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Read More - Hey guys! In this channel, I will post technology related videos, educational videos, traveling, and other videos that can entertain you guys. Hope you guys enjoy! More from WenisTV - Tutorials and More! Subscribe on YouTube: [goo.gl/yjri7b] Website: [Kraze.kr] Steam: [https://goo.gl/akgK2Y] Reddit: [u/flamingwenis ] Music used: [Ugly God Water {Instrumental}]
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Text Comments (12)
Seungmin (Daniel) Lee (4 months ago)
2022 flow ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ huchaney on yo' side
Jamie Chung (4 months ago)
hi i am the fattest gaymer on utube.
WenisTV (4 months ago)
Congratulations! I'm the dumbest gaymer on utube
WenisTV (4 months ago)
Thank you so much for the support! Only 10 minutes and over 50 views? <3 Edit - Thank you so much for 500 views! Edit - Can't believe for 1k views! wow!
Instinct (4 months ago)
nice vid bro. thanks for shouting out our clan.
WenisTV (4 months ago)
Yeaaaa boi
DSR-50 (4 months ago)
Im gey
WenisTV (4 months ago)
I respect you mate!
E-MAN GAMING (4 months ago)
Can we make zomzom together bro?
WenisTV (4 months ago)
Sure!! Make sure to add me on steam
CrazyCod (4 months ago)
WenisTV (4 months ago)
Hey thanks!

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