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Cs 1.6 Server Zombie Plague Free VIP + JB

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ip: [ DreamiNG ] - Zombie 4.3 | FDL + Free Vip + JB-Bazooka ] ×1 boost = Vip + 50000 ammo + Hammer Knife
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Text Comments (15)
Adri Ivanof (18 days ago)
New Server Zombie Revenge 2018 IP: The Best Server In Spain
TroXPoXBoX (6 months ago)
احسنت يا بطل واصل
catworloc (1 year ago)
what ip this server
Raouf Gaming (1 year ago)
SKull Cs (1 year ago)
Sead Kolenovic (1 year ago)
music name
Sead Kolenovic (1 year ago)
music name
Jean Leterni (1 year ago)
como sellama la musica
Mohamed HL HL (1 year ago)
sv off -_-
SKull Cs (1 year ago)
we add hosting for server
Gamer Track (1 year ago)
you make me admin ??
SKull Cs (1 year ago)
Dazz Blood MSP (1 year ago)
hi skull i am killzombies666 i play sap cso
kChola Chola (1 year ago)
+SKull Cs Music on 01:20?Pls
SKull Cs (1 year ago)
ok i dont play it now

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