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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | Zombie Mod Gameplay | 5 Maps

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Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Mod: Zombie Mod Maps: zm_fun_park_v2, zn_abandoned_base, zm_roadside_hotel_v1_1, zm_playtime_v2 and zm_nm_town_karp Difficulty/Stage: Survival Host: ZombieNetwork Server Name: ]=[ ZombieNetwork VII ]=[ Zombie Infection Server Location: German Server IP: Slots: 40 slot Zombie Mod Server Gun Usage: Unlimited ammo Languages Spoken: Mainly English Method: Steam - Valve Secured Website: http://www.zombienetwork.net/ Steam Community: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/zngroup Video Quality: 1080P HD Date Recorded: Various Dates Time Recorded: Various Times Played By: S.O.A.D/Castiel/Silas In-Game Names. Recording Software: Bandicam. Video Editing Software: Sony Vegas 12 Gameplay on various Zombie Mod Maps. I do not take any credit for the maps being played on the recording, nor do I take any credit for the background used in the titles. I do not own either of these. I recorded the gameplay on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and nothing else. If at any point there is a problem with the recording blame that on Sony Vegas or Youtube itself. I tried rendering the file several times, I either got a file that was too large for purpose or a file that was small in size but was awful quality or choppy. This is the best rendering file from the 5 different render settings I used. I have not used Sony Vegas in a while, so rendering is not my strong suit. The reason I put map gameplay together was because I don't find Zombie Mod to be as attractive as Zombie Escape. One Zombie Escape map if done properly can outsmart any Zombie Mod Map available. Zombie Mod maps are also much smaller in size so throwing 4-5 maps together doesn't really affect uploading time. As most Zombie Mod Maps are pretty boring, I thought it was a good idea to put three, four, five maps into one gameplay, recorded separately of course. That way it's not just one repeated boring map. The video length is long I can admit that, but it does give the Zombie Mod fans a chance to see different map gameplay. The maps included in this gameplay are Playtime, Fun Park, Nm Town Park, Roadside Hotel and Abandoned Base. My personal favourite being the Roadside Hotel map mainly as I find it to have a cool graphic design for a small map. The map also has a few places where you can hold for a lengthy period of time without dying therefore increasing the amount of kills you can get as a human. Playtime is overrated. Many on the server believe this is probably the best map, I strongly disagree. I find it boring and lego like maps are not to my liking. Abandoned Base is a really small map. Is very limited to what you can do. Easy to kill zombie targets, hard for the zombies to kill you, whole point is to kill the zombies but this map can come across as boring. Nm Town Karp is a simple design. Decent enough graphics but boring hide out spots. Fun Park is a pretty good map. Several cading areas you can spend time in, if there are no edgers you can do pretty well. Underground area, barricaded areas etc. I enjoyed this map. If I can ever be bothered recording Zombie Mod gameplay again I would at some point upload the Battleforce Panic CSGO map, the Office Space CSGO map and the ZM Parish Map. Most if not all maps above have been on CSS for years but I'm a Zombie Escape fanboy so I only ever really played Zombie Mod in the very early days before Zombie Escape. I will be upgrading the hardware in my machine in the next few weeks so I hope for much smoother gameplay without any signs of interference or lag. I also hope to sort out some permanent rendering settings on Sony Vegas as I may plan to make Zombie Escape/Zombie Mod movie videos as I have done on past accounts in the future on CS:GO. I may also switch to Fraps recording software once I get these hardware upgrades. Anyway thanks to those who do watch. As I have said many of times I don't advertise for subscribers or viewers, but I do appreciate the guys who do find these videos on the internet and watch them. Hopefully everyone enjoy them and don't feel they have wasted a chunk of time clicking on the videos I upload only to be disappointed.
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Text Comments (85)
Ivonne Bugueno (8 months ago)
the server is dead :,c
Zamri Mohd Razali (10 months ago)
Ahhh this game sucks stupid game I play this game suck WTF
Zamri Mohd Razali (10 months ago)
Yeah don.t shooting at zombies arr
JAKUBPRO10 (11 months ago)
Freaking lags
It is so loud at the later at the start of the game And my ears hurts a little
dianne rose (1 year ago)
infinite ammo? fuck that shit
dianne rose (1 year ago)
I like this game
Marc Anthony Colon (2 years ago)
this is the dumbest freaking thing is so damn long
Gavin Andre (2 years ago)
Ear rape award 2016
Nefes alan yunus (1 year ago)
Gavin Andre haha
Ahron Zander Romelo (2 years ago)
SwayD SkyKnight (2 years ago)
Omg my ears. Dislike!!
FcGod (11 months ago)
SwayD SkyKnight not he's fault :p
Harry Engalan (2 years ago)
hehe they cant kill you
Harry Engalan (2 years ago)
hey are you playing ather games like crisis action it is just like this game you can play zombie mod if you are the firat infected you will be the motherbio ghost
thifanny games (2 years ago)
$$$$$$$$$$$$ cheio de grana
thifanny games (2 years ago)
$$$$$$$$$$$$ cheio de grana
Mariusz Radoszycki (2 years ago)
Imlinungchet Imchen (2 years ago)
sorry theres zombies my mistake
Imlinungchet Imchen (2 years ago)
hey no zombies
Shayan Turvik (2 years ago)
aww my ears
Jen Ram (2 years ago)
how to have friends in this game..? and how to zombie mode..?
Jen Ram (2 years ago)
why always please check ur network..
Mark Johnson (2 years ago)
If this would be a real life - they would shoot their way out of the house with all the bullets they used! Gawd daaaaaaaaayyyuum!
Enragedbearfan (3 years ago)
I have a zm map I dont know how to start it.
Marko Laske (3 years ago)
THERES A REALLY COOL SERVER THE owner is EL TERORISTO just saying its almost the same except the are more skins credits and a lot more nice people  u can be a banana shooting yellow lasers and leave paintball tracks behind you. You can be spiderman or batman or a neonazi or ASH from the pokemons. Knifes mod and as the zombies u can play as the tracking drone or EVEN FREDDY CRUEGER its ma favorite server
Marko Laske (3 years ago)
mahmud alkaff (3 years ago)
Eri Vinh (3 years ago)
Wtf unlimited bullets or sth??
Alex Mocanu (3 years ago)
nuplacie unele lucruri
Alex Mocanu (3 years ago)
super filmaria
Angela B (3 years ago)
omg.. guns noise x_x
Raves Muzic (1 year ago)
Angela B Ya me too its noisy
Mike. (3 years ago)
+mary love Ikr.
Jr Johnbarn (3 years ago)
Lol 1:00 "Stop shooting the fucking barrier!"
Aleksandar Srejic (3 years ago)
Euron Cerbo (3 years ago)
I miss my fav. Zombie server they just lost and i ask to my friend its really gone :(
Koijo Tito (3 years ago)
source and go zombie mods are so shit, nothing new and exciting. cs 1.6 days had the best servers, lots of inventive modules for the amx and so on. this is pile of feces
David Neyra (3 years ago)
Sandy Salman (3 years ago)
Fucking headache
Karagen (4 years ago)
IS THIS on Steam ? 
Josh (3 years ago)
You don't need to download anything separate you just find the server
Is this only for PC?
Kneil Rodier Laco (2 years ago)
xbox 360 and ps3 too
asfaosddf iovisheufafe (4 years ago)
this is a earape right?
bart john (4 years ago)
26:22 of just sitting in one spot and shooting 24/7 nice vid bro
kilsgb (1 year ago)
bart john zombie mod in a nutshell
Jr Johnbarn (2 years ago)
That's pretty much what this gamemode is, lol
Shaun Garina (2 years ago)
Commtionchampion Ct Server or server that thing was a blood first rounds no navi lod lodlodlodlodlodlod kkl bbbbbbbbbbbbnnnnnnbnnnnnnbnnn no and oh
mahmud alkaff (3 years ago)
comon vidio soady ! you are $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
SoadY1991 (4 years ago)
That is why I only ever did one or two videos of Zombie Mod, all the rest are Zombie Escape.
Mr kaneki kun (4 years ago)
Rel (4 years ago)
11:05 wow man that was so close.
Zartix (4 years ago)
Nice Video :)
смим смсм (4 years ago)
Я 1-ый
The Tjung Ming (4 years ago)
The Tjung Ming (4 years ago)
Masih bagus map cso zombie escape
Bruno Henrique (4 years ago)
Que Confusão è esse Jogo,não da pra intender nada
Overboost (4 years ago)
hahahahahahaFreaking child , Shut the Volum Up
BineR (4 years ago)
Shoting song :D
Cookie Monster (4 years ago)
this is kind of like mw2 zombies i wish i had this game ;(
Yamir Alvarado (4 years ago)
Todos son unos neer super gays **)
Izayoi Sakamaki (4 years ago)
Idiots Idiots anywhere
PvtFallen (4 years ago)
R.I.P headphone users, you will be missed
FrankxLai Media (5 years ago)
You kill zombie player as you are playing L4D2 Survival Mode
LegenParry (5 years ago)
my ear omg I can't feel them!!!!
privatesheperd (5 years ago)
jesus christ it sounds like heavy rain when bunch of guys spamming SAW to move the cola machine
Rapolas Merkys (5 years ago)
hi coulde u help me? Can u tell me how did that dude in 06:08 zm_abandonedbase got on that platform in the midle of the map? You shoulde so some videos with revealing secrets it woulde help alot.
Фараон (5 years ago)
Haha, I know this server), admin is lightning
chuckblazeify (5 years ago)
LMAC (5 years ago)
love how the immeditally start blasting the machine
AlphaBlyat (5 years ago)
Me: Well finally, a zombie survival map in ages! Zombie: Yappaskidet (Explodes)
KiSoka (5 years ago)
Abandoned Base, Greencity ,where are the maps at once? At the beginning ZN VII was better.now there are only a few maps
They are American lols
Лохииииииии америкосы
Usul_aut (5 years ago)
This is sooo, useless. Standing in a spot and holding down the firebutton. Wow, that MUST be funny. -.-
Varun Kanduri (5 years ago)
wat unlimited ammo ?? u were shooting out the shit of of the gun and it's ammo
SoadY1991 (5 years ago)
Yes. Late reply as I'm busy with work. Sorry about that. NoAmmo - Zombie Escape - United Kingdom ZombieNetwork - Zombie Mod - Germany Them are the only two servers I actually saw a good 20/30 people playing on when I was on CS:GO.
josiane Hass (5 years ago)
moder fock silas
XlightNtrEnx (5 years ago)
lame video ur just spamming guns
Angus Freudenberg (5 years ago)
Author of Roadside Hotel here, I always enjoy making maps that look good, however I'm still working on making the map balanced enough for both teams to enjoy :)
SoadY1991 (5 years ago)
There are two different types of zombie gameplay. Zombie Escape and Zombie Mod. One is that you run to checkpoints and the other is you hold a cade or certain spot. A big difference is that a single Zombie Escape map can be seen to be much better than 3-4-5-6-7-8 Zombie Mod maps. This is the main reason I merged the files together. The whole point of Zombie Mod is to hold a position. Individual Zombie Mod maps to me would not be worth uploading individually.
BigBallsMason (5 years ago)
Love having longer vids, but don't do so many maps were all u do is stay in one place plzz
pavilliong434 (5 years ago)
hi soad u pro
SoadY1991 (5 years ago)
Zombie Mod Fun Park - 00:00 Zombie Mod Abandoned Base - 05:17 zombie Mod Roadside Hotel - 10:31 Zombie Mod Playtime - 15:46 Zombie Mod Nm Town Karp 21:03

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