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Text Comments (700)
mumblebee (4 days ago)
That Shroud sign behind Sean Gares xD
Christian12wg (5 days ago)
8:32 im asking the same question as the guy with the sign
sYnc (7 days ago)
How this that not hit. Nice english
Westfjord Gaming (8 days ago)
15000000000000000 China number 1 love Dosia the X-god
IRaylex - (8 days ago)
Where is Shroud?🤔
Shamik Debnath (10 days ago)
This was easily my favorite Major ❤️
Lord Royce (11 days ago)
China numba one
Vedant Gandhi (12 days ago)
@7:27 that killed me! 😂😂
Angelo Mordasini (25 days ago)
Lmal that is the soviet flag, not the chinese one
John Chia (30 days ago)
ty for da phone number even though I don't even need it
Alexander Lee (1 month ago)
Where is shroud?
SANG (1 month ago)
Dosia got roasted. Man looks like an angry birds pig
Dateinam Wahlang (1 month ago)
Faze is new fnatic
Shroud gal (1 month ago)
Shroud 😭
Random Cap (1 month ago)
Boston was the shit.
lurixes (1 month ago)
3:20 is this forbidden? i don't follow the csgo esports pls answer
Loffy (1 month ago)
3:22 I like the fact that you refer to him as _The_ Olof ;-)
Kizza (1 month ago)
love these major meme channels
Tru3V01tag3 (2 months ago)
Thanks for the code !!
Dash Bryant (2 months ago)
when niko looked at olof's monitor, is that considered cheating?
Roystekii2 (2 months ago)
U r an idiot, let’s not a China flag
mancooolSK (2 months ago)
zAxOn* TM (2 months ago)
6:33 tarik hahaha
Hunter W (2 months ago)
Watching this video many months later... well put together and was enjoyable to watch
Dany 26 (2 months ago)
And they lost :(
Suviet Onion (2 months ago)
8:06 Yeah, nice 360 xD
Gift Voop (2 months ago)
Kristijan Jozić (2 months ago)
7:01 Apex cheating
B я и :D: (2 months ago)
Agustin Silva (3 months ago)
i feel proud from my country 6:26
Judge (3 months ago)
3:55 why is karrigans arms so thin?
Bergsveinn Ómar (3 months ago)
4:26 typed the wrong things m8
Das Luluk (3 months ago)
song at the beginning?
Das Luluk (3 months ago)
and i got it :D
Tiui50 (3 months ago)
3:00 As the ak has a firerate of 600rpm which means it fires 10 bullets per second means NiKo would be able to fire 2 more bullets which was enough to kill styko who was at 50hp knowing the ak does ~26 damage against opponents with kevelar
Dominik Bartosik (3 months ago)
0:25 when you happy becouse you lose xD
McNuggets1 (3 months ago)
Tekka (3 months ago)
Soviet Onion
Carlos samuel (3 months ago)
why would we thank you? that pin doesnt help me at all
Still KennyS>skadoodle
naj imba (3 months ago)
ThatDeery (3 months ago)
"where is shroud"
clayminer123 nguyen (4 months ago)
all right we got the password all we need is the phone
Lukys (4 months ago)
Mousesports fucking sucks!They dont deserve to be on the Major!Stupid noob team i dont like it!I like only Oskar!Bcse he is funny guy on the streams and littlebit pro! :)
Retarded Csgo Player (4 months ago)
rip 2015 kennyS.... but im still a fanboi
Bow Wow (4 months ago)
4:25 how this that not hit kek
Bruce Wayne (4 months ago)
Is it me or did CHRISJ miss?
DarkoKing _ (4 months ago)
Nikita Fendy (4 months ago)
0:18 lol
ГОТЕЕР (4 months ago)
Olof pls go back FaZe
Andrei Arganda (4 months ago)
hahahaaha where is shroud
TheTuberr1 (5 months ago)
6:17 "You can rush MY double doors" hahahahahhahahahah
fall0rn (5 months ago)
2:46 watch niko aimlocks the guy at the ramp and they quickly switch views... WTF they covering up their cheating? lol?
malviN166 (5 months ago)
6:07 is that Mojo?
NeřikejMi Fishiik (5 months ago)
Stop dabing cd
Aybek Kudabekov (5 months ago)
rip eyes))
Too Sweet (5 months ago)
Lost it @ 4:15
Arlind Gavazzi (5 months ago)
When is going to be the next major?
MISTAKE (5 months ago)
Fuck faze
Sparky Blaze (5 months ago)
3:00 world record?
Hurelulga Enkhtur (5 months ago)
1.30 sunny fucking choke
Amel Cosovic (5 months ago)
For this exercise you will be writing (and soon discussing) a review of the series goal. Attached to this assignment there is a Google doc where you answer many different questions. Please write complete sentences and write your answers inside the document with the questions. You have today (16 May) and tomorrow (17 May) to finish. Then you will send it back to me. Please ask me if you have any questions. Good luck!
FaZe Up (5 months ago)
Murad Balashov (6 months ago)
Dale Allen Santos (6 months ago)
7:57 dat X-GOD smile. Ugghhh I busted my nut immediately fuck
GetSkill (6 months ago)
There are 9400 FaZe Noob Fans liking the video and 340 other good persons disliking
DawnwalkerTV (6 months ago)
How this that not hit? pretty sure you can hear him say does and not this
luka leho (6 months ago)
We mis shroud
Clickbait Central (6 months ago)
Mousesports has the potential to beat faze
Zero zone (6 months ago)
7:32 **Bomb has been Planted.**
Ringer La Finger (6 months ago)
That sunny killing himself isn't actually new. It happened way back in Cloud9 vs Titan where NBK killed himself by falling from a short in dust2. Went in to OT and eventually C9 won.
Really O`wow (6 months ago)
3:12 sunny what a nice play
Really O`wow (6 months ago)
0:19 zeus what is the problem bro?
Really O`wow (6 months ago)
0:32 sunny so cool
crazy cat (6 months ago)
Lol dude nice vid
KÛJØ (6 months ago)
Level of professional csgo is getting up day by day
Amirul Syafiq (6 months ago)
7:45 for reference
Yeah K (7 months ago)
4:01 "C'mon now"
Mister_Simon HD (7 months ago)
Hey :) Do someone know the music at 7:28?? Thanks :D
Kacper Pinno (7 months ago)
Where is Shroud???
die. (7 months ago)
4:24- WHAT?!
Shadow (7 months ago)
The audience were the most funniest
Luke Skywalker (7 months ago)
device - Tom Cruice
DTb (7 months ago)
olof's tracking at 4:41 is so satisfying
SneakyDanne (7 months ago)
Cs isnt a fucking sport. If u wanna act like a hooligan. Go watcha a football game or hockey BUT NOT CS FAT CUNTS.
Anatoly (7 months ago)
Fuuck! 809111 is code for winning major!
taco (7 months ago)
where is shroud?
DatAshe 17 (7 months ago)
Faze clan is good at csgo But here in the internet their fanboys are quite cancer
RiiZeN (7 months ago)
That last clip though
Thiago (7 months ago)
that guy legit looks tarik lmao wtf 6:33
Pascal (7 months ago)
rip eyes
COMPLAININGwithMOLT (8 months ago)
3:22 NiKo 10 billion IQ play
Aekonn (8 months ago)
Il love that guy with the sign "where s shroud " at the end ahah
Mark Ong (8 months ago)
Song: Champion by Fall Out Boy
TikeY Yip (8 months ago)
Thank you for the number
eLectricZeUs (8 months ago)
Guess Skadoodle got a good gaming chair this time
TwitchStreams (8 months ago)
''Where is Shroud''
Fabian Lindau (8 months ago)
Shady Lamp2k (8 months ago)
4:29 rip the crowd gave away his spot
Craig (8 months ago)
6:21 stop DABB ING

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