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New Counter-Strike Game Teased - Valve Catch-Up

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Sponsored By : Trade to your favorite skin fast & safe! @ http://tradeskinsfast.com Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VNN Today on Valve News Network, 0:03 - Valve Broke CS:GO : https://twitter.com/matttwood/status/816016777100423168 https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/5lhdvq/mm_broken/ 1:12 - E-League History of Counter-Strike : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUtNDLo9chQ&ab_channel=ELEAGUE 1:44 - A New Counter-Strike Teased : https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/5mxnfw/heaton_teasing_new_cs/ 2:16 - Team Fortress 2 Comic Issue #6 Releases : https://twitter.com/jaypinkerton/status/818573655898587137 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T00hJ3d2q_k&ab_channel=ChiliOfDestiny 3:20 - Valve is Inviting Indies to the Office : https://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/5l2mzh/valve_invites_onward_dev_to_work_at_their_offices/ http://www.pentadact.com/2016-12-21-heat-signature-factions-trailer-working-at-valve-looking-for-a-programmer/ 3:50 - The Faster Zombies Post : http://richg42.blogspot.com.es/2017/01/the-faster-zombies-blog-post.html 4:35 - Steam Introduces Xbox Controller Support : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SteamClientBeta/announcements/detail/586991182161672256 Music By : https://soundcloud.com/home-2001 My Social Media : Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/valvenewsnetwork/ Waffler Weekly : goo.gl/Fm28Ge
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Text Comments (755)
파이로 (1 month ago)
If they are really making CS: Gaben's wallet, we would like free sprays on tf2 and a new DX.. Or if they are just porting the game to source 2... I WANT MY FUCKING SKINS THERE
GGörkemYılmaZZ (3 months ago)
Counter Strike Going
Julian Depaepe (3 months ago)
__Toka__ (5 months ago)
but they cant even make csgo properly
Corex (5 months ago)
I like olds scool name counter strike 3
Ellen Joan Roth (5 months ago)
Valve dont care the game is dead
Marcin Rogowski (5 months ago)
Why Valve didn't make Counter-Strike 2?
xXGamingGod129Xx (5 months ago)
I know this video is over a year old but everyone that doesn't want to move on because of skins and its stupid lol. So many big games that have come out in the past few years have you buy skins and they make a new game and everyone keeps buying them in every game they make and literally never complain. It's your money no one told you to spend money on skins in a game and if you did oh well if they made a new CS sell the skins from CS:GO for how much you can and move on to the next game or dont spend hundreds of dollars on skins lol. I spent $100 on CS:GO skins and literally had such a nice loadout with all the main guns I used. I would love for them to start over and focus on a new CS and actually bring out operations every month or two than have CS:GO that literally has been the same for a few years with 1 or 2 operations. gets old.
muhammad zulhadi (7 months ago)
Artistic (7 months ago)
The title of the next counter strike should be CS:GD or Counter-Strke Global Defensive.
HeyThats Alex (7 months ago)
counter strike:Opberations
bucwolf (8 months ago)
There is no new game... yet. They just remake maps
Genjuice (8 months ago)
Counter Strike Source 2?
NiceN ́Easy (8 months ago)
Why making a new one? CS.GO should last at least 10years until a new one comes out
Kurutoshi☆Melody (4 months ago)
CS:GO needs a sequel already. I got tired of the game, and i'm tired of the same maps. Counter Strike needs to ascend already to be better. Graphics,Guns,Maps all brand new, and maybe customization added.
Razor Reznov (9 months ago)
Make a new counter strike already don't make us wait like tf2 Oh wait still no tf3
ghiath TS (9 months ago)
Thank god I didn't buy any skin so welcome to the new CS
GomeyWomey (10 months ago)
Lol I want another c's game because my I'm banned on CSGo on my main and want a other c's to play
Vj Thaosen (11 months ago)
Swedish podcast.......(what the hell!!!) This
spacemann123 (11 months ago)
love that he didnt even have the link he said he would have
Dangercore (11 months ago)
i stopped playing this game when they added stupid custom colors for the weapons ....this shit completely turned me off cause now everyone was using retarded looking guns like at 0:57.... this just made the game look retarded as fuck
Elsa Debroglie (1 year ago)
Years away!? No one wanted to play this shitty cs go to begin with! This company is nothing but another sell out piece of shit. EA is shit, Valve is shit, Blizzard is shit, Origin is shit, Ubishot is shit, Bethesda is shit. Who is next on the dog shit train!?!?
Hexagonal (1 year ago)
Counter cards. the counter-strike card game (cant come up with anynames)
MRPIVOT- ITA (1 year ago)
I want a Counter Strike Source to Source 2, CSS is my favorite CS.
Guipradi (1 year ago)
You never did the video about the HLF3 art
GLHF (1 year ago)
problem with a new cs game coming out is itll probably be pay to win
BlitzPotato (1 year ago)
Am I the only one who doesn't want Global Offensive ported?
BlitzPotato (1 year ago)
Zia's Huuuhhh (1 year ago)
PastureGrownPotato What is source 2 and will is it like csgo update itself
VFuzball (1 year ago)
Only Single player. They should make a CS campaign only game
Zia's Huuuhhh (1 year ago)
They better not fucking make another Csgo game or else everyone wasted their money on skins, just make csgo the main game dont make another one smh 🤦‍♂️
Kurutoshi☆Melody (4 months ago)
Nah I want a sequel. CS:GO is ancient now, and it's time to be ported consoles too with a brand new game. I don't even want CS:GO on console because i'm already tried of playing it, and the same maps. The game been out for awhile.
LYNX NORWAY (1 year ago)
Hope they make a new cs game, and watch all retarded people who think they are smart "investing" in csgo skins. Literally 99% of youtube videos has some sort of skin adverts, pathetic.
Zia's Huuuhhh (1 year ago)
LYNX NORWAY It's worth it, you can profit from it
J B (1 year ago)
Steam gamers=neck beards
That 50's Guy (1 year ago)
anyone else hoping the new cs gets canceled because honestly id prefer if valved just worked on one cs forever. also a new cs would stop the go updates and operations D;
oyun manyağı (1 year ago)
undeadbobop (1 year ago)
If you are going to nag me to sub in 2017+ then you may aswell do it with the same exact recording which must be a higher quality than the mic you are currently using, followed by a arrow pointing at a ms paint looking misspelt subscribe button, all while playing heavily compressed & bitsmashed tf2 theme quietly in the background through hldj.
acidgain (1 year ago)
CSS = Greatest Game ever CS:Go = ripping teens who wants to play the Legend Game, take there money and host bullshit
Salami Veganus (1 year ago)
that was canals ^^
Seer-of-things (1 year ago)
they need to finish making silly skins that look stupider than the stock guns so they can sell them to the retards that enable valve to pretend to be a video game company.
Go4Fun l (1 year ago)
Hey guys! please visit my channel and if you like it please subscribe! thank you :)
andra polat (1 year ago)
Melon! (1 year ago)
zis was a hint to hydra i think because of all the new game modes
Moen (1 year ago)
It will probably be ported to Source 2, just like Counter-Strike: Source had a graphics enhancement halfway throughout its life
Adrian Xd (1 year ago)
Next Counter Strike should cost 20$ or 30$
Mockingjay (1 year ago)
What is with Gmod??? i want source 2!
Sagit (1 year ago)
They will not release or work on a new counter-strike game until the playerbase stops rising in cs:go. It gets new players every day, so it makes no sense to release a new one. But when the playerbase starts dropping, I think they'll release a new counter-strike pretty fast.
CannonPro (1 year ago)
I want a new game not a port to source 2 :(
The reason I don't look forward on seeing your video on release is because you clickbait-name the speculation video as an official information.
Gabez (1 year ago)
half-life 3: telltale games series HALF LIFE 3 COMFIRMED GUYS
HadriAn (1 year ago)
Gianluca Baccino (1 year ago)
1:44 LOL
Sugary Liver (1 year ago)
any other news on Left 4 Dead 3?
plasticgame dude (1 year ago)
Sugary Liver i know right
Przemek Dąbrowski (1 year ago)
Czy ktoś mi wytłumaczy o czym on mówi? Z góry dziękuję.
Dustin Tactical (1 year ago)
1:45 it says Nemo meets a friend xD
Paulinho (1 year ago)
I dont care for another CS, just give me L4D-3 or a Valve' RPG.
What demon did Gaben make a pact with? Because there's no natural way a human being can have such a dysfunctional company be so profitable. lol
Todosur (1 year ago)
Wonderful job as always, thank you.
Quazar (1 year ago)
New operation out September
Jordan Ng (1 year ago)
Counter strike classic offensive
SUNR1SE (1 year ago)
Limp Wibbler (1 year ago)
I'm sorry. YES No Half Life-3. Now maybe I can stop hearing people begging for it. Yes it is dead all gone, no Half life-3, boohoo as if it wasn't obvious already. Sooo annoying.
KEEVVY (1 year ago)
Wtf hope they don't fuck up dust map, I kind of not like what they did to inferno
Frosty (1 year ago)
im sure it'll be source 2. If they made a new CS people would FLIP THEIR NUT and LOOSE THEIR SHIT. The economy would crash, people would loose value on skins (Some worth 10's or 100's of thousands of dollars) and people would just loose their skins in general moving on to the new game. Wouldnt be such a good idea on valves part & they know this.
griffis (1 year ago)
and we have this story but we will talj about that in another video because AdSense :)
I hope skins from GO can be transferred to the new game.
Freddie Rowe-crowder (1 year ago)
I want new game ples Gaben
Atakki (1 year ago)
Why make a new cs? Why?!
Djazeiry (1 year ago)
no hitboxes fix , no netcode fixes , no hitreg fixes...ok keep creating new sprays valve ,and we keep raging like idiots who paid that shit with their own money
Kum Ante (1 year ago)
Bryan LI (1 year ago)
song name?
ZeldaFreak (1 year ago)
This sponsor is shit. From 200 Items (most stickers but about 20-30 weapon skins) only 4 skins i can trade. My Basilisk is worth 7,20€ (7.70$) at this moment and they only want to give me 6,40$. They want to make money but i can search for other players to get better trades. But i´m not here to blame sponsors. I´m here to blame the CS:GO Devs. It looks like CS:GO is going to die. They don´t patch non gamebreaking bugs (UI Bug) and even performance bugs. When i watch directly into a smoke, i get a FPS drop from 140 to 40. Not when i´m in the smoke, only when i´m outside a smoke and the smoke is nearly complete over my screen. I think CS:GO is only for testing new features and let the players think they are working on the game. What big new changes we got? R8 is added fast. The gun sounds are easy to change. The HRTF feature is probably a new feature for the new Counterstrike. And then we only get updates so that we spend money. I hope that the new counterstrike comes winter this year or maybe 2018. There is to much broke
Arsen (1 year ago)
I personally think it's the leap second that broke it
Miner Minor (1 year ago)
holy shit portal looks so fun
Ryan Scott (1 year ago)
Paid sprays. Never forget, and these videos are great.
DuckeGaming (1 year ago)
am in the vid noice
Sergio Valente (1 year ago)
thumbs down for the clickbait
NIИ SIN LIES (1 year ago)
If anything they'll just port over to source2.
Souza (1 year ago)
This video just wasted my time.
Astr0 (1 year ago)
Hmm market crash
DivineRift (1 year ago)
No one wants a new CS game! Half life 3!
WesXzq (1 year ago)
We dont need a new csgo game just some new updates
3DIT0R_ow (1 year ago)
Half Life 1; Was realeased in 1998 Half Life 2: was relased i 2006 Half Life 3: 3XXX (IN MY OPION; 3003)
cambreaKer (1 year ago)
Half-Life 2 was released in 2004*
Smess Games (1 year ago)
DOTA 3 Portal 3 Half Life 3 Left 4 Dead 3 Alien Swarm 3 Day of Defeat 3 Team Fotress 3 Counter Strike 3 The Orange Box 3 All above are confirmed!
Hairy Legs (1 year ago)
scam site wants 20% overpay :/
csgo is krap ! they killed css for this ... @holes
The_Omega_Gum Gaming (1 year ago)
First One atholes
zar athustra (1 year ago)
"This has gotten to far" - "atleast" as one word (multiple times...) adorably illiterate...
Kocu (1 year ago)
Such a clickbait title... It isn't next csgo game. It's just aremake of Dust2 that has been hinted months ago.
Vance Walton (1 year ago)
valve should pick up CSCO
Rei Bob (1 year ago)
The guy from Heat Signature used to be a game journalist, first game released was Gunpooint, now he's making Heat Signature that seems to be even sweeter and before even releasing basically only his second game, he gets invited to work on his own project on Valve... Seriously... respect to that guy! Follow him and buy his games he deserves it.
Syntox (1 year ago)
I hope there will be a new cs... i still play css because csgo sucks
Elite Monkeyz (1 year ago)
Maybe they are working at CS:CO and they want to make it a full game ???
Alex (1 year ago)
Everyone talks about csgo tf2 l4d2 half life, while im waiting ricochet 2 to release.
1:09 lol
Spooky Ghost (1 year ago)
So 1 3 second clip of Jes Cliffe working on the Dust 2 remake (Look in the top right corner at the overhead view. That is clearly Dust 2.) that everybody has been expecting since the new inferno came out is somehow "New counter-strike game teased" ??? And the quote from Heaton could mean literally anything. Someone from valve could've asked him for suggestions about the future of counter strike and he might have took that to mean a new game or something. It actually triggers me that you're reporting this stuff as news dude. Of course there is going to be another counter strike some day, but it's like valve says almost every time they're asked, they wait for or create some new technologies and then decide "what games should we make to utilise these new technologies?". A new CS won't come out until CSGO is actually outdated. And everyone saying they're porting CSGO to source 2 is an idiot.
Dante Sparda (1 year ago)
If they dare to touch dust 2 then I'm fu**ing done with this game!
can't wait for csgo skins to drop hard af
Nova Super (1 year ago)
Looking forward ur interview with gabe
Sohail Sandhu (1 year ago)
Valve is probably the shittiest and the best game company in the world.
Fuddler (1 year ago)
Probably just remaking dust2 like some of the other maps probably not a new game
Croosed (1 year ago)
reads the title jizzes everywhere (hope it's not another go)
Art yom (1 year ago)
ok so i hope we will see some new valve games this year or next. they will have a hard time making a new cs game with the economy already set in csgo. Transitioning out of that will be near impossible, they will have to add the items to the new cs then allow you to transfer them from GO to the new game.
Crazy Vanilla (1 year ago)
256 pages? oh boy....
Tino (1 year ago)

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