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CSGO: Zombie Escape Mod - ze_Bathroom_v2_5 (Level 1) on Mapeadores

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Zombie Escape on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Map: ze_bathroom_v2_5 WIN (1080p - 60FPS) ● Server IP: (Mapeadores) ● CSGO Zombie Escape Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrRiUAy88fMInij8BdSjFELS0KkRiBGkd ► ALL CSGO ZOMBIE ESCAPE SERVERS and IP's GFLclan IP: GamersUnited IP: Mapeadores IP: SteamGamers IP: ► LINKS Merchandise: Twitter: https://twitter.com/GamingReviewsYT Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/gamingreviews_yt Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gamingreviewsyt Download link: https://gamebanana.com/maps/191623 (CS:S version) ► MAP INFO Creator(s) of the map: Puklicax One of the most popular rats-styled Zombie Escape maps, with incredible amounts of detail, beautiful models, great soundtracks and so much more. The amount of work put into the map is great. It is also a pretty difficult map, having 2 challenging bossfights that require knowledge and timing to survive. The final bossbattle, however, is kind of an exgaggeration in terms of speed, range and its instant kill mechanic. The sponge surely is a funny thing, except that it's not even possible, and I repeat, it's NOT possible to avoid it. The entire bossfight relies on luck, unlike the duck toy. Regardless, it's been beaten before, so it's certainly a recommendation as the rest of the map is superb! ► CSGO CUSTOM SKINS AUG: Akihabara Accept (FN) Five Seven: Hyper Beast (FN) Knife: Vorax Knife (Custom) ► MUSIC Ending song: https://youtu.be/1YBkV-zQxss (RISE - Ampyx)
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Text Comments (540)
Axel Reyes (8 months ago)
DE PLAYERS KNOW DE WAE (Uganda knuckles meme fyi)
Maymeen Islam (18 days ago)
+Ron Thunders because you are retarded
Maymeen Islam (18 days ago)
+Γιωργος Μπινακος σκάσε. μαλακα. Δε ξέρει ελληνικά
ZhenXiang Guo (19 days ago)
Axel Reyes h
Am Henry (1 month ago)
AM, Herny😧
Am Henry (1 month ago)
😧AM, Herny☆
Philipa and Nikis bg (3 days ago)
Do you have a Garry's mod, GamingReviels?
Jason Tirta (3 days ago)
Anyone can tell me how to play this map ?
Jason Tirta (3 days ago)
GamingReviews thx a lot
GamingReviews (3 days ago)
Install CS:GO, copy the IP-address from the description, add it to your favorites in the server browser (Community Servers), double-click to connect, enjoy 😉
я 1 российский?
chandler Barrias (9 days ago)
very good
Jaz Isidro (10 days ago)
Is that african rebel ? Or hes just sounds like him
Jay Fleet (13 days ago)
Ugandan knuckles memes. 😂
Maycon guitarrista (13 days ago)
Esse cs é uma bosta
Sói 37 (13 days ago)
glen goh bei lai (13 days ago)
I dont play csgo but can someone tell me why he shoot below the target like most of the time? Like isit just his playing style or its because of the game itself?
glen goh bei lai (13 days ago)
+GamingReviews Oo i see, thanks! And nice gameplays there!
GamingReviews (13 days ago)
It’s because zombies have something like 10.000 health, so headshotting precisely is almost pointless. There is also a *recoil pattern* so if o shoot longer than 2 seconds, the rifle will start going upside, so I have to drag the mouse downwards, which by then is indeed why I shoot down the waist. I’m hitting the zombies, but it’s the game’s mechanic to apply recoil 😊
ali bektas (13 days ago)
Fruitty Beats (13 days ago)
That DUCK made me crazy * _ *
TheNostr4 (14 days ago)
WTF did i just watch! amazing lolll
Mark Buan (15 days ago)
who remembers this map back in cs 1.6?
GamingReviews (15 days ago)
CS1.6?? What's the name of that map, I need to know :D
Logλn L (16 days ago)
The people in this server are cancer.
LEAMDRO (16 days ago)
PontusGW (16 days ago)
ggeasy.pl is the ZE server everyvone should be playing on! =3 It’s just my opinion, so please don’t take it so seriously. Just don’t bitch about it, kk?
His aim,,
уу кккуу тв (17 days ago)
Что я тут делаю
Shingis Abdushakmanuli (17 days ago)
Мы это игрались еще в 1.6
Pakize Umut (17 days ago)
Ana bacı bırakmadı hepsini ipten gecirdi😀😀
Mago Leo (17 days ago)
That’s what happens when Andy’s monkeys go after green soilders.
アンダムWilmark (17 days ago)
now i know why ants running in the same way
DIANA MUÑOZ (16 days ago)
アンダムWilmark te!el?dosis ☠️☠️🤚👙🦊
アンダムWilmark (17 days ago)
Know i know why ants running in the same way
Falah Falah (17 days ago)
Tf is that knife
Nurfianti Nur (18 days ago)
markyboy 09 (18 days ago)
Watch this https://youtu.be/OURRaVpXdKw
Zoheb Malany (18 days ago)
Wow hacker and cheater in their with mods and shit ..not good server to join
Amine Mahdi (18 days ago)
The name of the music in the last video 🙏
中國井蛙看世界 (18 days ago)
好きバイク (19 days ago)
Dog go (19 days ago)
I Love Your Escape Mods!💓💟💕💝💞💘💗💖
pübg Tàlês (17 days ago)
ER4C gaming (19 days ago)
i love your skins
Mody Gaming (19 days ago)
Your aim is trash dude
송이버섯 (19 days ago)
What the...
Azam Hairi (20 days ago)
Are this game mode.we have to buy CSGO first or just play in game link or other?
GamingReviews (20 days ago)
All you have to do, is buy CS:GO on Steam, and you're good to go: https://store.steampowered.com/app/730/CounterStrike_Global_Offensive/ 😉
Memência Br (20 days ago)
Eu nao entendi esse final,pera ai,eu nao entendi foi nada😅
wella manjares (20 days ago)
How do you play in that mode?
kronos ッTM (20 days ago)
amazing gameplay how does this zombies mode work
Siti Muyasaroh (21 days ago)
duo legs viid traim
Siti Muyasaroh (21 days ago)
zDARCKz claudio (21 days ago)
Louísa Marinne (19 days ago)
Kkkkk aquiii Gente, estou tentando entender esse modo zumbi, não conhecia kkkkk' é mt zuado
kizur_ studio (19 days ago)
Rain (22 days ago)
Savini Slendy (22 days ago)
De ye knew da wey
All New BesT (23 days ago)
Howa To Daunlod this gema?
Olive Leong (25 days ago)
fanny cute (28 days ago)
I.am like this game is so cool
Lunch Box (29 days ago)
Lame 100000000000000000000000000000000000000ⁿ0000000000000000000000000ⁿ000ⁿ00ⁿⁿ000075398447737377373383838339393977494956699#00$!_("!";*(:949939$!($8*9#9)3(39_885?5_87'7!_999''??__98_(_(_8888_8_8_8(8?)")))")"(88383988448_8''8!""!!!!**!*
George Repique (29 days ago)
1:39 look it’s my willing to live!
Q Dog (1 month ago)
I'm addicted to this channel now
You should collab with axonek3
JuiceTea (18 days ago)
Htun Yin (1 month ago)
Which game
ไก่ เป็ด (1 month ago)
Philipa and Nikis bg (1 month ago)
This is my favorite channel
Philipa and Nikis bg (1 month ago)
I have a CS:GO
Philipa and Nikis bg (1 month ago)
Do you want to play together CS:GO Im your biggest fan
Philipa and Nikis bg (1 month ago)
Philipa and Nikis bg (1 month ago)
I'm your biggest fan!
Philipa and Nikis bg (1 month ago)
GamingReviews do you want to play together CS:GO
Philipa and Nikis bg (1 month ago)
you is Master so so good #MASTER
Philipa and Nikis bg (1 month ago)
this is my favorite channel, Gaming Reviews!❤❤❤💋😘
Philipa and Nikis bg (1 month ago)
Peoples, do you like this channel! Im yes!❤❤❤❤❤
Philipa and Nikis bg (1 month ago)
I love this channel!❤❤❤❤❤💋
Philipa and Nikis bg (1 month ago)
+Arif Shah hi!❤
Arif Shah (1 month ago)
Suelo Wendelyn (1 month ago)
Wow so so beutypul
Zakaria_ gamer (1 month ago)
Ngoc Doan (1 month ago)
I think you run 2 map
That is. Me
немало як мод имате хора
Am Henry (1 month ago)
AM ,Herny👍😇✌
Arih Peu (1 month ago)
O cara sabe nem mirar direito vei, puta que pariu
nurs ana (1 month ago)
nurs ana (1 month ago)
98жщжщэ эжззэх0ждг 66666666666666666666666666666666666666
nurs ana (1 month ago)
лгнш7 гн8еог нгш78 8зщж шж09 ж9з9-0жошвэоглван
Egy Sloow (1 month ago)
hard download counter strike mod apk
Egy Sloow (1 month ago)
HvC_GodzZvl (1 month ago)
Wth is that aim bruh
Ghost095 (2 months ago)
默言 (2 months ago)
Hakimie Rosnan (2 months ago)
prashanta kumar hm (2 months ago)
How to get this game
Jairus Zander Feranil (2 months ago)
Wy i sow you the way that i don"t now the way
yasin king games (2 months ago)
What fuck hahahaha
Alex Song (2 months ago)
jump -45
Nastys Titorenko (2 months ago)
будто забава называеца ?
gabriel piñango (2 months ago)
what is the name of that map to download it or leave a link to download please
Dirty Saint (2 months ago)
Mert Kelalioğlu (2 months ago)
Lest trieee
Mert Kelalioğlu (2 months ago)
"Clucking" ---- Do you no do we
Mert Kelalioğlu (2 months ago)
Mr. Octopi (2 months ago)
You remind me of axonek3
hackers killer (2 months ago)
7:14 holy shut 😂😂😂😂
Ratna Wati (2 months ago)
Do you no the way
Jojo Kurni (2 months ago)
Toilet Colisseum..
hey (2 months ago)
Tiny soldier man in a toilet running from zombies LOL
Gaalian (2 months ago)
this is fun?
xXMaxDer BauerXx (2 months ago)
How to get the Zombie mode?
Ilham Akromy (2 months ago)
Hei Hong (2 months ago)
Omg you come out from the toilet hole it's really dirty .... Oh I mean just ignore me

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