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Raft: Stranded With A Shark - PART 1 - Game Grumps

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Text Comments (1753)
Fantallana (1 day ago)
People saying blue animals barely exist: haven’t y’all seen how many birds have blue on them? (See also: mandrills, poison dart frogs, flowers, lobsters, butterflies, some lizards)
Stephania (2 days ago)
I would just like to inform everyone that I thought there were holes in my spoon and I got really scared
Gustav Leifsson (4 days ago)
they also made miwicle whip
Darron Perry Jr. (4 days ago)
Don't go to Home Depot for paint, Dan!
Vx Phoenix vX (9 days ago)
"Give me wood! Give me fucking wood!!" Arin Hanson - June 2018
Vx Phoenix vX (9 days ago)
"Oh, you got a fish." "That's a leaf." "A big green flat fish."
Shutup (10 days ago)
*"Now you're thinking with gas"*
Tasty Texan (12 days ago)
The shark legit made me jump. That was terrible
Average Trash Can (13 days ago)
I had this on my phone for about a day before deleting it in anger after the shark ate my wall
Katie Stewart (13 days ago)
jetlag grumps is my favourite
Moons (13 days ago)
Blue doesn't occur in Biological Nature (Like butterfly wings are refracting light not actually pigmented). Pink is the color that doesn't exist.
Dagan Olson (18 days ago)
DO YOU LIKA DA RAAAAFT? A-metuuuuuuuuuuuuu
I Eat Garbage (20 days ago)
Most of the time, in many places at least, water is green and the sky is grey.
Tim Bomb (20 days ago)
In between red and blue, the only colours we can actually see
TeddyGNOP (21 days ago)
so that 'purple' conversation got me all curious because i fuck with purple, so i just peeped the wikipedia page for _violet,_ it didn't say anything that sounds like what Arin is talking about but it did mention that the purple colors we see _on computer screens_ isn't true purple because what we're perceiving is actually a mesh of _different_ wavelengths. so, physically speaking, it's not one color, like what you'd see on a purple flower, just a bunch of different colored lights jammed together. then i'm like.. no shit. so is any other color that isn't red, green, or blue. so now i've still got no idea what the hell Arin is talking about lol
TeddyGNOP (21 days ago)
non-spectral colors. he's talking about non-spectral colors. glad i solved that mystery, what a rabbit hole lol
TeddyGNOP (21 days ago)
on a side note, i just learned a whole bunch of crazy and stupid shit about purple. that's cool i guess.
Jordan M (21 days ago)
as a color blind person, I can confirm purple does not exist.
Jack Wegner (22 days ago)
Why is danny high
A Yaremko (29 days ago)
I'm an artist. I've done traditional art, I've done digital art. I've gone to college for art. I've done countless hours of colour theory and NOT ONCE HAVE I HEARD PURPLE ISNT A COLOUR, SO I GOOGLED IT AND NOW MY LIFE IS RUINED. THANK YOU. THANK YOU FOR THIS.
Furrylust (29 days ago)
Purple is not a color that appears in nature. Purple is not a color on the spectrum of light, and you can see a pure red or blue light, but not a pure purple light. What is observed as purple light is actually a mixture of other colors. When you see a red object, it is actually red. When you see a purple object, it is not actually purple, it is a trick of Ultraviolet light (which cannot be observed) and other colors of light. Purple is a color which cannot naturally occur in nature, it is just simple tricks of light.
CrazyFox Animation (30 days ago)
Dan - "Now you're thinking with gas..."
Anorak The Wizard (30 days ago)
Jaws 5 starring Arin and Danny
sweatpantsprincess (1 month ago)
ya fuckin jumpscared me with the shark mates
Matt Rogers (1 month ago)
New to GameGrumps. Anyone know if they ever drink while they play games? I swear sometimes Dan sounds like he's a couple drinks in xD
Eddie Miller (1 month ago)
Sharks are not that viscous
Tay h (1 month ago)
There is no color that "doesn't exist" and the whole "your brain is making an approximation of blah blah blah to make it make sense" is dumb, color is in the perception. What POSSIBLY could have been misquoted to give us this erroneous statement is how blue is extremely rare as a pigment in animals. Most "blue" from many of the "bluest" wildlife is just a manipulation of light. Again, they're still "blue" since color is in the perception, however they do not have any blue PIGMENT. Two examples of this are the Blue morpho butterfly and Blue Macaws. Both of which do not posses blue pigments, but acquire a blue coloration by how their surface structures reflect light. That isn't to say that there are "no" blue pigments in animals. Blue lobsters are blue because of a pigment titled "crustacyanins" (a Latin portmanteau of crustacean, the animal family they are commonly found in, and cyanin, a word for blue pigment) Tl;dr....this is just another misquoted rumor that has no basis, both blue and purple exist in nature.
Magnesiumoose (1 month ago)
When they are talking about the color purple, I think it's like how dogs can't really see certain colors that we can see, or how certain animals, like the mantis shrimp can see several colors that we can't see
Michael Odell (1 month ago)
I was tackling a giant stuffed giraffe while yelling "JOHN CENA" and split my head open on the couch!!! So I got GIRAFFETED!!!!
Joseph Pinkley (1 month ago)
Holy shit, dude. I'm sorry, but any reasonably intelligent person would realize within the first minute that rope was a craftable and not a harvestable. That's an obnoxious level of stupid.
Tallerus Fergison (1 month ago)
This game is my worst fear made into a reality.
DN thegood7 (1 month ago)
6:32 XD
Tick Dickler (1 month ago)
Sometimes I feel like Arin ignores the actual rules of the game and does stupid shit on purpose
jacob schellen (1 month ago)
Too bad they won't find Sharkman
Blue Rose (1 month ago)
this series needs to be animated
Delaney Chapman (1 month ago)
The reason the sky and water are blue is just that light reflects off of chemicals in the atmosphere not because they are actually blue. I think thats what they meant when it doesnt "naturally" occur in nature
frozenaorta (1 month ago)
At first I jumped when I saw the shark on the raft... Then I was immediately dying laughing at Arin's scream.
Gavin Tidwell (1 month ago)
I hate the new intro
Franco Miranda (1 month ago)
This has been irking me for a while. It isn't purple that isn't real, it's magenta. Purple, green, red, yellow, blue and all the colors in between have a pure wavelength which occurs in the light spectrum. MAGENTA is the color that doesn't have a pure wavelength. it is a combination of red and blue, which lie at the opposite ends of the spectrum, so they don't have an "in between" color the same way green is between red and yellow. So when you mix blue and red light, your eyes have a hard time recognizing it as a color because their midpoint is yellow, however yellow is already a pure primary color. So instead your brain creates the color magenta, as if it is taking the linear band of visible light and turning it into a circle, where magenta fills the gap and connects blue to red. Hope that cleared things up.
cherry chainsaw (1 month ago)
I'm late to the party but last I checked, blue isn't a pigment... That's why it isn't in nature, it is just things that reflect the color blue but don't really have the pigment. Birds and butterflies when looked into a microscope don't have any blue pigment just very complex feathers that manage to absorb all colors and only reflect blue. This happens with blue eyes too.
TheDeadCobra (1 month ago)
This is not mining this is fishing
I just love gamers (1 month ago)
I love the "purple isn't real" convo lol
Andrew King (1 month ago)
Alternate pressing '4' and '7' for a summary of Game Grumps
Chris Schoenthaler (1 month ago)
9:15 when Arin decides to check if he can craft rope.
madison morren (2 months ago)
There point on color sounds skewed. If they meant blue, but is almost nonexistent as a PIGMENT that certian creatures couldnt make biologically. That mesmerizing color of blue we see on things like blue butterflies and bluejays etc. Is actually light refraction. And if you wet them with something like alchohol it fills the cones or scales and distorts it because its only perceived through light!! Its why mahimahi dull in color once they die. Its VERY fascinating
Roses Luckride Art (2 months ago)
I think they were just saying that blue isn't a color that nature can make on its own (like animals), but we see blue because of the light or some shit, I don't completely remember the reason why, but that's something that I've heard from a friend and a few other people.
AndreLink91 (2 months ago)
wait: isn't Kraft name Royal now?
Mega Minx (2 months ago)
SHIT, THAT ACTUALLY KIND OF MAKES SENSE! Purple is probably the hardest color to pull off artificially, so maybe it's because we think red + blue is purple, but it's actually not, so when we try to mix colors to get purple, we always get that ugly reddish-brown color. Plus, you always hear in the makeup industry about how hard it is to get a good purple that blends well and has good pigment. Weird.
Kane Parks (2 months ago)
No it blue you are thinking of birds
Yo Dawgz Gaming (2 months ago)
I can't wait for this "hey we are so tired" whining to end.
KestrelDC (2 months ago)
Talking about wether or not purple is real and then “OH SHIT! SHARK!”
Random Chance (2 months ago)
You use leaf to make rope
ladyofvengeance (2 months ago)
John Richardson (2 months ago)
6:38 Add one more to the "Danny screaming" compilation.
i would love to see a minecraft hunger games game grumps vs
Silverlance 24 (2 months ago)
I released this on the 7th as part of my 1 year on youtube. Then Gamegrumps coincidence???
Uncleshellers (2 months ago)
The way Danny thinks and talks when he's tired must be the same as when he used to get high, sounds similar lol he's cute
Olive Everhart (2 months ago)
purple = violet waves and blue is not a color we conceived of for a long time it also is not in nature meaning plants and animals. but I get what you spitting.
Holly McGolly (2 months ago)
But when will they finish Endless Ocean 2?????
I've seen sun rising, I've seen bad moon.
Intrepid Vitality (2 months ago)
Majora's mask tho...
Lightlybow (2 months ago)
RE THE BLUE THING: You can't observe blue *pigment* in nature, whenever you see blue feathers or shells or whatever, it's a structural thing, like holes and ridges developed to reflect certain colors, rather than a pigment. So like if you found a blue butterfly and ground up its wings, taking the structure out of the equation, the dust would just look gray.
Quniverse (2 months ago)
Arin paddling to that island gave me wind waker flashbacks.
Elastichedgehog (2 months ago)
You do realise that red and blue are on opposite sides of the colour spectrum right? Every wavelength in between is all the other colours.
Ailuru Canis (2 months ago)
heyy umm, mr. shark would you mind pushing from behind...? uh wait I didnt mean... ah,
PKpunk (2 months ago)
Colour is based on the electromagnetic frequency waves, in which we can see a very small portion of. red is the slowest of visible light wave and blue (or violet) is the fastest of visible light wave. We can not see ultra violet light, but some other animals in nature can. As for the blue in nature. I believe that is a myth based on, not the water and sky but, the flora and fauna of the world. I know that there are blue animals and flowers so it's definitely a myth, but blue is definitely a rarer colour to see in living organisms. PS. purple would be obscenely are due to it's EMF wave 'speed.' You definitely see it a lot in flowers, but not so much in animals. something to look into I suppose... Thank you for reading...
Octavia Melody (2 months ago)
Jet Lagged Grumps is best Lagged Grumps.
Dack Janiels (2 months ago)
So why are they not playing this co op??
AvRobert™ (2 months ago)
Omg, Dan screaming made my look like that broken laughing emoji
Dalion Heart (2 months ago)
.... Every color we see is an interpretation of our brain. In what way is that different for purple?
Caleb Montgomery (2 months ago)
Holy shit the shark made me jump so bad
Aiden Parker (2 months ago)
The "no blue in nature" was probably that blue pigment is uncommon in animals. Blue birds are blue because of crystal structures in the feather, but do no contain a material that is technically "blue". There is a butterfly that has blue pigment, but it's uncommon because its easier to evolve physical structures that are blue than compounds that are blue.
Tim Tam (2 months ago)
blue is the least common colour to appear on animals
RowinMarkov (2 months ago)
I was watching/listening to this at work and turned my head just in time to see the shark chomping their raft and it spooked me.
Lillian Caro (2 months ago)
officially heard 3 different youtubers say "i dont have freinds" on this game you all in some way know eachother
zach kapsh (2 months ago)
There is blue in nature as in plants and other foliage.
Game Jesus (2 months ago)
MFW the small-time indie game that I found on itch.io became a youtube-wide game
MAC ATTCK Pegasusqueen (2 months ago)
misspinkelf (2 months ago)
I don't like how Arin spouts things like he's an authority on the subject.
JarAxe (2 months ago)
"Why don't you get on a fucking computer and join?" Yeah, why don't you Dan?
xIx EDGE xIx (2 months ago)
How's it going dude? Staying away from the salt water?
Andrea (2 months ago)
True blue in animals is hard to come by. For birds, at least, blue is a combination of a yellow pigmented feather with a melanin backing which scatters light to make it appear blue. I have a few feathers from a blue and gold macaw and on the outward facing side, it is quite obviously blue. On the other side, you can see yellow and black. Green feathers are another trick for most species of birds that I'm probably misremembering how it is done. The only birds in the world that naturally have green feathers are the Turacos and they get it from their diet, which is high in copper. Diet also plays into many other birds (flamingo and cedar waxwings). Structure lends to make the harder colors (blue and iridescence).
Alex MacIntyre (2 months ago)
Arin is terrible at this game.
Teeweezeven (2 months ago)
Only the sky is blue. The ocean is just a reflection of the sky. And I wouldn't call the sky nature so no, there's no blue in nature
Moon'sDeity (2 months ago)
Plastic hook broke. Make new plastic hook when without rope. Game.
JeY k (2 months ago)
it might imply that you kept that rope from the hook and can't use it for anything else, but I also assume you can just craft a boatload of hooks and magically switch your permarope every time.
luis gold (2 months ago)
2:30 Dan: oh you got a fish. Arin: that's a leaf Dan: a big green flat fish. Jet lagged grumps is best grumps.
Zac H (2 months ago)
This game is a lot like life.
Mike McMahon (2 months ago)
A game... CALLED RAFT. Oh shit you're just on a raft. Danny Sexbang 2018
Richard Dakazo (2 months ago)
The Word purple was made up buy like crayola or something, Violet is the correct name of the color
Richard Dakazo (2 months ago)
Not Purple, Arin, its Pink, or Magenta. thats the bogus color.
Maisie (2 months ago)
Jerry Lantz (2 months ago)
That's pretty much every comment section in any GG video lol
Squirrel_2164 (2 months ago)
The sky is actually purple but because the frequency of the wavelengths is too high for us to process, we see the next color on the spectrum which is blue.... that’s the only thing I remember from my high school physics book😂😂😂
Jim Mulvaney (2 months ago)
The argument is that BLACK does not exist in nature. It is something you learn in art school about color theory. Technically, all the "black" you find in nature is actually varying shades of blue, which is why if you paint nature, you do not use the color black unless you are portraying man-made materials within nature. Proper painting technique requires you to use layers of blue, brown, red or green, to convey things like shadows. Even black hair is not a natural color, it is actually a very dark brown.
RetroMochi (2 months ago)
6:37 Dan pls
RetroMochi (2 months ago)
*Everybody:* OMG DO THIS DO THAT YOURE SO STUPID *Me:* Shut the fuck up they're new. You were this stupid when you started too, cry babies.
Joshua Rios (2 months ago)
@6:45 Flashbacks of GameGrumps Universal Studios game
Glenn VanderMale (2 months ago)
Stop talking science please
Daniel Stuurop-Wiffen (2 months ago)
I hate how dumb arin is sometimes, he couldn’t fight is way out of a wet paper bag
crispy cashoe (2 months ago)
Dammit Arin
Shizamza Shazam (2 months ago)
6:30 Jesus I jumped
Sundae Sundays (2 months ago)
* Arin figures out how to craft rope* Me: Oh, thank goodness!
Kigu Comfy (2 months ago)
I'm not sure about blue not existing in nature but I know there's no such thing as blue eyes. They appear blue based on how much light they absorb when you look at them. Also, I hate sharks in video games. I used to play Eco and would screech every time a shark attacked me.

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