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m0e_tv - mOEments Vol. 8 Feat. nosleeptv aka Tip

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Text Comments (345)
malv0e (17 days ago)
Fluffy Rice (7 months ago)
Today Tip stopped his streaming career. He will be remembered forever TipSalute
comments (2 years ago)
fuck moe
slamdunkd12345 (2 years ago)
you know your in a good time when he says p250 armour lmao
MadeMyDay (2 years ago)
Is this guy for real? Or just a good troll
Adreatic Damell (2 years ago)
Lacoste doesn't even have Lacoste
8Bloom (2 years ago)
this is funny as shit
DrakonyaPrime (2 years ago)
ok so someone like this actually has fans .... let that sink in for a minute.
Guilherme (2 years ago)
This guy is a true actor! Hahahahahaaha these idiots are either getting fooled, or in the act as well
Murray Nicholson (2 years ago)
+Guilherme Avena ikr its so funny ahahah
Matrix (2 years ago)
No sleep is legit mentally ill
EX SK (1 year ago)
Alexander Burman how do you know
Alexander Burman (2 years ago)
he's trolling
AndaliteBoo (2 years ago)
nosleeptv gives me aids
Ceerin (2 years ago)
lmao Tip is the best troll of all time, he fucking fools everyone
blesyl67 (2 years ago)
Is this guy for real tho ?
vAccurate (2 years ago)
I'm convinced nosleeptv would shoot up a school.
kieran steers (2 years ago)
Lacoste is actually a popular and expensive make in UK, moe wouldnt know because h wears plan clothes size XL
1 to light radius (2 years ago)
+kieran steers in the US lacoste is trashy abercrombie/american eagle clothing.
Jose Quevedo (2 years ago)
in mexico too.
comments (2 years ago)
muck foe
Simon Pilger (2 years ago)
What nosleeptv is talking about is not really bullshit tho.. I know about people like MOe tho not that i dont like him but the way he is in person i mean ingame is truely annoying like nosleeptv says.
Adolf Dogan (2 years ago)
Hugo Matos (2 years ago)
"inferno is t-sided" - nosleeptv WTFFFF
Reim Entleim (2 years ago)
Ghosteph (2 years ago)
Isn't no sleep the christian guy that got trolled?
Nick Beck (2 years ago)
+sexual harassment panda he's a troll
Gustav Andersson (2 years ago)
moe is just one fat filthy arab.
Adacy (2 years ago)
+Gustav Andersson stfu
The Guy (2 years ago)
There's no way you're a real human LOL
jokur (2 years ago)
this was legendary
Lumpy Seal (2 years ago)
Does nosleeptv actually never sleep? He talks like he's been awake for a week straight rofl. I thought he was trolling at first talking like that, but it's like he's permabaked.
Cb (2 years ago)
What's the fucks man?!? XD
TheMayko (2 years ago)
constructive criticism :D
StayFlyJW (2 years ago)
i am dying!
drdrdrdr (2 years ago)
m0E always wins
Eric ON (2 years ago)
This is gold
KingTone (3 years ago)
You're so ugly, Hello Kitty says bye
Alex Lifeson (3 years ago)
This kid is a bitch lol.
SinJint (3 years ago)
What if moe is hulk and he always stays tilted?
Epsilos (3 years ago)
Creamy > Crunchy peanut butter
L4z3r Obama (3 years ago)
Lol women's right he's a man he's a dipshit
Brandon Capello (3 years ago)
nosleep is such a scumbag jeez
ghosthuntertango (3 years ago)
"Everybody had enough money to buy" "Yeah but it's only 15 seconds to buy it's not enough time" LMFAO
AsanieaPVP (3 years ago)
God fucking damn this kid.. Grow the fuck up
Orcat (3 years ago)
what a pussy lol can't low the moe
Destrauk (3 years ago)
Wow moe is a damn bitch for real.
Vannalatok .So (3 years ago)
nosleep is the biggest troll ever :D
enor D (3 years ago)
Nosleep = troll, Moe = shit kid acting good, watching him is fucking AIDS
Mike Berlin (3 years ago)
Yeah, you're all human beings, but he's better at cs then you :)
Jawpz (3 years ago)
I can't tell if Moe knows that Tip is a troll or not?
Jawpz (2 years ago)
+beatsnextdoor But that doesn't mean that Moe knows that trip is trolling or not. You literally added nothing with that comment.
beatsnextdoor (3 years ago)
+Jawpz they are both trolling smh
tlexarinh (3 years ago)
Tip is so cancer. i feel sympathy for moe
Zaid (3 years ago)
5:00 this happens to me almost every game and it pisses me the fuck off lol
Robert (3 years ago)
lol 4 stacked at B and the other team still took B
Hammer An Anvil (3 years ago)
Christ tip is a fucking pussy
Thales Campos (1 year ago)
not a troll
hh. (2 years ago)
thats an opinion, just like my opinion on m0e is that he's a loud fat scumbag,
hh. (2 years ago)
he is a troll you though he literally says it.
hh. (2 years ago)
hes a troll
Featy Forever (2 years ago)
+Hammer An Anvil Well i mean they are kinda bullying him
Aqua (3 years ago)
nosleeptv is a retard bitch, moe is the man
Elijah Lovins (3 years ago)
wORLD dAZE (3 years ago)
how the fuk did I barely come acxross these lol
Moon自殺 (3 years ago)
He seemed like he was about to cry that entire time.
TheMysterySock (3 years ago)
lmao watching this guy he is so weak jesus christ. hey just noticed video was published on my bday
TheMysterySock (3 years ago)
wtf was that at the beginning...? so cringey
Spacedude182 (3 years ago)
does moe talk shit because his penis is small or is his penis just small and he likes to talk shit to make it seem even smaller
dolphin (3 years ago)
This kid is so butthurt
GregFio12 (3 years ago)
no sleep is the biggest bitch i have ever seen on youtube. Moe is trying to help his gay little gold nova level team while he is a global to deal with these little retarded faggots trying to tell him they know how to play the game. no wonder he is getting mad i would want to rip this fucking losers head off if i was moe. fuck this kid
Spacedude182 (3 years ago)
+fiordalisi12 well being gay obviously has something to do with this game, that you probably suck at too, and he doesn't have like 20,000 hours in the game like mOE and also mOE is a pretentious ass who has sunk into the savory lump of fame, and feels like he is the best. He is good at the game but he does not like to take blame and is really bad at talking to people, and that is why he plays games all day
whippin powerwheels (3 years ago)
lmao this is that christian line dude. moe got rekt rip forever
XBL Hendrixed (3 years ago)
This TIP guy was bought way to many toys as a child. He probably cried whenever he didnt get his way lmao
Jiřina (3 years ago)
caché :D
Adam Kernan (3 years ago)
im not kidding, and im not usually nasty but does this guy have a clue what he is doing..
Adam Kernan (3 years ago)
haha :)
Spacedude182 (3 years ago)
+Adam Kernan that was the nastiest thing I have ever heard on the internet, lol you trying to be mean is me trying to be nice
Adam Kernan (3 years ago)
ahhh okay man lol, i did wonder 
Metal555Fan (3 years ago)
+Adam Kernan Sorry, I should have been more specific. I was talking about Tip, not m0e. It's rare for him to be playing seriously during his livestreams lol
Adam Kernan (3 years ago)
do u mean moe or nosleeptv dude? i watch alot of moes stuff, just not the other guy 
mhblood (3 years ago)
Have Fun Having Fun (3 years ago)
Moe is such an ass when tip is so nice :(
Adacy (3 years ago)
i have and now i have chlamydiae  
Adacy (3 years ago)
no hes actually weird
Adacy (3 years ago)
+360nosoap tip is the biggest pussy in the world who needs to grow " i feel so stressed out"
Luke Beer (3 years ago)
Have Fun Having Fun (3 years ago)
+Luke Beer kek
Mona Salle (3 years ago)
He is such a little bitch. moE 4lajf
Gandalf The Potato (3 years ago)
nosleeptv is a pussy, moe is a douche, the rest are fuckwits. we can all get along :)
Name Optional (3 years ago)
Doesn't even control recoil at 1:31 then is confused at why he dies what
• • (3 years ago)
these nerds cant handle straightforward shit talking lmao sensitive souls
jack pan (3 years ago)
ur giving me cancer LOL
wholesome memes (3 years ago)
what a bunch of shit friends / teammates
elegia (3 years ago)
+wulf just some banter m8
KalvickQT (3 years ago)
M0e is hilarious haha, love it
Damien Rizzo (3 years ago)
God damnit no sleep is fucking hilarious
Sabataj (3 years ago)
what friends...
Morgan Smith (3 years ago)
"even the owner of lacoste wouldnt wear that hat" HAHAHA 
ZJUSTFUN (3 years ago)
m0E push too much
magicbox508 (3 years ago)
moe not being a dick well yes and no that dude cant be like that in life his teaching him.life is that easy its a hard world not a fucken easy one
SomeoneWitSkill (3 years ago)
I do agree mOE was being an asshole yes. But this nosleep guy was hella annoying. 
SomeoneWitSkill hahahahahha
SomeoneWitSkill (3 years ago)
+Spacedude182 This comment made absolutely no sense...
Spacedude182 (3 years ago)
+SomeoneWitSkill and you have a small penis, if we are being dicks
Josh (3 years ago)
Jesus this dude is terrible 
Horsey withaladdle (3 years ago)
nosleep sucks at the game,expensive items but cant play for shit 
Spacedude182 (3 years ago)
+Hue CS because he is a walking pretentious douchebag
MrWill9668 (3 years ago)
still, his friends treating moe like he some god just because he is good with a keyboard and a mouse 
uh Roo (3 years ago)
m0E us funny, not to sure if he is joking or serious
TheRyanjacob (3 years ago)
mOE says I can ban you from esea, meanwhile he got banned from esea because of cheating/hacking
Alexander .Tillberg (3 years ago)
Nosleep really needs to drop his fucking cringe act. He's such a fucking whining bitch.
morten325 (3 years ago)
Haha, this is just too toxic, but Nosleeptv is taking his shit serious :P He was at the brink of breaking mentally.
Max Stavro (3 years ago)
Moe was being a bit of a douche but you are bad lol
TheGrappest (4 years ago)
The only reason i like m0E is because no matter who the person is he can piss them off.
restinpeaces100 (4 years ago)
Wow what a cry baby
Michael Nejad (4 years ago)
Moe shut the fuck up bitch
John William (4 years ago)
moe is hilarious lmao
Dalbert Granados (4 years ago)
tankata2 (4 years ago)
Inferno T sided wuht?
SISYPHUS (4 years ago)
It's so funny how obviously non serious Tip is. It's amazing.
hi (3 years ago)
"Womens rights and equality"
wock (4 years ago)
you do realize nosleep runs this character.. dumb cunts
iamkirkos (4 years ago)
Aadibass (4 years ago)
m0e is good but he's demanding. He's like an elite chef. You need to be able to take his criticism and way of dealing with people because he's pretty straight forward and genuine.  But notice that although he always seem to be criticizing he's the first to give a compliment when you do something right. But yeah..he can put a lot of people off balance. 
Elias Abbas (4 months ago)
Gordon Ramsay
Adacy (3 years ago)
loooooooooooooooooooooooooool ahahahaha xDDD
• • (3 years ago)
+Adacy He actually kind of reminds me of Trevor in Trailer Park Boys lmao
• • (3 years ago)
these nerds cant handle straightforward shit talking lmao sensitive souls
Vlad Stan (4 years ago)
LOL and Moe douchebag gets banned on esea for cheating what a faggot 
B4NDITO (4 years ago)
PjSalt 4 Nosleep
twitch_tv_pat (4 years ago)
hes just trying to put a show on for people instead of enjoying it , children after gonna have to be salty and insult.
Bussi (4 years ago)
Nosleep is so fcking useless as person at all -.-
TheMohawk36 (4 years ago)
was I the only one who wanted to see that road trip footage?
gearface44 (4 years ago)
dude Lacoste is the shit
Carl Beaston (4 years ago)
lacoste shoes 

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