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How esports changed the game: From media laughingstock to media craze

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Footage Courtesy: ABC JPicturehouseDF, JM Production Company, Reo Television, Hewland International/Channel 4 Television Corporation, Grundy/SOuther Star Endemol, Riot Games, Wikipedia, Decebal01US, Andrew Tompkins, PhobosLaboratory, OGN, Red Brick Entertainment/USA Network/MLG, Business Wire, thenextweb.com, noobfromua, valve, Sky News, HBO, Turner Broadcasting, Fox sports. Before the PC age, video games were only really making waves in the media in the context of novelty. But now, with attendance, viewership and prize pool continually on the rise, the mainstream media has come to embrace the industry. Here's a look back at how that came to be. For more video interviews and highlights, be sure to subscribe to theScore esports on YouTube. Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”). Check out theScore esports on Android and iOS: Android: http://thesco.re/esportsAndroidYT iOS: http://thesco.re/esportsiOSYT Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/thescoreesports Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Snapchat: theScoreesports
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theScore esports (1 year ago)
Hey guys, just a small correction to clear things up. At 7:32 it is the co-owners of the Sacramento Kings that have invested in esports (specifically NRG eSports). Thanks for all your love and support!
If you want to invest in Esports then buy MTG-B.st (modern times group) in Sweden
RockitMan (10 days ago)
well this is just retarded
lunerlilly (5 months ago)
You earned a subscriber. I was looking for a video that was informative and well put together after watching a year old Game theory episode I missed on E sports. You did a fantastic job with this and I hope your channel grows more and more.
Deo Mikhail Angelo Nunez (5 months ago)
this channel is underrated it needs more subs!!!!
NEight (7 months ago)
Now the cavaliers with 100T
skuets (21 minutes ago)
Jimmy Kimmel is such a dick
Lee Gen (1 day ago)
"we are the are warriors that build this town" goosebumps
Sushanth Adusumilli (1 day ago)
Jimmy Kimmel was a dick and still a dickhead
jsweeney7359 (1 day ago)
Lol Billy Mitchell
shubham sharma (1 day ago)
Really YouTube gaming came out in 2015 it feels like forever
D3rpyman2000 (2 days ago)
Fuck Kimmel
Minimatt 233 (3 days ago)
Why watch games when you can go play them yourself? Well why watch any sports if you can go out and play them. LuL.
RC RACER 88 (3 days ago)
Im not hating on gaming i play games occasionally but they aren't sports there is nothing physically demanding about playing them
Tararist (3 days ago)
Whats the difference between watching someone play a video game and watching a football game? Not much.
Aakarshan Chauhan (4 days ago)
Even the athletes acknowledge e-sports.
Ramirez The Astronaut (5 days ago)
Watching people play video games is stupid just go play them yourself lolololol... watching people play basketball is stupid just go play it yourself
The Bro Gamer 14082 (7 days ago)
Gamers will rise
Alexander Iskandar (10 days ago)
Until the developers fucks up the meta Regarding the people reaction, they've been doing the same shit with basketball and stuff, watching a bunch of people playing games instead of playing it themselves.
Bartlomiej Pytel (10 days ago)
I find it so boring watching people play games
Christoffer Nerdx (10 days ago)
Told you mom, this shit aint no joke
yong hei is Gay (10 days ago)
Have you seen the dislikes on jimmy's video
Joseph Martin Tan (11 days ago)
Feels good man. Next time, try it out instead of assuming
Isaac Nelson (13 days ago)
This is sad people are starting to think video games are a sport
Troll FACE! (12 days ago)
J037 (14 days ago)
God Jimmy Kimmel is such a fuck head lol
Nootmare 35 (15 days ago)
Watching someone play games is dumb but watching football and basketball is completely normal after all video games are just games just like football and basketball
TeamAtFort (15 days ago)
Video games may sound dumb to some people. But think of this, sport is watching guys risking their bodies and their lives just to throw a ball and score some imaginary points
El Mantishrimp (16 days ago)
"Why would you watch a game when you can just play it?" *sits down and watches football*
Troll FACE! (12 days ago)
its 2018
Mr. Cokie gamer (16 days ago)
Imagine VR esports
Mr. Cokie gamer (16 days ago)
I would like to watch
Vex (16 days ago)
I’ve never understood how people could say, why would you want to watch someone play a game just play it yourself. Do you realize how dumb you sound. Do you watch football? Well yeah. Ok so why don’t you go play football instead of watching it? Well. Yeah my point exactly
Nitish Venkatesh (16 days ago)
Jokes on him cuz its a billion dollar industry
XxRogueNationxX (17 days ago)
as a fan of Esports I can say that not only kids or people that live in there parents basement like Esports but also people that have real jobs and such. In addition I think that it's crazy that by the time I'm writing this post if you type Esports it tries to correct it.
Jost Rodríguez (18 days ago)
Fuck everyone who didnt believe and made fun of eSports. Now they better stay quiet, and im proud to see how underground communities such as Melee, Halo and so many others are recieving the respect they deserve for pioneering this wonderfull thing
RAMZ (19 days ago)
It's not about what the tv person thinks it is about what tv host person is seeing. how many people watch gaming streamers compared to tv on any given day.....enough said
Olter (19 days ago)
Billy mitchell is a con artist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=234Y76_3YPE
Olter (19 days ago)
Kimmel is a cuck
Ray Jones (20 days ago)
There needs to be a better platform then twitch,can we not make a blockchain platform that towers over twitch powered by the people.
Trainer Red (20 days ago)
So who's laughing now?
Lachlan O'Neil (22 days ago)
More like watching football
The statistics behind this are amazing. Ggwp.
Blit Zer (24 days ago)
Who's Laughing Now
Montgomory (24 days ago)
I personally cannot watch eSports because it lowers my hope in humanity when homeless people sit on a computer for 8 hours and people pay money to watch them do it. Seriously the main difference is gaming takes no physical effort and is just you boiling your eyeballs through blue light, applying 20kg of weight on your back and sitting on a chair for hours on end. Gaming will never be close to classical sports whatsoever period. Soccer is physically demanding in every way. If we continued on this path every human would become fat obese white kids sitting on their computer 24/7 boiling their brains and prioritising viseo games iver institutions.
Gilbert Simanjuntak (25 days ago)
Old generations getting wrong, younger generations getting wrong....usual, what should be done should be no prejudice, no judgement based on a double standard statement and mindset... E-sport prevail
ariel gelbolingo (26 days ago)
Wtf you didnt even mention dota 2 biggest prize pool !! that reach 20k
Chandra Aji Anindra (26 days ago)
This is the longest "Curb your opinion" meme video ever
Fresh (26 days ago)
Soo CS GO, LoL and other ESport games are not a real sport but cheff is a sport.
Gangi Films (26 days ago)
fuck kimmel
Moskorr (26 days ago)
Where was the talk about the overwatch league? That thing is gonna be huge
Competence (27 days ago)
Lol didn’t the gaming community basically build YouTube??? Correct me if I’m wrong😂😂
Android Gamer (27 days ago)
lol they salty and scared cuz they drop views and dont get much money 😂😂😂😂
seth geist (27 days ago)
the old will never change
Gehenna (28 days ago)
I'd rather watch people play video games than some unfunny middle-aged nu-male like Jimmy Kimmel try to make jokes tbh
McCauley60 McMan60 (28 days ago)
Kimmel is pathetic
GodDamn Arshia (28 days ago)
4:17 thats why you should go back to the kitchen
sam (28 days ago)
Oh i fucking hate when people say things lime what Jimmy said in the first clip. Listen up. Its the same exact thing as watching people play the sports and not playing the sport itself.
Tom Grant (28 days ago)
eSports are for booger eaters though
Medi Ocre (29 days ago)
No Twitch was made to beg viewers to pay your taxes
Legend27 (1 month ago)
Watching gaming is just like watching sports
Michael Bagood (1 month ago)
Lmao you notice all the people that dont get video games are these old fucks who are talking shit about it.
H2WHT (1 month ago)
Now fortnite
TyralBipath (1 month ago)
Would be cool to get an update on this video, like has any of these people's opinions changed, whats the revenue estimates now etc.
FANSpiele (1 month ago)
well the Future is for the Youth and its our Scene we created
Tiger474 (1 month ago)
I gotta say it feels really good to be able to be a part of such a huge movement. There is not a shadow of a doubt anymore that esports will be the primary mode of sporting entertainment in the world within the next 2 decades. It feels good to be proving all those people who said it was dumb to watch other people play video games.
Sup Rong (1 month ago)
"spectator sports" "you're just watching them playing" yes that's exactly what tv and streaming are for , to watch and this doesn't just applies for e sports but all sports in general . Take football for an example why do you watch the world cup ? You're not playing for them , you're not even playing that also applies for the people that's watching the game in person , inside the stadium. Like why are you even in there ? It's not like they're going to pull an audience out to play with them. You can feel the heat , the tension , the vibe of the game in person but that still doesn't change the fact that you're just a spectator
This Skrub (1 month ago)
Then why watching football match when you can go out and play your self right?
LoL Darth Ynot (1 month ago)
How about playing chessboard at Olympics and having millions of audiences?
K B (1 month ago)
Search Manila Major the bigget crowd of the esport history.!!
Manhwa Fan (1 month ago)
These guys are either going to be eating their own words doing the very things they ridiculed for living, or be jobless. Less and less watch tv and more watch internet streams. 80's-2010's kids grew up with games. That is at least two full generations worldwide worth of viewerships. Things are changing fast in entertainment business and it woul be dumb to not recognize where the money is.
Mmtoss (1 month ago)
No Esports will never be more nerve wracking or competitive as the NBA and MLB playoffs.
At 2:02 Stixxay?
jimmy kimmel is an illuminati puppet ass clown. of course he would hate on video games. thats like him saying, why would you watch people like jimmy talk to other people when you can go out and talk to other people yourself.
Fuck Jimmy Kimmel
ProDucktions (1 month ago)
The only people who failed as parents are the parents who let their kids believe Jimmy Kimmel actually has any talent. *Eugh*
King (1 month ago)
Serenity Crystal (1 month ago)
3 E-Sports Games Advantages VS Real Sports Career: 1. Anyone can learn any games as you like, if you have the talent to persue, you have the chance to be in a team or in a Top Team in an instance once discovered, Unlike in Real Sports you required the proper education/scholarship or else have the luck in your life to join a dream league supported by Country Sports Administration. 2. E-Sports Games provide generation of youth to have something to entertain and dream to be a top E-Sports Player someday, rather than doing something they might regret in the future. Since Real Sports is already in place providing future talented players it doesn't conclude the fact that there were certain condition to meet before you make it as a career. 3. Having talent in E-Sports Games vs Real Sports is quite different. There are several ways to play E-Sports games as you desire, ex. Personal Computer, Computer Cafe. However in Real Sports you required. Materials, Education when necessary, Country Administration Supports if you want to make it in real world.
dushyant Singh (1 month ago)
ClampsTNF (1 month ago)
“Watching someone play video games is like going to a restaurant and watching someone eat your food for you” then why do people watch sports when you can play them?
Benjy52 (1 month ago)
0:40 Hey you might want to change that. Billy’s record got removed for using a TAS!
Gneo Salen (1 month ago)
I wanna see this newscasters mock the game then make them play the game. Then when they got the hang of it play them against the pros. Now they will know
GOT DA POKE (1 month ago)
I only watch game grump that's it don't watch them play just listen funny as fuck
Lol Lol (1 month ago)
Shame CSGO is dying lol
HobbiePlays (1 month ago)
Thats funny jimmy getting called cancer i mean its funny cuase it makes me laugh but thats cool :D
SenpaiGaming101 (1 month ago)
1 year anniversary for this video
Ching Chong (1 month ago)
Imagine when the technology of vr reaches a high potential where you basically feel your virtual space, objects, your virtual self. The ability to feel pain etc in vr. It will change the game dramatically, and mkst of us wont be able to see it.
Ching Chong (1 month ago)
Video games are a situation of deviating from the norm. Ideo games are becoming popular, changing what people (kids and adults) do on their free time which strays from doing a physical activity as football or fishing or hiking. Thus making people who dont know anything about video game fear it to an extent because it isnt normal to them. Video games have its ups and down, but so does everything else. Soon video games will be a norm of an activity to do without being judged automatically.
Eugenio Comelli (1 month ago)
Why am i watching this a second time ?
subuhi bano (1 month ago)
Watching someone playing videogames is like going to restaurant and having someone to eat your food ???!!?!??!!! Then what watching sports is like *IDIOT*?
Emanuel Aguilera (1 month ago)
Imagine Wagons
Employing Tiera (1 month ago)
It’s not a sport.
Idk memes (1 month ago)
"Why watch people play video games when you can play them yourself" Why watch people play football when you can play it yourself?
Zechariah Chou (1 month ago)
Isn't watching people play video games the same as watching people play sports?
Game Republik (1 month ago)
I.D. Software? Really? Really? id. Edit this for the love of god. You don't know the correct name of the company that John Carmack founded who created the modern 3d engine.
InoshiKenshi (1 month ago)
I remember all the people shit talking esports like it was a joke, and when the first college created a scholarship for gaming/esports team, omg the hate was real on it more then ever, but now who's laughing? All those people can't say shit now lmfao.
Ben Dover (1 month ago)
Same can he said about any sports! Why watch it? Just play it!
Bubble_Nugget (1 month ago)
Actually its called the stanely cup finals
Captain Coconut (1 month ago)
*gets gangbanged instantly
Lone Viper (1 month ago)
Jimmy Kimmel is an idiot so no one cares anyways
Werehog 89 (1 month ago)
Poor old man
OpTumHimSelf Halo (1 month ago)
The people who disliked are just jealous these guys are making more money in a few hours then they can make in a week working 9 - 5
OpTumHimSelf Halo (1 month ago)
and have no clue how hard it can actually be, have they even seen a single match for 300k? i have.
Jerrold Canoneo (1 month ago)
And yet they say dota 2 is number 1 😂
Sploot (1 month ago)
Kimmel sucks. Always has, always will
Daylight (1 month ago)
We wish that they help the community ..
Big_Stupid_Wolf (1 month ago)
ill pay just to watch minecraft hunger game esport
shubh patel (1 month ago)
James Odeal (1 month ago)
Later on fortnite cemented e sports into the big books.

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