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CS:GO - Boosts and Tricks on Italy

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Enjoy the boosts, me and MST_Tiramisu found these spots. __________________________________________________ Music: Main Reaktor - Alone [NCS Release]
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CoolZman Gaming (1 year ago)
just watch my video, it isn't as high quality bit it offers you more boosts to try out on the map and no gay music.
Sarunas Siaudvytis (2 years ago)
3. trick its not a trick or
Hakuna Matata (2 years ago)
nice vids brote love from spain!!
Power Pig (2 years ago)
why run boost on 3 when you can just do a regular boost? much faster and easier
Johnny (2 years ago)
Run boosting gives an extra push then regular strafing
Veysoe (3 years ago)
gay music
UrbanGreatHood (3 years ago)
Nice spots,thanks mate
Marsellus Wallace (3 years ago)
lol that first one
Jonas Lippe (3 years ago)
Some nice boosts but 70% Fake
Julian Vickers Fan (1 year ago)
to be fair, italy is a really good map if you have a 5 man, so fucking fun, easily best map on the game with 5 people. We tried these boosts and they all worked, funniest games of my life. we got queued easy too because we were 5 manned. stop being such a hater and get some friends
Stitch (2 years ago)
+Mike 4 Life i got to lem playing just reserve maps FeelsGoodMan
I play italy on mm!!
[ Mike4Life ] (3 years ago)
+Shadow Terror EVERYONE KNOWS HOW TO DO 3. 1 is just for fun clearly.The rest are fine but again, there's no point of these tricks. no one plays Italy on competitive.
Shadow Terror (3 years ago)
Fake?All of these are possible with 1 or 2 teammates.

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