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Text Comments (312)
Enveeh (1 year ago)
🗡️Slaughter Giveaway: http://bit.ly/SlaughterGiveaway --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 💰 $20 For FREE in Skins: http://bit.ly/FreeCsgoSkins
Nub Clan (1 year ago)
Enveeh xddd
Kariiim (1 year ago)
Enveeh Are you from germany?
Fufuboi (5 days ago)
I've scamed them all EZ
DaMod (11 days ago)
I feel sad i unboxed cases Worth 70 € and got one WELL WORN red :(
8:20 i didn't see a chat soo fast in my life :v
6:06 i love blackk
ELFlexX 2.0 (18 days ago)
Can someone say what a souvenir is and what normal is ?
wASeri0us BS (23 days ago)
1.00 fk u
r1reilly xsw (24 days ago)
7:03 he has a knife named "nigga im faded" lol
Joakim Haglund (25 days ago)
Did the guy on number 3 sell it on market?
Brihan Jiménez (28 days ago)
El primero es peor que el video de los gemidos 😂😂😂😂
BRENT MORENO (1 month ago)
""you looks like shit""
Wail Pal21hail (1 month ago)
First d lore was battle scarred to shit
Wunder Playz (1 month ago)
Why is he purposely screaming into his mic
ArcticTaco (1 month ago)
Oh my gosh
Jam3z_Gaming (1 month ago)
I can't wait till someone pulls a KennyS Dragon Lore, will be worth SOOOOOO MUCH
cl0ck w1se (1 month ago)
Howley sheyt dowd
Kiran (2 months ago)
Rip earphones
ガスト (2 months ago)
JakepaulJR (2 months ago)
That first 1 sounded like a dying dog
Dreamwalker XD (2 months ago)
Well R.I.P my phone audio it's broken now looks like I have to replace my phone then LOL
Typical Blox (2 months ago)
Imagine anomaly opens it God the entire YouTube will die and disintegrate
TurtleBerries (2 months ago)
Did he really have to grab his mic and scream into it for fuck sake
ToastedLoaf (3 months ago)
my ears
Whiterun Guard (3 months ago)
The second guy made me wanna slit his throat FUCKING “FABRIC NEW” WHAT THE FUCK ITS FACTORY NOT FABRIC
Timeax (3 months ago)
I died
Facundo FX (3 months ago)
La reaccion de Black fue la mejor xd
oLifes [FWD ASSAULT] (3 months ago)
Its only skins Does skins means skills? Thoose guy using his mom money To get only a skins
Nr._1 (3 months ago)
Was redet der der Markt geht bis 1800€ und die Waffe die er gezogen hat is 5000-7000€ Wert
YTB-YAVUZ (3 months ago)
61000 $ DL Wtf? 🇹🇷💸💲
LiquidCombo (4 months ago)
Imagine anomaly unboxing one
Ospook (4 months ago)
The 1st one battle scared feels bad man
Fire (4 months ago)
They could sell them on websites for$1000 real money lol
Fire (4 months ago)
They could sell them on websites for$1000 real money lol
Imagined Hype (4 months ago)
LOL, opens Factory new Souvenir Dragonlore and first thing he does is check steam prices.
Imagined Hype (4 months ago)
That skin can buy you a dope motorcycle that ups your pussay intake by at least 25%. The skin itself will decrease your vag intake by 50% as you play more games and go out less. Moral of the story? Skins = less women skins
NinjaLore (4 months ago)
Ainsley (5 months ago)
Number 5 awp was so best up
_Electr1 _ (5 months ago)
Was ein lach wer rastet aus weil er farbige Pixel für eine ingame Waffe bekommt...
SenpaiFirestorm (27 days ago)
Ja man, diese farbige Pixel sind ja nur 1600 Euro wert. Nichts was irgendjemand haben wollen würde....
ExEcT MooNLighT (5 months ago)
Thanks for the earrape
Lepa (6 months ago)
3000. no it’s worth whatever you want it to be
Lepa (6 months ago)
was the micspam nessisary
Broccli (6 months ago)
How to make money. Step one: Steal 2 mins of content from one random person. Step two: Add some EDM from spotify, as well as a transtion from another random youtube video. Easy MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!/!/!!
DJRoli006 (6 months ago)
Sier Ignited (6 months ago)
Aisaac (6 months ago)
My momma thought i was watching porn
LGcoolJ (6 months ago)
isnt awp souvenir dragon lore wort like 30k - 60k? i saw i got sold around there
idk u (3 months ago)
LGcoolJ the factory nee
ReD buLL- GamePlay (7 months ago)
fucking orgasm xD
Ben Rosenberg (7 months ago)
Number 2 was the only appropriate reaction
GAY Null (7 months ago)
vikesh pathania (7 months ago)
4th one was me when i saw red wedding(Game of thrones) 😂
Ivejo (7 months ago)
When tirst guy get dragon lore my mom think i watching porn
kolisen (7 months ago)
ganzo arriba (7 months ago)
Roy_ 2222 (7 months ago)
Ay blak
D4rk3n 1 (7 months ago)
8:00 he was talking to his PC LOL
fuck lucky
MaestrO Frags (8 months ago)
4:19 that fking guy says 45 euro and says get real on ur life i guess he have new idea what his friend unboxed ffs
o primeiro ta gemendo vsf q susto
bad vibes forever (8 months ago)
ThatOneAwkwardGuy (8 months ago)
*gets dragon lore* "battle scared" *cries*
ShaNky (8 months ago)
The first one was a battle scared. I would sell it and buy normal door factory new
No (8 months ago)
Mega asthma
Dark Creeper (8 months ago)
This video made me cry ;(
Arie Muller (8 months ago)
The third one was so lame
przemon1209 (8 months ago)
So Lucky
the first is fake
Camila Hoff (8 months ago)
Camila Hoff (8 months ago)
TheLuchoKing (8 months ago)
Wtf 0:50 jajaajajjajja
Henrique Gomes (8 months ago)
TRL PuttiDaBeast (8 months ago)
5:03 fake cuz you cant get statrak item from that package lol
NNebereYT (8 months ago)
Ay salio black tipico q es un canal ingles y ponen a black :v
very hentai pony (9 months ago)
The first guys mic is down his fucking throat
Mahler VV (9 months ago)
Hare the First one
Soren Bjergsen (9 months ago)
DrExZ (9 months ago)
I will bet the awp
Matheus Legendary (9 months ago)
Toma no cu
Camila Hoff (8 months ago)
Matheus Legendary kkkk Br Aki hihihihi
puppy culo (9 months ago)
watchgames unbox a better float
Sparkles (9 months ago)
ayyy #1
Deno276LP (6 months ago)
Broccli (6 months ago)
I remember watching you get that shit. Fuck me. XD
AwptixCSGO (7 months ago)
I watched that live and that was fucking insane dude!
Daniel Nikolov (8 months ago)
emmerick peh (9 months ago)
RIP Headphone users
Gaurax (9 months ago)
Ear rape
The Playlist (10 months ago)
0:47 close your eyes and let your brain take control.
CriticalJS (10 months ago)
The first guy is fucking retarded
DeFlecTOR Tryhard (10 months ago)
traditions des dragons :D
Cool AdminGuy (11 months ago)
the third one deserves it bc you see his inventory
Joseph Swain (11 months ago)
The first is the most fucking annoying human being I’ve ever seen
HyperTAMK (11 months ago)
Gay ass sounds in the first one
Marcos Moreno (11 months ago)
OMFG Black Got ones? .__.
GD Megastar98 (11 months ago)
Anyone saw the big mistake at 1:58 ? That's right. Left Handed Model.
Adstrum (9 days ago)
I use middle model
Raportagens Oma (1 month ago)
I thought to Wtf why is that weapon left mine is on the right site
Foxy (11 months ago)
Rip headset users
Bjerne Roblox (1 year ago)
0:57 I will never touch that Headset..
Shark (1 year ago)
You cant get stickers on it in cases you idiot scamer
カンナカムイ (11 months ago)
Shark wtf u retard
Rohan Satram (11 months ago)
damngod _ (11 months ago)
Are you fucking brainwormed?
Nah Quah Dah (1 year ago)
The first guy goes like a windmill
Nah Quah Dah (1 year ago)
I wish i could even get a red skin...
epge (1 year ago)
use my code on https://t.co/hnov3uD8eO !!! code is " epgegamdom " for free 50cent ! free coins in chat every 2-28min !! No need deposit :p
Kennway (1 year ago)
the first guy is so unbelievable cringey holy fuck
That first one is so battlescarred it's actually retarded
Ronald Simanjuntak (1 year ago)
"Is It Souvenir" But You Looking at it
Mindlesscargo (1 year ago)
I'm gonna cop these dragon lores.
Era Noob (1 year ago)
Wtf why are half the people either German or Russian
Szabó Norbert ツ (1 year ago)
Kurwa blyat idi nahui!!!
カンナカムイ (11 months ago)
Szabó Norbert ツ kurwa is poland u dumbass

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