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McSkillet Completed Inventory & Loadout Showcase

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3 M9 Doppler GA - Like, Comment Trade-url, & Subscribe Checkout CS:GO Magic: https://csgomagic.com Apparel Shop: http://goo.gl/4GqSbH My Twitter: https://twitter.com/OG_McSkillet My Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/McSkillet My Steam Group: http://goo.gl/8AVC8b Disclaimer: I own CSGOMagic and this has been disclosed on video since the beginning of my promotions
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Text Comments (20810)
McSkillet (8 months ago)
Winners https://gyazo.com/5004525433470a2538ffc83505b3c9bb
McSkillet RIP
gymnastics lover 86 (2 months ago)
Your dead
dxfxct (2 months ago)
+apis lmao chill edgy 12 yo kid. It's not like he did something and you had time for it to resonate within. Everyone's hopping on a bandwagon lmao
RaVVeN CSGO (2 months ago)
U died
Bridget Gatea (2 months ago)
Hey your dead by car crash
damn why you aint been uploading lately dawg??
Maa nonu (2 days ago)
Glad you died fkn pussy
Blue Magic (2 days ago)
Игры и Wot blitz (2 days ago)
Кто от прилива .жаль скилета
Shannon Barnes (6 days ago)
Can u sign my steam plz ?
Mexikanische Merkel (2 days ago)
He is dead
Shannon Barnes (6 days ago)
He unboxed the pink ddpat. Right?
go:cs games (8 days ago)
where did his skins endup going when he killed him and 2 innocent others
go:cs games (7 days ago)
Lil Tommy the neice be like oh a m9 crimson web
DnA Soar (7 days ago)
I think when someone dies and they have a steam account valve gives it to the family
_Danial S (8 days ago)
How about the battle-scared stat trak mclaren with 3 kills ?
LipY- Kun (9 days ago)
I morreu
enis alptekin (10 days ago)
This is the end 😱
Mcskillet Rip
conner (10 days ago)
he has the road rash lol
OG RIP 2018
Matthewxdee (14 days ago)
You guys are worst than Mcskillet..
Good yacth brother :(
HOTsports101 (16 days ago)
Screw u man killing that kid and her mom if ur gonna commit suicide don’t kill anyone else
Sea Doggo (17 days ago)
Damn rest in piece. To the skins.
David offf (18 days ago)
Sandiego you rip you bannet dur
Luca Productions (19 days ago)
RIP... The mother and daughter.
LKP Design (20 days ago)
He R. I. P?
Mexikanische Merkel (2 days ago)
HYPER BEAST (22 days ago)
Melih (23 days ago)
Was he actually trynna suicide or was it an accident? Rip to those 3
gleb tv 303 (25 days ago)
Нету больше нашего макскилета😭😭😭
DaMarshmellow (25 days ago)
Eddie Buljan (27 days ago)
Hey here’s a great idea, instead for being fucking assholes about a person who was suicidal and most likely didn’t want to take other people out with him, maybe we can just pray for all of them?? Oh wait, what am I saying, this is the YouTube comment section and nobody gives a shit. If suicidal people should burn in Hell, then fuck all of the people who were wrongly accused of crimes and sentenced to prison who ended up hanging themselves!
Teenie weenie (27 days ago)
For someone who has a brother who has schizophrenia, this is depressing since he had a metal illness. He couldn't handle anymore and because of it he killed 2 people. I feel sad for him but at the same time disappointed..
Rip mcskillet
trent 962 (29 days ago)
He died in Ang.23 2018, by a car crash
Nathan McCallister (29 days ago)
xVixi plaz (30 days ago)
your dead
ra_tty (1 month ago)
You’re a fucking scumbag, you murdered two innocent people who were having a great life in the process.
Mate Horvath (1 month ago)
Rocket Rowan (1 month ago)
i kinda want his ferarri skin oh wait its minimal wear nvmd
Syrical's # 1 FAN (1 month ago)
Where’s the giveaway
pandarine (1 month ago)
You should kill your self OH WAIT
pandarine (1 month ago)
Your retarded
Thot Slayer Perez (1 month ago)
Rip ....... Rest in Piss
Hussrocks2987 (1 month ago)
r i p
deez nuts (1 month ago)
So many skins so little time
TheDifference (1 month ago)
Dead mcskillet
JeremyKH (1 month ago)
StatTrak McLaren over 200k! Literally died for this one, boys!
boom (1 month ago)
For fucks sake people stop hating on a dead man's video we know what he did and rip for the mother and daughter but still he's dead and we still have to respect that
Dairy is not juice (1 month ago)
Yes I know he was suicidal but taking 2 others was messed up Its like a mass shooting but you want 5 others to be gone with you too
Xantteboy (1 month ago)
3 others*
Make up Baby (1 month ago)
Never heard of you before but rest in peace to mother and daughter I can’t believe you killed ur self and ur wife and daughter rip
Jeffrey Burgers (1 month ago)
He didn't kill his wife or daughter, he lived alone. When he was driving his car down the wrong side of the highway in hopes of killing himself he smashed into a SUV and killed both passengers which were a mother and her daughter. Still a terrible event
UnDeAdBoUnTyHuNtEr-f1 (1 month ago)
He killed “””””””innocent people””””””” why do the people say innocent everytime they mention them
Anorom TV (1 month ago)
Mckilet dead🤐😫
MHG Scrubadub (1 month ago)
This shits tragic and confusing. His videos were always so chill and honest but jesus what a sick way to go. When his sites got banned he probably lost literal millions of dollars as well as a near top inventory worth near $100,000+. Can't defend him but I can imagine how fucking painful that must have been to see all of your money instantly taken
покойся с миром братан,земля для тебя пухом.
Lw 62 (1 month ago)
Killed 2 innocent people by being a fucking attention seeking retard. People like you dont need to be here anyway u cunt
-blu3- (1 month ago)
How are you McKillit? Nice Battle Scarred McLaren you got there
Özden Tunca (1 month ago)
hope someone have his id pw... RIP mcskillet ;(
Joshua Chen (1 month ago)
Its so weird to hear a dead person talk
Mischa Behrend (1 month ago)
Go burn in hell...
Daniel Blount (1 month ago)
Vavle should sell inventory and donate money to family
Terrin Parry (1 month ago)
AnoTek (1 month ago)
I understand what he did. But im not with him and im not with the haters. But my point is about those die in hell and stuff like this. He is dead he will never read ur comment also he will never read this one. Im sad about the 2 people who die beacuse of him. Please I understand that ur mad on this I am too but we cant undo what this guy done. And again my point is to stop spamming die in hell and stuff like that. If you want to make me hate about my english or beacuse i like him even i dont but i will still be a subs beacse i like him before and i got motivated in csgo beacuse of him. If you want to hate me enjoy!
DronexYT (1 month ago)
Rip McSkillet, we lost a great youtuber and some inocents, gj valve 🙂🙂
xd McFrosty (1 month ago)
I know this childish little cunt cant see this cause he is in hell but the fucking prick killed innocent people and had a fucking strop. Just end your life alone without fucking innocent people.
We are number one HEY (1 month ago)
Fuck this guy, no, seriously fuck this excuse for a human being
MGZ (1 month ago)
Rest in hell
Wisecrown (1 month ago)
StatTrak mclaren 3 kills 8 assists
Sh3xe (22 days ago)
He will get the assists in some decades i hope ^^
Nondrijan Stipljunglec (1 month ago)
He got trade banned and lost 100k thats why he killed himself
DrP1po (15 hours ago)
That was the icing on the cake for someone with severe depression.
william singe (1 month ago)
Hopefully you burn in hell for eternity!
Bug out / EDC Channel (1 month ago)
You murderer
Holy King14555 (1 month ago)
Adrian Sivertsen (1 month ago)
Rest in peace poor fella, wish u didnt take 2 others with u tho:/
Alyssa Miller (1 month ago)
Un sub
TheSommer100 (2 months ago)
RIP God trade
Vitor goulart (2 months ago)
Adrian Padilla (2 months ago)
Who is watching this when he died?
Chris Satterfield (2 months ago)
Mk dead homie
Zejner (2 months ago)
When will Be next video? 😂😂😂No rlly i want to see your new McLarren ✴Stat Trak with 3 kills 😵
Game4end # (2 months ago)
RIP McSkillet :`(
YouNotTube (2 months ago)
RIP McSkillet you will be missed . So stupid that you got killed by some stupid woman who doesn't know how to drive.
Jack Hornyak (1 month ago)
It was his fault he drove down the wrong side of the road lol
DragonFlyCandy 880 (2 months ago)
he killed them he was going the wrong way up the highway
thelittlehopper (2 months ago)
Hey my name is Ashton I’m 12 and I have resently been scam so if you could help me out with a knife or a skin or just say something back to play comment that could be great
hecking normie (2 months ago)
He's dead kid
Seán Kemp (2 months ago)
Only thing not complete is your McLaren.
Akwatic (2 months ago)
DANKLER69 (2 months ago)
Rip mclaren
DANKLER69 (2 months ago)
Everyone needs to calm down he’s dead not here to defend himself let a man die in peace
HeadcrabN (1 month ago)
If he was alive, it would be worse. He took a mother and child with him.
FISH# Mr.RectoR (2 months ago)
horrible (2 months ago)
Do another inventory update please , oh wait i forgot xd
Cyka_Catt (2 months ago)
Good for you that you died!
mister x gaming pro (2 months ago)
Skilet is dead
kinezo1961 (2 months ago)
Eduardo Rubio (2 months ago)
Piece of shit.
Krzysztof Toloczko (2 months ago)
Anyone knows where his grave will be? i wanna comeby and piss on it
Jota (2 months ago)
+Krzysztof Toloczko you're fucking moron, you don't even know what exactly happened. Also people should respect dead people even if he did something wrong. I bet ur random and copy paste this shit on every his video
Krzysztof Toloczko (2 months ago)
Haha, stfu moron
Jota (2 months ago)
Respect the dead
KCRUS4D3RS (2 months ago)
You guys are saying rip to the mother and daughter when you don’t even know there names.
EliteTNG (2 months ago)
Actual retard in the process of suicide kiling others what a creep
Thot Patrol (2 months ago)
To all you cocksuckers who keep saying "why don't you just jump of a bridge or use a rope" why don't you shut the fuck up, I would've rather had him not kill himself why don't you all say that instead of telling him to hang himself fucking idiots
AI King (2 months ago)
Yes he killed 2 peaple but still R.I.P the poor guy had depression he couldnt controll himself
Bryce Gastelum (2 months ago)
Fuck u a child and a mother killed by you being a selfish asswhole
Heart GT (2 months ago)
Bro u rip why
Kalan Cabral (2 months ago)
MATTEO TOSI (2 months ago)
I know this is stupid but I always remember you RIP
y4 (2 months ago)
Anders (2 months ago)
You are a fucking Pussy
CrazyHeavyWheelers (2 months ago)
Die in Hell Modafuca !!!! Killin 2 innocent people on the road
xCoce IOS (2 months ago)
Rip its sad that he wont do anothet video

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