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TF2 Team Gives News on "Mammoth" Update

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Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VNN Today on Valve News Network, we take a look at the latest movement from the Team Fortress 2 team, including a blog post to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Orange Box and TF2. Music : https://soundcloud.com/idensai/ok128/s-FGbLw My Social Media : Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/valvenewsnetwork/ Waffler Weekly : goo.gl/Fm28Ge
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Text Comments (1288)
Freakin' Magic (14 days ago)
-added the "mammoth" fossil -updated the localization files I hope they do something like the wrench in the gears sfm
Ivan Cvečko (10 months ago)
Really soon is probably 2020
Mister Myst (10 months ago)
Sounds like Christmas update. Just sayin
Edvinas Maleckas (10 months ago)
i was actualy scared to play tf2 after a few days when the jungle inferno update came out because i can't stand pyro's and if you know why comment down below. :D
mimi Mitchell (10 months ago)
You guys think it's Frontline
LEDonLSD (10 months ago)
The update was actually rather small considering the time it took. Not saying it's bad but I expected a little more
Alyx ._. (11 months ago)
All those 26 billion headshots are mine.
KingIceHunter (11 months ago)
0:45 mammoth update in the background of the Jungle Inferno video.
bob smith (11 months ago)
But is he bigger, stronger and heavier than Heavy?
258th Hi Guy (11 months ago)
2:41 26 billion headshots, huh?
The Unholy Adventurer (11 months ago)
Very soon in valve time.
Shane Smith (11 months ago)
HEY GUESS WHAT https://youtu.be/F6vpzOfm1zk
Noa Yussef (11 months ago)
Stop getting my hopes up !!!!
LargeAmountsOfMeat (11 months ago)
If it’s a mammoth update, does that mean the update is no longer with us, and is dead/ extinct, like a mammoth?
Chibi Devanam (11 months ago)
Players: New weapons? Valve: Did you mean new reskins?
TheShadowNinja1 (11 months ago)
valve did say that the pyro would be getting new weapons
Absolute Zer0 (11 months ago)
Uhhhhhh that’s 2 billion not 26 lmao
Negative Studios (11 months ago)
I think the mammoth update just means it will be big
It's Rose (11 months ago)
It's gonna be a card game that's somehow broken at launch. The cards will get hats. Pyro and Heavy will be permanently removed from all TF2 canon.
hero mask388 (11 months ago)
I hope they fix the god damn weapons in tf2, I mean hole crap, everyone women always got a bad side too it
Potato Powered (11 months ago)
I can't wait for the next big update to come out, so muselk could play tf2 again
Alexander Catalan (11 months ago)
The Ren (11 months ago)
It would be some crazy trolling shit if the update just has a Mammoth in it. A "Mammoth update". Lmao. I can't wait for this.
Unkown Of life (11 months ago)
So will the yeti be the halloween boss?
Love S. (11 months ago)
(Crossing fingers) please take away casual please take away casual bring steam servers back
CapoFantasma97 (11 months ago)
Ah, the old cancer pubs, with autobalancing, friends forced to get in the opposite team, less fucks given than now about the objective, incredibly limited choice of maps based on the only few populated servers with the usual maps, infinite rounds that lacked any real sense of accomplishment and no winners or losers, random rebalance that trigger on death just to hit a nerve while accomolishing nothing to the pubstomping... Yeah, I'd really like to worsen the experience by removing the small progress done.
What the... (11 months ago)
Can't wait to join a server and have everyone is Pyro and try to play Spy
11Modern11 (11 months ago)
I want to headshot across the map with ambassador, don't nerf it, instead, nerf demoman and soldier. l
Travis Elliot (11 months ago)
I don't expect it to come next week, next month or even at all this year. We all know about Valve time. I'm just waiting for this to become the next half life 3 meme.
TheShadowNinja1 (11 months ago)
when the mym taunts had their thumbnails leaked when they were private. 6 days later mym was launched so i am hopeful
Kougrhuntr (11 months ago)
"26 Billion Headshots" It says 2 Billion not 26...
AyeAye Kane (11 months ago)
my nigga ive got a mammoth trunk up my ass
generic goose (11 months ago)
inb4 patch notes 5gb of brand new bloat more shitty crates broke mvm as always new shitty weapons good weapons nerfed to unusable new shitty feature that doesn't even work made to make you buy crap the actual game is completely neglected no fixes to decade old problems (haha get it decade old because its anniversary) theres nothing to celebrate they should call it funeral update good job valve keep making this game even worse
SpecTREE (11 months ago)
Valve added 8 new videos to the taunt playlist, which are all private videos, so you may wanna do a video on that
Demo Phone (11 months ago)
There are 8 taunts that are going to be in the update. They were leaked on Reddit.
Nerd Boy (11 months ago)
They are going to change tf2 in 2007 :3
Klutziez (11 months ago)
GG valve
Burrdozah c: (11 months ago)
1:12 "Look Gary there i am"
Sharp (11 months ago)
Hearthstone had an actual mammoth update lul
Meegic Magikarp (11 months ago)
can they rename the update to hl3 pls
MrVipitis (11 months ago)
Pushing a truly impressive update, not just content heavy. But also engine reworks, that would be crazy and the best possible thing to do. I didn't even think about that. But if they manage to bring us a new game, like the DotA reborn with a bug fixing period of ScreamFortress - Sissmass, it would revitalize the game. Now you have me hopes .. on my 18th birthday
小さな (11 months ago)
Viktor (11 months ago)
As long as there are more hats added
SupreMecy (11 months ago)
Mammoth update is here! Shutting down TF2 goodbye. And thanks for your money.
Tom Jackal (11 months ago)
"26 billion headshots" 2 =/= 26
pauljerome01 (11 months ago)
Ryan Kelly (11 months ago)
I really hope they don't nerf the sandman or the Deadringer I'd be so fucking mad
The Eldritch Bee (11 months ago)
Near as in the moon is near earth.
Narky (11 months ago)
Next year October
Shoehorn 37 (11 months ago)
-Updated mammothization files
raymond (11 months ago)
Im pretty sure they meant mammoth as in huge of an update. Its so ovbious
GhostShipSupreme (11 months ago)
Imagine if they moved tf2 to a new game ENGINE. Finally! Boys that are actually smart enough to do stuff! And maybe the map making tools and nav editing will be good too!
GeniusGT (11 months ago)
I really REALLY doubt TF2 is moving to source 2. I find HL3's development more believable.
Tink Mimi (11 months ago)
Valve is #3? Cool HL3 confirmed! :D
Walter K (11 months ago)
Katamari Update we get everything we've ever been promised all at once clumped together in a large ball
Frenchie (11 months ago)
Another year, is the thing they meant by very imminent.
Freeman319 (11 months ago)
The 10th class will be Gaben. A heavy with 500 health, healing of a medic, speed of the scout, structures of the engineer, cloak of the spy, damage of the sniper explosive powers of demo and soldier combined, (asshatness of the pyro)^10... the ultimate class you'll ever see!
Khorne Flake (11 months ago)
Team's Unknown Battlefortress inbound...
Ryan Ramella (11 months ago)
I don’t think he should play sniper
Anym (11 months ago)
mammoth update??? they haven't even put out the fucking pyro update goddamnit.
Fredster !! (11 months ago)
2:42 That clearly says 2 billion headshots, not 26 billion.
BOXXY what (11 months ago)
to me it seems that they use the word "Mammoth" as a way to explain how big the update is
Anwar Masri (11 months ago)
maybe the updata is in halloween
Agent Delta (11 months ago)
This is bs I know your just doing your news so i dont blame you But No maps have been accepted No cosmetics Infact nothing workshop related has been accepted Valve has not release any other suggested changes which means A. They dont know or the ideas arent fully fleshed out yet B. They dont want to talk about it cos valve (possible but i hope not C. They dont want to talk about it because they dont want us to be able to judge the changes or make an upriar about them (like most of the changes that did get made Infact valve hasnt done anything to show us the update is almost ready other than saying its "imminent" if it was almost ready and they just wanted to test some minor bugs they would have released it on the 10th anniversary but they didnt even say anything but "imminent"
RG Devoner (11 months ago)
Very soon=2019
Niklas Schwartzerd (11 months ago)
We're getting d.rolled guys
The Epic Gamer MLWW2401 (11 months ago)
When will scream fortress be? It came out on the 16th last year after being delayed at first. Are you saying it's going to take even longer than the 16th now?
SaltyLuigi (11 months ago)
Really soon mean 3 months later
CGY (11 months ago)
They meant mammoth sized update...
Slug (11 months ago)
Pause at 1:00. Look at the name....
Papa Glow Eyes (11 months ago)
in valve time, soon is a few years. remember half life 3?
Depressing dot Co. (11 months ago)
*on october 31st, after months of hard work* *New Update qued for Tf2* Me: oh sweet REALLY!!! *opens the update changelog* Me: okay let's see.............Updated localization files..........and the pyros primary......does 10% less damage.....well fuck
tear of light (11 months ago)
the update will come very soon not this week in one year valve time dont forget
Cringey Cookies (11 months ago)
What if the mammoth update is the extinction of tf2 just like the extinction of the mammoth?1!?1!?11one!!?!
HDLetsPlaysHigh (11 months ago)
im afraid of halloween update
Munk (11 months ago)
Hopefully we get arena back, I have my doubts though.
James Bland (11 months ago)
The update thumbnail will be Mammoth wrestling Heavy.
General Diamond (11 months ago)
"26 billion headshots"... Whoops
smokey (11 months ago)
And yet no update on Saxxy 2017
ADUPS (11 months ago)
Tf2 card game
chryco4 (11 months ago)
4th cosmetic slot?
Goot Poot (11 months ago)
Ayy I’m in that mosaic.
MahriKing14 (11 months ago)
Unless they brin good old pub server system back and ditch Casual mode, I don't give a single fuck
Ytrewq Wertyq (11 months ago)
They are gonna add Mammoth hat for Heavy, like they did with K-9 Mane hat.
Ğємнєαят (11 months ago)
THIS *WILL* be the TF2 last update, not to be a pessimist..... but i genuinely feel it will the the break of TF2...
Humid Danny (11 months ago)
1:12 In the letter A there's my drawing of Blu Scout (Why do I feel so proud?)
Gamesome Dude (11 months ago)
i know its crazy but what if they added a story mode. kinda like a singleplayer campain on how it all started
REDHOT Gaming (11 months ago)
*2 billion head shots, not 26 o - o
Emk Mage (11 months ago)
A new engine?:o
Hashmatullah Sheikh (11 months ago)
Hey guys remember when they released that DotA 2 update in the first week of June on June 45th
Jozinek (11 months ago)
Soooo, what is this 'Mammoth' update? It sounds interesting as f!ck
Joker64303 (11 months ago)
I so freaking hope that they put TF2 in source 2.
DidPixelz™ (11 months ago)
I feel like this "Mammoth" Update is gonna bring us a new map like an "Ice Age" kinda themed and new weapons in the caveman times i guess (reply if u agree or reply saying no)
Bloom HD (11 months ago)
Shertor2600 (11 months ago)
MAMMOOOOTH! Can we have new weapons? Please, plis
ImEvil234 (11 months ago)
Oh thank fuck. Tf2 baby I'm coming home! See ya overwatch!
TheBlueKnight (11 months ago)
Nevermore (11 months ago)
RaHuHe (11 months ago)
It does not take a year and a half to put in a few hats. Of course the community is demanding something big.
Retard Account (11 months ago)
Source 2?
Dazeencraft (11 months ago)
Don't you think it's funny that Valve News Network doesn't actually have any Valve members but they still use the company name on their channel?
Glen Dorner (11 months ago)
fingers crossed for new weapons!

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