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CS:GO's Panorama MP5-SD Leak Does Not Matter

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Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VNN Original Leak Report : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgCWzYjvi7Y Today on Valve News Network, we take a look at the recent leak apparently found in the recent Source 2 Panorama beat update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and how it's all incredibly old, and nothing found thus far related to the MP5-SD has anything to do with future CS:GO content. My Social Media : Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/valvenewsnetwork/ Waffler Weekly : goo.gl/Fm28Ge
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Text Comments (517)
Meteor Media (3 hours ago)
If the MP5-SD wasn’t going to be a thing, Valve could have just patched out the placeholder animations. That can only mean they are in fact working on it
Lolcat (1 day ago)
My guess is that panorama UI and new steam Friends menu are releasing at the same time
Maroki06 (2 days ago)
how do you get dual weapons in quake
Just SnipeTM ツ (2 days ago)
the scar l can be the Ak for ct.
Username Taken (3 days ago)
Remember when Tyler didn't see a e-mail from Valve sending him a HTC VIVE for 2 years?
SneeSnoo45 (4 days ago)
Evidence of cosmetics in csgo?.... *COUNTER FORTRESS GLOBAL TEAM 4 DEAD 3* C O N F I R M E D
Parzivald Shiflty (4 days ago)
Everybody who is enthusiastic and amazing at valve are working on VR. Whats left is the shitty uninspired people who are left to deal with the community. I know they are working on "big things", but man, valve has really lost status
Parzivald Shiflty (4 days ago)
Imagine if you told Gabe 10 years ago that they would be sending out more strict cease and decist notices than Nintendo.
Cosmico Andromeda (8 days ago)
The cosmetics function could work, valve could put cosmetics whit money value in the Steam market and cosmetic cases, whit low-normal tier cosmetics that you can obtain by leveling up
TheNPGaming (8 days ago)
I don't know if you know this, but you can use panorama just by putting -panorama at set launch options and you can play matchmaking!
Pinking (10 days ago)
Wow CS has changed hard
someone (10 days ago)
Lets all pray to Lord Gaben cosmetic items wont be unreachable for people with a normal monthly loan. Please Lord Gaben make them free of charge.
BaconDayz (10 days ago)
Csgo:we use a sniper Tf2: we have a flamethrower
Peter Stuyvesant (10 days ago)
I mean, the mp5 file is legit 'suck my dick' so it's probs not true.
ToNo (10 days ago)
Tf 2 all over again ...
Dazed Fungamer (10 days ago)
will tf2 get source 2
I'm 70 (10 days ago)
Mp5 is a shit weapon
Denny Cao (11 days ago)
Kevin Liu (11 days ago)
We need a mp5 skin
Wok star (12 days ago)
Cargo is still relevant?
Narwhalsss (12 days ago)
Before you said there was no model for the mp5sd, I thought it was going to be a Easter egg and that the mp5sd would show up with your character.
Narwhalsss (12 days ago)
That would be cool though
IVAN HD (13 days ago)
Come on valve make a new map,or bring back the old ones
SEX-POSITIVE GAMER (13 days ago)
Tyler, what the heck GPU do you have that's so buggy that it can't even record a mainstream title like "Global Offensive"? Let us know so we can avoid giving money to its manufacturer!
Spicy Waffles (13 days ago)
You’re pretty good at Quake Champions, unless your enemies are trash. My aim is terrible and I often win.
Rufulus Tigatan (13 days ago)
Can't wait for my Stattrack 60$ screen animation
RadioactiveX (14 days ago)
CSGO Battle royale lol
Meesja (14 days ago)
y did you unlist your new video about the half life 1 beta mod
Muhammad Ilham (15 days ago)
Nice cosmetic on csgo Valve pls add hats
AngrY CS-GO (15 days ago)
volvo= L
Helix (16 days ago)
We tf2 now boys
AimSoFT (16 days ago)
Küçük Global ( HelianTV'den ) Gelenler
Haze H (16 days ago)
using 7zip = we're hackers now bois.
tonton9598 (16 days ago)
Does anyone else have stuttering issues with quake champions?
Josh (17 days ago)
The scar might be because it is the gun they use in the logo for the game lmfao
Your Local Meme Dealer (17 days ago)
HAHHAA I KNEW I REMEMBER BACK IN 2016 when my and my friends used to joke about let's quite this game when cosmetics comes out xD after the gloves came out.
He haz quake champions for free!
FALLEN (17 days ago)
Kyle Tran (17 days ago)
time to gamble for cosmetics now
netherfail04 (17 days ago)
You said something about valves files being opened by 7zip, can you please tell me what type of files those are
Dan Magne Sand (17 days ago)
Panorama is nice. but i wish they would add 128tick servers, matchmaking with a league where the top 10 culminated in a LAN tournament with like a 100k prize pool. No pro teams, if you play in any tournaments designated as pro tournaments you can't play in the top 10 league tournament. they could attract streamers and stuff like this, would probably get a good number of viewers, so CS GO makes money on something other then skins, and now hats? Divide the prize pool up so most will win some money. #1 30k #2 15k #3 15k #4 10k #5 10k #6 10k #7 5k #8 5k Streamers would be incentivized to participate so they get more exposure. Now CS GO gets more popular among streamers and the lower tier teams get something too work towards, maybe we get more streamers, this would attract more casual players and a healthier scene overall.
m0uster 1337 (17 days ago)
Valve is wasting there time with this
Tekwerk (17 days ago)
Since Valve is a bunch of lazy sacks of shits, it's probably content from the MP5 from L4D2, since they ported tons of the weapon models from that into CS:GO
Alphetei (17 days ago)
I would've watched this video the day it came out, if Youtube was actually working correctly.
Wilmson (18 days ago)
They implement the mp5sd... so when's the riot shield coming? Will there be a dust 1 comeback?
Jared From Statefarm (18 days ago)
What if we got the SCAR as an alternate AUG and the Mp5 as an alternate UMP?
FrostGaming CSGOLive (18 days ago)
Chakib Bouchouka (18 days ago)
Am i the only one who feels that valves will make helemt and cloth cases?
maksim beunoi (18 days ago)
lmao you need a good cpu not a gpu
dulcey billiel (18 days ago)
bolloxed channel has been hacked guys!!! :(
K aadmY (18 days ago)
Liked because Quake Champions.
Joe Tom (19 days ago)
If Battle Royale mode is a thing I'm going to fucking kill myself. Please no more Battle Royale.
ferna2294 (19 days ago)
CS Battle Royale confirmed.
Gary h (19 days ago)
Screw MP5. Bring back TMP. Gimme back my damn butterfly gun :( PLZ VOLVO
John Doe (19 days ago)
Luis Dizon (20 days ago)
What game is this
NiamLeeson (20 days ago)
"The phoenix and sass" really? its pronounced s-a-s its an acronym
Schwanzus Longus (20 days ago)
i think csgo will never get a battle royale mode.. it was a test and now there are way to much games out on the market like that.. they dont care anymore i guess
Atelier.si (20 days ago)
Fortnite is literally doing bystander storytelling Valve did in 1998 right now... Valve 2018 is NOT DOING SHIT. Greddy talentless fuckers. Must hurt them bad watching it.
Mundusas (20 days ago)
looks like bf1 menu to me and ui
Matii20 (20 days ago)
this is why cs will die
Ultimate Drago490 (20 days ago)
Can I make my character jack off and do stupid shit
Brunopunck49 (20 days ago)
Can someone tell me the background music used in the video?
E3.14C (21 days ago)
Uses 7zip, gets a cease and desist, sounds like Valve.
wal rider (21 days ago)
Victor the Kid (21 days ago)
Jeez. Looking at this gameplay of Quake Champs makes my pinkies hurt.
Soup Rice (21 days ago)
Oh no, cosmetics are *MAYBE* gonna be added to CS:GO, will it have unusual effects?
Gabriel Semedo (21 days ago)
Are you a Valve employee ? You Should be/become.. ^^^
Fabian Henrich (22 days ago)
Who the fuck cares. That bullshit. Csgo needs other things. Just do something about hackers. The Gameplay is perfect how it is. New maprotation maybe with new good competitice maps but thats it. No new weapons or fancy inventory and 3d model bullshit. Do something with thos billions of skin money. Reinvest.
Mihnea Vasile (22 days ago)
Cosmetics? Counter Fortress Global Hoovies leaked!
The Damn Train (22 days ago)
They dont add mp5 but they add stupid cases sometimes and retarded updates like the trade ban
Buddy Mocha (22 days ago)
Thank you for the quality no-fluff content you upload. We all appreciate it
hype (22 days ago)
SHACANCER (21 days ago)
Quake Champions
James Hess (22 days ago)
i really hope there isnt more wearable cosmetics added
blu jewel (22 days ago)
I swear if CS made a battle royale mode, then CS aint CS no more it could be a joke 😕
SixtyHertz (22 days ago)
Have you tried messing around with the multi core setting in csgo for your new gpu?
Lelouch The Coffee Guy (22 days ago)
Ramiro Carbone (22 days ago)
I need panorama for tf2
TheVolcanicMechanic (22 days ago)
Ed K. (22 days ago)
The amount of people who are hating on Artifact and don't think HL3 will be released is shocking. You would think that Valve fans would put more trust into the company that puts so much care and thought into its games, instead of rushing out an unfinished, microtransaction riddled game, but I guess not.
Pierce Branham (22 days ago)
I really hope they add the SCAR-L, it would be very interesting Also what GPU did u get?
GavMakesGames (22 days ago)
The old ui was based on flash?
Ömer Baysal (22 days ago)
Tar21 ?? Come ??
Why do people care about a dead game.
py ro (22 days ago)
CS:GO Battlepass confirmated + taunts
Aymeric Le Glédic (22 days ago)
So Tyler has problems with csgo but can run Quake Champions easily xd
bent becker (22 days ago)
when will the new UI come out of beta? (when do you think?)
athlete (22 days ago)
When is panorama fully releasing?
NovaDelta (22 days ago)
I'd like to let you know there is a difference between the MP5 and the MP5SD
Wallcroft (22 days ago)
I think that they are just trolling us
DeltaNedas (22 days ago)
Unturned: Global Offensive (CS:GO with cosmetic cancer)
stickswagen 500 (22 days ago)
You play shit games *cough unturned and Minecraft shit* so I doubt you'd have any knowledge of games or Valve games. But what CS:GO is becoming is actually Team Fortress: Global Offensive. Or maybe TF2 is becoming CS:GO. Everyone says that.
TheRealGetrad (23 days ago)
Looking forward to CSNN!!!!!
dark (23 days ago)
battle royal might be a game mode in the next operation
Ninten (23 days ago)
click bait video
Ninten (23 days ago)
wrong icon zoom the animations don't need the model to be dependent let us have our fun ffs Also the animation file was updated, that's what everyone is freaking out about, it got an actual update to the file.
Jason Howard (23 days ago)
Let us dream man
Drew Foo (23 days ago)
No more Tf2 news ? Is the Game dead ?
Hydrogen Before Helium (23 days ago)
MP5 is different than MP5SD
Justin Proulx (23 days ago)
A silenced sub would be the best addition to this game. The mp5sd would be amazing!
Stazzma (23 days ago)
What is this music? It's so familiar and its killing me.
not a western SPY !! (23 days ago)
MP5-SD MP5-XD 😅👌👌💯💯💯
Steve Buttbelly (23 days ago)
QUAKE CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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