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CSGO - Zombie Escape Mod Gameplay on Journey_p4 map

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CS:GO Zombie Escape mod multiplayer gameplay on the custom ze_journey_p4 map. » CSGO ZE Playlist: http://bit.ly/CSGOZE » Previous Video: https://youtu.be/n1LvJcAy234 MAPPER Creator of the map: Soft Serve SERVER Starts in GFL [0:00-8:12] ending on GUC server. PC SPECS: Intel i7-3770K | Geforce GTX 750ti 2GB | 16GB Ram
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Text Comments (44)
Naharo Walak (5 months ago)
1:00 im not your negro
pksparxx (8 months ago)
Can you give me a knife though I watch you everyday at least for an hour and a half even in class I watch you for real.
StarStrike Gt (9 months ago)
Im eating pizza while watching😀
Nafis Aditya (9 months ago)
Your videos are very entertaining. Much love.
Ahmad Alam (9 months ago)
Who ever disliked has no money on steam 😹👻😈
f0cus (9 months ago)
is it the steam csgo or non-steam
A.O.T.L Tng (10 months ago)
Great video as always bud! i love the server!
Joshulties (10 months ago)
I love the name you gave to your knife
Zul! (10 months ago)
Today is my rest day and I watch videos of you all day. : D
Nano Beast (10 months ago)
Can you tell what server and what time
Carlos Pedro (10 months ago)
Server IP?
StarStrike Gt (9 months ago)
Carlos Pe 64186315 Pressing random buttons
Gonzalo cañas (10 months ago)
what server is?
LiFt M9 beynot (10 months ago)
These videos make Me better when I have nothing to do.
maro YT (10 months ago)
Axonek dawaj tego psc scamerze
RecklessMC (10 months ago)
I watch these kind of videos with a drink and a snack
Perhaps (9 months ago)
What a coindicience, me too
Squidy (10 months ago)
Me too.
Crystalmoney Phin (10 months ago)
Please axonek where you skins your freind or your money or borrow f tou borrow from site please tell where
axonek3 (10 months ago)
I like to trade around when i get bored of a skin
Sebi Ro :v (10 months ago)
Gud job
Piho Tineц (10 months ago)
Fistaszek_ YT (10 months ago)
Can we play together this zombie mod in cs go axonek plisss
Daniel Vardarov (10 months ago)
Where you from?
Daniel Vardarov (10 months ago)
axonek3 haha nice
axonek3 (10 months ago)
net. just gogl translate ;p
Daniel Vardarov (10 months ago)
axonek3 do you speak Bulgarian
axonek3 (10 months ago)
XxGamerxX CS:GO (10 months ago)
💰 💵 👑LIKE👑 💵 💰
Hey Yow (10 months ago)
Damn dude
Hey Yow (10 months ago)
Half of your videos about zombie escape already watched . Add me please I am beginner in cs
SkyFictor Lighting (10 months ago)
Ok nice👍
Govinda Venkat (10 months ago)
how much is this game
Clemen Mazza (10 months ago)
Hi im from argentina and i real y like your vídeos i Wish we could play together onetime
Allahu Akbar (10 months ago)
Cool video bro
Yafi 206 (10 months ago)
Antony Vega (10 months ago)
Comentario 4 buena sigue si chaval :v
Uиıզυɘ ツ (10 months ago)
I do not know why but I love watching you so much 1 leave a heart
StarStrike Gt (9 months ago)
I love you too 😂hehe
Uиıզυɘ ツ (10 months ago)
I love youuuuuu
ImArdrox - Gaming (10 months ago)
These are the kind of videos I watch when I'm bored xd
Scott Malkinson (4 months ago)
Yes. Something about the exhilarating feeling of working together to escape and defend against hard-to-kill zombies is very captivating
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