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The Story of kennyS: The AWP Magician (CS:GO)

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Kenny “kennyS” Schrub didn’t have your average ascent to greatness. But the French prodigy, who grew up in the world of Counter-Strike, has become synonymous with the game’s tradition of highlight plays, and even the mighty AWP itself. This is his story. Thumbnail image courtesy of: @HLTVorg Written & Narrated by: Josh Bury (@ThrownGauntlet) Edited by: Miles Hackett (@miles_hackett) Illustrations by: Christian Pearson Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”). Check out theScore esports on Android and iOS: Android: http://thesco.re/esportsAndroidYT iOS: http://thesco.re/esportsiOSYT Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/thescoreesports Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/theScoreesports Follow us on Snapchat: theScoreesports
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Text Comments (1441)
Alfred Gamer (6 hours ago)
They dominated Cobblestone cuz Na'Vi never tried cobble so Envy managed to win cuz of that.
eawrfasd sdFSD (15 hours ago)
this is my favorite video idk why i guess i just like snipers
Ethan Ho (18 hours ago)
Martin fløtten (19 hours ago)
Glen X_PvP (20 hours ago)
G2 with 2 awp gods oh god I wonder if fanatic could even win but no they lost
UA3 Photo (1 day ago)
Umang Gupta (2 days ago)
Inspired man 😢😢😢
Hamudi (2 days ago)
sad how he joined alot of teams yet he gets kicked and then few months/years hes famous now lol
VeLocity (2 days ago)
NEGEV choose me
Jeff The killer (2 days ago)
I asp like Kenny
OnlyForCommenting (2 days ago)
KennyS uses a one hit death stick and is praised as an AWP god, pretty weird. Just use the scout.
OnlyForCommenting (21 hours ago)
Lamcis Fark not Lex phantomhive, it was another guy called scout training, also, if I train for fucking decades with the autosniper, would I deserve to be hailed as a sniper god? It's a one hit death stick and while, yes it is effective, there's only so much you can learn to do with the awp
Lamcis Fark (21 hours ago)
OnlyForCommenting do you have any idea of what you're talking about? kennyS has been playing CS for over a decade, it's not easy for any random scrub to surpass him and by 'as good as him', you mean as good as him against a bunch of gold Nova shitheads? Yah sure, but at lan? Nah, take those guys at lan and they'd get raped, 'what about the guy who went to global with just scout?' yah like mm rank means anything these days, not everyone is Lex Phantomhive, and as for buying scout, you should only buy it after you've won pistol rounds or when you don't have enough money for the awp, while noscoping and quickscoping with scout is more accurate than an awp, awp is still more effective most of the times, if there's a guy right in front of you and you're with scout, you can hit him and he still won't die, do it with the awp and he's dead, so awp is way more effective
OnlyForCommenting (21 hours ago)
Lamcis Fark I do understand, but you shouldn't label someone an AWP god, how about that guy who went global elite with just the scout? Sure, he's effective, but with a few months of practice, you can become as good as Kennys
Lamcis Fark (21 hours ago)
OnlyForCommenting you honestly don't understand high level CS do you
OnlyForCommenting (22 hours ago)
Lamcis Fark I mean he gets attention he doesn't deserve, ye, he's good with AWP, a one hit kill weapon. Maybe his aim is slightly better than the other pro players. Also, there are a lot of reasons to buy scout, good for peaking, fast movement speed, requires skilled headshots to be effective.
Carl Johnson (2 days ago)
He inspired me to play csgo at late night and everyday :P!
seventhsinn (3 days ago)
been playing counter strike since it came out free on half life 2 I think it was lol yes im old and yes i still play and love it.
DarkSide BrightSide (4 days ago)
hello im kennys son and my mother is imaqtpie
Films and BTS (5 days ago)
Sooo... I met KennyS in a awp community server and I called him a hacker for how good he was, I didn’t even know who that was, until now... Wow I feel great 😂
菌白 (6 days ago)
21:33 the guy at the back LOL
Paused The Video A Second.. Just Wow. U Earned A New Subscriber
Jack The Joker (7 days ago)
Kennys should be in Navi or Cloud9 he is the best AWPer in the world
PhiraNNaaA (8 days ago)
g2 stil sucks fnc is the best !
derpy gamer (8 days ago)
This video shows that anyone can be anything but theres just no easy way i do play cs but im at silver 2 and since i play CBRO in roblox i made it a practice i tried playing with GLOBAL ELITES i only got 6 kills in the whole 16 round and that is why i am shating my silver life coz it relates to the video that in life theres just no easy way.
Ralpho Solid (9 days ago)
is there a video of Shox and Scream?
FancyGamer BG (9 days ago)
he is a hacker
Pong Lai (10 days ago)
When the narrator says"he finally gets his mirst major" it sound like leonardo decaprio won an oscar
Ramenly (10 days ago)
- Killed - (10 days ago)
wow, From nothing to AWP Champion!
INFerno-. /IAmMaximum (10 days ago)
Where he is now ?
Sch0cko l8 (10 days ago)
Story of flusha. Install hack and win.
iRock (10 days ago)
Wow gaming has become epic asf lolz 😂
JaguarDenkOps (12 days ago)
I have Inspired From Kenny I Also Good In awp
Akshadeep Vaishnava (12 days ago)
Man, I wish eSports was in my country...
Josh Dowell (12 days ago)
less music please. or just quieter
гфбг мхюф (12 days ago)
Poor awp at 13:05
Dicky Mo (12 days ago)
WheelBender (12 days ago)
Kqly is kooqly
Alex lehto (12 days ago)
Tv level documentary
SAIF TIU gawai (14 days ago)
I heard him say awpertunity
Infernality [GD] (14 days ago)
is apex french? bc he looks american
nadhif aristo (14 days ago)
does kennys still in G2 team now ???
Rem (14 days ago)
10 years later: *New notification* Video title: Why and how KennyS became the most feared sniper not only on csgo but the whole world. Btw i don’t actually play csgo but seeing this video inspired me to play sniper more.
MonkeDonkey (14 days ago)
That guy didn't got tap friends
WeAre Angels (14 days ago)
First i met KennyS in team VERY GAMES ... i was sad when they kick him out , im big CS:S and CS:GO fan , and kennyS was the first Pro player what did i met in that time ,
CrazyKickTv (14 days ago)
Crazy Cow (15 days ago)
im on a ''mission'' to be as good as KennyS... i hope i reach my goals!
Dotiz (15 days ago)
U can pronounce these names hahha
TheDeadMeme27 (15 days ago)
why does he look like shroud?
Nicolai Kystaubayev (16 days ago)
The best AWP USER in YOUTUBE highlight videos.
Retarded Csgo Player (16 days ago)
Why the hell they always read KQLY Kelly?
Retarded Csgo Player (16 days ago)
What if happy changed his mind? on what team kennyS would be in today?
Retarded Csgo Player (16 days ago)
kennyS is the best he reintroduced the quickscope then after that fallen and other awpers started using the quickscope
Retarded Csgo Player (16 days ago)
By "reintroduced" I meant in csgo cuz quickscope was already used in 1.6 and I bearly see it in CSS
Dylan Bullard (16 days ago)
Such a great channel. I'm on a mission to watch every single one of your features. Thank you for putting out quality content.
theScore esports (15 days ago)
Thank you for watching, we really appreciate the support! - Miles
Granth Bhushan (16 days ago)
I love kenny sebastin
zer0 (17 days ago)
"SteelSeri- I'm sorry, Xizt"
Devil Inferno (17 days ago)
Kenny has only a enemy. Himself
akzgod (18 days ago)
the story of ex6tenz! make it!
Ethan Ong (18 days ago)
If I cannot see the player through the wall n Kenny is my opponent I will instantly quit the game
WalrusLeader (19 days ago)
Did any one realise his awp scope tattoo at 22:22
Moonlight (20 days ago)
SiberianDragon [MW] (21 days ago)
I just realized G2's logo is a samurai, pretty smart. but oh boi if Scream and KennyS is in the same team, they're unbeatable
Anuraagi (21 days ago)
Kenny pussy
KrispyKaos (20 days ago)
Can you beat him in 1v1? So stfu
Zarko -Agar (21 days ago)
Kenny the legend❤❤😱
MonkeDonkey (23 days ago)
I want to play like KennyS
ImThinking boutit (23 days ago)
Feels like reading a book.
DotsTechTM (24 days ago)
French cocksucker lmao
Joshua Goh (25 days ago)
3:26 “AWPortunity”
Johan Jørgensen (25 days ago)
Nice video
AWP God With Funny Face Like Bullied Everyday
ToastNinja (27 days ago)
This Video Uploaded to my Birthday! Also KennyS My Fav CSGO Player.
Aki (28 days ago)
lol im playing this i see a guy named kennys in csgo
anthony bastian (29 days ago)
kenny and shox . duo monsters
kenny is just emotional he got so close to first and lost
Hairy Potter (29 days ago)
Well Kenny took the Awportuniti.
Kenny Plays123 (30 days ago)
1:50 thats a house from « fortnite »
Mr LoL (30 days ago)
KennyS to enemy, “Excuse me, uhh, can I just noscope you from across the map?”
Spring Mobile Gaming (30 days ago)
What about CB:RO?
DelluXeD (30 days ago)
kennyS and Apex are teammates whatever happened
Minh Lê Anh (30 days ago)
Plz do the story of shroud,was the best csgo player
B1SQ1T (1 month ago)
Why did he have a pair of headphones on as well as a pair of headphones around his neck?
ananymous j (1 month ago)
So happy learn awping through kennys?
Gilly (1 month ago)
Does he still play competitively?
Lamcis Fark (1 month ago)
Gilly yah he does
Bare Helix (1 month ago)
He got the awp-ortunity to start with one of the best teams
Mono kuma (1 month ago)
can someone tell me the stats of envyus in these past few years?
Awais Shaheen (1 month ago)
1m <3
mohsen salehi (1 month ago)
why am I watching a documentary about a gamer?
Centaurus Janriel (1 month ago)
I am a fan of him. At first I don't play CS then I got the "AMAZEMENT EFFECT" then tried playing the old version the 1.6 and the source after that was CSGO I got very challenged because it wasn't like the old-school counter-strike where it's very easy toplay then I practiced with offline bots until I went to using EXPERT bots.He's the one that made me play counter-strike 1.6,source then global offensive. IM PROUD
Offcial GLACIER (1 month ago)
Imagine kenny join milytary and he use sniper
Heavenly (1 month ago)
I remember anders actually said that "you don't wan't to hold angle like kenny unless you are kenny" damn i miss the pre AWP nerf
DHCuber (1 month ago)
Now tsm is playing fortnite
Anna Bolika (1 month ago)
kanye west?
Jesper Lassesen (1 month ago)
It's a dream to watch skills of that magnitude. I'm glad he's out there, doing what he does, and inspiring the next generation of players.
Chirag Sharma (1 month ago)
i made it 1M
jericho kalaw (1 month ago)
ιм тнє ¢f αωм мαgι¢ιαи
Capisce Esh (1 month ago)
What’s an A, W, P?.... wha- oh he meant awp
MennardXD (1 month ago)
Dang! I played Counter Strike 1.6 when I was 7 up to 10 and now 13 im playing CS:GO
Tsunami (1 month ago)
Kennys is my fav CS:GO player!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adam Jones (1 month ago)
Nostalgia overload! HaHa
Parazitus (1 month ago)
Why everyone says kaly?you see an A in there?cause i dont,not just you,like...just everyone
AutoPLAYZ YT (1 month ago)
So first faze was in cs next cod then i dunno
SpiCy Bananas Uh (1 month ago)
This is how you know anything is possible. Just work hard each day and do your best to achieve your goal and if you have issues in life then learn by dealing with them just try your best.
abr3ad 7w7 (1 month ago)
Video is like a documentary...
Life is a Deathmatch (1 month ago)
lol Deathmatch is everything, because life is a deathmatch

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