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CS:GO Moments that you CAN'T tell your parents about!

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CS:GO Funny as HECK Moments Please like the video if you enjoyed :) Follow my twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/kryozgaming Subscibe for more: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=kryozgaming Follow me on twitter! http://www.twitter.com/kryozgaming Other Gamers: Toby - http://bit.ly/TobyOnTele Kugo - http://bit.ly/2KzyEvU iNotorious - http://bit.ly/2OvyEjX Swagger - http://bit.ly/SwagSouls Smii7y - http://bit.ly/SMiiLY Fitz - http://bit.ly/YTFitz Outro music by bbno$ http://www.soundcloud.com/bbnomula https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC8FSfSnbjiZ6vGr68ZLtzg http://bit.ly/BBNOMula-Spotify /Song - Moves https://soundcloud.com/bbnomula/moves-prod-lentra - Background music from by Englewood https://soundcloud.com/engelwoodmusic https://twitter.com/MEngelwood http://www.incomptech.com http://teknoaxe.com/Home.php http://www.epidemicsound.com
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Text Comments (610)
Ian Shanks (17 hours ago)
Yo Swagger, did you see Spongebong Hemppants floating around the internet?
TheBigMoisty Moist (1 day ago)
So swagger has a beard. Should make the face reveal easier to find.
JAE (4 days ago)
But my Browsing History can.
Shisui Uchiha (5 days ago)
*SCAMMER!* Why the fuck am I getting a Kyroz video notification 6 days late!
Skar 1231 (5 days ago)
Hitler wasn’t mean he was a futurist
Jack Daw (6 days ago)
I genuinely thought someone was calling me at the beggining
Lucifearic DomNation (6 days ago)
"Who lives in a bong under the sink"
The Friendly Hobo (6 days ago)
I'm confused, who took who's life? 6:25
p1xeldog (7 days ago)
600th comment!
p1xeldog (7 days ago)
2 more comments 'till 600 comments
Javy Lopez (7 days ago)
Does john support trump?
Tayo Ramirez (8 days ago)
The outro fire as frick
Slap_A_Gamer (8 days ago)
I legit thought someone was calling me on discord at the beginning
Snikyffulf (9 days ago)
CS:GO moments that eat out my ass
Maxwell Steinbruckner (9 days ago)
I thought someone was calling me at the beginning for a second.
onekingdom1 (9 days ago)
Never know what to expect.
Gamer 2910 (9 days ago)
How is this not demonetized?
Michael Glynn (9 days ago)
@9:40 “Then you’ve cured him.” Fuck me that’s gold.
Miro Hällfors (9 days ago)
omg when kryoz said "but look at swagger, he's just black" i cracked up way too bad
Christian Childers (9 days ago)
Does this or does this not butter my egg roll?
Don Fisteroo (9 days ago)
boi that intro got me checking discord
NoobenGaming YT (10 days ago)
So i have this in the background while im playing forza horizon 4 (car game) and then i hear a car so i got very cunfused because my lambo sounded like it had a damn V8
TheoJames4life25 (10 days ago)
There was an ad...of a YouTuber telling people to subscribe to him....is this like sellout on a whole new level?
Pelo Dilovan (10 days ago)
Your beard and her pubes intertwine like that scene from Avatar when they meld with the animals
Ellis Rutland (10 days ago)
How is this monetised
*Thanos Lake* (10 days ago)
Toby is watching this :D
Cameron Scott (10 days ago)
Oh who lives in fat bong under the sea crack smoking weed bob
Khairin Dzduan (10 days ago)
Jaybird9876 (10 days ago)
“Watched one Kevin spacey movie and now I wanna fuck kids” Fucking hell Smitty XD
Gimme subscribers (10 days ago)
John play roblox or Minecraft
Jethrow Gibbs (10 days ago)
That outro is so god damn good!!!!!
Sofie Drake (10 days ago)
pussy juice
Sofie Drake (10 days ago)
juuling in the bathroom @ skuul is v v kuul
Panikos Atlas (10 days ago)
Who's cackling? I love that laugh but I don't know who's it is
Grim Obright (10 days ago)
Who lives under below the water in a bong, spongebob weed pants
Nicole LiCourt (10 days ago)
Every time I watch a kryoz vid this week his subs go up so much 960k, 961k, 962k, 963k etc. Reaching close to that 1 mil my boiii
Eddie (10 days ago)
that beginning had me scrambling for my discord. fuck you John
Enrique Martinez (10 days ago)
It would get more subscriber
Enrique Martinez (10 days ago)
You should play game with TSM Myth
PipSaSqeak (10 days ago)
The fucking start got me, I thought someone was calling me on discord, I thought someone actually wanted to talk to me for once but nope it was just intro!
JEROME'S MOM (10 days ago)
1. I got a dig bick 2. you that read wrong 3. you read that wrong too 4. you checked 5. you smiled 7. you are wondering why you're still this reading this 8. you saw that mistake... right(on 7) 10. but did you see I skipped 6? 10. but you checked 11. and saw you that I doubled 10 and skipped 9 12. I said saw you. not you saw 13. I also skipped 2 14. You got tricked 15. Im just wasting your time go back to reading the comments I want my like :-)
SunnyRacc (10 days ago)
bbno$ Is Litty
Unknown (10 days ago)
My dad found out about the video, sry /:
Steven Fox (10 days ago)
hey if anyone wounder his outro song is it bbno$ bad girl ur welcome
trenton southard (10 days ago)
Yo bbno$ is such a god
turtle nurber (10 days ago)
What if you don’t have parents, then how could tell them
SandaPex (10 days ago)
God damnit, I thought someone was calling me on discord.
YeetOnMyFace (10 days ago)
I'm replaying the outright right now
XxEliteJxX (10 days ago)
Imma tell my parents about a clip in this vid just cuz the title said not to
dakocass481 FEM (10 days ago)
It can't be parents I only have my dog
Xotix FPS (10 days ago)
What are these titles
Jonathan Morin (10 days ago)
the supreme bricks have to be putten so the supreme logo is exposed outside and inside
Nevmo B (10 days ago)
The first few seconds surprised me
Ultra Cloutstinct (10 days ago)
Make the melody in the beginning Into a beat
Noobsabbot Plays (10 days ago)
The pubes and beard interlock like avitar
Nicholas Castellanos (10 days ago)
Yo John Love your vids keep up the amazing wrk. Btw, a streamer named Pokimane watched one of Fitz vids on her steam and she said that she wants to play with You, Smii7y, Kugo, Sagger, Fitz, and John on the radio and anyone else. Ok I thought that I would jus let you know. Love your vids keep it up.
TrinitySx (10 days ago)
thought that was my discord cuz youtube was closed
iiFaNGZx (10 days ago)
Oh man the tilte says I can't share this? I share CSGO moments with my parents all the time :(
As a professional broke Nigga I approve this message.
jerregaming (10 days ago)
Pedophilia is a std
Mage-ace (10 days ago)
how did you hear of bbno$
Do you even juul bra
Mager (11 days ago)
Brian :D (11 days ago)
Almost a mil!!!
FilleGamingYT :3 (11 days ago)
Who lives in a bong far under the sea?
Brandon Wallace (11 days ago)
Yo why does that BS Asiimov AWP look cooler than a normal Asiimov skin
vio (11 days ago)
00:00 the conversation I want to have with my friend 😰
RandomXReaper spoe (11 days ago)
You should play fortnite with smitty there’s bhopping now
Conan Wills (11 days ago)
swaggers refernecing the group him and fitz are created. got it from an inside source.
laquA (11 days ago)
Got discord trolled
Austin T (11 days ago)
No one said sqongebong square pants and that's why I'm unsubing
Joel Lee (11 days ago)
Very #Interesting!-
Cam Simmons (11 days ago)
1:28 “Bongini bottom” 😂
Lavar Ball (11 days ago)
All of y'all joking about having bad parents but I'm serious
teddybearchris (11 days ago)
Fetus deletus
DeeEzEss (11 days ago)
Who's laugh sound like it belongs in fucking black ops 2 zombies 😂😂
Rachel Allott (11 days ago)
the fucking discord call got me flipping out somehow,, i was like whos calling me im @ college
Alejandro Zuniga (11 days ago)
Look up spongebob hempants if you wanna see what spongebob would look like if ge lived in a bong
Banana curry (11 days ago)
Youre soon at 1mil, u have anything planned? ;)
W1LL3M (11 days ago)
Why does Swagger's laugh sound like the COD zombies mystery box laugh.
unnamed_ 23 (11 days ago)
I’m a parent I showed this to my kids
PTBS (11 days ago)
KLOUT VRO (11 days ago)
How can i make kryoz’s shooting thing
ShortyDorty (11 days ago)
I wont I promise
Zenon64 (11 days ago)
Guys i told my parents about the clips help what do i do please hurry
Noaah Blair (11 days ago)
I hate his outros...
FTGR (11 days ago)
*Gay* *fetus* *gang*
Santino Kortright (11 days ago)
Who lives in a bong under the sea Bongbob weedpants
Omer Levi (11 days ago)
I feel like swagger is trying too hard to laugh.
Lazy Zack (11 days ago)
Swagger succ pussy juice from heyimbee
Jaketus (11 days ago)
I wasnt going to! i swear
Alex Skrypin (11 days ago)
Ayy kryoz is bout to hit a mil
Suuda (11 days ago)
fuck that intro
Zeke Spoerke (11 days ago)
Hey, hey John I told my parents
ThePerfectName (11 days ago)
You have the best titles in YouTube
CommendMe (11 days ago)
"look at swagger! He's just black!"
AlaozarMG (11 days ago)
I want to see Kryoz hit 1Mil already fucks sake
Jana anana (11 days ago)
am i the only one who is triggered by the way swagger says pirates of the caribbean at 3:17
A Random Guy (11 days ago)
7:18 Kryoz is a true friend my dudes

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