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Counter-Strike Nexon Zombies - Zombie Mod: The Hero Gameplay 4 (Map: Abyss 2)

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Just a Gameplay of the new Counter-Strike Online release on Steam!
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Text Comments (21)
CharlesIvan Liwanag (4 months ago)
I wiss i have couter stike nexon zombies is soso cool
Misnosusanto 05 (6 months ago)
ceototal (8 months ago)
Jester Udtohan (5 months ago)
Jester Udtohan (5 months ago)
you are noob say blah blah blah no you are noob who you ever say it from it is pro
Gede Arya (1 year ago)
nice weapons
Icecreeper 180 (1 year ago)
Please make an new video and with voice
Icecreeper 180 (1 year ago)
Is cool
Icecreeper 180 (1 year ago)
Mert Kocyigit (2 years ago)
GO GO go a go go
LIZ RITCHIE (3 years ago)
Andy Vaida (3 years ago)
I Cant connect to a server why ?
Andy Vaida (3 years ago)
Im from romania Is no server for that ..
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
Maybe you cant play in your region =/
Maytat Thipsuwan (3 years ago)
darkwarrior ............ me IxStrikeMetxI LOL
Pedreiro Gaymer (3 years ago)
Dunga passa o link pra Download por favor.
naty tobar (2 years ago)
dowload en steam gratis el counter strike nexon zombie
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
+Cенсильвания Антарктида Eu sou de portugal e para mim esta disponível na steam para baixar.
Pedreiro Gaymer (3 years ago)
Então como você conseguiu ?
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
Você não pode baixar porque não esta disponível no seu pais.
q (3 years ago)
Download in Steam, lol

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