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Css | bhop_hell 5:16 | Nofail |

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100 tick 100aa
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Jule9ssn (5 years ago)
Hehe, well for me it is ;aa Lose control each time i get too much speed :\
Ashley Worrell (5 years ago)
He means having having speed that its uncontrollable for him^-^
methepeoplebmx (5 years ago)
there is no such thing as "too much speed"
Jule9ssn (5 years ago)
good job man :)) when you get too much speed and get out of control. Is there any way to slow down besides stopping completely (s) ? :]
51Hacker (5 years ago)
Kimster (5 years ago)
nice video nice bhopping, smooth editing, what can i say :P Like & Fav
methepeoplebmx (5 years ago)
cool bro
boostedgorillahuehue (5 years ago)
i cant see the block on the forst level
crukz (5 years ago)
why the dislikes
Lukas (5 years ago)
Why do you strafe so much? This isn't 1.6
medala100 (5 years ago)
im feeling ill by watching this ffs :s
Alpha (5 years ago)
There are two shortcuts you missed, 1 at 01:16 where you can crouch+jump onto the first wall you have to jump around, and get through that area in like 3-4 jumps, and at 02:58, where you can jump around the first fence, turn around 180 degrees, and jump + crouch onto it from behind, so you can complete that place in <20 jumps.
cmoorecm63 (5 years ago)
Why do all of your vids have so many dislikes? Lmao anyways sick run.
Miu Amaha (5 years ago)
naic wun dood bess bhooper 2012 mang so brave -pa
Mato Kuroi (5 years ago)
So SIKK bro
ARefreshingDrink (6 years ago)
He did. He did a pretty good job too. /watch?v=8EaQhp6pKGU
Miu Amaha (6 years ago)
he did :O
Rebmaa (6 years ago)
then do fucking bhop_eazy >.< if ur gonna do a map no fail may as well do it a speedrun style... its play bhopeazy 1 level at a time and stopping
methepeoplebmx (6 years ago)
yeah i do know most, but this vid wast about being super fast... just a nice smooth nofail..
Rebmaa (6 years ago)
i fucking hate u... u could get around 3:45 if u did the sc's, if u even know them.. fucking noob >.<
methepeoplebmx (6 years ago)
sorry, i have organner strafe hack i can play esl no ban.
methepeoplebmx (6 years ago)
Mel Bailey (6 years ago)
what fps is this?
methepeoplebmx (6 years ago)
100t 100aa
methepeoplebmx (6 years ago)
It's called Frozenpier By Nonuk
Ntag (6 years ago)
sook ma willy
Ntag (6 years ago)
So what's the song? :3
oumakavoula (6 years ago)
what are the settings for bhop ? tick / aa / ac
methepeoplebmx (6 years ago)
i don't do it on purpose :)
Ntag (6 years ago)
You should make a habbit of putting the song title in desc. ;) Nice run.
Faasasa Faasasas (6 years ago)
cant see shit whit that white cc :/

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