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CS GO - Top 5 Most Expensive Knife Unboxing Videos!

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The top 5 most expensive knife unboxings for csgo I could find on youtube! My Twitter: https://twitter.com/OG_McSkillet Trade With Me! https://goo.gl/g7WkUQ Home Skillets Steam Group: http://goo.gl/8AVC8b Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/og_mcskillet ST FN karambit Crimson Web - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Orq0VnD6z98 ST FN Karambit Sapphire - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axvdNjyhmtE Karambit Ruby FN - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EH1KZX8l9mc M9 Bayonet Sapphire - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PM2zJsBkRiU ST FN Bayonet Ruby - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQiU8Edd_M0
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Text Comments (2760)
Krug (13 days ago)
1:48 Silber Elite??????
Dekto (19 days ago)
wtf happened to your voice at the end
JOXi (2 months ago)
#2 has been pissing me off for years
ItzCaydin (2 months ago)
Once I nearly unboxed a knife BUT at the last second it went past it by like 1mm.
daniel hallolo (1 month ago)
That doesnt make sense. The only time you cant get a knife is when you see it at the first one in the whole roll. If it isnt on the first spot of the opening you will get it 100 %. You can not not get it "only 1 mm away". If u are lucky enough to get a knife in the case, you will get it completely or you are unlucky enough that you just see a glance of it on the beginning of the case.
dat one thicc girl (2 months ago)
items4sacred said something like "im playing a bit cs:go since three days and ive got a fricking knife"
Tootsie Roll (3 months ago)
Wait so you can get knives and then sell it for real cash or steam cash??
Coleman Matheny (3 months ago)
My account just got hacked
Mc Catico (4 months ago)
I have the xm shotgun seasons with the blue leaf so how much does it cost
Vampter 323 (4 months ago)
dat mic tho
Chief Cheefer (4 months ago)
the german one was funny as hell
njoY Googlesuckdicks (5 months ago)
Frimchin (5 months ago)
i literaly shit myself when they dont instantly say sapphire and say its worth 500$
Joniand Di (5 months ago)
3:42 track pls
justTil (5 months ago)
Just hoping they don’t sold the Karambit stat for 500$
Communist Bed Lack Doge (6 months ago)
7:27 *Current Value* "A lot"
NoSkill (6 months ago)
My first case i opened i got a stattrak aug something it was worth 6 bucks
Captain Fluffy (6 months ago)
For the last one Current Value: A Lot = Great discription
Nelson dr (6 months ago)
1. Top up 20buscks 2. Buy boxes and Keys 3. Become rich and get a model wife
Arda Saray (6 months ago)
it was german i now how to speak german
M O O N (7 months ago)
For the number one, the price is 3393 € if I have an good memory
Juzka (7 months ago)
Song 3:35??
Satoo (7 months ago)
McSkillet i can understand what Item4Sacred says
Reexy (7 months ago)
potato mic
EV (8 months ago)
THE only bad thing in this video ist that none of Them that unoxed Sapphire &ruby dont know THE Price of it
Shunsei (8 months ago)
Your skin does not match with ur skill
Jack Eye (8 months ago)
3:07, *statTrack, omg omg* i wish i had that much enthusiasm for blue glock skin
Abliskarian (8 months ago)
"He just got $500"
Alyssa Kaye Maculam (8 months ago)
I have a fn souvenir dlore Float: 0.000213
Janari (9 months ago)
Silber elite
Atsuko Kagari (9 months ago)
I have a Karambit - Lore (FN) I love IT and I can sell it for 800 dollars would I not like it anymore
Eugene Yeo (10 months ago)
guys dont go to csgolike.exchange its a scam !! please stay away, please advice others!!
In First Place The Knife Costs More Than 10000$
MountainDrop (10 months ago)
What about MerkMusic Because he got 3 in a row
AgentCattyHat JR. (10 months ago)
that is that is fr just a red knife and its $1300
Rubiq (11 months ago)
Number 4 was german... I'm saying it short: He laughed because he played csgo not often and got this knife and one of his friends offended him because this friend plays csgo 1 year and never unboxed a knife...
Danny the boi (11 months ago)
Unboxes a M9 Sapphire Doesnt know its worth 1,5k
Ashura Chidori (11 months ago)
any1 saw the rank of the 2nd case opening?? it was written silber elite
nipsumies (11 months ago)
minimal wear dopplers have higher value than factory new ones am i right?
Frederik Norris (11 months ago)
Merkz is Danish or swedish
TheBlue Diamond (11 months ago)
The pattern are all the same.
Алексей Онин (11 months ago)
Julan LP (11 months ago)
He said that He not opining cases and Now when He play with his frinds he get this awsome knife (This is german ^^)
Adrian Kocher (11 months ago)
The language of the two guys was german i am german
Fr3akz Csgo (1 year ago)
this guys are so stupid.... dont know what is sapphire or ruby
PandyTehPanda (1 year ago)
I got shadow daggers not as good but I treat them like there worth 19473782284737 million dollars
George Zhang (1 year ago)
6:15 if the person actually sold the knife for 500 dollars, I'm gonna kill him because he is too stupid.
Hugo Kedemark (1 year ago)
http://steamcommunity.com/id/St4ck/inventory/#730 ceck out this inventory its insain and has a facktory new statrack m9 crimson incredebly expensiv:O
CharoX (1 year ago)
The second guy who unboxed the M9 Saphire said that he played CS GO for 3 days and he never openes cases and now he get this fucking knife
I smellyfeet (1 year ago)
When pixels is worth more than your bank account...
Steffen french (1 year ago)
OMG number 1 from norway me too boi
Hawx k (1 year ago)
why do the new players always get knives..
minihalkoja (1 year ago)
I got a M9 Bayonet Fade on my first case opening.
Andimon66 (1 year ago)
god Job bro
Smil (1 year ago)
The first place is from the exact location I live lmao
ItamaR Y_T (1 year ago)
AMAZING BOYS (1 year ago)
I have opent a statTrack karambit Sapphire factorynew no record
weenis (1 year ago)
I hate ruby and sapphire knifes
u literally could buy those knives in real life for $49 lol
Swag Onion (1 year ago)
drecks silber ziehen 3k knives und wissen nichtmal was es wert ist ....
Val REcO (1 year ago)
sold.... all of it sold!
entex (1 year ago)
lol i am just playing cs go for like 6 months didn't knew these knife where worth so much. if any one whants to buy a stat trak knife. comment *serieus people only*
TenOutOfTen (1 year ago)
2.50 they talk german
RupAnd (1 year ago)
I think dat wispering guy are doing a ASMR :D
Nexonium/NickrayPlayZ (1 year ago)
place 4 was german
LetsCast (1 year ago)
Best Real CS:GO Knives -> https://www.esport-shop.de/real-skins/
SinglePhoenix (1 year ago)
I hate it when people dont know what saphire is and they get it and think its a normal skin for the knife then they sell it for $500 it pisses me off
Postal Dude (1 year ago)
Why are they excited? I bet most didn't got profit.
Postal Dude (1 year ago)
Is it basically buy crates and keys the. Lose lots of money . Example put 100 pound of money and get a 30-90 pound knife?
Postal Dude (1 year ago)
Is it basically buy crates and keys the. Lose lots of money . Example put 100 pound of money and get a 30-90 pound knife?
zeralatur (1 year ago)
nr 4 was german they said that he was playn csgo for 3 days and that those was the first cases he opend
Meric Tuna (1 year ago)
What kind of an idiot unboxes a sapphire knife and looks the market price
SaltyKiwi (1 year ago)
Its 2 Norwegians at the top yay!!!
Aryan Aggarwal (1 year ago)
St karambit sapphire fn cost 2500$ and he thought it is 500$
Ole Marius Roald (1 year ago)
shoortey is Norwigen :D me to
Kraghen1 (1 year ago)
Wow plz dont spoil:(
Frankie (1 year ago)
Little does McSkillet know.... the Germans were freaking out about a *spider*
JZL-10 FIFA (1 year ago)
open my case for a garentid knife for 189.54
TheBravoSquad (1 year ago)
6:15 $500 lol
Looneh777 (1 year ago)
everytime they look at the marketplace i get triggered
21Txmy (1 year ago)
3:58 "because it was late in the night" lol look top left
Aurize (1 year ago)
[2:06] amateur translation from german into english incooming lol xD background: you... player: I'VE GOT A KNIFE! background: You f*cking (german insult) player: TOBY I'VE GOT A KNIFE! background: I've updated and saw the knife before you... what the f*ck (more I couldn't understand) player: You must think about it! I just play for 3 days with Toby CSGO and I never open chests... I never open chest!!... Shit I can't talk anymore, I really never open chests other background guy: WHAAAAAAAAAAAT? player: (laughing) background: (couldn't understand) ... fn ... (couldn't understand) ... What is this thing worth? player: I don't know, we can watch... (video ends) Sorry if not everything is correct... I don't speak English that perfectly :D
tol1z (1 year ago)
3:48 "åhh nej vänt" xd
Rekted Vlogs (1 year ago)
GreatOnes (1 year ago)
only csgosmos
i openden a opened a karambit gamma doppler stattrak emerald
Emiel Veltman (1 year ago)
sounds like the guy form no. 3 his mom was sleeping in the next room or so xD
Smaxy S (1 year ago)
well... i guess i'll just derank back to gn and unbox some cases?
E.P vlog (1 year ago)
you should Watch this video one youtuber from Finland gets a Bowie knife tigerthoot factory new  the channel name is eeddsplays
Max Harnisch (1 year ago)
The guy (2. knive)said that hi is playing Now 3 Days and that he normally dont Open cases
Maui (1 year ago)
#3 was wispering because he didnt want his mum to hear him playing a game with blood
Alex Luneng (1 year ago)
Nr 1 was norwegian haha😂
Milton Skåneland (1 year ago)
M9 bajonett lore FN is 1899
Jack Lambert (1 year ago)
u forgot anomalys st fn karambit black pearl
Saber (1 year ago)
Mcskillet is just doing this for money.
Red Bull (1 year ago)
#4 Unverdient
TwigReturns (1 year ago)
dr rock (1 year ago)
Were is anomaly
cs go pro (1 year ago)
i know one people who are got stattrak factory new sapphire dopler
Lil’ Finkyy (1 year ago)
What about M3RKMUS1C
JSQUAD (1 year ago)
The guys in second place had no idea what they got, they thought that people were actually selling that for 500 dollars...and he didn't even freak out smh

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