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Evolution Of Counter Strike 1999 - 2018 - ( CS ) 2018 Version

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Evolution Of Counter Strike 1999 - 2018 - ( CS ) 2018 Version 1) Counter-Strike (1999) 2) Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (2004) 3) Counter-Strike: Source (2004) 4) Counter-Strike Neo (2004) 5) Counter-Strike Online (2007) 6) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (2012) 7) Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies (2014) 8) Counter-Strike Online 2 ( 2015 / 2018 ) ________________________ ⊙ 17,735 subscribers 😍 ________________________
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Text Comments (4686)
PS KG (8 hours ago)
When was counter strike 1.6 released?
Jovan Vojinovic (23 hours ago)
Song with a intro??
DustyGuy (1 day ago)
7:50 - 7:56 Do you know these chinese??
fawad khan khan fawad (2 days ago)
WHERE IS CS .1.6??
Fluffy Gaem (2 days ago)
Do You Speak Spanish MPro
Bacang Tempur (2 days ago)
Cs go?
Maikon Feliciano (2 days ago)
Jesse Gutierrez (2 days ago)
Condition zero still my fave. Playing 1.6 tho nowadays is almost pointless to play if youre not playing it all the time. All the major servers are full of people who play all day everyday and good luck trying to take them out. And theres the occasional no clip or no recoil cheaters
AhmetEmin Işın (2 days ago)
aga yazdı as bayrakları as asas
Lilian Mario (3 days ago)
Cs:Go Global 2012 or Cs:Go 2014 Nexon Zombies
darkness craft (3 days ago)
Istvan Molnar (3 days ago)
I Like Cs ho
Diyar (3 days ago)
Gözümde cAnlanır koskoca mazi
RomaniaHD4 (4 days ago)
Mă cobor din mașinăăă, trag spais fără nicio vinăăă miroase a cocaină ină ină🌿🚬🚬🔫💯
Omar Hajjar (4 days ago)
You forgot the betas
kadir pro (4 days ago)
Cd un dhdl
Ramsabdh Sarma (4 days ago)
Where is v 1.6
Sam Ant (4 days ago)
I remember those squared pixel blood Ah , Such a good memories :)
TRENDZ GAMER (4 days ago)
Please make evolution of pubg
GTAGIS (5 days ago)
This is the most disappointing game of History. in 20 years, the game has not evolved . It could have stayed the same but with more realism. In fact, in stayed exactly the same and we can wonder where all that money went in ? No effort in term of damages realism , no effort in term of movement realism, no efforts in term of carrying a weapon realism, no effort in term of impact realism, no effort in term of sound realism, no effort in term of ricochet realism , no effort in term of protection realism, no effort in term of random event realism (like jamming or junk ammunition)
Low SkiLL (5 days ago)
You Fail whit CS 1.6 and CSSource
А уког кушать хоть одинешенек шкура ставь лайк
ALLANZIN_ 23 (5 days ago)
Eu preferia o CS 1.6
Mustafa Tufan (6 days ago)
are u turkish ?
plabon ahmed (6 days ago)
history of igi
陳郁文 (6 days ago)
Cs online like shit
JhonnyGamero_YT (6 days ago)
CS 1.6 css???
sokolCZ (6 days ago)
song pls not intro and ending
Gabriel García (7 days ago)
No lo hizo hasta el 2018 lo hizo hasta el 2015
rahan benabid (7 days ago)
10:01 💯
moha yahya (7 days ago)
سوئال كيفية تنزيل كنتر ستريك 2012
AlexanderPews (7 days ago)
u missed out 1.5 and 1.6
Burak Özdemir (8 days ago)
Luiz Zago (8 days ago)
Cada o 1.6 ??????
where tf is 1.6
Samet DAT (8 days ago)
Where cs1.5 and 1.6
EmDieLess (9 days ago)
This gameplay sucks
Jordi H (9 days ago)
What a fucking annoying music track damnnn, fucks up the entire clip
У меня веб неплохой появился лишь 2012 благодарю Россия
iWeGamer_X 文 (9 days ago)
My Fav is CSONLINE 1 , 2 and CSNZ
Adric Ubana (9 days ago)
There's missing counter strike series in this video
Adric Ubana (9 days ago)
And that is counter strike neo
By Çağrı (9 days ago)
intiro music
Sarah Farmer (9 days ago)
What about counter strike portable
Аси Привет (9 days ago)
secret super star (10 days ago)
2012 its best
KubiBey (10 days ago)
Mouhamad Yaser Bartjy (10 days ago)
I like cs 1.3
Mario Aster (11 days ago)
В 2012 небило скинов!
Ilhame Ezimzade (11 days ago)
Leandro (11 days ago)
Counter Strike Nexon : zombies????
tengo hambre (11 days ago)
Capo y el 1.6
Mr.AbooD DZ (11 days ago)
Where is CSS V34 ??
Obe (11 days ago)
old dust II
KykycbkO (12 days ago)
Помню когда с кс1.6 на сурс перешёл, мне казался там священный графен, щас смотришь убогость какая то
Vrasta scooters (12 days ago)
You re scammer !!!!
HUSSAIN xB (12 days ago)
Where counter strike 1.3 i love this
Aditi Navathale (12 days ago)
It's the best game ever, no other game can take its place ever ever ever,I love that game.... like if you agree
Rob tuber LV (12 days ago)
Wher is cs 1.6?
Grengo Mari (12 days ago)
Prabh Noor (12 days ago)
Bro which did you use in intro please tell
XDreamer Boy (12 days ago)
Cs 1.6 where is it
little iron小鐵 (12 days ago)
Damn cso is a shit now
Amr Khaled (12 days ago)
Room sampa in crossfire is same 1 room in evoulation 2004
Valentin Kayner (13 days ago)
CS 1.6 Idiot
Valentin Kayner (13 days ago)
and 1.5
ID_ GAMES (13 days ago)
Whos knows the outro song
Rowen Black (13 days ago)
man counter strike sero deleted scanes?
American Noob (13 days ago)
Cs online its not by valve.....
American Noob (13 days ago)
Lol you missed 1.6
✔LINAD (14 days ago)
cs 1.6 ❤ I'am Russian
✔LINAD (14 days ago)
Это не те серии игр, в Россие все другое!
Kevin Huarcaya (14 days ago)
La vieja escuela, me siento viejo😥😩
LG - Multipower (14 days ago)
KyleYT123TY M3WK (15 days ago)
I play counter strike 1.6, Counter strike source and CSGO
TACHANKA (15 days ago)
Condition zero came out 2001 and source 2002!
TACHANKA (15 days ago)
Cs 1.1 came out 1998
bladimir LOL (15 days ago)
Song 8:46
belkacem akhdari (15 days ago)
azra yıldız (16 days ago)
GameHub PetsPlay (16 days ago)
Global off ))) I love it
dryms1 (16 days ago)
-siGaMa*!- (16 days ago)
Cs neo was the shitest
gaming 999 (16 days ago)
Cs 1.6? 1.6 best
Ondřej Bicek (17 days ago)
Hey but where was cs 1.6 ?!!!!
Ondřej Bicek (17 days ago)
Yes this map was in cs 1.6 but idk Its name
송민규 (17 days ago)
Counter Strike Oline Good
Phuong Dung (17 days ago)
Not Counter Strike Online 2
D O R U K (17 days ago)
01:25 music?
Sonika Chaudhari (18 days ago)
Make good videos bro
Zayan Simon (18 days ago)
The mid roll ads tho
PC TITAN (18 days ago)
Ajde fliper je sub za sub
Fox-y (18 days ago)
Look vere is cs s other versions and 1.6
Younes Dz Maache (18 days ago)
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Ilias Hamissi (18 days ago)
Counter Strike 1.6 ❤️
Cristiano Ronaldo (19 days ago)

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