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CS:GO - NiP vs. FaZe [Cache] Map 5 - GRAND FINAL - IEM Oakland 2017

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Intel® Extreme Masters has arrive for the 3rd stop of Season 12, IEM Oakland. Over the weekend the Oracle Arena will be filled with thousands of roaring fans who will lift the roof for world class CS:GO action. Catch up on all the games: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDaLNkCsG9WlNguN686uM-2raUrRZVu4h Subscribe to ESLCS and never miss the action: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPq2ETz4aAGo2Z-8JisDPIA?sub_confirmation=1 Keep up to date on all the latest IEM news and information: https://intelextrememasters.com/season-12/oakland/ Follow & Contribute: http://www.twitter.com/eslcs http://www.facebook.com/eslcs
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Text Comments (1275)
That was so epic. But it would be more epic if they win next IEM Oakland again.
Steepsteam (13 days ago)
Warms my heart to see nip win
Nalle Buhi (16 days ago)
My fav csgo pro final! Watched this like 5 times :DD
Nico Del Puerto (22 days ago)
why is that FaZe Clan always losses in Major Finals????C9, Fnatic and NiP defeats them.
Nico Del Puerto (22 days ago)
34:26 the boy shouts "NIP!NIP!" while he is wearing a C9 shirt.......
Fadli Candra Zon (2 months ago)
Volcanic_ YT (2 months ago)
Why can’t players lower the volume to hear the announcers so they can hear the positions of their opponents
colin giovannini (2 months ago)
Daddy draken
SilencE (3 months ago)
40:28 sick
Rydoholic Rishi (3 months ago)
I'm not crying, you're crying.
sometimes I call nip “nipples”
andri saifulwafa (3 months ago)
Ya pipis
Andreas Kiritsis (4 months ago)
I only wanted someone to use a shotgun i mean they are good weapons
A Lover of Video Games (4 months ago)
Can someone please tell me the name of the song that played when NiP won? I can't find it anywhere :(
oob_GSW sweeping Lavs (5 months ago)
SK still has it
quackingplatypus (5 months ago)
Old school GeT_RiGhT baby!
GNRT -FAK23- (5 months ago)
intro song?
Leon Nestestog (5 months ago)
Xizt is my favorite player duuuude❤
Royce Ryan Interior (6 months ago)
Faze win or lose always a great final show.
Jurgita Abaraviciene (6 months ago)
Faze clam
Jr. Ede (6 months ago)
I didn't know that my favorite team actually won a grand final. Well, that's nice. I'mjust sad that Fnatic dropped nip from Dreamhack Masters. But it was a fair game. Fnatic played well.
IronWar (6 months ago)
Swedes are the best ever
Koki Koki (7 months ago)
Crosshair commands??
ob (7 months ago)
what in-ears are they using?
restricts (7 months ago)
at the beginning the NIP guy should have said something about already there being a faze rain lmfao
KayZ (7 months ago)
fuckkk, I feel bad for FAZE, they always go to GRAND FINAL but they always lost :(
f0rest & GeT_RighT / KING’s 💪🏻😉
Gurmeet Singh (7 months ago)
I so fuckin FAN of NiP & FNATIC Best players Flusha, Krimz, Get Right, Xizt, Forest
Dennis Rick (8 months ago)
The clutch Xists
My Lovisa (8 months ago)
where's Emil???
Cody Cox (8 months ago)
i feel like with the exception on Rain hitting those Deagle shots niko didnt get any help at all that entire. congrats to NiP though they played a flawless game.
Rahul Shethia (8 months ago)
It was always a 4 on 5 i feel....Nip played really well, but karrigan is a freaking bot.
sjj gamer (8 months ago)
lol i hate faze faze is fucking loser
blindangelsin (8 months ago)
Niko is good player.But far behind others.
4everyoung 84 (9 months ago)
Rez its rekt
Luke Müller (9 months ago)
thx spoilers
E L (9 months ago)
Olof the random bot and a loser with no skill was the problem -olof+flusha
TryZoid (6 months ago)
E L this guy again? Stop making ignorant controversial statements
FireGhost (9 months ago)
Lol I see FaZe getting always 2nd place, RiP :D
Jacob (9 months ago)
How do people get so hyped about a game lol
melanne snmgl (9 months ago)
sskkkrrrrrrraaaaaa pop pop
Bamse Lilja (9 months ago)
NiP were able to beat Faze that 2 month later qualified to a CSGO major final, whereas NiP didn't even qualify for the tournament. ;(
جاك ِسبارو (9 months ago)
Deo _ (9 months ago)
if you don't know where get_right is, turn around fuck yeahh
I Am Cresuding (9 months ago)
I don’t understand how they still won this well i guess next time
priyam agarwal (9 months ago)
Beautiful match!!;-)
AlphaPVP12 (9 months ago)
Hey guys if you are palying CS:GO come and beat me my name is AlphaPvP145
Ilyas Khan (10 months ago)
THE kings of cs 1.6 and GO
LarDiaTor lars (10 months ago)
Wow i would fit right in.. Easy..
LarDiaTor lars (10 months ago)
Its all about map knowledge, and luck.. Ppl do this everyday, they just dont get treated like superstars..
volkher1 (10 months ago)
El medio evento . Tremenda produccion para ganarce un plato . Una bandeja para la ensalada
HyperRefined (10 months ago)
So cringey how the commentators tried really hard and unnatural to push FaZe in the Oakland and ESL Pro League 6 Finals. And to be honest, i dont really get it: i mean obviously there are a lot of faze fans, nowadays, but where did they come from? Former fnatic, Astralis fans? Just NiKo fans? Hoping for a team beeing better than SK? I dont get this hype....
kobe mamba (10 months ago)
Or maybe there a big org with alot of fans? maybe???
naturecollision (10 months ago)
what's with these huge dildos?
Parallel BZY (10 months ago)
AverageWhiteMale (10 months ago)
guy at the start is emo
Ömer İNCE (10 months ago)
olof gg
Lars (10 months ago)
ESL is so rigged
Danny Evans (10 months ago)
Draken with his harry potter glasses lol
otsonikerros336 (10 months ago)
where is allu??
4get2pla y (10 months ago)
Tai Ngo (10 months ago)
forest: "fist bumb... No? Alright then" 46:50
Jakub Rubinstein (10 months ago)
30:30 rain falls :D
Earth-Chan (10 months ago)
fOrest Nerfed lol
Fshine Imation (10 months ago)
And I pee Vs face
Lars Hansen (10 months ago)
F*ck this why nip win nip is a noob team
X d (10 months ago)
How can i get that crosshair ?
Jonas Jørgensen (10 months ago)
13:30 ur welcome ;)
Niko Kolac (10 months ago)
Gotta love seeing getright being so emotional, I love it man.
Fuddy Duddy (10 months ago)
Fuck the constant audience ' reactions '. Cringey af
XaZa (10 months ago)
Faze should go back to COD tbh
fRaPs (10 months ago)
13:47 ez for aimlock
MrElias (10 months ago)
In faze its Only fat pleyer
Tyler Daniels (10 months ago)
36:46 LMAO
Blast King (10 months ago)
39:52 lol that two dab
This is IT (10 months ago)
Dude faze is dead. It's been dead since 2012. Fanboys trying to revive it and shit just give it a break.
Neale Beck (10 months ago)
Fuck these ads
Saransh Singh (10 months ago)
Christopher Johnson (10 months ago)
NiP is the best!
oob_GSW sweeping Lavs (10 months ago)
clutch like crazy Xizt, i mean the old SK is pretty much here reminding me of good times, WWWWW!!!
Sokol J (10 months ago)
Jason Anderson (10 months ago)
\good jo b boiz
RAY (10 months ago)
Debayan Das (11 months ago)
46:51: that fist bump
ImperialGoldfish (11 months ago)
What a phenomenal series, massive respect to every single player here
Gideon Fällström (11 months ago)
OncE (11 months ago)
45:20 any1 knows what keyboard it is?
caracuero w (11 months ago)
Que paso con friberg? mi jugador favorito junto get righ
Killing Spree (11 months ago)
nice video bro keep up the good work :))
KarliN (11 months ago)
Can you please do something with that howling kid? Jesus...
James Gannon (11 months ago)
46:52 look at all the failed fist bumps and high fives. 5/5 failed attempts haha
Jasmine Wilson (11 months ago)
Xist is a fucking Crack Addict
berak123 123 (11 months ago)
legends is back boiis
zog zog (11 months ago)
"This Grand Final is getting to Boiling Point"! Karrigan Fail at round 12.
Eazy - E (11 months ago)
:D oha aleyna tilkinin ifşası yayınlanmış bakın http://jehejavayezosiyap.tk/?youtube6_7AknB
SAMSONiX5 (11 months ago)
can s1 leak the white on dark grey nip logo???
Eazy - E (11 months ago)
:D oha aleyna tilkinin ifşası yayınlanmış bakın http://jehejavayezosiyap.tk/?youtubeysaK0Z_
Eazy - E (11 months ago)
:D oha aleyna tilkinin ifşası yayınlanmış bakın http://jehejavayezosiyap.tk/?youtuben4Mj_ZG
Eazy - E (11 months ago)
:D oha aleyna tilkinin ifşası yayınlanmış bakın http://jehejavayezosiyap.tk/?youtubea5Z_M12
Borke (11 months ago)
Begin 8:41
U3KS (11 months ago)
Karrigan clutch 59:49
newdayz01 (11 months ago)
What is the song when they lift the trophy?

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