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CS:BTE - Update 2.5.8 Final - Update 30/09/2014

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Versão Portuguesa: Apenas um video sobre uma pequena actualização lançada para o CS:BTE. Todos os Créditos da actualização para "Yasya Fast". Canal Yasya Fast - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7Osjl1HJS5OJpVYIXG2l-Q Esta actualização podemos encontrar: - Colt M1911A1 - Railcannon - Sten MK2 - Janus-3 (Versão igual ao CSO) - M1 Garand - Eruptor Endereço desta versão(Está versão é uma versão diferente e não precisa da pasta do jogo para ser jogada) http://adf.ly/sUeMu Visitem para mais informações: - http://csomania.blogspot.pt/ English Version: Just a video about the Fan Update for CS:BTE. All Credits of the update for "Yusuf Borak". Yasya Fast Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7Osjl1HJS5OJpVYIXG2l-Q In This update can be found: - Colt M1911A1 - Railcannon - Sten MK2 - Janus-3 (Version like CSO) - M1 Garand - Eruptor Link - (Its is a StandAlone version dont need the CS:BTE main folder to play!): http://adf.ly/sUeMu Visit for more information: - http://mania.csobr.com.br/
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Text Comments (90)
Berserk 007 (2 years ago)
tiene el zombie escenario?
Benjamin Chang (2 years ago)
hay nuevos personajes para elegir?
Marcos Angel Medina (2 years ago)
I canot play by Lan. Please, answer and I sbscribe :)
Micael Miranda (2 years ago)
tem zombies diferentes
Judson Lucas (3 years ago)
como baixo esse jogo ?
Camila Soto (3 years ago)
limk caido
Matias Luzardo (3 years ago)
¿ Por que solo me aparecen 2 mapas ? por favor una respuesta
Zekeriya YlLDlRlM (3 years ago)
Rykan (3 years ago)
why it say Missing MSVCR100D missing? can you help me pls...
Ryan Valdez (3 years ago)
+69gunga69 dude can you help me with my problem ? i downloaded the older update .., and i wasn't able to play this game because this error always shows up Mod_NumForName:models/player/"playermodel".mdl not Found this always shows after counter strike BTE crashes... i think its searching for a player model that doesnt even exist in my CS-BTE .. can you help me fix this ?.., thank you
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
what error?
Rykan (3 years ago)
when i want to play the game with the bots it say error....
Rykan (3 years ago)
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
The same error? (MSVCR100D missing?)
Barış ÖZCAN (3 years ago)
Where can I download the maps ?
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
Right button on your mouse
Barış ÖZCAN (3 years ago)
+69gunga69 which takes over the keys unlimited ammo Janus-3 ?
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
No, if you download the client you get all original Counter-Strike maps dude xD
Barış ÖZCAN (3 years ago)
hmm which site ? gamebanana ?
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
+Barış ÖZCAN This is original Counter-Strike maps x)
Barış ÖZCAN (3 years ago)
which takes over the keys unlimited ammo Janus-3 ?
Yuriy Kolomiets (3 years ago)
Яся отлично играет
franco zalazar (3 years ago)
contiene las mismas armas que las actualizaciones anteriores?
Luis Curi (2 years ago)
+Gunga CSOMania esta hay la arma ciclón
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
+franco zalazar Yes
Danang Ramadhan (3 years ago)
It's not work
SiLo (3 years ago)
Do i need the game to install it? because it says in the description you can play without the main folder of the game
蔡政安 (3 years ago)
請問哪位大大可以用一個已經裝好的給我拜託我怎麼用他都跟我說模組有問題 我的電腦是WIN7(旗艦版)
Hai Hoang (3 years ago)
why i don`t have all weapon in update ?
Eduardo Molina (3 years ago)
Esta actualizacion se coloca igual que las demas???
Christhoper A (3 years ago)
why if I playing original or basic mode, it's looks like team deathmatch, if I die, I respawn again..... please help ??? Sorry if my english is bad
Christhoper A (3 years ago)
Nope, fully english
Christhoper A (3 years ago)
Sure, I run it
丹れ刀尺Ǝち (3 years ago)
Me aparece algo de un serial
ConFaaWTF (3 years ago)
+LoleroOMG | Humor argentino? AQUI LO TIENES CARAJO! Hola muchachos. El serial es este CD-KEY del BTE: AAAAA-AAAAA-AAAAA-AAAAA-AAAA De nada, saludos. Una pregunta, a ustedes les sale un error de "Report Bug"? es un cartelito, molesto que no me deja jugar :S
丹れ刀尺Ǝち (3 years ago)
No? si yo lo descarge bien. pero al abrirlo aparece algo de un serial
丹れ刀尺Ǝち (3 years ago)
Hay que descargar todas las actualizaciones?
Ngoc Cloud (3 years ago)
I do not play games! Everyone can show me how to step installation
Risdar (3 years ago)
Can you give me the link to just the update?
stiven lopez guzman (3 years ago)
Como lo pongo en zombies??
SeNdNanners10 (3 years ago)
i have all older version and if i add this update i wont have the old updates WTF???
Risdar (3 years ago)
+69gunga69 he meant that if he install this update, he cant have all the older update
SeNdNanners10 (3 years ago)
i dont know just forget it
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
SeNdNanners10 (3 years ago)
+69gunga69 and i cant have the new one
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
Yes you have all older updates!
pablo navarro gatica (3 years ago)
Friend I did not start the game when he came to New Multiplayer and did not Find Server load and I get called a data error: Bad File Data. Help me :(
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
Try to download this version - CS:BTE 2.99 - Update 17/10/14
SCP7007 (3 years ago)
Can you fix the third person shooter aiming? Because the crosshair while in Third person mode is a bit off.
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
Sorry but i just share the updates on youtube =/
CSOmaniaPRO (3 years ago)
this is cool cs bte  why im dont have janus 9?
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
We will try to add next updates! :)
LiS Mob (3 years ago)
what cd code
LiS Mob (3 years ago)
+69gunga69 thanks bro=3 
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
紀志松 (3 years ago)
Why not add guns
Dracula Games (3 years ago)
is the new version has the same weapons as the last version?
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
Nope. More weapons and fix many weapons bugs and others problems
Joshwist55 (3 years ago)
Is it because of my resolution or is it because my computer is too new to play the game because I can't pick a mode it only let me play zombies help plz really enjoy the game but I can't play it with only one mode
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
Please see this video - CS:BTE - How to Install A Update.
ll l (3 years ago)
Where is downlord
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
Look to this video description - CS:BTE - Update 2.5.8 Final - The END!
franco zalazar (3 years ago)
el link del juego es el juego full?
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
No. This just a Update.
Emir El Ali (4 years ago)
amo tus videos pero gunga lo descargo pero no lo se jugar :c
Emir El Ali (3 years ago)
Sorry now play Csgo :D
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
Thanks. But why you cant play? :(
Andy Vaida (4 years ago)
How to transform janus weapon ?
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
Just click left mouse.
Andy Vaida (4 years ago)
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
Lock the description of this video - CS:BTE - Update 2.5.8 Final - The END!
Joshwist55 (4 years ago)
What's the difference between the eruptor and the dragon cannon gun
budhe Yanti (4 years ago)
eruptor damage = -50%  knockback = -20% than original cannon
ZaIbert Tigre (4 years ago)
me podia enceñar como poner el zombie estanper o cualquier otro zombie en la bersion 2.5.6 por fa bor 
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
see this video please - CS:BTE - How to Install A Update.
bima pinastiko (4 years ago)
Can u show me how to enable the bug skull 9 again? I wanted it!
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
Sorry but we cant because we dont support anymore this version :(
Maytat Thipsuwan (4 years ago)
.... You Use Plugins Fan Made 5??? Or Make New?
Lucas Rivas! (4 years ago)
Where is the Blue Balrog set and New zombies? ;__;
Lucas Rivas! (3 years ago)
+69gunga69 ORLY? That's so Cool!
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
Im uploading another videos about CS:BTE =D
Lucas Rivas! (3 years ago)
+69gunga69 No problem gunga :) and please never stop making those mods, ya'll need 2 get higher amd higher. :)
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
Thanks for your support! =D
Lucas Rivas! (3 years ago)
+69gunga69 No problem with that, you just do what you want 2 do :) (Sorry 4 bad english, i speak spanish XD)
q (4 years ago)
Oh, thanks very much!)
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
No Problemo =D

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