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"It's Just Emulation!" - The Challenge of Selling Old Games

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Keeping classic games in print is a surprisingly risky and difficult business. This 2016 talk from Digital Eclipse's Frank Cifaldi showcases the approach taken for Capcom's Mega Man Legacy Collection to discuss how and why old games should and will become sellable again. GDC talks cover a range of developmental topics including game design, programming, audio, visual arts, business management, production, online games, and much more. We post a fresh GDC video every weekday. Subscribe to the channel to stay on top of regular updates, and check out GDC Vault for thousands of more in-depth talks from our archives. Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/Official_GDC Checkout our Facebook page for GDC exclusives https://www.facebook.com/GameDevelopersConference http://www.gdconf.com/
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Text Comments (283)
Luxer Husku (3 days ago)
This video is wrong about Nintendo downloading a ROM and selling it back. A Reddit post told and showed us proof that Nintendo took the ROM from Animal Crossing.
videogameobsession (1 month ago)
I can imagine a future of FPGA based hardware clones, multiple console cores, and flashcarts. Original accuracy, improvements, and playing all of the games, even the stuff we'd likely never see official re-releases of.
DarkTetsuya (1 month ago)
I kept meaning to watch this, but I'm glad I did! infinitely more relevant now, with what nintendo's been doing in recent months. :(
wilder9777 (1 month ago)
$w!tch_off old_n!ntendo
SkyHighGam3r (2 months ago)
I don't know about anyone else here, but with everything going on I'm sharing this video nonstop.
Tim Howard (2 months ago)
still relevant in 2018
Thunder Lips (2 months ago)
I followed your twitter to this video. Excellent work brother. I'd love to donate my time to helping you with your journey. I live in Canada so I wonder if that would help aswell. Please message back if I can help in anyway.
Gorgeous Gremac (2 months ago)
Your twitter thread brought me here, and it was treat to lesson :)
Please! Somebody preserve the Keio Flying Squadron games! I don't want them to disappear!
movezig5 (2 months ago)
I loved this presentation, and I feel a lot more people need to see this! I have a question about the Mega Man Legacy Collection, though. There is a noticeable amount of input lag in these games--do you have any idea what might have caused this? Is it related to that "work-around" to emulation that you mentioned earlier in your presentation? If so, I feel this is very unfortunate, as this means that current industry attitudes towards emulation have marred what is otherwise an excellent re-release of these classics.
oiSnowy (2 months ago)
Our Archimedes in 1988 came with a BBC Micro emulator and with a PC emulator. It could run PC XT games just as well as the PC XT's some of my friends had. Emulation's pretty old.
anti dentite (2 months ago)
I don't like all these volume releases. Every legacy MM and X game could've all been put in a single package.
Ricky Johnson (2 months ago)
Lol I had a gametap subscription for a couple of months.
Manchester Is Blue (3 months ago)
this guy is great
KingFossilFER (5 months ago)
Too bad legacy collection seems to have unput lag.
Mark Freeman (5 months ago)
Agreed a video game emulator is just a codec. This container allows game to be played on any turing complete device.
Mark Freeman (5 months ago)
Agreed there is a huge upside for games and developers that embrace their heritage, rather than those who dismiss it.
Mark Freeman (5 months ago)
Emulation, software cracking and piracy is precisely how the great devs cut their teeth.
referral madness (6 months ago)
He makes a good point that if older games were available to buy people pirates would buy them. I own about 3 copies of certian megadrive games (golden axe 2, revenge of shinobi & outrun) because I've downloaded free roms for android emulators but I've also bought official re-releases on xbox 360, android & steam so i will give sega credit for constantly re releasing megadrive games so people have that option even if it is a bit overkill. I just wish sega would give the same treatment to their other consoles. I'd love to see a GOG/steam release of Sega's old windows 95 games like last Bronx, sega rally & vf 1 & 2 they work on windows 10 but not perfectly, I'd also love a breath of fire collection from capcom similar to the mega man one 😎
Raul Alvarez (7 months ago)
Thank you, thank you, so much... Thank you!
Dan (7 months ago)
12:44 Emulation 21:24 Pros and Cons Emulation 33:30 MMLC
Raul Gubert (7 months ago)
3rd book from the series WOR(L)DS, a project by Raul Gubert ''CONFUSED AND BADLY WRITTEN IDEAS FOR VIDEOGAMES BUT UNDOUBTEDLY BRILLIANT'' http://www.filedropper.com/confusedandbadlywrittenideasforvideogamesbutundoubtedlybrilliant
Jared Prymont (7 months ago)
15:18 Nintendo downloaded a ROM and sold it back to consumers.
PHANTOM GAMER (1 month ago)
Jared Prymont ironic
VoidKeeper (8 months ago)
The video game industry is disgusting tbh... another thing I'd like to know is when to video games enter the public domain. Never? oh alright. Because Disney keeping Mickey Mouse and pals eternally isn't enough :v
doltBmB (8 months ago)
There's a new class of game which is very recent and in the most danger of disappearing. Think of Destiny, Sim City, Elite Dangerous, that sort of online but not really semi-social game. Which is playable by yourself, in a small group, or with many others. But which all rely on the server and will be completely gone the moment that disappears because it's no longer profitable to keep them up. PC MMO's are spoken for, with everything from classic wow emulators to swg, lineage, enb etc. Classic multiplayer games like battlefield, quake, red faction etc. are spoken for with fan run master servers. But these new pseudo-online experiences are not. We don't think of it because they're relatively recent but even Destiny is getting up in the years, at some point Bungie will hit the switch and it will be gone forever. Speaking of Bungie, it's particularly sad to think that in fact, Halo is already gone too. The premiere and by far the best selling game of the 2000's is actually gone. The PC version is a port, which has several problems not least of which being the awful control scheme with no controller support whatsoever. And there is no Xbox emulator. Even though it's a LAN game multiplayer is not really possible due to the highly proprietary nature of system link. Even if you have a 360 which is itself becoming an endangered platform, the emulated version from Microsoft has it's own set of problems. Even if you buy the master chief collection and ignore their design changes and hit the classic switch, you are not actually seeing "Bungie's Halo" but a port of the PC port, all warts included. The only way to play the original version properly is to get original Xbox hardware. At least the history is well preserved on fansites like hbo and the various halo wiki's. Then there are games which change significantly with patches but with no way to "unpatch" them. Valve is particularly guilty here with games like L4D, Half-Life 2, and even Portal having received very significant changes to the gameplay, art or story with their later patches, and Steam forcing them upon you. L4D being particularly at risk because again being a game which relies almost entirely on Steamworks to function even though you can play it alone or with one or several people up to 8, despite this it has no real LAN support. Valve has been good with keeping servers up but what happens when Steam goes under, someone hits the switch and even the changed version of L4D is obliterated. Half-Life 2 and Portal are particularly egregious to me because of their seminal nature. Even for a pirate it is difficult to track down a working pre-engine patch version. Final note: the un-remastered version of Skyrim is in fact, also no longer available unless you neglected to take the upgrade on Steam. This also raises the question of preserving mods, as many mods get updated to the remastered version their original game counterparts disappear completely. It's funny that the most significant games are arguably in the worst state.
SkyHighGam3r (8 months ago)
I share this video regularly. People in the industry, journalism, and gamers in general NEED to know this informaiton.
Spyros Tsalouchidis (9 months ago)
I belive a great way to preserve old video games and have the younger generations know about them is to package them along with their sequels or remakes. For example, Metroid Zero Mission for the GBA, a Metroid remake included a port of the original Metroid, so that the original could also be available to younger generations, and a point of refference for what was changed in the remake. Metal Gear Solid 3: Substinence included a port of the original Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 for the MSX, which was an even better deal in the HD Remaster of the MGS series, with 5 full games available to play on a single disk. I could see that working for other titles, especially since the memory requirements of those old games are miniscule compared to today's games. I would especially love to see more remakes of old games with the originals included, as the comparison of original and remake provides a frame of refference for the history of gaming. That's not to say that EVERY game from the olden days deserves a full blown remake for the original to be bundled with, but as far as classics are concerned, I think it is a great way to preserve and at the same time modernise them.
Lance Data (9 months ago)
Man, what I would give for directors commentary in gaming. Playing the original mega man or Super Mario bros with a voice over that plays as you hit points in the map or pick up certain items.
Cari Garafalo (10 months ago)
Omg this guy is soooooo much better than Frank Lantz. Holy hell, what a fantastic presentation.
Kolczrulez (10 months ago)
Now we can buy Ducktales. http://store.steampowered.com/app/525040/The_Disney_Afternoon_Collection/
Dylan McGuffey (10 months ago)
Can't wait for the Ken Burn's 12 part mini-series on the History of WoW.
vidyaWolf (11 months ago)
"Nintendo is pirating it's own roms and selling them back to you" I'm fucking dying over here! :D
KuroNoTenno (11 months ago)
Another issue they didn't mention is preservation of games based on a license (despite them actually using a licensed game, Duck Tales, as their main example). Often games based on a license just disappear from digital stores and physical print. One such example is Capcom's JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fighting game. Capcom released an HD version of the game a while back, but then their license expired and they removed the game from digital stores, thus making this game unavailable legally. In such cases the only thing that can help is piracy, and many people don't condone it.
Chzareth (11 months ago)
Digital Eclipse eh? I hope they bring back Submarine Titans.
Leonid Denisenko (1 year ago)
And now we have the NES and SNES clone box made by Nintendo.
Conor O'neill (1 year ago)
I wonder if he is worried about the sheer amount of garbage "games" being released on PC right now, or the vast amount of mobile games that exist.
the jake (1 year ago)
what the hell?? i got all these games for free right now. on top of that, linear filtering and crt scanlines ruin the retro experience, at least to me
R T (1 year ago)
Now we Just need people to burn everything onto m-disc's so they're good for around 1000 years.
bob smith (1 year ago)
good talk and I agree with everything he seems to say except but the guy seems to have just absolutely no respect for developers making any revenue for the game they created... like it's perfectly fine for people to put a game's rom out for free to download the very day it comes out
Malevolent Macaroni (1 year ago)
Song name at 35:02? It's so amazing!
KuroNoTenno (11 months ago)
It's a remix of Megaman 3's game over screen theme.
Mitzos SirReal (1 year ago)
Emulation vs. simulation. My pet peeve.
James Barnes (1 year ago)
In case you want ducktales for the nes... https://www.emuparadise.me/Nintendo_Entertainment_System_ROMs/Duck_Tales_(USA)/55364
ricarleite (1 year ago)
The problem is that Nintendo has always ruled how the videogame market operates due to their success and monopoly, and they are extremely biased against emulation for two reasons: 1- The Japanese management is incompetent in new developments and the Japanese corporate structure is flawed to punish incompetent leaders, and 2- They KNOW that competing with their past is unfair because they used to make better games in the past (as the game developers became "Gods" and tried to please themselves instead of working hard, quality declined).
einmuzi (8 months ago)
I don't know what's the point you are trying to make. Nintendo is one of the few game makers who DO enable you to get theire old games on newer Nintendo hardware. (Ok, not currently on the Switch, but they absolutely will) For example, with the Wii U and the 3DS you were able to get all major Zelda games ever on those two systems. For other titeles on old Nintendo colsoles that are not developed by Nintendo, it's up to theire publishers to release it today.
Despatche (1 year ago)
But none of this is actually true. They haven't had a real monopoly in a very long time, and the creation of the smartphone has ensured that they never will again. Nearly all of the anti-emulation rhetoric is coming from their American arm. The emulation culture barely exists in Japan and it's not a threat at all; you're much more in danger of crazy stalker copyright watchdogs than the actual companies. They didn't really "used to make better games", and at no point did anyone at Nintendo try to punch above their weight except Sakamoto with his Other M bullshit, which he seems to be trying to repent for with Samus Returns (a fantastic game *supposedly* directed by him) and Prime 4 (a series he hates).
Sebastián Ramirez (1 year ago)
I´ve got to agree. As someone who was born in 2001, I firmly believe megaman legacy collection is one of the best things that have ever happened.
Jeramie Conner (1 year ago)
Dragon's Lair on Steam, Is that an Emulation as well I had the Sega CD version and loved the arcade version.
ProphetSong (1 year ago)
He says there hasn't been SNES emulation on consoles other than Nintendo's, but the Mega Man X Collection came out in 2006 on Gamecube and PS2.
James Lewis (1 year ago)
Another example of a notable game from 1989 that for some reason wasn't mentioned in the Wikipedia article was Chip's Challenge (originally for Lynx, ported to Windows and home computers shortly afterward), which was best known from the Windows Entertainment Pack but was unplayable on 64-bit Windows until the 2015 port was released on Steam (along with a port of the much less widely released Chip's Challenge 2, and the new game Chuck's Challenge, named after series creator Chuck Sommerville).
Nahuel CC (1 year ago)
Great talk. We need more people like Frank. If someone offered me the Spotify of videogames, I would definitely stop updating my No-intro and Redump sets, and taking the time to organize them with LaunchBox and RetroArch. That is time consuming, and the people that care about this stuff are not getting any younger. I would gadly paid a monthly fee and use my free time to actually play these games.
Jurij Fedorov (1 year ago)
Wait, this guy has never seen The Great Outdoors (1988)?
great talk
Krust bag (1 year ago)
open source is the future. all games from nes and newer (and some older) are available on various rom sites. EMU for all systems from nes and newer (and some older) are available on various EMU sites. therefore, if companies wont offer everything in a legal way, and reasonably priced, then fuck em, a pirates life for me. I had hope for the nes classic, most of the titles people want, for cheap. but they cancelled it. so fuck it. Everdrive has been around a while, really cheap hardware, lets you play any rom on its original hardware, not emulated. nintendo didn't even try to let us switch to their legal way of playing nes games, they fucking cancelled it. I have a collection of nes consoles, and carts are expensive and rare, fuck that, everdrive is the way to go. hopefully nintendo, and all other console makers, go open source, and release open source emu to play any legit disc game on a computer, so these older discarded games don't get lost. emu and everdrive till then.
tormentor91 (1 year ago)
Completely agree with this. It's a loss of money on the companies end and forces potential buyers to pirate games. That's why stuff like Nintendos Virtual Console is so immensly popular.
Max Aggropop (1 year ago)
Nintendo? never in a sega household! Man I am looking forward when i am old and tell the young whippernappers about the war. the glourious 16 bits war....we were heroes. porn was not for free and our keybords made from wood.
Jasper Greenhill (1 year ago)
This is really interesting I think so many games a lost and in a lot of cases the only option is to pirate because many retro games aren't being sold anymore. I'm sure if the games were on steam and for a reasonable price and with achievements or other added extras people would pay rather than downloading roms or isos.
TheBzlai (1 year ago)
Very good talk.
Sir Pounce (1 year ago)
WE NEED TO BE ABLE TO PLAY DUNGEON RUNNERS, its a crime to humanity its lost!!!!!!
ForboJack (1 year ago)
I really would love to hear his opinion on the emulation of games, that are still in sale like 3DS or WiiU.
Augure Zera (1 year ago)
Fuck him. Seriously what they are trying to sell you is overpriced THIRTY YEARS OLD games.
KuroNoTenno (11 months ago)
30 years old or not, those are very good games that deserve to be preserved officially.
Beefster09 (1 year ago)
I would buy a LOT of old games if there was a legal way to do so on a platform I already own. But since there isn't for most of them, I am left with piracy. That's pretty terrible.
Bazzy (7 months ago)
I wouldn't. He mad a really good point against just selling roms, if they add value and give me a better product then what i can emulate, i would buy it, yep. But just because they make something "available" in an inferior state, doesn't mean i should buy it, because emulation is "bad" "illegal" or whatever the arguments form them may be.
mokana713 (1 year ago)
His comparisons to other media is a bit... hyperbolic. I agree that the medium needs to be preserved.
Warren Urbina (1 year ago)
NintendoFanBoy07 (1 year ago)
He's making a great point. I want Duck Tales, Chip And Dale Rescue Rangers, Lion King TMNT2, TMNT3, TMNT4 Turtles In Time, Felix The Cat and a bunch of others. But there is no way unless you wanna pay out the ass for the carts.
Kirk Smith (1 year ago)
15:19 lol
TheGuardian163 (1 year ago)
"people directly hacking the binary" I did that for mods in Halo 4. To change the appearence of the humans in infection, and allow them to have normal colours.
Gabi Koonings (1 year ago)
How big is the market ? Just check how many Raspberry Pi's have been sold that are solely used for retro gaming using Retropie. Quite a lot. I know people spending a few hundred bucks making GameBoy DMG like cases with Raspberry Pi Zero/ZeroW/Pi2/Pi3B etc. with up to 640x480 3,5" screens with A, B, X, Y, L1, L2, R1, R2, buttons and up to 128Gb/256Gb SD cards in them to play anywhere, and then the consoile style versions of those. I am currently in the process of building a SNES controller with screen version of that. The market is currently growing, not shrinking. Just look at how well the NES Classic Edition sold, and that was VERY limited. They could have EASILY put EVERY NES cartridge in every version on there, and they could include SNES, GB, GC, GBA, with their own still cheap hardware even N64 etc. DS might be harder seen the touch screen, on the other hand, they could easily make a handheld like the DS that could run the rest as well ! So then you could do most Nintendo products. And it would sell like CRAZY ! Even if it was 300 bucks, with all those games, whith which they'd otherwise do nothing still, since they just don't sell them at all, it would sell like mad, but they could probably even do it far less when they exclude DS and newer consoles, and MAYBE even with a DS handheld version. Then we could only dream of one system with 6 buttons plus 2 analog sticks and 2 d-pads and L1-2 R1-2 buttons so we could basically play just about everything, including PS, Atari, MAME, etc. Just do it right once for everything, MAME woudl be the biggest nut to crack, too annoying, but it would sell like crazy. Anyway, i will soon extremely enjoy my SNES controller based handheld with Raspberry Zero W, and eventually a console version with a Raspberry Pi 3, or maybe in that time the Raspberry Pi 4/X whatever that could run even more games, like have every N64/PSX/PS2/XBOX game run smooth as hell, it's kind of all but inevitable.
ErrantSquire (1 year ago)
Wow, really great talk. It almost makes me want to become a video game historian.
Silica (1 year ago)
Wheres RetroArch?
MonkeyspankO (1 year ago)
this is such a huge issue and what a waste of potential income. so many games I would PAY to play on steam and I can only find them at a thrift shop
theBraxil (1 year ago)
mmm, yes, I agree, FUCK MISS PACK MAN!
Matthew Campbell (1 year ago)
Super enjoyed the talk. Glad your doing this!
Tristyn Russelo (1 year ago)
Super Mario Bros. didn't release on any date. It started shipping on a date. When the store got it, it released it.
allluckyseven (1 year ago)
Fun talk!
Benjamin McLean (1 year ago)
#SellLegalROMsNow I want the DRM-free ROMs and I will have the DRM-free ROMs and I will play them on any device I want with whatever hacks I want. No BS locked down crap. If you make a way for me to pay for this legally where I get to download the ROMs (the actual ROMs, not DRM-locked crap) then I will cough up the cash, but if you don't, then I won't be buying your "Nintendo Classic Mini" when I can make a better one on my Raspberry PI for free. Stopping ROM distribution is not a possibility. The choices are: 1. Make money from DRM-free ROMs which the public get to keep forever with your help or 2. Do not make money from DRM-free ROMs which the public still get to keep forever without your help. Why the hell is everybody except Mega Man and SEGA not doing this? The Sega Genesis / Master Drive Classics Collection on Steam is one of the best examples I've seen of doing this right. Their emulator sucks because they didn't use the fastest emulator available, but they give you a folder they literally titled, "Uncompressed ROMs" to make it really obvious for anyone who knows what they're doing to use whatever emulator you want. Plus they opened up the Steam Workshop to ROM hacks, officially embracing the Sonic rom hacking scene. They even hired people from it to make Sonic Mania. Everyone who cares about this issue should buy the hell out of the collection on Steam and Sonic Mania when it comes out because it's going to rock.
Despatche (1 year ago)
The developers of Mania stopped being "fans" years ago. Sega wasn't "appealing to the fanbase" there, they headhunted people with a lot of talent and skill that could be used in a professional space, and there has been a lot of success in that. The main guy previously did the Sonic CD, Sonic 1, and Sonic 2 remakes. He's effectively a professional game developer with years of history, so please stop writing him off as some fan.
Spladam (1 year ago)
Finally, a speaker with some enthusiasm, great presentation. I've been deeply fascinated with both game emulation and preservation for many years, and have a sizable archive of Dos, Arcade, and Console games preserved on multiple formats with game info, history, and artwork attached. Thank you.
Gglibert (1 year ago)
Wow thank you
StealingGravy (1 year ago)
This talk is fucking lit
Septian Tri Pangestu (1 year ago)
hey I have that emu running on my window 98 when I was a kid :O
musicalcolin (1 year ago)
I loved the original DuckTales. What a fun game
ceegers (1 year ago)
Good presenter!
mattglad (1 year ago)
Whatever "The Great Outdoors" is?
Pedro (1 year ago)
I love emulation, always have. And like a true nerd I built a Mame cab. I don't get why anyone would hate emulation, if you want a basement full of floppies, cartridges and consoles, that's your right. I respect that, you have something to hold and to look at. But for me, it's all about the visuals and gameplay experience.
the jake (1 year ago)
i got 3000+ roms/isos on a shitty galaxy tab e
Raymond Whitten (1 year ago)
this guy is full of shit look up mega man in collections
Jurij Fedorov (1 year ago)
He made it!
Silica (1 year ago)
Did you watch the whole thing
Conspiracy Jobs (1 year ago)
It's about money, &  maximizing profit. Spotify is bad example of how music industry benefits, they don't sell additional music, they cut into music industry profits like MAME or MESS do with video game publishers. Wot keeps video games on top of the mind, is revenue source that is invested back into media, always something to remind you, this way win win. Subsidies with arcade ownership, print on demand circuit boards, & full licensing royalties of fully branded games will drive
GermanAnimeFans (1 year ago)
At around the 40:00 mark he's going absolutely overboard with his ridiculous "mindsets the industry should be in". I'm not sure if he's just ignorant about video codecs to compare them to emulators while thinking that this is a proper analogy. Reality and copyright law prove him wrong. Especially the latter is the deciding factor for an industry's mindset, not some idealistic bullshit that is being made up to further one's own agenda... Shame. It was a good talk up until that point...
Eric Jacques (1 year ago)
Yeah they are totally difference things but's it's their potential use for publishing the same data on many different system can be similar. I think. but I guess a comparison to Java virtual machine could have been a more realistic.
GermanAnimeFans (1 year ago)
While I agree with most of what you said, this I disagree with: "He compare this to codec and it's a proper comparison." A decoder is not an emulator. Not in the technical and not in the legal sense. Period. And that's exactly why this comparison is outrageously bad.
Eric Jacques (1 year ago)
There is no copyright problem for a publisher to sell its own game. There absolutely nothing illegal if the people who sell the game have the licence for the game and the licence for the emulator. But like he explain publisher could not sell game with already existing emulator because there was no way to licence the emulator itself. And there was no way for the owner of an emulator to sell it with a game because he do not have the game licence. But if they work together it instantly become legal . This is the mindset he talking about. Emulator are indeed totally legal piece of software that are also protected by copyright. There is no law against virtual machine it's used a lot commercially. Almost all web server are emulated virtual machine. It allow to control the server like a real computer but it's an emulated one who run inside a bigger server. And it's only one example of proper commercial use of emulation. He compare this to codec and it's a proper comparison. But even codec can be a pain to licence properly. It's why YouTube use its own codec. And also why all big web service and hardware manufacturer work together to create a new open codec called AV1 .. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AOMedia_Video_1 Because like the console industry ... the video industry and film take too long to adapt to newer technology and when they do they put complex licencing requirement that are not really working good for website. Because it's a per user fee. I mean it work fine for a Blue Ray player. One licence per player .. But what you do with online video nobody ever bought an actual player who came with a licence. So online service and web browser have to build their own compatible codec from scratch to have the right to use them. Because their no way for them to charge a per user licence. So can you see the correlation .. Almost every video we see on the internet actually use remade from scratch compatible codec .. not the real original one.
TimmacTR (1 year ago)
Wow, great speak....fascinating world really I had no clue..
Robert Bledsaw III (1 year ago)
17:50 I remember downloading UltraHLE. 7 MB *was* attainable on dialup, *however* the roms were over 25 MB in size! I remember it taking over a DAY to download Zelda 64 only for the download to be corrupted at 98%!
Josh Taylor (1 year ago)
We used to have to use a download manager scheduled to dial up and download parts of the games over night to get N64 roms or PC game demos. You would be very particular on what you downloaded and plan it out. Sometimes it'd take a week to download something that way. The worst feeling was when the checksum was wrong and that thing you spent all that time downloading ends up not working. I think the first N64 ROM I downloaded was either Ocarina of Time or Mario 64.
MyMajesty CorgiKun (1 year ago)
Robert Bledsaw III nice, I had the same issues with those early N64 downloads. I remember calling my dad to show him a photo on the internet which will load painfully slow from top to bottom and sometimes will time out
blade (1 year ago)
With consoles getting more and more complex, we may reach a point where it's too much work for an individual or even a small team to build a working emulator for free. We may have crossed that line already, as there are currently no working emulators for the PS3 or X360. I think those games are the most "endangered" in the long run and that's why companies like Sony should wake up and do something about it. Thanks for doing this much needed talk.
KuroNoTenno (1 year ago)
James Lewis, from what I know, there's someone currently remaking an old attampt at original Xbox emulation. Cxbx-Reloaded is emulator's name.
James Lewis (1 year ago)
For X360, there's Xenia; now what's strange is that there's no decent way to emulate the original XBox.
Elle Ball (1 year ago)
PS3 emulator: https://rpcs3.net/
willprogresivo (1 year ago)
I will never understand the legal mumbo jumbo, but aren't games made for the NES (NINTENDO entertaintment system) owned by Nintendo? You can have the entire NES catalog on a .zip file that's a couple of MBs in size. Can't they just sell that packaged in a single cartridge? I'll never understand why this can't happen.
willprogresivo (1 year ago)
+Helvetica Scenario Once again: no one's offering any publisher to resell these old games. NO ONE. Nintendo doing so is in both the publishers and Nintendo's best interest. There's ZERO reason for why the entire NES catalog can't be sold as a whole. People WILL pay for that shit. Stop replying to me, I'm blocking each and everyone who do.
Helvetica Scenario (1 year ago)
Your thinking is completely wrong. The games were not made with Nintendo's "wood" or in their "house". Nintendo never paid to make those games and they could have been put out on any other console. If those games didn't sell, Nintendo wasn't the one who would lose money, because, AGAIN, THEY DIDN"T OWN THEM or pay to make them. You seem to think Nintendo got cheated here, when they were actually getting paid, YES, GETTING PAID for permission to put the games out on their console. Nintendo made a fortune on all of that work done by other companies.
aaron marko (1 year ago)
willprogresivo Really though what right legal or otherwise should Nintendo have to those old games. Nintendo didn't make or publish them. They just gave those games a platform to put them on.
aaron marko (1 year ago)
willprogresivo that analogy doesn't work at all because nintendo built the shelves themselves and let other people put their stuff on their shelves. there really is nothing stopping any of these devs/publishers from taking their books and putting them on another shelf like the Ikea Workstation.
willprogresivo (1 year ago)
+aaron marko yeah, and that's what's WRONG. They should own it. "hey, john, wanna come over to MY house and build a bookshelf with MY wood?" "sure, james, I'll go ahead and do that". +30 years later "hey, john, I want to move out of my house, can I take my bookshelf with me?" "no, james, you can't. I made that bookshelf for your house and I don't want you to use it anywhere else". legal? ok. Reasonable? NO.
Conor o'neill (1 year ago)
simple xp gaming emulator please, I know, oracle! but seriously, something easy and simple to get up and running. I want my sim city 4 back.
aaron marko (1 year ago)
Conor o'neill they're selling sim city 4 on steam edit: you're welcome
Louie Didcote (1 year ago)
Is there any way that a dude could get original xbox live up and running if they had enough money, resources and time? I'm curious
Louie Didcote (1 year ago)
I tweeted this out and got a reply with this link: http://assemblergames.com/l/threads/open-source-xbox-live.44462/page-15#post-928275
Matthew Watson (1 year ago)
Louie Didcote So take this with a grain of salt, but I've heard tales of people opening up private servers for old online games, and I used to use python scripts and port forwarding to trick my DS into letting me trade pokemon off of my computer, so if you have access to the files and know-how I bet you could spoof the original severs and trick the X-Box into treating it like the real-deal
RomanRichterGroundX (1 year ago)
Interesting to hear Frank opinion over AM2R.
Gabriele Riva (1 year ago)
Telltale owes its existence to Gametap, who produced their first game. "Telltale will remember this"
Gabriele Riva (1 year ago)
I thniks some of the patches and DLCs of the OG Xbox Live may be lost forever just now.
OmegaBlue69 (1 year ago)
No emulator has been ruled illegal, not sure if being pedantic or stupid.
aaron marko (1 year ago)
actually a federal judge ruled that bleem (old psx emulator) was legal
MobileDecay (1 year ago)
OmegaBlue69 Nintendo makes good money off of roms and emulators. The Nes classic wouldn't exist without it. Companies wouldn't be able to profit off of there old games if it weren't for emulation.
OmegaBlue69 (1 year ago)
+MobileDecay  Yeah sure and my uncle works for Nintendo. Also my comment was about him being pedantic and how roms are illegal which makes emulators useles without the roms. And unless you're buying the roms from the maker of the game it's illegal, some random do why says it's abandon ware (which isn't a thing and they can shut that down at any time) or whatever is not legal. They violate copyright law just as much as piracy does.
MobileDecay (1 year ago)
OmegaBlue69 Roms are not emulators and roms can be obtained legally.
OmegaBlue69 (1 year ago)
+MobileDecay  It's pedantic because all emulators need roms to run which violate copyright law and are illegal. So while the emulators themselves are not illegal without the roms they might as well be.
Donnie Russell II (1 year ago)
I remember an old website, Zophar's Domain, that provided emulation news and emulator and homebrew game downloads. Dosbox was originally hosted there, I believe. Emulators have been a very useful tool for me. I developed several games for Nintendo handhelds without actually owning the hardware. The feedback was great and when the game had a problem, it was easy to fix.
Yui and The Gang (1 year ago)
I think people who want to spend moderate amounts of money on retro games want Hard copies of games. This will act as an investment and nostalgic piece. Companies like Nintendo don't need more competition with their already competitive industry. If it becomes a trend to hold on and continue playing old games, new hardware will have difficult sales. Nowadays with games being available in downloadable formats which you pay for I feel the buyer is being ripped off. When your done playing a game it is always great to be able to sell it and reinvest your money however you want.
Victor Berrones (1 year ago)
oh and Awesome topic. So funny as an adut who was a gamer growing up. I now have my money and would like to buy remakes, emulation, rereleases.
Victor Berrones (1 year ago)
What was the guy, talking about archive.org and browser emulation? he kinda said jazz or something
Inhake (1 year ago)
He said JSMAME, the JavaScript port of MAME that is used to run the Internet Arcade at archive.org
Vincent Andrews (1 year ago)
It has been quite a few years since i have watched a complete presentation, but this kept one kept me to it's end. With the birth of emulation it is fair to say, that people like myself got the chance to be nostalgic by playing the games that we grew up with. Not having to dig out our fragile original hardware, was the biggest bonus of emulation for me. Over a recent period of time with the use of tablets, i have also benefitted from not being actually tied to a computer or console and can therefore walk around and play where i like. I have over 2000 ZX Spectrum original tapes with one of each version of the hardware sold in the UK and recently after buying Spectaculator for both my tablet and pc, i have bought game packs and individual games from the online app stores. I could if i wanted to make or use copies that are available, but i like to support the creators of those games. It would be absolutely fantastic to rebuy the Spectrum games with a complete history of the creators, artwork etc and hopefully someone will eventually do this. Thank you for a presentation that made me want to watch and learn to it's end.

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