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Top 10 CS:GO Skins That Fell Off

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CS:GO ➜ [CS:GO Empire: https://goo.gl/kRERqJ ] These CS:GO Skins Fell off. Today we are going to go through some of the most popular CS:GO skins That Fell off either in price or popularity. These skins had alot of hype. ◆ CONNECT WITH VALVE GUIDES ◆ ☞ CS:GO Empire: https://goo.gl/kRERqJ ☞ Twitter: https://goo.gl/6ZAY9k ☞ Discord: https://goo.gl/ZcEiBh ☞ Twitch: https://goo.gl/Cc81H4 ___ Thanks for watching our video Top 10 CS:GO Skins That Fell Off , if you want to learn how to AWP like a pro, make sure to watch our Top 10 Ways to AWP like a pro. Make sure to subscribe to Valve Guides. We create content on CS:GO, Portal, Half Life and other Valve related content on a daily basis and work hard to deliver the best CS:GO clips and tips so you can play like your favorite CS:GO Players.
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Text Comments (789)
StefannoTheConqueror (9 days ago)
500% off ? Bro did you have a stroke
KTL_ Iconic (11 days ago)
Yeah... I fucking have the stat track fuel injector
oskar killmeyet (24 days ago)
boi do u know math! u cant decrease by more than 100% man
KD9t911 (1 month ago)
You need to go back to school
essa bu shahab (1 month ago)
the beat is from 30 for 30 Drake ?
the bro (1 month ago)
Guys can someone tell me why the prices of the skinks reduce?
BXDX 96 (1 month ago)
easy skins over here https://www.drakemoon.com/promo-code/2125414
Jack Nguyen (1 month ago)
Holy crap the comments section is giving me cancer bout this whole 385 percent thing XD
Awesome gaming Bro's (1 month ago)
Icarus is back up to $65 now
i know de wae (1 month ago)
Where da sound cloud at? Waited fucking forever
Adam Visser (1 month ago)
Who else is angry that he done the math wrong for all the percentages
Thimo (1 month ago)
Everything in this video is wrong
Luka G. (1 month ago)
Yea i hate i bought a skin for 400$ and now i *sold it* and also payed 2000$ because of 500% decrease..
NerfThis (1 month ago)
TF is a "Fumaus"?
Ethann Spradling (1 month ago)
I sold my stat track M4A4 desolate space for $300 and it was minimal wear
PRAJVAL RAVAL (1 month ago)
New addition : Mortis
grapezzzz19 (1 month ago)
Pretty sure icarus is a guy and his wings burned and he fell in the ocean or something
valveacade iRayn (2 months ago)
the desolate space m4a4 is now 25 dollars...
Arqimedes (2 months ago)
Yeah, this is just how supply and demand works lol.
TheManiacHD (2 months ago)
I have a lit case if anyone wants to give it a try - https://www.drakemoon.com/case/avag3
boodoocool (2 months ago)
go to csgospeed.com and enter 6063E33EF8 to get free skin
divine (2 months ago)
I have Icarus fell FN which is cheaper than its MW lol
Rise (2 months ago)
half these guns are worth way less now
David Mendelsohn (2 months ago)
Führer (2 months ago)
i saw a vanila karambit for .50 cents like wtf
TitanEmpireTeam (2 months ago)
U cant lose more than 100% idiot
ghostfaceBG (2 months ago)
Who taught you math? That's not how percentages work, you morons.
Bob Bobberson (2 months ago)
The highest percentage you can lose is 100% that means you lost all of your money
Rewind (3 months ago)
I prefer the ump blaze
JAF (3 months ago)
I unboxed the desolate space few months back :(
Yash Sonar (3 months ago)
Smoke a bong
Daren Chau (3 months ago)
nigga (3 months ago)
My sister has bought a bayonet fade minimal wear for 20€
Shibesh Banerjee (3 months ago)
Do you percentage bro? :/ maybe you calculated the increase percent, as in the percentage increase between the price now and that of when the skin was released, instead of the decrease percent :/
Geras Katinas (3 months ago)
KennethToJ (3 months ago)
I got tec-9 fuel injector from trade up contract
DoggoX (4 months ago)
some dragon lores sold for under 0.20 earlier in like june
Jonatan Thureson (4 months ago)
Want free skins? 1) Go to csgowild. com 2) In Free coins, use: Sweden 3) Get 0.5 dollars for free
_banana_ _ (4 months ago)
You really don't understand how the market works do you?
SPACE_INVADER No (4 months ago)
Orion minimal Wear is now 7,50
Amaan Kudroli (4 months ago)
illumination (4 months ago)
Guys is recommend getting 50 dollars for steam and browsing for skins under 15 that’s usually were the good skins range from or get an awp Asimov for 44$
Dahooper 21 (4 months ago)
U-m-p lol it’s ump
Royce Vernon (4 months ago)
skinhub > all sites kthxs
Dhruv Ch (5 months ago)
Videos starts at 55 sec
Devious Verendus (5 months ago)
I'm just eternally surprised how Desolate Space m4 isn't a Covert skin
MrTooba (5 months ago)
Didnt the Orion drop because of the Howl's removal from cases?
Simon Cich (5 months ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=390796752&token=-_xKqCdo hello can you send me skin on m4a4 because my friend scam me of it :( hello
Ace Replays (3 months ago)
Simon Cich no.
Crqsh Lmao (5 months ago)
Icarus was a guy lol
mohammad basel (5 months ago)
Nicest is not a word
Ace Replays (3 months ago)
mohammad basel yes it is.
Swe Gamers (5 months ago)
My friend bought Ak-47 redline for only 3$ lol
Elliot Berg (5 months ago)
-140% that means you get money for buying it right??
Elliot Berg (5 months ago)
don't buy famas roll cage in factory new it basically looks the same in all conditions
Soda King (5 months ago)
I'm sorry if I got a factory new dragon lore awp I'd sell it
Max Andrews (5 months ago)
Can you even math?
Aquanorte (5 months ago)
Why do you only cover STT FN
Jens Sigsgaard (5 months ago)
So you could say The icarus fell in Price
Khoa Tran (5 months ago)
If you look at the end of he water elemental graph, it’s giving you the finger
aKaDo (5 months ago)
I think you failed your math class........
s w o r d s m a n (5 months ago)
Idk why people take price drops like a bad thing the skins is still as awesome and more people can have it
m3ntl3g3n (5 months ago)
this video fails so badly if you don't know how to use percentages correctly tec9 135-385% = -384,75 ump 147-560% = -676,2 AK 400-470% = -1480 etc. looks like you had to start make shitty videos cause you dropped from school cause bad math
Jano Kock (5 months ago)
I don’t think depreciation percentages work the way you think it does...
Jaume Genaro (6 months ago)
i mean if u get a good skin from a new case u can invent a price for it
Shiina Mashiro (6 months ago)
Valve guides should change their name to CSGO Guides, since they do videos about CSGO almost all the time...
Malevolent Duppy (6 months ago)
LMAO this video
ice_wallow_come (6 months ago)
that intro lowkey scared me
synchronized (6 months ago)
The Orion is my fav usp skin... wtf
Ludvig Holst (6 months ago)
Good math skill m8
hello there fella (6 months ago)
what's with the dislikes ?
Ludvig Holst (6 months ago)
His math skills maybe
Aaron4Life (6 months ago)
Did a Smurf Ejaculate all over the Icarus fell ?
Ode Valkamo (6 months ago)
I remember when i had the icarus, was around 150 in xmas sale 2015
carolyn mckinlay (6 months ago)
It went down 300%nigga?? That mean u pay us for us to take it niga
DutchProGamers (6 months ago)
For all the non-mathematics pros here. A number can be dropped 485%. Because its quite obvious hes talking about promille, as its wayyy more precise.
Sportmann941 (4 months ago)
DutchProGamers and that is why he says pro-cent and not pro-mille
Charlie Bassett (6 months ago)
Did u go to school? 1140% decrease like actually wtf is this maths
DzLrsy (6 months ago)
He should of said that Statrak Factory New Usp | orion drop by 91% rather 1140%. It would be 1140% if the usp started at $39 but inclined to $440. But we're talking about prices falling off rather than increasing, and that shit isn't falling down that shit is going up. So that's where he got it wrong.
d o n e (6 months ago)
Charlie Bassett what math are you in?
Biocasm (6 months ago)
How does a skin drop 300% in price, that makes zero fucking sense, it would go in the negatives
Rasmusolly (4 months ago)
Andrew xd I'm in 7th grade and we fucking know about this. People who don't understand are prop high school dropouts.
d o n e (6 months ago)
Biocasm I’m guessing you’re in 7th grade
Justin Games (6 months ago)
This sucks haha worst percentages ever
fuck csgo empire i'll just keep buying skins adding to what i have not deposit inbto a site and have a low chance of trying to get something better thats dumb house always wins my invintory aboot 7 or 800 bucks now gunna keep adding til i get a enough for a dlore trade a primal saber awp holy fuck i'd suck gaybens dick 4 that
Tj Dalle (6 months ago)
okay, the famas roll cage was never gonna stay expensive if it ever got expensive....... i mean cone on. its a fuckin famas
Vincent Tanuwidjaja (6 months ago)
I have a skin idea for the awp. a brown/black colour with cracks and with glowing red lava seeping through the cracks.
EL1AS (2 months ago)
Vincent Tanuwidjaja Black would look better
TOMdw (6 months ago)
Just want to say Nice maths
Ch33zy (7 months ago)
Wheres the sound cloud? I loved the song!
Dr Devil (7 months ago)
Clearly the person who wrote this script has no idea how percentages work.
Davit Tavadze (7 months ago)
I wish I had u as my math teacher bro 😂😂😂
Zellori 1991 (7 months ago)
did anyone notice everytime this guy show CS GO esl clip the pro profile picture in the clip almost in every video same?
Just_Luck CS:GO (7 months ago)
I bought the redline for 10 dollars and the primal saber for 3 dollars this year
ICE TV (7 months ago)
Ugandan Knuckles (7 months ago)
I Love Kill Confirmed !
RidDIs (7 months ago)
I actually bought that orion when it came out cuz i tought its gonna raise rip
Joreselin (7 months ago)
Percentage Drop = (Final-Initial)/Initial
Cuby Chris (8 months ago)
Thought it said:"Top 10 CS:GO Skins That Feel Off". RIP
Jackson Beechgood (8 months ago)
All skins drop you fucking idiots
d o n e (6 months ago)
Jackson Beechgood not all of them
Cameron Ilbrink (8 months ago)
Arr you just pulling the percentages out of your ass or are you just doing shit math? You might be incorrectly taking the original price and dividing by the lowered price.
ItsJoker (8 months ago)
https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=374535816&token=ifVOzJy- Plsss trade me a skin plss its my dream :(
MYST (8 months ago)
Glad i sold my Icarus fell when it was worth 110$ lol
Aapeli Kananenä (8 months ago)
I opened a battle scarred desolate space when it was worth 10€ and after 2 weeks it was 8 so i had to sell it :(
TheSeriousShow (8 months ago)
How about the opposite
Andy Dong (8 months ago)
FOR ALL THE FUCKING RETARDS THAT SAY HIS PERCENTAGES ARE FUCKED, MCSKILLET USED THE SAME CONCEPT OF PERCENTAGES, WHAT DO YOU THINK NOW, also the percents are actually correct, look up percents before you comment, p.s also learn quadrants, integers, algebra also when you do and i know percents, im in 6th grade going to 7th.
HusLuck (8 months ago)
I'm scared I jut bought a bloodspoet I don't want it to lose it's value
Eden Thompson (8 months ago)
USP-S orion is $8.00 now
SirWoozy (8 months ago)
just tell me what is so cool about Uglymov i can imagine a 12 year old kid opening paint and just randomly puttin some white and orange on it

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