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Skyrim: Very Special Edition – Official E3 2018 Trailer

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Alexa! Fus Ro DAH! Watch the trailer for Skyrim: Very Special Edition, featuring Keegan Michael Key. For the very first time ever, take your rightful place as the Dragonborn of legend (again) and explore Skyrim using the power of your own voice...your Thu’um! Web: https://beth.games/2sZpi65 Facebook: https://facebook.com/elderscrolls Twitter http://www.twitter.com/elderscrolls Instagram http://www.instagram.com/elderscrolls Etch-A-Sketch Design by https://www.youtube.com/lily-liver - Reddit: https://beth.games/2sXA64F - Time-Lapse Video: https://beth.games/2HCoQj6
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Text Comments (8346)
BurningPillow (4 minutes ago)
Seriously? Where’s the camera at? Come on. This has got to be a prank.
Phou (7 minutes ago)
Just found out that if I wedge a copy of skyrim for the ps3 between a piece of paper and a plastic fork it'll bring me to the title screen
William Doyle (11 minutes ago)
i want that Samsung Smart Fridge now :| ......
KingGetzRekt (16 minutes ago)
The real question....... *Can I Play It On My Label Maker?*
Burn Out (16 minutes ago)
What about my calculator? Can I play Skyrim on there?
TotallyNotCool (17 minutes ago)
florencio luching (25 minutes ago)
can i play skyrim on the toilet tho?
Sk8er Pepisman (29 minutes ago)
When was the release for Skyrim on my supermarine spitfire instruments, I forget
Madiuss (30 minutes ago)
Are you laughing at the fact you really going to do a really special edition of skyrim one day...
The Dark Side (34 minutes ago)
I love the fact Bethesda is having a good laugh.
Speed_Bomber67GT (45 minutes ago)
I can finally play Skyrim on my Nokia 3310
DarkIzo (1 hour ago)
bethesda entering the realm of "doom on anything"
Joele Bruno (1 hour ago)
Can i play skyrim on my dog?
thedman12 00 (1 hour ago)
guys this is definitely not a troll can't wait to play Skyrim on my couch and window
Milos Jovic (1 hour ago)
Jordan Peele winning Oscars and shit while Key doing this 😂😂😂
IHATEYANKS41 (1 hour ago)
*The dragon unleashes fire breath on you* "OK"
ESDESESESERDO (1 hour ago)
Can't wait to play Skyrim in my Motorola
thomas ebers (1 hour ago)
We deserved this 😂
adrian naick (1 hour ago)
Next year and another version of skyrim
MissionPvp (1 hour ago)
Very cool Kanye. Thank you!
Yadir Salazar (1 hour ago)
Eat All the cheese 😂😂
MADBADBRAD (1 hour ago)
Skyrim: Smart Watch edition
Nanen (1 hour ago)
not funny. complete bullshit. fuck you bethesda.
Ryvucz (1 hour ago)
Shoulda been an April Fool's thing.
Yahya Irfan (1 hour ago)
Love this!
Roberto Fusco (1 hour ago)
Is a Joke?
TehSinastria (1 hour ago)
I like when people can be self-satyr as well as when game devs can see what the gamers want.
Tonino (1 hour ago)
Playing Skyrim in my mind right now
Tonino (1 hour ago)
haha that's so funny
Tonino (1 hour ago)
what fuckery is this
Sizimic Storm (2 hours ago)
You thought this was a joke? Well guess what Bethesda has in store for you!
dark warlock (2 hours ago)
Caleb Collier (2 hours ago)
Where is the Calculator port Bethesda?
Bryce Forsyth (2 hours ago)
So like a text adventure game... but Skyrim-ier?
Azwan R. (2 hours ago)
Can I play it while I'm sleeping? Or have they not got the technology for that yet?
Freddie Krieger (2 hours ago)
U know something is wrong if u can’t tell if a Bethesda trailer is real or not
Vortex Assault (2 hours ago)
Strat'o'sphere (2 hours ago)
Oooh, stooop it
Intrepid Nick (2 hours ago)
Saviik Walker (3 hours ago)
I saw this and thought "are you fucking kidding me" and then realized it was a joke and laughed so hard.
Adriel Ferdianto (2 hours ago)
Saviik Walker Except the Alexa is real, lmao
coolnick tech (3 hours ago)
I would actually buy it.
MoistTowelette (3 hours ago)
ok....i laughed
Fuzz bit_35 (3 hours ago)
I want to play Skyrim on my mother fucking toaster where's my port.
Weebocracy :3 (3 hours ago)
I'm playing Skyrim on my Gameboy color
Pani Nikola (3 hours ago)
Brian Harrigan (3 hours ago)
I can't wait to drop off the battle bus and meet some of you on the battlefield
Arakel Darksun (3 hours ago)
Hilarious joke
Silent Rex (3 hours ago)
What the hell Bethesda still no port for my chalkboard?
Yeah, I can't wait to play this on my *stone tablet*
Jack Ryan (3 hours ago)
I play Skyrim on a cereal box
I unironically want an Alexa port. Also I semi-unironically want a port for every appliance in my house.
Francisco Rendón (3 hours ago)
¿Can I play skyrim on my game boy color?
Paulius Urbonas (3 hours ago)
Wtf is this
Dark ness (3 hours ago)
liam shelley (4 hours ago)
*smashes table* FUS RO DAH (10/10 would work like this)
Lol everything was stolen from cdprojektred self-sarcastic videos. It's good to see Bethesda finally learning how to interact with their own community.
Alex Childers (4 hours ago)
Why god
Dio brando (4 hours ago)
Ɛrɪc Ќreutz (4 hours ago)
im playing skyrim under my toilet
Addicted2SuperSports (4 hours ago)
At least they can take the piss out of themselves
AntisOZYal (4 hours ago)
They embraced the meme
Nate McDorman (4 hours ago)
Just so you know guys, it's real. Just enable the "skill" on your Amazon account.
Crazy Jay (4 hours ago)
PizzaCow (4 hours ago)
Playing skyrim on my radio rn
Skretch (5 hours ago)
What about Skyrim for the Atari 2600?
SpiralSpike Mike (5 hours ago)
Gosh dang it Bethesda...
ritvik bharadwaj (5 hours ago)
I'm playing skyrim on my game boy
Noa Lernatic (5 hours ago)
We *NEED* DooM on Alexa.
Harrie Manders (5 hours ago)
Skyrim for DS early access 20.06.18
Sergio Oseguera (5 hours ago)
When he was on the etch-a-sketch I thought it was a oblivion loading screen
Owen Razmus (5 hours ago)
Count yourself lucky this was just a joke, Bethesdunce...
lilerkal 25 (5 hours ago)
Will it come on the mirror? It could help with making myself in game.
T .A (5 hours ago)
fr i still play the fuck outta skyrim
Kevin Holst (5 hours ago)
I loled
MWAG (5 hours ago)
Where's the microwave port?
Diego Mantilla (5 hours ago)
You are so fucking epic
Jonathon Reyna (5 hours ago)
This a joke?
I'd rather play it on my CPAP machine.
Lukas Bručas (5 hours ago)
You must be fuckin' kidding me...
Brandon Van Allen (5 hours ago)
Lmao I play on my snake
Mateo (5 hours ago)
It just released on the pillow guys it has amazing graphics!
kobeninja 1789 (5 hours ago)
Yes yes now i can play it on my butt
Timothy Trevino (5 hours ago)
Fus roh dah Fus roh dah! FUS ROH DAH!!!!!
I can't tell if this is real
Clem The Grineer (6 hours ago)
Also you guys forgot the commador 64
Clem The Grineer (6 hours ago)
This is hilarious.
David Thornton (6 hours ago)
R S (6 hours ago)
Nice deflection bethesda.
John (6 hours ago)
Oh Bethesda, you greedy bastards, you ruined fallout, and are still promoting skyrim!? Keegan Michael Key is funny as hell though.
John B (6 hours ago)
Can I play dis shit on my calculator yet?
Sarah White (6 hours ago)
Zin Tepest (6 hours ago)
Cool. Can i play skyrim on my calculator? Would help me kill time during my papers. Thanks!
G Amazing (6 hours ago)
Okay.... what about my typewriter?
Shaggy Doo (6 hours ago)
Yesterday I myself passed Skyrim on a pencil.
memes keep me alive (6 hours ago)
Garfield (6 hours ago)
I play Skyrim on the air itself
youflunkeddaycare (6 hours ago)
What if they take the joke so far and Elder Scrolls 6 is just another Skyrim port?
Gregory So (6 hours ago)
This was so golden. 1,000,000 likes man

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