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CS GO - Why & How Rare Are Some Skins?

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In this video I calculate the approximate chances of getting the rarest knives/skins for cs go and explain why they are so rare. My Twitter: https://twitter.com/OG_McSkillet Trade With Me! https://goo.gl/g7WkUQ Home Skillets Steam Group: http://goo.gl/8AVC8b Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/og_mcskillet MUSIC: https://www.youtube.com/user/CHUKImusic
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Text Comments (686)
CommanderColt100 (2 years ago)
So i always cried around that i opended about 20-30 cases and got a max value of 30 cents... Today 3 Phoenix cases and a Stattrack M9 Case Hardened... It isnt even that unreal to get a knife
Jisoo Trash (2 years ago)
If the chance is 1 in 200 chance, does that mean if you open 200 cases your going to get atleast one knife?
Harsh Chavan (2 years ago)
Cyka blyat
Calvin Mchone (2 years ago)
What about doppler and marble fade
Shant Barseghian (2 years ago)
Hey I have the lowest float for BS case hardened shaddow daggers. I was wonder what was its worth and are you willing to trade for it?
flesz CS:GO (2 years ago)
how many cost karambit no statrak crimson web minimal wear
Ayokz777 (2 years ago)
Hey guys wanna win a free knife? I'm hosting a giveaway for a Flip Knife Stained! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/AyokzTwitch/discussions/0/485623339234406681/ Doing the 30th December, monday!
Freddie Piper (2 years ago)
What is the difference between marble fade and just fade?
Nathan Eyerley (2 years ago)
If you're math is correct on the chances of getting certain knifes/finishes, wouldnt it be the same odds to get any knife? For instance just as rare to get a FT Karambit night? Following your math that would make it just as rare to unbox that knife as the FN Karambit Crimson Web... 1/64 to get a karambit etc etc So to get to the point, this math is clearly flase seeing how there are TONS of lowier tier knives of all conditions etc out there, and only a handful of the rare finishes. In other words the rare finishes etc are rarer to unbox, now a even 1:1 chance to whatever knife is picked. Thats why the dopplers have legendary, ancient rarituys if I had to guess.
Jacob C (2 years ago)
227,000th sub!
Jacob C (2 years ago)
227,000th sub!
Jacob C (2 years ago)
227,000th sub!
Of3nATLAS (2 years ago)
The StatTrak Karambit | Crimson Web Factory New is so valuable because it's a StatTrak Karambit | Crimson Web Factory New N1 McSkillet
Saffran (2 years ago)
how do i find like these high valuable inventorys? Like skylander
Eletrix (2 years ago)
please stop impersonating me or copyright will find you in a pickle
Blue Valve (2 years ago)
i want a crimson web so bad!!
officialSuSpEnZ CS:GO (2 years ago)
I opend a karambit crimsonwebb fn st in only 10 cases but i lost it in jackpot when i had 94,5 % chanse to win but i lost :(:(:(
Grey-man (2 years ago)
The Float Value meter is NOT PROPORTIONATE. A bunch of people don't understand that that FN and WW are easily 5 times rarer than other conditions because the possible range of FV's is much much smaller.
vi ses (2 years ago)
God, this background music is insanely repetitive and annoying.
HardTimeGamers (2 years ago)
in your list of knive skins you forgot the marble fade and Damascus steel
E (2 years ago)
FrideMasters (2 years ago)
Song name plzzzz
Sayrim Gamer (2 years ago)
Chances of me getting a gf 1;10000000000000000
RCKZY (2 years ago)
what is the song ? please
AbSolute (2 years ago)
Your math is may be correct,but i dont think that a karambit has the same chance as a gut knife. I think you get more often a gut than a karambit. The same with crimson web and boreal forest ...
McSkillet (2 years ago)
+AbSolute No. The reason the crimsonweb/karambit is more expensive is simply because it is more desired
zombiewainam (2 years ago)
100+ cases opened still not opened a knife.....I get so angry if I see case opening videos......
Noobiga Skämt (2 years ago)
Where is the karambit doppler blackpearl st fn????
Maxstar22 (2 years ago)
dude, if the rarity of unboxing goes after float value, the more than every second unbox has to be battle scarred. This makes no sense m8 field tested is more common than anything
Jeffrey Samuels (2 years ago)
ONLY 3 STATRAK BLUE GEM AKS??? I've actually been in a casual game with someone who had one... (I have no idea what wear, but it looked pretty damn clean)
VyRoX DE (2 years ago)
Hey, +McSkillet well i always wanted to know what Mic. you use. I would be pretty happy if you could help me ^^
Soviet Doge (2 years ago)
what about the souvenir stattrack fac new dragon lore
Nocs (2 years ago)
I think Valve or even the Government should stop skins from becoming worth OVER TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. It's ridiculous to think a virtual "cosmetic" item is worth potentially a car or potentially someone's income. We need some kind of law to regulate gambling and selling skins for these stupid prices.
Nexus (2 years ago)
+Nocs lmao worst troll ever :D
Nocs (2 years ago)
+Nexus42 You're a fucking idiot. End of story. Educate yourself
Nexus (2 years ago)
+Nocs You are the reason autism exists.
Holzer (2 years ago)
And there is a 1 in 1000 chances of getting a girl pregnant
Jovax (2 years ago)
McSkillet is my new math teacher
Vectrex720 (2 years ago)
Also commented this elsewhere, McSkillet could you please do a video on CS pins? Like even if it's less than 2 minutes, I never hear anyone talk about them and think they'd make a great "those exist?" topic.
Coleman (2 years ago)
How rare are some skins and why*
Reptilian Scum (2 years ago)
Anyone want to trade a factory new - butterfly knife fade?
Huzaifa Mazhar (2 years ago)
also for the crimson web karambit, value can increase if they have nice webbing on it
Chris Ronaldo Khoshaba (2 years ago)
You forgot marble fade?
please donate any skins here plesae https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=107332756&token=_tTvv_MY
jardos_gaming (2 years ago)
this was to smart for me.
wait but i thot crimson webs are more rare than all the other knife skins..
Dat Is Meh (2 years ago)
If i calculated it right the chances of you unboxing a stattrak fn karambit case hardened is 0.000000055000055%
Dat Is Meh (2 years ago)
with nr.1 pattern ofc....
greefi. - olli w. (2 years ago)
Karambit Case Hardened was 100% Blue on BS is it? It seems to be
Armando Pv (2 years ago)
LemonBob (2 years ago)
From a few dollars in silver to a few grands if LE and a few milion in global soon! XD
Savvas Yolatska (2 years ago)
100.000 views and no comments?
DEUS VULT (2 years ago)
Yeah, this may be all right, but its quite stupid. I mean, I could also say, the chance to get a FT Gut Knife Safari Mesh with a float value of exactly π ist like 1/999999999999999 but that doesnt make sense at all. Cuz there are so many little chances to get a specific item, so that it adds to 100 at the end.
Vito player (2 years ago)
Chance of opening case and getting negev desert strike : 11/10
BfgSnyky (2 years ago)
Is a wear value of .01 good?
Scudda boy (2 years ago)
Having a white out skin is like having all white air maxes. If they ain't clean no one cares
kenau (2 years ago)
http://prntscr.com/8zjxkz http://prntscr.com/8zjuy7 Anyone wanna trade? My inventory is worth ~$33 and I'd like to trade it for the Desert Eagle Blaze Factory new! Please add me on Steam if you'd like to. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198211265769/
g0dlen (2 years ago)
For those of you wondering psychoskyliner sold his collection...
g0dlen (2 years ago)
+Obito Uchiha yea. hes like so fuckin rich now lol
Obito Uchiha (2 years ago)
+lennox285679 http://steamcommunity.com/id/psychoskyliner/inventory/#730 Sad but true idk why. He still has his Kara tho
Joel J (2 years ago)
I like your cross hairs, could you give me the variables for it
Lundberg (2 years ago)
I have a pretty rare knife skin and i wanna try to estimate it's value can you help, also i think you might have interest in it since you collect rare skins please answer
iFrostyz Gaming (2 years ago)
Resolution ? :)) thanks
Michael Reynolds (2 years ago)
My dad asked why virtual items are this expensive when I asked him if I could get a $100 knife. I feel like showing him this video xD
Ch33ki (2 years ago)
"not enough skins on the market to even do this trade up" 1. rob Bill Gates 2. buy 300,000 weapon case 2's 3. buy 300,000 weapon case keys 4. open the cases 5. buy all of the tatoos and bright water USP/M4A1'S' 6. trade all of dat shit up 7. get ST FN case hardened best pattern
hilden4fun (2 years ago)
I just had a falchion case lying around so i opened it and got a Stattrak Factory New AWP Hyper Beast!! That's $235 at the time I got it :D
letsPlay1196 (2 years ago)
so i have to unbox 100 more cases and i MAYBE get a knife?
Chucky (2 years ago)
aye im in this video lol 0:03
killer123denmark (2 years ago)
Then i Will just do a 9620000 case opening
NyronGT (2 years ago)
Why are some knifes more valuable then others? If you have, for example, a Gut Knife and a Karambit with the same skin and pattern, why would the Karambit be worth more? Is it about the gameplay? Do some knifes actually excel in a practcical use and that's why they cost so much? I'm now confused.
+NyronGT Yep, and obviously floats and patterns  can change the price 
NyronGT (2 years ago)
+.cUp ツ - CSGO, LoL and more! So it's just about aesthetics, then?
+NyronGT Because, it's how much the community wants that certain knife. This is determined by looks and animations
TheWcook1 (2 years ago)
The way this title was written messed with my mind
Pirate (2 years ago)
mcskillet can math! or he can use a calculator
wolfwall (2 years ago)
it annoys me that the skin in not in the middle. lol
Smit Shete (2 years ago)
can you do a video on how to trade properly? I have tried trading and i am not having any success
Bearmax (2 years ago)
Mcskillet, im going to neck myself if you dont accept my friend reqeust... U will be seeing me on the news senpai, notice meeee
KyleWW (2 years ago)
You see its rare by the way it is
hahaha (2 years ago)
and the karambit ruby statrek factory new its so rare?
Dragonfly5675 (2 years ago)
Can somebody help me: If I inspect any Tiger Tooth it looks so dark and brown and not that yellow like when i see it by other people on Youtube Videos. What do i need to change in my game to see it normaly?
aldas aleksėjūnas (2 years ago)
LayPlays (2 years ago)
LayPlays (2 years ago)
+LayPlays otherwise nice vid
motar2k is going for it Kappa
Nexus (2 years ago)
+TheDarknessPvP #blockhitstain Dem Biceps
+Nexus42 mah frieeend
Nexus (2 years ago)
+TheDarknessPvP #blockhitstain You are not my friend, you are my brother, my friend.
The Channel of Stuff (2 years ago)
is it just me who thinks that the flip knife is the best looking knife in the game
+The Channel of Stuff I think the flip knife is nice, if only it wasn't a pocket knife and had a cooler animation.
The Channel of Stuff (2 years ago)
+Hunter Pietramala sweet, I don't have a flip knife :( but I would love to have one because it looks so sleek
Tobi (2 years ago)
Are you romanian?
nard0 (2 years ago)
McSkillet You should stream some CS:GO comp and play with subs :)
Tobi Elholm (2 years ago)
Hello +McSkillet I have a Flip Knife Stained FT but there is a penis on the play side and i was wondering which prize i should give it
lucas417 (2 years ago)
i have a bayonet case hardened (WW) with 60% blue does someone now the Price for it ? :)
Cal (2 years ago)
1 in 200? i opend 700 and no knife ever.
Obito Uchiha (2 years ago)
+Mine Cal I just opened 200 Caes and got 1337 Knifes but only Gut Safari BS
NOTDOOM (2 years ago)
+Mine Cal Opened 2 knives, Battle Scarred Gut Safari and Bayonet Scorched FT
vincentanakin1 (2 years ago)
+Mine Cal hahaha
Cal (2 years ago)
+vincentanakin1 i believe you. my friend opend 50 and got 3 so yeah..
vincentanakin1 (2 years ago)
i opened 1st case and got knife hahaha not joking.my neighbour was so jealous
DaMarco (2 years ago)
Its more likely to win the Austrian Lottery and win 1 000 000€ than getting a ST FN Karambit Crimson Web
Mr Mince (2 years ago)
1/181818000 chance? Challenge accepted (I'm only gonna open one tho maybe chroma or something)
Jakob Stenger Blom (2 years ago)
Thats a freaking rare invintory https://steamcommunity.com/id/cArecsgo/inventory/
Tröga Norrlänningen (2 years ago)
Please can you check if my knife have the best float on an Flipknife Forest DDPAT FieldTested (On csgoexchange it's on the minimal wear line) : 0.15379807
ArJuN AJ (2 years ago)
rip money
diamondminer47 (2 years ago)
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Jonatan Pettersson (2 years ago)
make an inventory showcase on Skyd1ddy's profile :-))))
Jericho (2 years ago)
Hey McSkillet check this guy's grey themed inventory. He also has the 4th lowest float p90 in the world http://steamcommunity.com/id/ncacinematicart/inventory/
DONALD (2 years ago)
Why i'm from Poland and i watching you? :V
Arttu Yltävä (2 years ago)
+Mcskillet you did while back a video about the high float abyss well i have one with 0.99984038 float and has ton of green/white on the playside so how much would this scout be worth?
jonifun92 (2 years ago)
When I started with cs:go(1 year ago) I traded up to a minimal wear ak Case Hardened with #3 pattern Damn I still cry over trading it for 140$:(
XavlaminYT (2 years ago)
Did you get Black Ops 3? And if not, will you if the modding and mapping tools lead to new advanced custom zombies? :D
nyx (2 years ago)
I just inboxed a ruby karambit!! What are the odds for ruby karambit????
Ztuu (2 years ago)
What does a karambit case hardened with 1.0 float look like? No skin? Anyone know the highest float one in existence?
Ambjoern (2 years ago)
Really cool video sir!
Monst3r TheBest (2 years ago)
Dat music and quality of the video...(love it):)
Caspar (2 years ago)
How much are a full grinded glock-18 grinder worth ??
skripe (2 years ago)
Hiko had Stattrak karambit case hardened number #1 pattern on playside
skripe (2 years ago)
+Skripe =D Not factory new
felix fritsch (2 years ago)
Did i understand it correctly that a total bullshit pattern is as possible as a full blue one on a karambit case hardened?
Daniel Brown (2 years ago)
There's still a lot of "bs" patterns so it's rarer
Zotar (2 years ago)
poldi p (2 years ago)
Hey McSkillet, is it possible to get an AWP | Asiimov in MW or FN?? Because they haven't been unboxed yet, but this doesn't mean that it's impossible to get them??

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