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How esports changed the game: From media laughingstock to media craze

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Footage Courtesy: ABC JPicturehouseDF, JM Production Company, Reo Television, Hewland International/Channel 4 Television Corporation, Grundy/SOuther Star Endemol, Riot Games, Wikipedia, Decebal01US, Andrew Tompkins, PhobosLaboratory, OGN, Red Brick Entertainment/USA Network/MLG, Business Wire, thenextweb.com, noobfromua, valve, Sky News, HBO, Turner Broadcasting, Fox sports. Before the PC age, video games were only really making waves in the media in the context of novelty. But now, with attendance, viewership and prize pool continually on the rise, the mainstream media has come to embrace the industry. Here's a look back at how that came to be. For more video interviews and highlights, be sure to subscribe to theScore esports on YouTube. Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”). Check out theScore esports on Android and iOS: Android: http://thesco.re/esportsAndroidYT iOS: http://thesco.re/esportsiOSYT Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/thescoreesports Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Snapchat: theScoreesports
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theScore esports (1 year ago)
Hey guys, just a small correction to clear things up. At 7:32 it is the co-owners of the Sacramento Kings that have invested in esports (specifically NRG eSports). Thanks for all your love and support!
Justin Melendez (1 month ago)
SPeaking of NRG eSports, is there any possibility of you guys Covering any Hi-Rez games, specifically Smite?
gullmaake (1 month ago)
i like how you correct this, but not the fact that you take footage from valve, and credit a notorious content-thief, noobfromua...
Ivö Summers (1 month ago)
theScore esports I’ve been gaming my whole life and even competed in a few speed runs and competitive Pokémon games. I don’t want acceptance from MSM. Just my two cents.
Quazzymooto (1 month ago)
Mark Taylor Just fyi... Pro athletes tear their body apart on the daily to do what they do.. They dont look and feel that way forever. There are huge controversial topics about pro athletes and what the org's do to keep players safe. All in all, a lot of athletes are worse off later on in life due to medical conditions that were the direct cause of training/playing as hard and long as pros do. Please dont think and spread misinformation just to downgrade something you dont agree with. Gl hf, quazzy out.
Mtg moderntimesgroup (2 months ago)
If you want to invest in Esports then buy MTG-B.st (modern times group) in Sweden
ToDusty (21 hours ago)
You know who else went to head-to-head at starrcade? Ric Flair and Harley Race.
Josh Buttler (1 day ago)
Jimmy is just jealous that someone makes more money than him by playing video games
thesmf1210 (2 days ago)
billy mitchell = cheat
Alascala (3 days ago)
This makes me wonder what I’ll be closed minded and wrong about when I’m older.
Ryan Mason (4 days ago)
colin cowherd is just scared for his job... its quite clear esports is taking over and the world is taking a shift
manifold d (4 days ago)
We really have to thank star craft and the Koreans for really bringing eSports into the world. I remember the doom days with "thresh" and the Ferrari win. But back then we all still thought it's just a fad. I was guilty of making fun of "pro" gamers in 97. Back then this is not "sports". Games were not to be taken seriously, "it's just a game" was a common phrase. But people..let me tell you where it all really started.....arcade street fighter was where i think it began for a lot of us. You put up your quarter and wait to play, winner stays. It was very competitive and men love competition. Sure there was Nintendo, Atari, asteroid, pac man etc. But it wasn't competitive. Street fighter was were i felt it.
Luyten Rotmg (5 days ago)
I'm still confused as to how people think watching professional players play competitive games is boring
Adam Ikewood (5 days ago)
Tfue Clips (6 days ago)
These gamers getting paid more than your job
Matias Antonio (7 days ago)
To be fair i preffer watching people play games than watch movies ive seen like 20 times already in tv
Quadra Quentine (7 days ago)
Holy cow...if watching people eat my noodle going to give me money i will do that
burgerman (7 days ago)
The problem with some games is that a lot of long time players are very hostile to newer players. It might be true with physical sports too, but I see it a lot more with video games.
edictzero (8 days ago)
Esports will wane when millennials figure out how to monetize Tide Pod eating competitions
superchibiwings (9 days ago)
let us enjoy our games let those media stay away from our industry we thrive to support for decades.
Hoai Le (9 days ago)
soon world will play games
thodoris kavouras (10 days ago)
Best feeling ever when i made my parents understand that gaming does actually help your mind develop, probably more than they want to admit. A result of that was that now every time i tell them that i'm in an online match they no longer tell me to "pause it and come eat", they just let me know that they might have 1-2 bites from my sandwich lmao
Mink (10 days ago)
Billy fuckin Mitchell
TheAshtry (10 days ago)
belive it or not...this is the future...so....wake up
Earth Is A Donut (11 days ago)
Ok, ok calm your tits, people rather watch someone play a game than play the game myself, because one, you can't afford the game. Two, you like the commentary of the people playing the game. Finally, you're not good at that game. People have opinions, people have choices but you don't have go back to caveman DNA and insult somebody who doesn't get why you're doing this
Shangkha Brahma (11 days ago)
Lol his logic 😂😂😂
Lexon7 (11 days ago)
That is the best Esport Summary video in entire Web! Please make more subtitles for rest of the world!
Sky Flakes (11 days ago)
lol gamers is all gays btw
madbeatle82 (12 days ago)
the most stupid thing, is that kimmel was kinda offended by the aids commentary and stuff, what a noob at internet.
Hari Koçi (12 days ago)
Why do u watch football =P
BUCK2TH (12 days ago)
Very well edited and presented. Great Video!
Gap OW (12 days ago)
It makes sense for the old generation to think video games are less value to people than it is to sports
Amarjyoti Boro (12 days ago)
E-sports will take over your so called sports. Cricket, football and any other sports will become irrelevant in the future.
Gloomy_ beer (13 days ago)
0:17 then why do people watch other people play basketball if they can play basketball themselves
Paul Brady (13 days ago)
They are so ignorant
Ian Moo (13 days ago)
I still hate jimmy kimmel
lamakicker69 (13 days ago)
I’ve never been huge into watching esports but as a hardcore gamer I have great respect for the players and fans of esports, I personally would much rather watch the NFL because I enjoy watching the incredible athleticism the players put on display. ESports will grow incredibly fast but I don’t see it ever overtaking the major sports such as the NFL in the US or soccer around the world.
Fariz Abi Karami (13 days ago)
PSG.LGD got 2nd place in the international
I guess that with the introduction of forknife this number has grown quite a lot, hasn't it?
sgt1terrence (14 days ago)
f that id rather go sit in my desk in some cubicle and bad mouth people who make thousands doing it the easy way, rather than my way..."hardwork"😆
david downey (14 days ago)
Man, I've been inundated by unreal hateful people who hate on esports for being Evil or ... promoting obesity, and man-boy neck-beard basement gamers. I don't think the next generation will believe how hateful people were when esports got started.
Drogged Nymph (15 days ago)
wheres dota2.....
Chris Ralph (16 days ago)
Too much lol
Sagara (16 days ago)
*"why you watch people play vid game? Just play it"* Bitch its like *"Why the hell u watch people play soccer? U can just olay it ffs"*
SEBBB [R] (17 days ago)
SoSickRick (17 days ago)
“If you don’t break a sweat I don’t consider it a sport” spoken like someone who’s never seen any competitive game even played between friends. Halo 3 I was sweating in 1v1’s 😂
raco (17 days ago)
My only problem is with ppl calling Kimmel out. He does not like it and he is witty abt it. So what? Ppls are such babies nowdays
Matthew (18 days ago)
Shish K (18 days ago)
Just Look at dota2 TI8 PrizePool
jyh1Q94 (18 days ago)
[Edit] Esports political compass (Warning: Personal opinions) Authoritarian right: "Watching other people playing games is like going to a restaurant and having someone eat you food." - Jimmy Kimmel Libertarian right: - Well known sports teams and celebrities around the world investing esports. - Economic structure of Overwatch League. Authoritarian left: - World Cyber Games (Currently defunct): Esports' equivalent of Olympic Games. - Esports events with multiple disciplines, or games like IEM and EVO. - Official esports series in sim racing games like Forza Motorsport, Gran Turismo, iRacing etc. Libertarian left: X Games MLG Invitational and Esports events in 2018 Summer Asian Games. Basically, shouting "ESPORTS FOR OLYMPICS!" in the middle of physical sporting event venues.
Kenny Kit (19 days ago)
Curb your meme at 00:05
Hibbedidap Hibbedidap (19 days ago)
Great video
Tommy Van Riper (20 days ago)
Now if only the rest of my family could see this
fret moth (20 days ago)
Who is this host? Nvm. I don't actually need to know. What a retard
Davor Kristek (20 days ago)
Im waiting for a real life scene where a guy controling a humanoid combat drone turn to a human athletic soldier and whisper to him "Run".
Perfected (21 days ago)
2:52, why do you have to remind me of that moment 😭
Aquaticzzz 25 (21 days ago)
Jokes on them tv now is slowly dying
Saki Maro (21 days ago)
As if the Superbowl was a world wide thing xD Stupid americans, the World Cup makes you look insignificant every 4 years!
Potato Chippu (21 days ago)
Jimmy Kimmel is a RETARD
Schnitts (22 days ago)
Watching someone play video games is the exact same as watching someone play football
Fouzaan Noble (23 days ago)
Colin is probably sleeping with those basket ball players, he likes it prison style baby! Oh yeah! Who's dropping the soap tonight guys, LOL! jimmy kardashian is just old and hates the fact that his kids will do the same thing, and that his family is also aids infected, with brain cancer! With MLG, new game styles can always be created. I wanna see them create a new style of NFL example, nope still the same thing after how many years! GFY!!!!!
Grady Chiro (24 days ago)
3:04 “All these parties, all this drinking, all these events.” But no we decided to stay home and watch people play video games and then the crowd hyped him up for that
alvin081988 (24 days ago)
To be honest ...Korea made E-sports famous ....Starcraft
Hikigaya Hachiman (25 days ago)
I don't know why people say that what is in it to watch someone play why don't you play you're self We'll then explain me why people watch NBA and football and why don't people play themselves
Laser Blade (25 days ago)
Fine, have esports, but don't air that shit on ESPN and don't expect it to come to the Olympics or something. And don't t act like esport players are athletes. They're not.
Jose Partida (25 days ago)
18-34 audience...yeah I’m 34 and I’m gonna be watching sfv/tekken streams and tournaments for as long as they exist The age demographic will increase And thanks to this video I’m interested in checking out league of legends
ErR0r 4554 (26 days ago)
0:42 H M M
xXAviannaXx (26 days ago)
That one episode with Jimmy Kimmel made me lose all respect for him. Saying the wrong thing will lose your audience man
hillbert 10 (27 days ago)
Gordon Hayward aka the biggest video game nerd in the nba(I know that there are smarter ppl in nba)hope he comes back strong
Lqrve (27 days ago)
esports is amazing
Bio (27 days ago)
And them fucking morons watch people play sports
Raime 1245 (26 days ago)
Whats wrong with sports?
2ez4tobi (27 days ago)
COLIN COWHERD: LBJ > MJ hahahahahahahahahhaha
2ez4tobi (27 days ago)
Mainstream Media caught off guard.
Mr PePe (27 days ago)
Colin said booger eaters lol... Ahhhhhhh lol
Rb6 For life (27 days ago)
Watching video games is the same exact thing as watching any other sport
Theyre more focused on League, why? Cuz Dota1/2 is SHIT. In every esport topic, theres always League.
Niels Fraikin (27 days ago)
well also, nba and such are mainly in the US, competitive esports, for instance the league of legends world championship is.. well.. international
Its Namm (27 days ago)
Fuck Kimmel
Ferg Dennzoid (28 days ago)
You can't make comparisons of the NFL and NBA and other American sports to video games. You need to compare video games to Tennis, Soccer, and other world wide sports. Video games are popular worldwide so it makes since that they get bigger audiences and such. The NFL is only popular in America (mainly anyways) and the NBA is another sport mostly popular in America. If you want to compare American sports to American games, then you need to look at the data that just shows American viewership. Cause let's not pretend South Korea isn't the main reason LoL is so big. Likewise with Starcraft. And just a little side note, I do play games and do watch eSports every now and then, not live but on youtube. So I'm not anti video game, I just think it's unfair to compare American popular sports to worldwide popular games.
Anthony Bevilacqua (28 days ago)
Why would you watch someone else play a game when you can play it yourself? *Sits down and watches a football game
Kadometer (29 days ago)
I like the competitive scene of esports (more specifically OWL) and tbh if you like to play outside or inside, with a basketball hoop, with a computer, it doesn't matter. What *you* personally like is your own feelings and your feelings aren't wrong since we are human and we feel what we feel. What we do with out emotions such as calling online competitors "boogereaters" as an insult is unethical. Bottom line: What the people want is what they'll get. If the majority accepts esports mainstream then esports will continue to grow into a reliable market.
Valtteri (30 days ago)
Sports is literally the same, watching someone else do it.
Angel Segura (30 days ago)
we all know league of legends is what made the new age esports what it is right now. dota csgo startcraft is big dogs but but not like league of legends
Generic Name (1 month ago)
It's the classic old people being old people again. Making fun of younger people and what they like. Time's over old man. We're taking over.
PappaSponker (1 month ago)
esports is gay af
BHarbiegril (1 month ago)
Im so glad im in this amazing yet toxic community
UrBoiHyper (1 month ago)
0:20 God I hate the stupid statement everyone makes. Alright then, why watch the NBA or NFL when you can just play in the NBA or NFL. Why listen to music when you can just make it? Why watch a TV show when you can live it? Hey Jimmy, why go to a restaurant when you can just cook it yourself? The list could honestly go on forever and there is nothing anyone can say to defend that.
ItsFrenzius (1 month ago)
Let’s face it, at the rate Esports is growing it’ll beat all other sports like the NBA and NFL and may ultimately replace it at time goes on making those sports more of something from the past.
DPShadows (1 month ago)
That's like saying you shouldn't watch football /soccer you should play it
Babileen D. (1 month ago)
All those people like to see keeping up with the kardashians and think is more important seen kim kardashian make some drama and spend money and all that stuff xD pleaaaaaaseeeeee they make money watching other dumb ass people live ... hoo what a intresting life hu?
Johanne Høst (1 month ago)
Well, I don't get why soccer players want to watch someone play soccer, when they just can go out an play themself. It's basically the same thing, but i guess they won't try to see it in perspective, lol
Connor Heider (1 month ago)
go gamers this is a thing and ea wont stop fuck football
adventure man (1 month ago)
Get cancer lol
Freddyman30 (1 month ago)
Following Jimmy Kimmel's logic: I am a stupid human being for watching NHL, NFL, and NBA. I PLAY these sports, WHY ON EARTH would I watch them? I mean absurd right? Why watch someone else play hockey when I can play hockey myself? WHY? WHY! I JUST CAN'T THINK OF A REASON WHY SOMEONE WOULD DO THIS.
John Veenstra (1 month ago)
A no hitter in baseball is just 2 dudes playing catch for three hours while dudes take turns swinging a bat in the air.
Man do I hate Jimmy Kimmel sometimes
Kieron Farley (1 month ago)
Then overwatch league happened making it one of the first E-sports to ever be publicly shown on mainstream TV such as ESPN
Terstena Ekrem (1 month ago)
I Love it being a Gamer
Layden Denning (1 month ago)
I don't get why people say "what's the point in watching people play video games" but they watch people play football or other sports
Jimin 4life (1 month ago)
Then they wonder where bullying came from. Uhhh ur kid got it from uuuu duh
jude villasis (1 month ago)
Thats happen if u trash talk a gamer
Tiny Pony - (1 month ago)
not everyone can play sports, but everyone can play games. mindgames. if you have the brain to understand, you have the brain to enjoy and learn pro-games.
Silentnanner overwatch (1 month ago)
Hm maybe football and basketball and ect.. will be a thing of the past. Will be highly interesting.
Zane Wollberg (1 month ago)
"golf is a sport"
Tucker Knoll (1 month ago)
E sports is not a real sport It’s a competition, not a sport
Definitely ANonymous (29 days ago)
most of the top e-sport players are very fit lmao. sitting your fat ass on a couch and watching "reaL' sports on the other hand...
History of Video Games (1 month ago)
By that logic, neither is poker. Have you even looked into the logistics of an esports team?
Eric Silver (1 month ago)
Tucker Knoll it doesn't matter if you consider it a sport, millions do and will continue to call it a sport
Tucker Knoll (1 month ago)
Sitting you fat ass on a couch and pushing buttons is not a sport And I play video games
History of Video Games (1 month ago)
Tucker Knoll according to you.

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