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CS:S - bhop_velocity in 1:56 by asd

262 ratings | 9439 views
Counter-Strike: Source Bunnyhopping - Watch in 1080p! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Player: asd Settings: Autobhop - 1000 airaccelerate, 100 tickrate Map: bhop_velocity Time: 01:56.3 Server: Promises' Random Server - Music: nExow - Autumn Feelings ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ► Submit a run https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5_eomBuKjU ► Steam group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SourceJumpOfficial ► Discord https://discord.gg/pGxf7x8 Any run uploaded onto this channel isn't necessarily the fastest for that map/category. Made with SDR - https://github.com/crashfort/SourceDemoRender
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Text Comments (56)
ufo safari (1 year ago)
shit this is good
UberBiji (1 year ago)
cool map
trippin (1 year ago)
I Like Pie (1 year ago)
saving the channel 1 run at a time
Winter (1 year ago)
so many jumpsaves towards the start missed ://
comfort. (1 year ago)
thanks for running my map <3
Ynkzzz asd (1 year ago)
Actually the only map I liked playing for the last 3 months so thanks for the map !
Jae_ CT (1 year ago)
Impressive, as always
ZM (1 year ago)
One of these days, I'd love to see a runner choose the song "Stamp on the Ground" by the ItaloBrothers.
Aphex (1 year ago)
hi asd
Ynkzzz asd (1 year ago)
PHNX (1 year ago)
raz (1 year ago)
song is really good
TST (1 year ago)
Riqqi L9 (1 year ago)
crukz (1 year ago)
skill and stref are diffrnt asdur
lukzje (1 year ago)
Silvers commenting Tas'd inc
Ryuji (1 year ago)
je suis ton plus grand fan
Sulaim Rashid (1 year ago)
good job
Alexandr Popov (1 year ago)
Дохуя народу играет с этим ником, это какой из?
PaxPlay (1 year ago)
real asd??????
typhoon (1 year ago)
cool run :)
nev (1 year ago)
Asd - Bhopper (Rank 1, 1:56) ~~~Best with music @ max volume~~~
Syktx (1 year ago)
you're so gaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy
King RootReages (1 year ago)
Lynx (1 year ago)
Good run
SomeoneRacist (1 year ago)
i can -1 that, jk. Good run and nice to see you back at bhopping :)
Pez (1 year ago)
Can be a few timesaves earlier in the route, but nice run :)
You Bhop (1 year ago)
When u slow asf on a map called Velocity TriHard
Bartek Sijowski (1 year ago)
U crazy bro
purdy (1 year ago)
sick run abc
Spring TR (1 year ago)
wr 99.999999999999999999999999999999999991%
kulmikas muna (1 year ago)
wow sourcejumps and faste hops in 1 day
Syktx (1 year ago)
sick run friend
Syktx (1 year ago)
sexy but not trying (1 year ago)
w (1 year ago)
Dango (1 year ago)
mael noober cant get
fpsgerald Gerald (1 year ago)
asd did this in one sitting n00b
Knox (1 year ago)
terrycs (1 year ago)
ayy dango nice route
Matan (1 year ago)
Its my route combined with asds route ;(
Dango (1 year ago)
thanks donz could -5 atleast tho :/
matter (1 year ago)
learn the alphabet, ty
Viktor6665 (1 year ago)
At the first 15seconds I thought its gonna be bad, music starts too late, not much strafing, map looked boring and the framerate is bad, but it turned out to be awesome.
matter (1 year ago)
u wnana have 120fps !?
new dun (1 year ago)
t’es trop fort
heil frostich (1 year ago)
need for speed
Calvas (1 year ago)
Something something Jeho
Dream (1 year ago)
Cool run
faster to comment than this guy bhops
1 st
not pappy (1 year ago)
terrycs (1 year ago)
not pappy
Bonner (1 year ago)
Swab (1 year ago)

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