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Mass Effect 2: Tali and Legion argue [Solved with Paragon] (1080p)

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YOU NEED ALL PARAGON. A FULL BAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not 99.9% BUT 100% Mass Effect 2 - Jack and Miranda argue, and solved with a full paragon bar. Video details: * 339.02mb * 1920x1080 * Highest settings available * Audio: 320kbps * Music in-game INFO You get the conflict between Tali and Legion after you have both completed their loyalty missions (it doesn't matter which one first). Tali has caught Legion scanning her Omni-tool by which he wanted to send information about the Flotilla back to the Geth, which is awful, and she wants to kill legion with a heavy pistol so calm them down. This can be done by either choosing one of the 2 members (by which you lose the loyalty from the other member that was not choosen), or charm/intimidate with paragon or renegade (I chose paragon). It is recommended that you have a near-full bar of paragon to keep both their loyalty as you even need more paragon than renegade to be able to pick up the charm option. Otherwise you will lose this member during the suicide mission, not giving you the No One Left Behind achievement, which is still a nice add-on in the achievements. NOTE: The suit I wear comes with the Kasumi - Stolen Memory DLC My Computer: - Windows 7 Premium - CPU (Processor) - Intel Quad Core i7 860 @ 2.80GHz - GPU (Graphics Card) - ATI Radeon HD 5870 (1Gig) - Memory - 4 Gigabite (2x2gig) - Soundcard: ASUS Xonar D2 - Monitor - SyncMaster B2230 (Full HD / 70000:1 Dynamic Contrast / (1920x1080)
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Text Comments (69)
Teboski78 (3 months ago)
You solved this the right way, but didn’t blow up the heretics?
H3Vtux (2 years ago)
Leave it to Commander shephard, to outreason a FUCKING SUPERCOMPUTER AI :D XD
Mohammed Tayif (2 years ago)
absolutely not.it did not require me a full paragon bar or renegade bar. I got the paragon option and used it. Later it did not even look like too much of my paragon bar was used after I checked the bar. Does anyone has any ideas why my paragon bar looks like it was not even used or something like that.
Dandre Davis (2 years ago)
I don't understand can someone help me out please , I'm close to the last mission but I don't have enough paragon/renegade to get legion to be loyal nor Miranda and I really wanted all of them to survive the final fight. Does anyone have some tips what I could do to possibly achieve that ? Maybe a way to get my paragon/renegade up ?
mega man x (1 year ago)
To get both to side with you, you must have 80% of paragon or renegade points. That is, four bars on the meter must be filled up. Same with Jack and Miranda, if I am not mistaken. If you're going for peace between the geth and quarians in 3, as long as you do EVERYTHING else right, you can fail this particular check and still get peace.
Mara Dulog (2 years ago)
for Legion and tali, you should have sided with tali first, then used the Paragon check with Legion afterwards to convince him you were doing only doing it to calm tali down. do the same, side with Jack first then talk to Miranda after to restore her loyalty. the bad thing is, if you were romancing Miranda she'll break up with you
DEVIL COMMANDER (2 years ago)
Its so cute that tali and legion.
John Doe (2 years ago)
what the fuck this doesn't help at all... I can't pick the paragon option, or the renagade
shaq0071 (2 years ago)
Do a lot of paragon actions and missions to build it up
John Doe (2 years ago)
Ok thanks
shaq0071 (2 years ago)
make sure both or one of them is full
Laylatee (3 years ago)
olli316 (3 months ago)
"Laylatee, I'm a doctor, not an umpire."
werkis2 (2 years ago)
Well Shepard raped her after that ice brandy .... so she is not much talking lol :D
Diego Maldonado (3 years ago)
+Laylatee xx IKR!!
lalaninja (3 years ago)
i dont fucking understand lol im pretty much 100% renegade and im sure of this because the meter is full and was full for a long time... 
ManUtdBoy13 (4 years ago)
I just love the Geth and Quarian parts in ME2 and ME3. My favorite mission in ME3 is Rannoch but this "fight" is so damn good if you solve it with Paragon. The way that Shepard first tell Tali that what they did was wrong but also telling Legion that his actions will have BAD things coming, i also love this quote "Sooner or later, you both gonna have to stop fighting this war. Or we'll end up paying for it".
Tyrannic Cubone (4 years ago)
Best speech eva.
Paige Saint Engel (4 years ago)
Shepard smiled at that ;)
ARWINGx1 (5 years ago)
Same here, but between Miranda & Jack though... imo, this would've required more than Miranda & Jack's argument, since the answer was a lot more simple for them.
Lord Of the Potatoes (5 years ago)
lolz wait...DAMN then I need to restart the entire game again -_-
Benign59MB (5 years ago)
Is that sarcasm?
Benign59MB (5 years ago)
Korin? Is that the Quarian you have to save from Varren?
KamiSam (5 years ago)
if you have one of your skills maxed out i think it is alot easier
xXchavoxX1 (5 years ago)
so this is what i need to save the quarians and the geth in ME3
Ricky Williams. (5 years ago)
an Ultimate becomes a True hero of Soldier comes great responsibility
Ricky Williams. (5 years ago)
"I will give them everything I got" before Jack and Miranda's Loyal an than maybe Tail and legion's loyal too.
TheMachoMan81 (6 years ago)
@JorisCeoen I just got jack and mirandas conflict solved and still have both loyal. Now through my othe play throughs I have not but got legion and Tali loyal when they fought. What I'm wondering is can I still get Tali and leigion loyal even though I got jack and Miranda loyal ?
ChinaDollMaiden (6 years ago)
I need a full paragon bar? That's funny, I've done it with a less than full paragon bar.
Warwolf 300 (4 months ago)
Requirements scale with the ammount of missions you did. If you made the mistake of going to the reaper before completing loyality missions you will need less paragon/renegade.
Devon Lee (6 years ago)
i find it funny that Dr. Chakwas is in the back just looking over like "i don't give a fuck!"
Jessica Parker (6 years ago)
WTH IS A " paragon BAR "??
Joshua Ruiz (6 years ago)
Shepard wins FRIENDSHIP!!
lex361 (6 years ago)
I did it without a full paragon bar ^_^ yeah i noticed you need it for miranda and jack now miranda hates me cause i sided with jack i felt sorry for jack so yeah,Plus i just know cerberus will betray me so yeah Lolz
TheBezixx (6 years ago)
I didn't need full Paragon bar during argue between Miranda and Jack.
Eclipse Trooper (6 years ago)
You don't need a full paragon bar. You can do this with like 50% paragon... It's Miranda/Jack that you need full Paragon for.
Lynnette Concepcion (6 years ago)
Amazing quality.
anusalltheway (6 years ago)
You need a full bar for Miranda and Jack. But you DO NOT need a full bar for the Legion Tali argument. Only about 60% paragon is what I had to solve this.
Jack Barket (6 years ago)
can u do this if you have full paragon but still some renegade?
thatfineb78 (6 years ago)
How do u get full paragon?
Kuroe A (6 years ago)
im litteraly on this part atm and all i can do is side with tali or side with legion wth do i do?
Nick de Moura (6 years ago)
how do u use the paragon option?
Sherbet_Bomb (6 years ago)
Ok Ok, I misjudged the Geth. Being playing Mass effect 3 and you learn more about the Quarians and the Geth. And you can broker peace between them. As long as you have alot of boyscout points or Jerk Points. I take back my angst towards to Geth. And they do have good weapons
Rookblackraven (6 years ago)
@sjcobra84 uh. those geth are the heretics. not the geth legion belong to.
even løkken (6 years ago)
@sjcobra84 (I'm really late here) No, you are utterly and completely wrong, ALL Geth to not worship the Reapers, only a splinter faction do.
Sherbet_Bomb (6 years ago)
@11darklegion Can't help being cautious of the Geth though. They are machines after all. And I wont forget about things like Skynet :3
11darklegion (6 years ago)
@sjcobra84 Actually the real geth don't like the Reapers, I feel bad for the Geth, the quarians were just dumb asses who tried to kill the geth just for developing self-awarness and then blamed them for defending themselves, only the quarians have themselves to blame for losing their home world and Tali is no different than the rest of them
Chris Cheng (6 years ago)
Now THAT'S a leader!!!
ARWINGx1 (6 years ago)
One thing I don't understand is that when this happened to me, I could pick the Paragon solution. BUT, when Miranda & Jack was arguing, I couldn't pick either the Paragon, nor Renegade solution.
Parikshit basak (6 years ago)
can u tell me any trainer v1.02 that gives unlimited Paragon n Renegade please help....
Sam Lane (6 years ago)
@dogfc are you fucking stupid? read the f@cking description, you absolute syndrome.
dawsonoo7 (6 years ago)
Renegade all the way !
nissader15 (6 years ago)
so i need a full paragon bar? what about my talent bar? do i need that full too?
Cody E (6 years ago)
The renegade speech is so much better for this
Infernal (6 years ago)
@IAmSomeoneOrOther Yes I was adding to your comment.
Infernal (6 years ago)
@IAmSomeoneOrOther Pus when final battle comes. Who is more important when fighing the Reapers, Geth who are a more primitive version of the Reapers or the quarians who's majority of ships are patched up just to keep them operational. Let alone combat ready. Will you let trillions die just to stay in good favour with Tali.
Sherbet_Bomb (6 years ago)
@IAmSomeoneOrOther "U dont anything hostile and i'll blow you to pieces". And I wont forget Eden Prime and This important quote "Listen, and understand. That terminator is out there. It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead". -Kyle Reese
Sherbet_Bomb (7 years ago)
I solved this argument. But if I had to chose a side. TALI hands down. Why chose a tin can over sweetheart friend? Tali is adorable. Dont forget that the Geth are those wacky robots that worship reapers and want to kill everyone (3
mrArchduke (7 years ago)
I love Sheploo. :)
fchn951 (7 years ago)
lol chakwas is in the background pretending not to hear what the "chat" was about.
Arby Arthur (7 years ago)
@farkatoon Nice one
SpanishFly120 (7 years ago)
@farkatoon Lmao, it's funny how this is so close to being true. I still sometimes have the "when in doubt, Paragon" mindset.
jacktheripperrules (7 years ago)
@JorisCeoen alright thanks
GamingReviews (7 years ago)
@jacktheripperrules Less than paragon is needed... I cannot say exactly how much, but it is still with a near-full renegade bar. If it's possible, do some more renegade quests, and try talking to her again. People really should consider doing this argument AFTER they have a full bar of their appropriate characterbar...
jacktheripperrules (7 years ago)
@TheBarns95 how much renegade do i need to get talis loyalty back because i sided with legion
RTG Anubis (7 years ago)
I just finished this part and i chose legions side because my renegade was not full yet. now that i have a full renegade i talk to tali but the option is not open yet PLEASE HELP!!!
Descendant of Kraff (7 years ago)
am i the only one who calls legion him?
darkHALO1000 (7 years ago)
lol. 1:40 he's just smiling, then he just frowns, lol
Legionfox1 (7 years ago)
One of my favorite moments from Mass Effect 2. love it

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