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CS:GO - Zombie Escape mod - Pistols only - ze_Infiltration_Final_p3 - GFL

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Zombie Escape mod gameplay on ze Infiltration Final map ( Pistol only event ) on the GFL server. Zombie Escape Playlists: CSGO: http://bit.ly/CSGOZE CSS: http://bit.ly/CSS_ZE ─── MAPPER ─── Creator of the map: Luffaren / Per30010 ─── SERVER ─── Name: GFLClan IP: ─── AXONEK3 ─── Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198056951289 CS:GO Crosshair: http://bit.ly/A3crosshair PC Specs: Intel i7-3770K | Geforce GTX 750ti 2GB | 16GB Ram
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Text Comments (152)
Gökhan Özdemir (22 days ago)
dude, this is awesome :D
damieN (1 month ago)
hahaha that last part of the video where they were on the chopper fucking hilarious and when on of the zombie almost got onboard! 😭😂 and i’m watching this high af..
CenTz (1 month ago)
AK47 for the win
Legendary MuRAMasa1337 (1 month ago)
Pistols only? Shit GFL clan always have bad team....Maybe they got lucky
Rabbin Lee (2 months ago)
CsZ FirsT (2 months ago)
Nub no cover
Okullu Pikachu (13 days ago)
What are you talking about?You can't defense everywhere if you do you will probably spawn with zombies after some time. So you need to defense in good and safe places like this guy.
BEC highlights (2 months ago)
Stupid. Gun. Have. A. Rpg
KarizZz (2 months ago)
what happened at the end? why he was shouting?
Clearest Blue (4 months ago)
I didn't know that Source was able to handle such long maps
Kris Machado (5 months ago)
whey + whey = the way but do u know de wae?!!!
Dani Emang (5 months ago)
no defend phase. So boring
MIK Computer (5 months ago)
LoL xD
Rashien Estino (5 months ago)
3:27 is dead pool with you
Mik Moen (6 months ago)
That one person with the Tali model, has amazing taste. <3
Mary Membrebe (6 months ago)
now I'm done with autoplay , it brings me to other videos
Koni Tito Malpartida (7 months ago)
es un pro
Roya Gaming (7 months ago)
how to dow this game
Muhamad Hakimi (7 months ago)
i see deadpool 3:31 😂
Christa Lane (7 months ago)
Lol bunny jump make me laugh soo hard xD
Darcy Mangan (8 months ago)
Who else got a COD WW2 add before this?
Lexy Bro (8 months ago)
vhazard (8 months ago)
How do you playzombie??
Smit Gameplays (8 months ago)
It's all Chaotic...
Nguyễn Chip (8 months ago)
how to down game
Acura X (8 months ago)
Everyone's bhopping
Michal M (8 months ago)
How is go better than 1.6 ignoring the graphics?
MaxDevil666 (8 months ago)
Lol gfl,fucking bunch of faggots lol
Nam Le Khanh (8 months ago)
How can i download this
Aman Khan (8 months ago)
Nam Le Khanh cs go servers on gametracker
Chef fun (8 months ago)
nc teamwork bro ..
MCcarlos235 (8 months ago)
I never saw zombie escape, and seems so great!
Accel 4365 (8 months ago)
MCcarlos235 until you join a server that has a kid screaming then yeah no it turns shit
Jason William (9 months ago)
4:16 panic mode xD lol
Jose Manio (6 months ago)
that guy who spamming lol 4:26
skiva (9 months ago)
Are those your skins
Okullu Pikachu (13 days ago)
I don't think so because he changes his skins every video and this means in this server you can choose your skins for free but of course those skins can be his own skins.
How to download this mod?
Accel 4365 thank u 😁
Accel 4365 (8 months ago)
Natalie Ave its a server mod thing
Patrick Cauton (9 months ago)
if friendly fire is on...
Aman Khan (8 months ago)
Patrick Cauton nope
Metal (9 months ago)
0:10 You see guys the paper say BORN
UnluckyPancake (9 months ago)
You sir just got a sub for making a great video
DaVi ZiN (9 months ago)
hahahahahhahaha nice video guy Hahahahahha,
HeftyPancake (9 months ago)
3:08 "Hold the door! Hold the door!" Hold the door Hodor
Bama Boy (9 months ago)
чё за пиздец
TSO DAT (9 months ago)
sorry to say, what is the special of pistol only?u are basically doing less than other teammates do, this is not your win,its your teammates win cuz u are not contributing much to the team since u are using a pistol..Same concept as door huggers.
Kin hawk (9 months ago)
TSO DAT everyone is using pistols it was a server event
Raiyan Prince (9 months ago)
what is this game name please tell me
okhome12345995 (8 months ago)
Raiyan Prince how could you not know this is cs go.. It's as famous as league of legends.
Sean Mifsud (9 months ago)
Such a distorted and most confused gameplay I've ever seen lol
Im there im the yellow character
FutaFingLing (5 months ago)
I saw you tbh
Ms je (8 months ago)
XxhackerkingrootxX Olivares nice
Sedevizo Kielienyü (9 months ago)
This is dope. How many players are even there LMAO
Ms je (8 months ago)
Miacoz (9 months ago)
gfl is usually always full
faidz jack (9 months ago)
Whats your resolution and video setting?
jay largo (9 months ago)
what server is this can someone give me a link to it
Yeter Youtube (9 months ago)
Do ze_pizzatime please
dhanixr (9 months ago)
What happen if friendly fire on?
Yue Lin (9 months ago)
Escape: free for all mod XDDD
Cristiano wallace hiu (9 months ago)
The time u need the negev
{[Jon X Hunter]} (10 months ago)
great vid man
If you can get mic
Ser Stormcrow (10 months ago)
It's nice to see that the zombie mod is still alive and running on CS! I used to play on CSS. That was my childhood!
ialexbad Alex (10 months ago)
the name of the server
Shiina Mashiro (10 months ago)
what csgo is this?
Shiba Littlɛƒingers (8 months ago)
Lol shiina my babe what are you doing here
Andrégix (9 months ago)
Shiina Mashiro It's a community map
winda User (10 months ago)
Gemble nob
Mr. Octopi (11 months ago)
5:32 Robot's malfunction
Kutay Karadeniz (11 months ago)
where are you from
Varso GT (1 year ago)
When teens plays:Protect the team! When kids plays:Run!! I DONT CARE IF THEY DIE
ツColony (1 month ago)
It doest matter the age, the brain matter.
VSG3048 (1 month ago)
I am 13! I protect them ;)
Cranley Valerian (9 months ago)
Exactly! XD
Sam K (1 year ago)
HI!!! how to download and install the zombie escape mod ??? please!!! I want to play it.
2capitalist4you (1 year ago)
its a server
I love your videos axonek
IMBE (1 year ago)
hello plz support meh i mainly upload csgo ze thx guys! btw great video axonek!
Whats the name of the server and where? For ex. Europe
Dante Jr Cortez (1 year ago)
Para kang bata
2capitalist4you (1 year ago)
hinidi naman siya bata eh
Dante Jr Cortez (1 year ago)
Potang ina mo
Daniel Pratama (9 months ago)
kantutin ka nanay mo
Mafia Khan (11 months ago)
Dante Jr Cortez You Kid?
J P (1 year ago)
this is shit.
Elhami Musliu (9 months ago)
J P then don't watch it.
Asarcus (9 months ago)
Samsung J1 (9 months ago)
Your comment are shit too
Onardo Lee (10 months ago)
2capitalist4you (1 year ago)
salty much?
ulyses degilla (1 year ago)
Where can I download CS go for free pls help me
Zgniły Ogór (1 year ago)
Tatzuu xD
Tatzuu (1 year ago)
Jingle (1 year ago)
I love your videos! Keep up the good work!
Najd Yahyaoui (1 year ago)
nice video bro
Fear Apex (1 year ago)
Hey keep up the good work I like these videos nice job
Ivan Lau (1 year ago)
That's nice bruh nice
Puzzless Firulovic (1 year ago)
whats your nick in cs i have never played with you
Puzzless Firulovic (1 year ago)
axonek3 nice inventory
axonek3 (1 year ago)
Down in the description box
Onyx468 (1 year ago)
anyone know how to play zombie escape on nosteam? (I know i'm cracking, but i was so poor) Please let me know :'(
Boss Smasher (5 months ago)
Just buy the game you cheap dumbass
FutaFingLing (5 months ago)
Is no steam free?
Onyx468 (1 year ago)
kek thx dude
Chuckles (1 year ago)
Daffa Fathoni mizapro non steam zombie escape server
Just Suspicious (1 year ago)
I subscribe you :D and turn on the notification :D
Just Suspicious (1 year ago)
I like your video and Soady1991 to you two must play each other to make it much better :D and make more video about CsGo Zombie escape :D
AekO (1 year ago)
Yeah I watched SoadY1990 before
hunter. vn (1 year ago)
can you give me a link to dowload cs go plz
IMBE (1 year ago)
Minh Trung Bùi u have to buy it from Steam or u can search on youtube how to download csgo!
Andersen E (1 year ago)
Where's kakarot?You should play with him..He's funny..kinda
Andersen E (1 year ago)
axonek3 nooooooooo
axonek3 (1 year ago)
Permanent muted. maybe got some old recording will see
ROAD KILLER (1 year ago)
hellow me too i make video of zombie escape pleez support me withh your subscribe in my channel
Noah Turnage (1 year ago)
axonek3 (1 year ago)
I agree..
Erwinburnigazz Mwmw (1 year ago)
759 Taps Pin this
VG EYE (1 year ago)
i talked on steam with u man, lol u helped me get my server info thx
axonek3 (1 year ago)
= )
Random Tom (1 year ago)
Guys how to play zombie map in Cs go
Probably Unkown User (1 year ago)
Random Tom or u can find in community servers
Chan Puai Yong (1 year ago)
Random Tom find it on gametracker then copy the iP then connect to the server you like
I Love Spinner (1 year ago)
Make more pls Axonek3
Tuguldur Gantulga (1 year ago)
PrimeProductions M (1 year ago)
Tuguldur Gantulga your not lmfao
Tuguldur Gantulga (1 year ago)

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