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Trade your skins here: http://www.flashytrades.com Codes + Social Media : http://www.MattCS.com Support my channel and use my codes on gambling sites! https://csgoexclusive.com/ Code MattSeesAss https://csgofast.com/#r/5odss0 https://csgoatse.com/ Code MattCS (more codes can be found on http://mattcs.com) ► Discord! - https://discord.gg/Er6e4ap Outro song: lil peep - driveby
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Text Comments (397)
Gilleee (3 days ago)
This is why I don't trust any trade websites or buy any skins
Karel IV (21 days ago)
Shadow Style (26 days ago)
i got scammed from the second method for my awp asiimov
Printox (1 month ago)
one guy got me with that fake opskins bot method last year for about 90euros :/
Nexus Memes (1 month ago)
Who wants free *Autism?* Go to my channel!
Ilona Grygoruk (1 month ago)
"I got scammed out of my kar blue steel. :(" *Matt is using karambit blue steel* woops...
Joshua Sparano (1 month ago)
I one had a guy who said he could get me from 9 dollars to a knife in two trades
Nightcore Beast (2 months ago)
I'm so dumb I watched this video too late and got scammed an awp asiimov on a website my *friend*(owner of the website) recommended me...
Levmc28 Games (3 months ago)
So when someone says add Steam Inventory Helper to your chrome!I shouldn't do it...Anyways, Great Vid!
Mike Z (3 months ago)
Lmao ur holding a karambit blue steel
Dan The Gamer (4 months ago)
Tmartn , Pro Syndicates Channel
Erisi Rrahmani (4 months ago)
if you want free skins send me some skins and i will block you then not give you the skin belive me i will give you the skin
Ancipi (4 months ago)
Kabir Xele (4 months ago)
Mattcs bro you saved me bro, i almost scammed thank you for informing 😜😜
Hyperion Titan (4 months ago)
omg thank you so MUCH I nearly got scammed on the opskins one wooh!!!!!
tbl gaming (4 months ago)
Intro's music?
Tunes Apollo (4 months ago)
YO! WANT A FREE KNIFE?!?! Go buy them you piece of shit
Attila Nizomoff (5 months ago)
Fucked that man. Why I havent found this vid earlier .Got scammed for my knife with that dota2 market manipulation scheme. Already bought myself a new better knife, but I really want this guy to be trade banned.Cause Im not the first and wont be the last one that fall on this shit. Btw I reported him multiple times.
Attila Nizomoff (5 months ago)
MattCS I really want this person to get trade ban. I wrote about market manipulation in my reports, but still nothing happened. Ill give a free 25$ skin to the person that will help me to get this shit that pretends to be a human to get trade ban
Royal Player (6 months ago)
Yeah i got scammed with the opskins method. And i lost my whole inventory not even a case was left :(
Jack Nguyen (6 months ago)
Martynas (6 months ago)
That sponsored ad is awesome
fr3j † (6 months ago)
I once got a knife and I get fucking 50 adds a day
Enawati Suparin (6 months ago)
My brother lost all his skin to scammers
Does csgo exclusive need deposit to withdraw?
Ergetio / (6 months ago)
Every day i get a friendrequest from a guy called free 20doller for case
SPACE_INVADER No (7 months ago)
Want a free knife go to my channel
the silver kid XD (8 months ago)
https://youtu.be/H2sTQ22PQhQ RIP RIP RIP
TOXIYEL (8 months ago)
Gewooncasper (8 months ago)
via ther website it thought is through
MasterNicholas9000 (8 months ago)
My friend lost 16 dollars on the last one.
Masełko TV (9 months ago)
I got scammed by fake opskins bot for 300 euro
Matt Cruz (9 months ago)
Want knife? Go to my Channel...just kiddin :) Gimme Knife hahaha https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=181995309&token=v_huRTJf
Stup (10 months ago)
The lesson of this story is to work hard for money..... Or gamble
Gilleee (3 days ago)
Get money earn crates buy keys
KoAtiX #1 (10 months ago)
Matt i Just be scame my karambit blue Steel !
Atomyc Nick (10 months ago)
intro song?
a7i (5 months ago)
Warriyo - Mortals (feat. Laura Brehm) [NCS Release]
n1k__ (10 months ago)
1:45 kid gets scammed out of a karambit blue steel matt cs uses a karambit blue still in the gameplay hmmm ??/ EXPOSED SKAM ME DAD WORKS FOR VOLVO HE GONNA BAN U
FelonyBacon (11 months ago)
i have cases and I dont want them https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=318315862&token=QdbsokfO take my cases
AKKThe2nd (11 months ago)
The Happy King (11 months ago)
I got scammed for $30 with the last method :'(
I am 1000 like. =)
Say Qwerty (1 year ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=409652424&token=p3gKWSYy PlZ donate skins plz
ace gaming (1 year ago)
Lost my Awp medusa BS in an OPskins fake bot Old & dumb
The Ghost Killer08 (1 year ago)
if you want a free knife go to my channel :me STFU
Yer Mom (1 year ago)
Free 50$ for case openings on my channel :D ................... jk
Bonny Greg (1 year ago)
the last 1 one the website happend but i got my account locked so i got 650
SnipeO7 (1 year ago)
That fake gambling site scam is how I was scammed out of over $300 with a SUPER LOW float hydroponic from a 10% trade up,now I'm a worthless piece of shit
SnipeO7 (1 year ago)
I hate my life and I had suicidal thoughts for a minute when I was scammed
Shayan Eu (1 year ago)
DRAGON LORE COME TO my chaaaannel
Shayan Eu (1 year ago)
I want to scam please
IamLollipop (1 year ago)
There is also a Scam with trading cards where you have so many Cards and the scammer puts in a rare skin at the bottom
Nick (1 year ago)
http://steamcommunity.com/id/pys3x/ http://steamcommunity.com/id/pacarva17 Please report these 2 guys, they scammed my csgo falchion knife fade.
Medved ModZ (1 year ago)
Free 1000$ on my channal☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺😅
jamedope lamer (9 months ago)
there is nothing on ur channel
Roden Locquiao (1 year ago)
The end scam is very accurate, ive been getting too many random friend req who say to me they can't withdraw. I just block them, they're just a waste of time.
Shayne Phoenix (1 year ago)
the only dangerous scam in this video is the intro
GreenDragon. (1 year ago)
My steam account got hacked but thanks to Mobile Authenticator i got it back without anything missing ( i lost it because my password was too basic )
Liam (1 year ago)
The most common scams: 1. The OP skins tradebot scam. 2. The PayPal scam. 3. The middleman scam. 4. The item verification scam. 5. The upgrade your skin scam. 6. The case opening sites where you can deposit skins but not withdraw any.
Gimp Gumby (1 year ago)
Csgofront. Com is a scam site, it's a fake gambling site. Don't get foooled by it just cause the guy said he's the admin and he can make u a winner.
Matteosoder (1 year ago)
This is Bob ->🐳 Don't let Bob sink into the bottom of the comments Like to save Bob -> 🐳
viktor :] (1 year ago)
fuck all the scam group invites
Oliver Cameron (1 year ago)
I lost my only knife :.( from that scam
XD XD (1 year ago)
be care full hacker hijack op skins bot some one got controll of one when i was useing op skins lost 100us
CSGOAL (1 year ago)
Hey, if u want a Knife then Go to my Channel and buy a fucking Knife yourself lol😁😁
MatriX denmark (1 year ago)
Adam Grela (1 year ago)
OMGGGGGG I GOT SCAMMED WITH THE OP SKIN BOT THING. I hope i saw this video a week ago 😔
Degno Vero (1 year ago)
i got scam to like that
okay Invertex (1 year ago)
That fucking happened to me when I downloaded the chrome thing and I lost my m9 doppler
Arctic Twisst (1 year ago)
if u want scammer's dick like this
Reaper_258 (1 year ago)
is flashytrades legit??
Kallum (1 year ago)
I have had trouble with chrome viruses in the past but chrome cant change you're PC so nothing can happen.
Terradice (1 year ago)
Hey! Go to chanell X! there is a video about Y! In the video you will find a Z to get free A dollars! Or just come to site G and use code D! You can get free M! --Layout for scam
Jovan Jovanović (1 year ago)
It's same with csgo lounge when you post offer you get trade invite with message "If you don't accept this offer your account will be banned for 7 days" something like that maybe it's not a scam
billexd (1 year ago)
ghello go maj chanel i giff free skiens and bromo coed fiftty dolar batt först depositt and no scem men den i block you OOPS! bey men
i survived 3 scam attacks, everytime they promised me to give me more than 200bucks for my knife that i bought for less than 50 on the steam market XD and in general as soon as someone comes to me and wants to talk about some of my skins and trading im getting very skeptical and as soon as an outside webiste comes in, im out :D
TheShepardBoi (1 year ago)
Honestly if you download some random software because a stranger on the internet said too you deserve to be scammed.
Nog3n (1 year ago)
1:53 killed by a bot kappa123
JackOfAllTrades (1 year ago)
Dangerous csgo scams: buy keys from gaben.
Patrick (1 year ago)
Gabe Newell haha wtf xD
JPershing Gaming (1 year ago)
Two fuckers tried to scam me with the last method, LOL
Mareks (1 year ago)
4:35 i almost lost my m4a4 asiimov WW stattrak to that...
TeDz002 (1 year ago)
I can't get scammed for CSGO skins, because I only ever do 1:1 steam trades or trade to trusted websites.
Beast LTU (1 year ago)
Hi Matt Whats The Intro song when it shows the Trading!
Apo (8 months ago)
Beast LTU it's called "NCS Warriyo mortals
Russell Dmello (1 year ago)
yall know about the teamspeak scam thingy?
MrTuoppi CS:GO (4 months ago)
Russell Dmello no, pls tell us
MGAUS Lexo (1 year ago)
I got scammed by the OpSkins bot method of my first knife ;/
El1teMrx (1 year ago)
Matt has karambit blue steel...a guy in comments got scammed karambit blue steel...coinsidence?? i dont think soo.......jk Matt luv u:D
Reaver (1 year ago)
please mention the ts3 scam
Reaver (1 year ago)
Come over to my channel and SUB and ill give you free FORSKINS ALL FREE ALL FORSKINS FUCKING TASTY DEAL RIGHT THERE
GenniTheAwesome (1 year ago)
a scammer failed, he said he could give me 100$ on farmskins but when i pressed accept trade offer my skins was gone and no money added, some days later i got a message that i could cancel something, i pressed cancel and just got the skins back, i got surprised. he blocked me right after the trade, and he failed xD
QuadrumGaming (1 year ago)
Last one lost my m4 mecha
I fell for the YouTube one lmao
Andy (1 year ago)
The last method you said i got scammer with that method
Max Donkers (1 year ago)
I got scammed by the last method for my Awp, M4 and nova hyperbeast and a lot of others, quite recently :C, blijf deze videos maken Matt je bent een Legend!!
iBuyDoritos (1 year ago)
Free battle scarred sand dune on my channel XDF CykA BlYYAt total not RUSSIAN SCAM L0000L get rekt bleachy is heer
INVISIBLE (1 year ago)
Bro, i have this unheard of scam metode what i really think you should make a video about. I didnt see anyone else cover it! Please reply.
Dawn Ripper (1 year ago)
Intro song?
a7i (5 months ago)
Warriyo - Mortals (feat. Laura Brehm) [NCS Release]
RezNought (1 year ago)
dont go on csgetto it is Russian
Scoothare Editing (1 year ago)
Mr Marian (1 year ago)
The third one..i just scammed like that
Skillers-From-Sweden (1 year ago)
Thats hallen me :(
Noicetk (1 year ago)
On the last one i got scammed the owner on csgo west send me 500 dollars and then i should withdraw 30 dollars then i did it and then it said Withdraw 50 dollars and i falled for it AND I LOST 80 DOLLARS OMG
Rebel2Good4EAC (1 year ago)
This how I got fucking scammed
Music From Games (1 year ago)
When I got my first ever knife in 2 minutes I had 5 friend requests, I accepted 1 of them, to see how he wants to scam me. He said, that he saw me playing on csgopolygon (I've never played on any gambling sites) and wanted to send me a "script" that tells me what color it's going to land on. I instantly blocked and reported him.
top kek (1 year ago)
Come to my house for a quick suck

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