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CS:GO - Fun things in maps scenary

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This is the part one of my map tours,showing some the 3D Sky boxes that can be reached only with noclip. ___________________________________ Music: Tobu - Mesmerize
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SerGeLeLe (2 years ago)
What is the console comande to spawn the bots
SerGeLeLe (2 years ago)
Shadow Terror (2 years ago)
+SerGeLeLe bot_add
Guillaume Marty (2 years ago)
Good video but bad choice for a title. This ain't no glitch nor secret map places. It's just the scenery displayed around the map that is put somewhere we cannot see it. It's been like that from day 1 back to the first version of Counter-Strike...
Shadow Terror (2 years ago)
+Revival MVM Indeed, sorry for the misleading.
MightyNavi (3 years ago)
Bad video, everyone can find those.. Did you know when your friend looks at the scenery when someone is standing on the scenery area, they will be as huge as the buildings in the scenery :D
Dude just becouse u dont like the vid you dont have to be rude! So just STFU and if u dont like the vid its not hes prob
Shadow Terror (3 years ago)
+MightyNavi Thanks for the feedback, I will try to make the next videos better.
Robssuttie123 (3 years ago)
These really aren't secrets... They're called 3D Sky boxes. All they are is the scenery around the out side of the map that you see while stood inside of the map.
Max Music Channel (3 years ago)
+rob sutcliffe U see them often in garrys mod while ur in fliying mode
Shadow Terror (3 years ago)
+rob sutcliffe I know, as demonstrated in the last clip, but still they are quite funny, especially the one from nuke.Thanks for the comment!

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