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How Often do Good Drops happen - CS:GO

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Many people complain about getting only crappy drops. Now here's the thing people: Good drops are very rare. I've been playing Counter Strike Global Offensive ever since it was released. I continued playing it even after the Arms Deal update. And since the update I've only gotten 1 good drop. Yes, that's right. I got AK47 Black Laminate in the December of 2013. If you do the math, it's roughly 5 months. So judging by my experience, an average player is gonna get a good drop in every 4-6 months. Of course for every single person it's different but on average good items are being dropped very rarely. That is happening in order for them to keep their value. Check out Alphadraft: http://alphadraft.go2cloud.org/SHEN
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Zoltán Fellegi (3 months ago)
I think i was lucky cuz i got 2 "good things" About a year i got a mw m4a1-s nitro when it was about 2$ and its a purple skin so i was very happy. Then i got a sticker capsule when it was 2,5$ so that's nice too than my friend got a 10$ bravo case...
N3RD3LICIA (4 months ago)
my best drop was a PP-Bizon | Copper..
1 tap (5 months ago)
Y'all talking about drops while I get fucking sealed graffiti
Roberts Rozensteins (5 months ago)
All my drops combined are worth 0,18$
LukendoFX (8 months ago)
Not even 0.10!!
Rubify (9 months ago)
i got spectroum 2 case
Darcy Gaming (9 months ago)
Haha, stop complaining about bad drops, I've gotten none...
Big Birtha (10 months ago)
You say in 5 or 6 months. However, it can depend on the amount of battles you play. For example: you play almost daily so you reached your results. What if someone plays 3 times a month. Do they get good drops in half a year?
Lava Lamp (10 months ago)
I just got a well worn medusa drop
pixeldudez- meme (10 months ago)
I always get skins can sell for 1 pound or i get sprays
NoSpeed (10 months ago)
friend got a chronos minimal wear. I wanna kill myself.
DetÄrJuGott OchSånt (1 year ago)
I have sen one WHO got a Poseidon in my mach
TheSaltyCactus (1 year ago)
i got a m4 howl from a drop
Lenzi (1 year ago)
today i receive a bravo crate hehehe (10$)
DM Kyle (1 year ago)
now there is fuckin sealed graffiti!
i have played counter strike to longe, and only had bull**** for around 0.03 euro.. wtf and then i see people get dragon lore, wtf, even if i open 100 cases, i only get bull**** just unlucky eh
Jaycorn (1 year ago)
All i get is shitty 0.03 cent graffiti's not even skins lmao
sss926034 (1 year ago)
sss926034 (1 year ago)
I trade with nick bunny
Radiator Fluid (1 year ago)
I spent 75 dollars on csgo, got a p250 asiimov battle scarred. Never buying csgo cases again. They're so fucking scummy. Gaben can burn in hell
dootybleble (1 year ago)
all I get now with this shitty spray can update is just spray cans
OMGIts Dani (1 year ago)
i play for 6 moths only good item glove case for 1.30
Vledolf xD (1 year ago)
my friend got an m4a4 royal paladyn stat trak worth 35$
PixelCubeGamer (1 year ago)
You can't get stattrak from drops
Evan Mueller (1 year ago)
Today January 24 2017 at 8:38 Pm i was playing arms race and i won with a back stab kill to a guy and that exact guy who died got a M4A1-S Nitro for dying GG
Gustav Carlsson (1 year ago)
nothing Good :(
CTI (1 year ago)
damn long time
DJBawss (1 year ago)
The Best ive probably gotten is like 30 cents for a glove case lol
talxaN (1 year ago)
5 Months getting only graffitis
Qikk (1 year ago)
My best drop is AWP Pit Viper (MW)
gbvoul (1 year ago)
best drop was a glove case. sold for about $5 at the time. second was a field tested nitro M4A1-S. that's it.
Doggie (1 year ago)
Are you sure its casual or comp?
gbvoul (1 year ago)
ive only had 1 graffiti drop.you get a lot more drops playing casual
Anson Huang (1 year ago)
gbvoul every since the graffiti update, all my weekly drops are graffiti
ツCobraFighter (1 year ago)
My best drop was an AK-47 Safari mesh... :,D
jonzi (1 year ago)
I got an emerald pinstripe after playing for 2+ months (:
Trashed (1 year ago)
I got a awp medussa ft today lol ❤️ just got level 30 and le
TheEnderking (1 year ago)
Been playing this game 5 months time to get an awp medusa
CTI (1 year ago)
lucky bastard XD
Mr Sparklepants (1 year ago)
best drop R8 amber fade
Marko_B (1 year ago)
0.03 cents
cykablyat (1 year ago)
been playing csgo for 2 years haven't had any drops worth more than $0.5, I was famous for my unbelievably bad luck back in high school, not complaining, it's just part of me
RussianAlcoholic (1 year ago)
I have played the game 1 year and only one not bad drop it costed 2.50 but now it cost under or over 1
N Yawk (1 year ago)
I always get Tec-9 Urban DDPAT Field Tested...
Gkolias Giannis (1 year ago)
best drop i ever had was a case worth 8 euros dont remember the name tho
Rasmus Pilskov (1 year ago)
I once got a hand cannon on dust 2 it was like 18dollars
L1ndass (1 year ago)
The best drop I got was a gamma 2 case and it was like 3.47$
TheLazyNerd (1 year ago)
i got a m4a1s knight MW but i sold it for money
Kingunem (1 year ago)
TheCrude (1 year ago)
In the week when i got a p90-storm a friend got dropped a dlore-ft ^^ cruel world xD
tommzy (1 year ago)
I just got a gamma 2 case from a drop too bad it wasn't a couple days earlier for more money
Smiley EZ (1 year ago)
Best drop was Master Piece FT when it was 60.- ...
Meme Machine (1 year ago)
It's been a year. I've got about 5 drops that were weapons. All of them worth about 10-20 cents a piece. I sold them, and purchased some skins worth 10-20 cents each. Good thing all the skins I like are cheap.
antonios channel (1 year ago)
my best drop was a Gamma Case. I sold them for 1,01€.
Jack Houck (1 year ago)
ive seen a lot of people get awp medusas wondering how often that drops
MadYeAd (1 year ago)
My friend got a master piece. Had around 20 wins and was a silver 3....
crazyfrisbee23 (1 year ago)
been playin like 11 months of shit drops, now something worth of 70euro.
Finnley Rev (1 year ago)
your crosshair got me aids
BoByWilly (1 year ago)
My second drop after I bought the game was worth 20€
Caliburr (1 year ago)
fuck. if you kept the FN skins you would be rich now. they are worth so fucking much now and i want them lol
Vention (1 year ago)
My first ever drop was actually quite decent. A USP-S | Roylan Blue in FT which goes for like 25cts. Since then I got 0.03€ skins only...
Boba Fett (1 year ago)
the best drops i got was two Bravo cases on two seperate occasions and they were and still are worth 10 to 12 bucks. I also got a gamma case drop when it came out, around the same price 10 to 12 bucks.
MT Rivergummel (1 year ago)
Best weekly drop: 0,06€ case ;)
#HighBoi420# (1 year ago)
i got m4a1-s master piece yesterday
93DHunter28 (1 year ago)
I was in a casual game with my friend that was silver 3 and he got m4a4 poseidon worth 120 dollars :(
Yoloarcok 2000 (1 year ago)
my friend had a 50 euro AK-47 drop, when he had 2 weeks in the game, i have 5-7 months, and i had no drop worth more than 30 cents
MyNameIsNidos (1 year ago)
I got an auto sniper worth $18, and got scammed 😂
MyNameIsNidos (1 year ago)
+Caliburr my bad you're right, I'm an idiot 😂
Caliburr (1 year ago)
+MyNameIsNidos its a purple/restricted rarity
MyNameIsNidos (1 year ago)
+Claudiu “frEEz1NNk” Popovici Yes it is
Claudiu Popovici (1 year ago)
+MyNameIsNidos Not pink
MyNameIsNidos (1 year ago)
+Caliburr G3SG1 | Chronos MW
Marshie420 (1 year ago)
about 1 in 110,000 drops are actually good. you wont get any good drops
Marshie420 (1 year ago)
good items as in items 35 dollars and up
Slob Rat (1 year ago)
i have gotten 3 really good drops always when i reset my rank back to 1.
Enrique Lopez (1 year ago)
Lol, I just got a freaking SSG-08 like 30 mins ago, and its my best drop ever. (Like 4 bucks CDN)
Yoop Andersons (1 year ago)
My best drop - Sawed off full stop it was fuckin 18 cents yeah
s (1 year ago)
I got bravo case worth 8 dollars on second drop I ever got
PilotZ (1 year ago)
Just 2 days ago I got a fac new AK hydroponic drop ;)
Drechen Lard (1 year ago)
i never got a good drop and i have a playtime of 1700 hours :D
Dead Father (1 year ago)
its OK I never get good drops
Asflkjhg (1 year ago)
Bought a wild pass for 5 bucks. Yesterday I got a m4a4 Poseidon field tested yesterday. Worth 86 bucks.👍👍
Nabe Presents (1 year ago)
lol i bought it too but dont get even light blue just 3 cent gray shits
Daniel99oslo (1 year ago)
Luka Vidmar (2 years ago)
1k likes 600 dislikes why?
Shai Cnaan (2 years ago)
last week i got a factory new revolver fade as a drop in a comp we lost xD
Caliburr (1 year ago)
amber fade
Andre N (2 years ago)
With a wildfire pass, I got this $20 G3SG1 Chronos field-tested. gg
Marius Niveri (2 years ago)
playing csgo for 2 month: got chroma III case 14 hours after release, sold it for 7 euros. And a few days later I got Mac-10 | Fade FN. But yesterday one of my friend got the ak hydroponic MW, he sold it for about 100 euros. Fucking Lucker ;)
Marius Niveri (2 years ago)
+bas D :D
Marius Niveri (2 years ago)
+bas D and im got a revolver case. and scar-20 safari crap :(
bas D (2 years ago)
got 1 of those ak's myself just now. XD everybody in the call was calling BS and being friendly pissed XD thats most likely due to me already gotten a m4a1-s iscarus fell FN
Mesa Majik (2 years ago)
I got a ft pink ddpat today and a sunset storm deagle mw a few weeks ago. I think i am lucky.
mihkel est (2 years ago)
been playing csgo for 2-3years now, best drop i got was ft famas styx, after that i havent gotten any other good drop for like 1,5-2years. GG. lucky you if u get good drop every 4-6months.
SEye (2 years ago)
When do i get good Drops : Every Dream
Amish Qasim (2 years ago)
my was dragon lore awp
Justin Tworek (2 years ago)
i have 700 hours on csgo and never got a good drop worth more than $0.20
Marius Niveri (2 years ago)
my friend have 50 hours and got ak hydroponic minimal wear. he sold it for 100€
8sianDude (2 years ago)
Bought a Wildfire pass for 6 bucks. After 1 month of crappy consumer grade skins, got a restricted 5-7 Neon Kimono. Sold it for 15 bucks.
Dead Father (1 year ago)
daniel lavik (2 years ago)
my friend got an aug akihabara accept factory new.. which he sold for 460 keys. ://
SignorBianchi (2 years ago)
haha i've played the game for 5 weeks and a m4a1 master piece minimal wear dropped:)
TraZe1337 (2 years ago)
M4A1-S | Master Piece - 75€
Zeph (2 years ago)
I got a desert eagle sunset storm FN In a drop worth $20
Ice 氷 (2 years ago)
i've gotten 2 Awp Pink DDPAT's Both were feild tested, and a $5 mp5.
ObliVioN (2 years ago)
my friend got a m4 hot rod ft, lucky fuck
Søren Larsen (2 years ago)
Sand dune glock 3cent , never got any good drops
HazyMan (2 years ago)
the glock sand dune is worth over 20-30 cents i think
Vlad Novetschi (2 years ago)
my friend got m4a1-s knight, and he was afk and i saved him 2 times from kick, and he wont give me 1 eur
Caliburr (1 year ago)
what do you mean you "saved him from getting kicked" where you in a match before the drop? and even then he doesn't owe you anyways.
ChEeScAkE XxL (1 year ago)
shut up...ur just stupid bro stop writing that stupid sentence...u write it everywherrrrree
Kaniller (2 years ago)
I got a FT awp pink ddpat like a year ago.....so yeah
TKPhai (2 years ago)
Most drops I got were worth about 10 cents max. Beat drop ever was a Factory New hot Rod, which is like $130 and completely unexpected, so I guess I'd be considered lucky. :3
ETmatgames (2 years ago)
rip old nuke :(
Capri Sun (2 years ago)
In the 8 months of playing I've got a p250 Franklin , bravo case and m4a4 griffin. Bravo case being worth 9.50€ or something like that
KryptiicM8 (2 years ago)
How did you get griffin?
Dominic Russo (2 years ago)
i wish i got something that was 20 cents lol, all i get is the 3-5 cent skins
Abe Vriens (2 years ago)
I once got a €0,54 skin :)
csumakifli (2 years ago)
+Abe Vriens Once i got a €34 skin >.<
victor reynolds (2 years ago)
You get cases very often... SO if you want some skins you can try to get NEW cases and put them on CSGODouble or OPskins for some exchange skins.. For example a chroma 3 case just dropped for me and it is worth 2.7 dollar!
Scyllore (2 years ago)
My best dropped was an aug akihabara accept mw I was freaking out
Post Rares (2 years ago)
your crosshair pissed me off but good video anyways
csumakifli (2 years ago)
+meme page admin but why?
Adam Lee (2 years ago)
A guy in my game today got a medusa FT!
KrYpTiK_KJ (2 years ago)
best I got was a ak47 emerald pinstripe field tstd worth 1.30
Wofite Gaming (2 years ago)
RIP newke

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