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Find out more about Kingdom Hearts 3: https://sqex.link/kingd5303c "The light is gathering together Hearts driven by one oath, one purpose." Originally aired at the SQUARE ENIX E3 2018 Showcase. On their quest to defeat the darkness, Sora, Donald, and Goofy run into familiar friends and foes as they adventure through Disney and Pixar worlds, including Frozen, Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., and Tangled! KINGDOM HEARTS III is coming to Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation® 4 on January 29, 2019. Be sure to follow us to keep up to date with everything Kingdom Hearts related: Twitter - https://twitter.com/KingdomHearts Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kingdomhearts Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/KingdomHearts YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/KingdomHearts
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Text Comments (3991)
how possible xigbar looks so bad with this graphics ?
January?shut the crap up...oh well imma play all kingdom hearts games AGAIN!
Noah Burlew (11 hours ago)
Did anyone else lowkey cry watching this! I have been waiting years for this, and I can already tell it’s gonna be way to intense for me 😫
dfghj fghjk (11 hours ago)
this looks so awesome, to bad it got pushed back to 2019
ChrisPlays (20 hours ago)
The original versions of Organization XIII (except some) are now HELPING Sora. I love Kingdom Hearts
ChrisPlays (20 hours ago)
Ratatoullie is the mini-game world. I know it
Shelby Ramirez (22 hours ago)
Kain 2500 (23 hours ago)
dang I didn't see these other clips
Lance Du (1 day ago)
ok I can't wait
없어수지 (1 day ago)
Ive waited for so many years man.... I feel like a missing part of my childhood will finally return to me....😢
Ylenia Mendoza Vera (1 day ago)
Esta wapo el juego de kingdom Hearts 3. Con más mundos nuevo.. 😁😁😁😁😁😊😊😊😊😊😊⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.
Lexi (1 day ago)
Aqua noo!
Angel (1 day ago)
LOLL GAMING (1 day ago)
Also what is “ansem” doing there I thought we Killed him too in KH 1 and xenahorts nobody why are they alive
LOLL GAMING (1 day ago)
I’m confused I thought we freaking killed larxene in kingdom hearts rechain of memories I have played dream drop distance yet or 2.5 and 2.8 but can someone please tell me why she’s alive no spoilers please
James OG364 (7 hours ago)
LOLL GAMING Dream Drop Distance story explains it
If Organization XIII is in this game,I think that Roxas appears too,right?
Luky Diamint (1 day ago)
No french voices for this one ?!! We used to have it for the first and second episode... so why ? We wait for it so badly #EUdubbingforKH3 FR, DE, ES there is a huge european community T-T
Scott Parker (1 day ago)
1:38 Im assuming that their Aqua Rescue mission was actually a success, considering how Mickey is smiling..... cmon, how could he just smile like that?
Usnak (2 days ago)
Damn this looks really bad
Free For All (2 days ago)
Soooooooo is roxas gonna come back?
IIkeyra (2 days ago)
I cant believe theres Ralph! YAYY
Chris Mower (2 days ago)
I want roxas to be norted only for him and vanitas to betray xehanort and take the black box for themselves
Sebastian Gaibur (2 days ago)
How come in some parts in the trailer theres like no sound effect? Thanks a lot game creators, thanks.
Arturo Munoz (2 days ago)
I’ve owned PS2 since it came out just to wait for this game and when it’s FINALLY ANNOUNCED my PS2 Breaks 😣
Emaline Westbrook (2 days ago)
Nope, never met 'em. Don't know anyone blue, green, or oddly spikey
Calice Romial Roro (2 days ago)
Noooooo terre,ventus now is Aqua 😭😭😭
mighty n n (2 days ago)
Sorry your late SE I’m too old to play this game
nightwingful (2 days ago)
I promise we will save you Aqua and bring you back to the light
tibe vdb (2 days ago)
Did i just see the lion king ?
James OG364 (2 days ago)
I don't understand why Mickey didn't just go rescue her after kingdom hearts 2 ending instead of just analyzing Jiminy's journal, that was like the perfect time to find her smh
TrueMohax (2 days ago)
Kingdom Hearts always has been notorious for its bad trailers. This one wasn't half bad, but it would've been better if they kept the background sound. At least we all know how amazing the stories are.
Derezedd (2 days ago)
Thanks for the spoiler Nomura, I was for years I was thinking "I'm gonna be saving aqua in Kingdom Hearts 3 she's one of the 7th pure light" and now I'm like... shit, that's not gonna happen.
Videl Awn (2 days ago)
Aqua still needs to be saved though. I will not accept a keyblade battle to the death with her.
Nice Game wow Amazing ;D
TheMisticwolf (3 days ago)
I swear if they got Ven....
Videl Awn (2 days ago)
They probably do have Ven but not his heart though. So I can see a possessed Ven happening
ms ci (3 days ago)
Lydi Bug (3 days ago)
I can hear everybody screaming from here in the comments
matt2743 (3 days ago)
I saw Aqua's eyes yellow, and.....bruh...
Fernando Villarreal (3 days ago)
CD Baller (3 days ago)
Monster Inc world looks lit
Dreacohm (3 days ago)
Zortec (3 days ago)
1:43 Noctis With Silver Hair LOL DAMN Riku
elmer alfaro (3 days ago)
Highly impressed and deeply disappointed at the same time
CowenLatta (4 days ago)
How about any Final Fantasy World?
Yung Agora (4 days ago)
TheBlazersfan22 (4 days ago)
sora to elsa.. man its sick that you can control ice . Um.... sora. you were able shoot blizzard out of your keyblade for the past couple games XD.
Kylix Morningstar (4 days ago)
I swear if they don’t add nightmare before Christmas i’m gonna be pissed
rizqiperdana syarif (4 days ago)
05.51 - 05.53 i Started to cry
Tmz Ftb (4 days ago)
Bobsican (4 days ago)
... And still no MCU in KH3...
Ryan Diaz (4 days ago)
Am I the only one that thinks Roxas is kind of a boring character
Zenothys (4 days ago)
If they have Tangled and Frozen there BETTER be a Moana world!
taterboob (4 days ago)
Why does this have to release within days of Resident Evil 2? I've been waiting for both for so long, and want to play both at launch.
Twister Blub1994 (5 days ago)
Well. Hats off to you Square Enix. You did a better job than Nintendo.
Learning to FM (5 days ago)
Is this going to have battle royale?
Videl Awn (2 days ago)
No so I probably won't buy this because of it
Jordan Scott (5 days ago)
AAAAAAAAAAAA! More conveluted story. I NEED IT
Mac Harrison (5 days ago)
Are they bringing my boy Roxas back!?
Lyrical Myracle (5 days ago)
This looks so fuckin amazing i wanna cry
SnorlaxKing1904 (5 days ago)
Is Sora’s voice different?
Cunning Smile (5 days ago)
An Organizer shows up in each world. Twilight Town: Ansem and Xemnas Monstropolis: Vanitas Corona: Marluxia Arendelle: Larxene Port Royal: Luxord Toy Box: Young Xehanort. Olympus: Xigbar
Cunning Smile (4 days ago)
"I don't know who these Organizers are, but they're making we pirates look like proper gents."
zaqareemalcolm (5 days ago)
Cunning Smile “Organizer” HELP IM DYING XD
The Nameless One (5 days ago)
(1:33 - 1:39) "Accept the power you are given. Find the hearts joined to yours."
Jevon Quade (5 days ago)
My hopes are so high that a demo release might kill me.
Kill La Kill (5 days ago)
name songs ???
Lucario Themighty (5 days ago)
Why... Why aqua... Why would you choose darkness your a keyblade master.
Kevin D. E (5 days ago)
Hikaru Utada has the softest music that could put an insomniac to sleep.
Ali Gracida (5 days ago)
If Remy is in the game, I wonder if Patton Oswalt will reprise his role.
Videl Awn (2 days ago)
What the heck is that washed up actor doing anymore. He'd jump at the chance to voice Remy
Emily Stephenson (5 days ago)
How are people freaking out over this. I have waited since 5TH GRADE to play kingdom hearts 3, and this is what they gave us? Like i really expected more. Graphics, voice acting, character developement, etc. Its so poorly done with such little effort. The voice acting sounds like something out of a awkward high school play and the graphics look the same as KH2. It looks like they took a nintendo arcade game and shoved it into ps4 controls. I expected more. This game trailer just took a huge shit on my childhood. Disney should not be allowed to make games if this is what theyre pumping out. And they made sora a furry for the monsters inc. world. I have no words.
Videl Awn (2 days ago)
The game was started development in 2013. It's a mesh of 2013-2018 graphics which is jarring.
zaqareemalcolm (5 days ago)
They’re not going for a superhigh-powered semi photorealistic render look PS4 is capable of, unless its needed (eg. Pirates of the Carribean world, which looks so much better in KH3 its not even funny), not to mention the Frozen, Tangled and Toy Story worlds and characters literally resemble the movies they’re based off of. Sora having an alternate monster form for Monsters Inc world is also internally consistent with the series’ rules (not to mention complaining about it comes off as being weirdly hypocritical considering Pride Lands in KH2)
Emily Stephenson (5 days ago)
even the soundtrack is horrible
Donavan Durig (5 days ago)
Hope it's good but it's a bad start when you release a trailer and forget to edit in the sound effects. It reminds me of the the Tom Cruise mummy movie. And let's face it, it most likely going to be delayed again. Sad but true.
uncleltr (5 days ago)
Lord Q (5 days ago)
I want to know what they are going to do regarding Leonard Nimoy its a tragic loss
Lord Q (2 days ago)
Videl Awn exactly his voice was irreplaceable no offense to whomever they cast maybe they could get zach quinto ?
Videl Awn (2 days ago)
Yeah why did they have to take so long had they finished this game sooner they would have had his voice.
Pravin S (5 days ago)
Since Aqua's been corrupted and Ven is still sleeping, I think the seven lights could end up being the two trios of Sora, Riku and Kairi and Lea, Roxas and Xion + Mickey.
Matthew Dias (5 days ago)
Please bring the previous games to the Xbox as well. I'd appreciate that greatly.
Amdrag25 (5 days ago)
Aqua's corruption really broke my heart, but there's a detail nobody else played attention: 2:32 - 2:41 Do you realize what Sora and Ienzo are doing? They have communicators (which have the same shape as the card of Chain of Memories) to talk while they are in separated worlds: Ienzo in Radiant Garden, and Sora in Twilight Town.
V (5 days ago)
Xigbar sounds like Matthew Mercer's voice? Or am I just hearing it wrong and is it still James Patrick Stewart :0
Undercover Cactus (5 days ago)
is the ratatouille part just a smaller minigame? cause I'd love a full world.
Hell Cat (5 days ago)
Sanzoline (5 days ago)
Did anyone else notice that Ienzo is in Hollow Bastion? So I'm guessing that world is also returning?
lil Chakra (5 days ago)
Mickey your too late 💔
WUJK (5 days ago)
1:59 *best sound effects ever*
Ben Bohl (5 days ago)
At 2:40 you can see the room where you go to tron's world in KH2 which is in Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden. Does this mean that it's goin to be a returning world?!
Latifah M. (5 days ago)
I just pre ordered it from PS store 😍
SlushWall (5 days ago)
Lol no sound effects at the end
L'AngeAttrapeRêve 95 (5 days ago)
What is the song in the end?
Krys Regan (6 days ago)
omg im so ready for this hurry uuuuuuup
Apologies To You (6 days ago)
Lol Aqua’s gonna die, just so you guys know
Oceana Roswin (6 days ago)
am i the only one who see ratatouille there? 1:04
Videl Awn (2 days ago)
Ashley N (6 days ago)
Ughhhh Frozen... But at least it'll play into our ice magic. OMFG RATATOUILLE?!?!!!! ROXAS STUFF?!?!!! AHHHHH
LionVenom (6 days ago)
Can people catch me up real quick I haven't played this game since 2009 and I played 1 and 2. But we moved and lost 2 before I could play it fully. WTH IS GOING ON???
LionVenom (4 days ago)
zaqareemalcolm *insert holy shit sound* WOW. The last thing I remember is playing it with my brother walking up to the castle in rain. I was goofy and he was Sora. Thanks!
Ghoul De Lox (6 days ago)
فارس Fars (6 days ago)
Dual Entity (6 days ago)
Videl Awn (2 days ago)
If Ienzo isn't careful he'll end up getting a lazy eye due to his bangs
Rainbowdemon 555 (6 days ago)
bananasinfrench (6 days ago)
Ienzooooo I missed himmmmm
Yasmeen Hagane (6 days ago)
miss epicure (6 days ago)
Hahaha!! Remy is controlling Sora.
Iron Wolf Man (6 days ago)
the ost ;(
samapak7 (6 days ago)
I hope they bring back drive forms. that was one of my favorite aspect of KH2... when youre low on hp and fighting a difficult enemy and all hope seems lost, then you whip our valor form and unleash a new havoc on the enemy. loved that.
A Fly (6 days ago)
If the ending doesn't include Xehanerd's influence leaving everyone's bodies/hearts, I'm gonna flip. Aqua may have been as dull as Ventus is naive and Terra is headstrong, but they can't just fix her in 2.8 and then immediately permadeath her. Hopefully.
I love the sound effects from 1:45 and so on
kaworumisa (6 days ago)
it would have been cool if how to train your dragon was in this man riding on dragons

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