa montage houwa mawdhou3 ebde3 ya 7abibi ebde3
ObjeQ (5 months ago)
TEVZA Aieeee is that him? The legend?????
Rahul Dev Lenka (6 months ago)
the game work without patch but cant play multiplayer. When patched the game doesnt open and error of "could not load library cilent" message pops up.Help!!!!
It is taking me hours and hours... I kept my pc for 1 day but not done yet... I have 2mbps speed internet.
Musa Mughal (3 months ago)
2 day i have 1 mb
Allawi Najah (6 months ago)
fake you
Abhinav Mallik (6 months ago)
how much internet data required for update please tell
FallEx Game (6 months ago)
When you dont have money but you still can multiplayer 1:23
nippani vamshidhar (6 months ago)
mine is stuck at 73.00 and says '740' error and 0x0460 error.pls help
Big Smoke (6 months ago)
i don't have the updater :'(
Martynas Rackevičius (7 months ago)
you better slow down the vid because i dont know what to do dislike
Beast Boy Soham (7 months ago)
I dont have it.... I have one file named update-csgo.bat...... And it is the nosteam version
2rue (7 months ago)
THE GAMING GURU (7 months ago)
There is error while updating
meme-sama! (7 months ago)
wow mine took 3hours
Shubham Mamgain (7 months ago)
after updating it is not launching
Himanshu Sharma (7 months ago)
Man there is no update.exe file what should i do now ?
Rafael Louise Cortes (7 months ago)
When I open the 'Updater' is says "Error 'App 740'"
Pramod Sontakke (7 months ago)
Thanks man !!!!!
Mahesh Sharma (7 months ago)
Bro....I have downloaded from nosteam how many data it will take????plz reply fast
ObjeQ (7 months ago)
Mahesh Sharma Hey. The data it requires varies, if u never did this it will take longer than someone who does this weekly.
anutosh kevin (8 months ago)
Thanku bro . I have sub. U
ko player (8 months ago)
hahahah bro your very funny
Raaghav Bhaskar (9 months ago)
i cant play offline even like this
Hosoo Orshih (9 months ago)
after install patch blackscreen
Sofke ツ (9 months ago)
i waited it doesnt work..
Technical Boy. (9 months ago)
Wow! It works thanks to you Hat’s off to you! Really glad. Thanks a lot.
Jolanta (9 months ago)
fuck its not working
Danijel Burić (9 months ago)
Like for you
t h i c c b o i (9 months ago)
Bro that editing is dope as fuck, thank you
Fortnite BR (9 months ago)
mine didn't have the update.exe file
Saurav Prashar (10 months ago)
I did that and the game was well but do I have to do that every time pls reply fast ur sub
Neha Singh (10 months ago)
How much GB will it take
Nightmare fuel (10 months ago)
how much time and data it takez
Adarsh ray (10 months ago)
it says you are ofline and , you do not own csgo and etc. please help me
Mr.Bleechi (10 months ago)
i has warzone :V
Roast God (10 months ago)
this shit was great.
Volfex (10 months ago)
it was in tool folder named steem.cmd
ZamieX (11 months ago)
Hey can I directly update it?
Aim-o -Game (11 months ago)
nice edit..
Spork Master (1 year ago)
Umm mine says this: "You do not currently own a csgo license to play multiplayer you must have one." shit
RED HELL (1 year ago)
Don't How Did You Make It Update From 2015 To 2017 I have Download The Patch And Lunch It But It Didn't Update
Aldhany Riupassa (1 year ago)
yeah ya did save mehhh
Dakota TheFox (1 year ago)
If I update,it gives me the new items like gloves and ya know..
ObjeQ (1 year ago)
Dakota TheFox honestly no idea, this video is too old now and i never played csgo since then..
When it was not patched, the game was working except for multiplayer. But when i patch it the game don't work a cmd pop-up and disappears quickly.. Please HELP!
BlinkS - ROS • PUBG • (11 months ago)
nope but the patch, but when i turn it back it was at the same number when i closed it
ObjeQ (1 year ago)
REM did you exit during the installation? I heard it took 5+ hours for some people..
FlameCano3 (1 year ago)
this is bad idea i dont trust this
Mr Gmer (1 year ago)
It's real but it's will take up to 16.2GB to update.
Kee niX (1 year ago)
im do this but when im click on cs go to launch this is launching and launch black window and nothing no launch !!! :(
Hemant Sharma (1 year ago)
I vlicked on the update it taken my 5 gb internet still downloading
ObjeQ (1 year ago)
Hemant Sharma depends for every person , the longer you had the game without updating the more it will take , after this long update , the next time this error pops up u'll have to re do the whole process ( this error should happen at least once every 2 weeks since the game updates every now and then), but at that point it will take less time, way less time. Only the first try it takes alot of space and time.
juz pic (1 year ago)
why my updater.exe if i open it and update it when its going to 97.31% it says error update and it will automatically closed why?? help pls..
omair ali (1 year ago)
I get error You dont have a csgo license to run this game can you tell how to fix please (Nosteam)
jonsku (1 year ago)
Sorry for that btw it's worked dud :D I was an idiot,thanks I found my updater . exe on folder called tools(⊙_⊙) (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
zumry niyas (1 year ago)
how much data did it cost???
ObjeQ (1 year ago)
zumry niyas depends for each person , some people around 1GB, some around 16gb The longer u had the game the more.
ix qw (1 year ago)
thank you <3
Tietokone GT (1 year ago)
EBOCY AMINE 972 (1 year ago)
i dont have that update.ex
Gaming Hamsterz (1 year ago)
ur freakin awesome man! :)
The TTEEN Wolf (1 year ago)
its not in my games
GamingCranium (1 year ago)
not working
Amazing Tricks (1 year ago)
Bro mic is not working in non steam what to do
-Syed Abdul Rahman - (1 year ago)
So helpful video and working + I loved the edits thanks XD
666HaCkES666 (1 year ago)
It says for me updater.exe does it still work if it says updater.exe
ObjeQ (1 year ago)
Lolgamer212 lol yea dude
G R U N G E (1 year ago)
Drop the fix! with MLG SKID 1:22
John Richard Giere (4 months ago)
i dont have updater .exe
NS Gaming (1 year ago)
Thank you veryyyy much you are my herooo omggg thnx you are the best youtuber but can i play with a player who have cs go with steam (legal) ??????
ObjeQ (1 year ago)
NIDI GamingTV First of all thank you for your support and i'm glad this worked for you :) About your question , Yes. But your friend HAVE to play on a nosteam server with you since you cant play steam servers. Maybe it's patched. Try both of you playing on a nosteam server to see if it works out. Peace ;)
JacobChester Alfonzo (1 year ago)
you TRoll us its not Working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you prank uSSSSS
ObjeQ (1 year ago)
JacobChester Alfonzo boy. It does work. Unless you Downloaded the game from an unkown site.
Keronikal (1 year ago)
It says "Failed to load launcher dll. the specific module could not be found."
Dimitris Dimitriou (1 year ago)
Nikhil Kumar (1 year ago)
hey i dont have any file name updater.exe?/?]
Sendons Play (1 year ago)
Ridwan Nurhuda Rahman (1 year ago)
why is not opening plz help me
cactas 101 (1 year ago)
thanx dude
MEGATRONEAN 125 (1 year ago)
Why it's won't launch??
Feelsbadman (1 year ago)
i only know how to change the name
Feelsbadman (1 year ago)
dude u are so funnny xd and i liked and i subed to u befor i tryied and ima sure it will work but can u tell me how to change the profile picture
ObjeQ (1 year ago)
Feelsbadman i really forgot you go to channel and options or something. Hope it works for you ( the tutorial ) ;)
Veron Gaming (1 year ago)
My game is not starting after I updated it. Can anyone help me?
Lucid (1 year ago)
Still have the same problem nothing happened help
KAsKR (1 year ago)
OMG Thanks Bro I love YOUUUUUU i had this problem and now with your video my cs works great i love you bro :D keep it up ^^ tounsi ?
NiQ (1 year ago)
Thx Bruh it Work!
Colin Rager (1 year ago)
how much does it takes to complete the steam cmd update ?? because already 4 hrs are passed
Everything For You (1 year ago)
u rock bro
Ysbrand Staals (1 year ago)
i tried it several times, but it doesnt work. I even downloaded the patch and installed it but it simply doesnt work, what do i wrong?
VenomousTV (1 year ago)
does it have voice chat?
FinKeepeli Gt (10 months ago)
VenomousTV Yeah
LeagueArt (1 year ago)
Tahfounaaaaaa alekhr any njareb feha nchalah tekhdm <3 Sub+like
ObjeQ (1 year ago)
YaSiN 3aychou frere ❤️
dEatH storm (1 year ago)
my man i've a good comuter and i ran the patch it took more than 8 hours and still updating (progress 25.05 ) it's too slow & it close it self what m i supposed to do ? help me then i'll sub and like
dEatH storm (1 year ago)
i don't have steam cs go it's a warzone like anybody else and i bought a new pc i installed the game 3 days ago and the patch is taking to much time so i don't have a choice only to let it complete thank's btw u got a like + sub ;)
ObjeQ (1 year ago)
dEatH storm it depends on both YOUR COMPUTER and when yhe last time you updated it, well you see if you have csgo steam , the fame will update once every week or so from the steam client right? In this case its nosteam, so you'll have to keep updating it regularly from the updater.exe, and the LONGER you don't update it , the longer it will take to update, just leave it be , after you finish this one , it wont take long the next times, probably 10-15 mns. I hope this helped
Gaming gig (1 year ago)
funny editing man that's cool
JimmyHtv (1 year ago)
this didnt work for me now the game didnt open
bosko nikic (10 months ago)
me to
ManuelProYT (11 months ago)
ManuelProYT (11 months ago)
what i need to do if it dont open and cant join servers};
JimmyHtv (1 year ago)
Ridwan Nurhuda Rahman (1 year ago)
what did you did?

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