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How esports changed the game: From media laughingstock to media craze

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Footage Courtesy: ABC JPicturehouseDF, JM Production Company, Reo Television, Hewland International/Channel 4 Television Corporation, Grundy/SOuther Star Endemol, Riot Games, Wikipedia, Decebal01US, Andrew Tompkins, PhobosLaboratory, OGN, Red Brick Entertainment/USA Network/MLG, Business Wire, thenextweb.com, noobfromua, valve, Sky News, HBO, Turner Broadcasting, Fox sports. Before the PC age, video games were only really making waves in the media in the context of novelty. But now, with attendance, viewership and prize pool continually on the rise, the mainstream media has come to embrace the industry. Here's a look back at how that came to be. For more video interviews and highlights, be sure to subscribe to theScore esports on YouTube. Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”). Check out theScore esports on Android and iOS: Android: http://thesco.re/esportsAndroidYT iOS: http://thesco.re/esportsiOSYT Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/thescoreesports Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Snapchat: theScoreesports
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theScore esports (1 year ago)
Hey guys, just a small correction to clear things up. At 7:32 it is the co-owners of the Sacramento Kings that have invested in esports (specifically NRG eSports). Thanks for all your love and support!
Chaosphere (28 days ago)
Still, North Americans FAIL to acknowledge the fact that DOTA 2 (first) n CS:GO ARE THE TOP 2 most viewed n funded Esports of all time with every new year breaking the record of the passed year.
scotlandpride1 (1 month ago)
This is probably a far shot, but i am doing an informative speech in college about eSports with focus on its growth and push-back from media and personalities, would there be a way i could grab some of the articles and or citations used in this video? would be very appreciated. Well done video
Justin Melendez (3 months ago)
SPeaking of NRG eSports, is there any possibility of you guys Covering any Hi-Rez games, specifically Smite?
gullmaake (3 months ago)
i like how you correct this, but not the fact that you take footage from valve, and credit a notorious content-thief, noobfromua...
Ivö Summers (3 months ago)
theScore esports I’ve been gaming my whole life and even competed in a few speed runs and competitive Pokémon games. I don’t want acceptance from MSM. Just my two cents.
Games FTW (1 day ago)
Viewer Friendly... I guess Fortnite Tournaments wont exist because ITS TOO VIOLENT
PasscodeAdvance (1 day ago)
Esports is better than watching football. It's actually more easier to know how to perfect League of Legends watching a pro eSports athlete then it is to learn football watching a match of Fifa!
khure (1 day ago)
Some people have the foresight to see the future of entertainment. Then there are those who are so one tracked they can’t comprehend innovation. This can be applied throughout history. When cars were developed there were those that said the horse and buggy would never be replaced. Computers and internet were looked at worthless technology yet today everyone uses both. Athletic sports are going to die out as more people get into gaming. Here you only get 16 times to watch your team compete a year. Yet somehow I’m supposed to be impressed with such little shit content. So you can run fast... but have the brains of 6 year old and that’s impressive. So what, people are competing with their minds and the dumb jocks of the world are going to cry and dismiss their dying sports by saying Esports isn’t a real thing.
dragoezcurra (1 day ago)
2:58 ohhh no buddy. No one but USA watches the super bowl. No one gives a fudge about it.
Divine AMV (1 day ago)
Did you know more people watch League of legends worlds than the NBA finals and World Series. The only sport that gets more views in America is the super bowl.
Divine AMV (1 day ago)
So professional gamers are failures in life but they can make 20million dollars from winning a tournament. Good logic?
Divine AMV (1 day ago)
Didn’t know we were laughing stocks for playing games
Nick Kline (2 days ago)
And now drake and Michael Jordan have invested in esports
Kristhor (2 days ago)
As silly as Jimmy sounds, I agree with him, some people rather take part in games than spectate
Razgriz Strigoi (3 days ago)
"Wrestling is for booger eaters!" He's never watched other wrestling promotions..
Pedro Ruiz (3 days ago)
I hate Jimmy Kimmel! He’s a piece of sh!t!!
Zhi Kang Shao (3 days ago)
5:17 Whew, for a second there I thought it was 2020 already. Scared me.
lol XD (4 days ago)
BackWhen The Laugh at Us Now WE LAUGH AT THEM
Just George (4 days ago)
Jimmy Kimmel is a culture vulture
Roberto Marú (4 days ago)
Jimmy falon cant jajajajaja with us
TheLivingFreakshow (4 days ago)
Jimmy Kimmel is a bloody tool.
The Morningstars (4 days ago)
So esports and watching esports is stupid? Says the dude who probably screams at the ref of a football game who cant even hear him cause its on a tv and not in person then probably will smash the tv if his team loses...
SeattleSleeper (5 days ago)
And now look at how well over watch Leauge has done on top of all this! So great!
Tenzin Kunsang (5 days ago)
Yeah Jimmy y would we watch u speak
VendettA _ Official (5 days ago)
Jimmy Kimmel 1v1 me you scrub you will get 360 noscoped and then go cry home to your mom that I also banged..... 😏😏
Abraham Wolde (5 days ago)
Watching gaming live is like watching sports live. U could go play ur self too but for the same reason ur watching sports we are watching gaming. Maybe ur unable to play at the time and maybe its because u wanna watch certain players/teams ur a fan of......
Arturia Pendragon (6 days ago)
The content is good but I can't get over how bad that timeline graphic is. Takes up half the screen and fails to convey any meaningful information
Comment Section (8 days ago)
Where just a bunch of boogers eaters...
JustGabThings (9 days ago)
Where's that bitch ass cunt now?
Robert Jones Vistal (10 days ago)
Lets do this guys gamer!!
Armando Sanoy (10 days ago)
Wait till they make stuff like sword art online possible. Then we'll see whos laughing.
Rivaille Khang Dinh (10 days ago)
Greatest Esports channel ever.
Salim Khan (10 days ago)
How is watching e-sports different than watching a normal sports match?
Stella Bella (10 days ago)
Rise up gamers
Stella Bella (10 days ago)
Jimmy sit down
lm_Cray (10 days ago)
I miss the show where they would play the games then get put into the game at the end to win. Forget the show but think it was on Nick.
VegaWolfz (10 days ago)
People still lay at me tho
VegaWolfz (10 days ago)
jynxycats (10 days ago)
4:10 That's me and my flag, lol. How fucking cool.
fgbvbnnbbnn n (10 days ago)
I don't go play them myself because I watch them to get better so I can maybe one day get in on that prize pool
Fellhi (11 days ago)
Yea suck on this mom and dad
Joel (11 days ago)
Shit's cool but don't forget to go out and do some fucking exercise
Casual Adonis (11 days ago)
pewdiepie is not a competitive gamer....
Casual Adonis (11 days ago)
If you like them, play them?....sweet can't wait for every football fan to start playing instead of watching, tennis fans, basketball fans etc....smh the disrespect people have is real
Hans Bryne (12 days ago)
All this achievement, yet we still don't see half-life 3
Wahyu Nur Setiaji (12 days ago)
4:29 didn't know sex is a sport all along
JayHwang Music (13 days ago)
America is like south korea in the 90s...
Evan Hocking (13 days ago)
This video was a year early with overwatch getting a solid place on ESPN and DisneyXD
Retroid (13 days ago)
Has anyone noticed Asians are good at everything including gaming
Famous Seamus 105 (14 days ago)
When people say “why watch video games instead of playing them?” I say “why watch sports instead of playing them?”
Renji Chan (14 days ago)
The guys face in the top left corner of the thumbnail looks so scary
Eboss NZ (14 days ago)
people go to rugby and football games to watch other people play. wake up Jimmy
Eugene InLaw (15 days ago)
Media only cares about money Absolutely no wonder they jump on esports They've never had any principles anyway
Huy Ngo (17 days ago)
Esport? Don't you mean DotA 2? Other games esport are still pretty underwhelming
Dougie Houser (17 days ago)
Hahaha jimmy kimmel has the epic Lols and is definitely not an *unfunny ill informed hack*
Kekiro 13 (18 days ago)
2010: go outside and make some friends you loser 2018: Faze clan member: who's the loser now
Ansel Olmeda (19 days ago)
Drake now own 100t...crazy
REDEX SUBZERO (19 days ago)
now twitch is controlled by pc feminazis who are not even gamers themselves
Brad Quinn (20 days ago)
Jimmy Kimmel sounds like the type of guy that sits by himself at lunch. Honestly, such an idiot.
Gura kosan (21 days ago)
Now cancer in media is joining this bandwagon and spreading their shit everywhere.
White Death (22 days ago)
Games make you violent *proceeds to list every violent and gorey film* Play REAL sports *yea of course my scrawny ass can definitely keep up with the more athletic oriented people on the court* Yep videogames really did create all those psycopaths and sociopath and school shooters of course its not like they were bullied, oppressed, or downright insane already that would be totally impossible. Yep your son definitely punched you because he played GTA and not because you werent good enough of a parent pffft impossible.
White Death (11 days ago)
+Dramamine XD
Dramamine (11 days ago)
White Death go to the gym
Spooked Yaa (22 days ago)
When someone says to me "How is watching video games fun? Just go and play them urself". I say, "How is watching football fun? Just go and play it urself".
AyeBuddy (22 days ago)
Lmao why you watching a talk show, just be in one
Daring Darius (22 days ago)
Just wanted to say: scale of things, think of going a step up as 10x as popular: Local sports, local events, uncommon games, common games (CoD), small time sports (like polevault), esports, super bowl, Tennis, Soccer. Superbowl ain't got nothing on Soccer >:O
JGOLDZ (22 days ago)
Idk why I watch the food channel when I can just go make my own food.... /s
Fersancersal (22 days ago)
Gamers rise up 😎
Gamesitory (22 days ago)
I don't care how much money it makes, I'll always laugh at it. And I love games.
Sergei Stalin (22 days ago)
Is just like making money running behind a ball or playing chess. Is a show and people love to watch the best in the world performing.
takaa e (22 days ago)
Sighhh why can't esport be a thing when I was young >.< I'm 29 and I still love video games so much, but I know it is hard to be part of the community. I can barely find anyone my age to play video games with. Most of my gaming friends are in young adults college students lol.
Samm Q (22 days ago)
my guy conan obrien knows whats up
Alex Ioannidis (22 days ago)
People need to understand that Esports is not just a watse of time ...and that it's a thing now..that it's an entertainment..people still don't get that
Sujal Gurung (23 days ago)
Conan, the only talk-show host that truly embraces gaming.
Jummy Owookade (23 days ago)
Hey is there a way to get some citations for some of information in the video?
daru (23 days ago)
just like basketball. why watch others when you can go play it yourself. stupid ass mofos
daru (20 days ago)
+Sergei Stalin exactly. same with esports. fkin hypocrites smh
Sergei Stalin (22 days ago)
Because maybe you like it but dont have enough time or passion to put the time and be good at it, so you watch the best in the world doing it.
League of legends worlds *GETS HYPE ASF*
frank knelsen (24 days ago)
And here we are 1 year later. Drake is officially a co owner of 100 thieves! Pretty wild!
Alex Chu (24 days ago)
Television left in the dust
D4BehindTheDoor (24 days ago)
Jimmy Kimmel is among the most pathetic human beings to ever exist. Both a moronic imbecile and a comedic failure. I pity him.
fine93 (24 days ago)
Fuck league
PanteraSD (24 days ago)
Lol, old people
Rahul Varghese (25 days ago)
Jimmy Kimmel is a fucking moron lul no one takes him seriously
Sad Boi (25 days ago)
Honestly if these retards actually do some research and stop being stereotypical fucks they would start to realize that gamers are fucking earning more then them by a good percentage.
Sean Avery (25 days ago)
How many times have Jimmy Kimmel been embarrassed to death now or dead wrong about something? 5148 times? I lost count.
RANDOM (26 days ago)
how much hypocrisy media has....
z0ne - (26 days ago)
"if you dont sweat, i will not call it sport" yeah chess is not a sport..
Antoune (26 days ago)
I’m actually quite sad to see all the medias are growing an interest in esports nowadays. They’re only doing so because they realise that young people aren’t as interested in their programs as much as they are in esports and gaming platforms, and so in a desperate attempt to hold back the masses they turn their back and suddenly become the niggest fans of the gaming community. Its literally an irl example of “bullied in middle school, popular in high school”, and its so unwholesome and noxious I’m worried about the consequences it could have on esports
2 Gamers kissing (26 days ago)
Thot Police (27 days ago)
Lul the media is a bunch of old white folks usually, they’re a joke, thats why they went into the media
Sideswipe (27 days ago)
It’s funny how these “adults” have been so immature about this. Us “millenials” are more mature then these “ladies” and “gentlemen,” who are several times older than us.
Sideswipe (22 days ago)
Ah, you’re right. As usual, it seems I’ve been finessed. There are good and bad examples of both camps.
Sergei Stalin (22 days ago)
No, we are not, if you look how millenials act against things they dont like you will see that we are the same. And young are more open minded because we grew in an era where everything changes really fast, while in the 80s could past 10 years and you watch the same shows, on the same TV at the same hour. Always the young ones are the ones bringing the change and looking for the new things, while the older people prefers stability and what they already know, even more in this era.
Dave Strider (28 days ago)
People with these opinions are just old people who can't wrap their brains around younger generations' interests.
Chaosphere (28 days ago)
Still, North Americans FAIL to acknowledge the fact that DOTA 2 (first) n CS:GO ARE THE TOP 2 most viewed n funded Esports of all time with every new year breaking the record of the passed year.
Chaosphere (26 days ago)
cause LUL is BIG in SK n NA compared to other Esports ''according to experts'' and they cover mostly LUL. Dota 2 n CSGO audience, viewership n prize pool/salary/player earnings surpass LUL by a huge margin every year n that difference has kept growing since a few years back. Casual viewers n researchers who rely on twitch viewership ALWAYS ruin a good article/content by not researching good enough, much like the Esports Awards.
Zephyr dyno (26 days ago)
Why are you saying north Americans? This comment is a flat out lie. The issue is that some media figures are very suspect to new things.
ubcroel (28 days ago)
Why do people watch sports when they can do it themselves?
Jacob Forresthill (28 days ago)
"watching people play games, is like going to a restaurant and having someone eat you food" So watching TV, is like going to a restaurant and having someone eat you food. This is such a stupid statement.
Bolt 3887 (28 days ago)
Tanks for this video people needs to recognize the importance of esports and how big esports is to the community I will always support the esports community
Burt Maclin (28 days ago)
"E-sports is for booger eaters". Well people like Rick Fox are more than welcome to eat as many boogers as they want while they laugh all the way to the bank. Also that LoL world's opening ceremony with Imagine Dragons singing "Warriors" still gives me chills to this day. I'm not a huge fan of the band but man that was a great anthem for professional gaming in general. When I saw it live I legit got a little choked up.
I Want Lee (29 days ago)
I agree with that blonde: it’s not a fucking sport. But it can still be very fun to watch, even though it ain’t a sport.
KeyWorD Channel (29 days ago)
Korea is the reason of E-sports
Adrian R (29 days ago)
Esport is not a sport.
TFEXY (30 days ago)
Saying that there is no point to watch others play video games is stupid, its the same thing as watching someone else play sport
Mael (30 days ago)
2018, PARIS SAINT GERMAN(PSG), Sponsored a Dota 2 team called LGD GAMING, and now are called PSG.LGD That's a big recognition for gaming
Songagi (30 days ago)
i like how the gamers got the last laugh because of the incredible amount of people that love and watch esports now
Elkjaer Thill (1 month ago)
00:22 he's right, that's like watching other people play Football or soccer... That's insane
HesitationVR (1 month ago)
488 old people watched this video
CoalApple (1 month ago)
Who ever edited the music in this has ADHD.

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