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McSkillet Completed Inventory & Loadout Showcase

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3 M9 Doppler GA - Like, Comment Trade-url, & Subscribe Checkout CS:GO Magic: https://csgomagic.com Apparel Shop: http://goo.gl/4GqSbH My Twitter: https://twitter.com/OG_McSkillet My Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/McSkillet My Steam Group: http://goo.gl/8AVC8b Disclaimer: I own CSGOMagic and this has been disclosed on video since the beginning of my promotions
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Text Comments (20724)
McSkillet (7 months ago)
Winners https://gyazo.com/5004525433470a2538ffc83505b3c9bb
McSkillet RIP
King flipers (23 days ago)
Your dead
dxfxct (24 days ago)
+apis lmao chill edgy 12 yo kid. It's not like he did something and you had time for it to resonate within. Everyone's hopping on a bandwagon lmao
RaVVeN CSGO (25 days ago)
U died
Bridget Gatea (26 days ago)
Hey your dead by car crash
Terrin Parry (17 hours ago)
AnoTek (21 hours ago)
I understand what he did. But im not with him and im not with the haters. But my point is about those die in hell and stuff like this. He is dead he will never read ur comment also he will never read this one. Im sad about the 2 people who die beacuse of him. Please I understand that ur mad on this I am too but we cant undo what this guy done. And again my point is to stop spamming die in hell and stuff like that. If you want to make me hate about my english or beacuse i like him even i dont but i will still be a subs beacse i like him before and i got motivated in csgo beacuse of him. If you want to hate me enjoy!
DronexYT (2 days ago)
Rip McSkillet, we lost a great youtuber and some inocents, gj valve 🙂🙂
xd McFrosty (2 days ago)
I know this childish little cunt cant see this cause he is in hell but the fucking prick killed innocent people and had a fucking strop. Just end your life alone without fucking innocent people.
We are number one HEY (3 days ago)
Fuck this guy, no, seriously fuck this excuse for a human being
MGZ (3 days ago)
Rest in hell
Wisecrown (3 days ago)
StatTrak mclaren 3 kills 8 assists
He got trade banned and lost 100k thats why he killed himself
william singe (5 days ago)
Hopefully you burn in hell for eternity!
Bug out / EDC Channel (6 days ago)
You murderer
Holy King14555 (6 days ago)
Adrian Sivertsen (6 days ago)
Rest in peace poor fella, wish u didnt take 2 others with u tho:/
Alyssa Miller (7 days ago)
Un sub
TheSommer100 (8 days ago)
RIP God trade
Vitor goulart (9 days ago)
Adrian Padilla (9 days ago)
Who is watching this when he died?
Chris Satterfield (9 days ago)
Mk dead homie
Zejner (9 days ago)
When will Be next video? 😂😂😂No rlly i want to see your new McLarren ✴Stat Trak with 3 kills 😵
Game4end # (10 days ago)
RIP McSkillet :`(
YouNotTube (11 days ago)
RIP McSkillet you will be missed . So stupid that you got killed by some stupid woman who doesn't know how to drive.
Jack Hornyak (3 days ago)
It was his fault he drove down the wrong side of the road lol
DragonFlyCandy 880 (10 days ago)
he killed them he was going the wrong way up the highway
Ashton cs:go (11 days ago)
Hey my name is Ashton I’m 12 and I have resently been scam so if you could help me out with a knife or a skin or just say something back to play comment that could be great
Cactus Sniping (11 days ago)
He's dead kid
Seán Kemp (11 days ago)
Only thing not complete is your McLaren.
Akwatic (12 days ago)
Bio_Turtle (12 days ago)
Rip mclaren
Bio_Turtle (12 days ago)
Everyone needs to calm down he’s dead not here to defend himself let a man die in peace
HeadcrabN (4 days ago)
If he was alive, it would be worse. He took a mother and child with him.
FISH# Mr.RectoR (12 days ago)
horrible (13 days ago)
Do another inventory update please , oh wait i forgot xd
Cyka_Catt (13 days ago)
Good for you that you died!
mister x gaming pro (13 days ago)
Skilet is dead
kinezo1961 (13 days ago)
Eduardo Rubio (14 days ago)
Piece of shit.
Krzysztof Toloczko (14 days ago)
Anyone knows where his grave will be? i wanna comeby and piss on it
Jota (13 days ago)
+Krzysztof Toloczko you're fucking moron, you don't even know what exactly happened. Also people should respect dead people even if he did something wrong. I bet ur random and copy paste this shit on every his video
Krzysztof Toloczko (13 days ago)
Haha, stfu moron
Jota (13 days ago)
Respect the dead
KCRUS4D3RS (15 days ago)
You guys are saying rip to the mother and daughter when you don’t even know there names.
EliteTNG (15 days ago)
Actual retard in the process of suicide kiling others what a creep
Thot Patrol (15 days ago)
To all you cocksuckers who keep saying "why don't you just jump of a bridge or use a rope" why don't you shut the fuck up, I would've rather had him not kill himself why don't you all say that instead of telling him to hang himself fucking idiots
AI King (16 days ago)
Yes he killed 2 peaple but still R.I.P the poor guy had depression he couldnt controll himself
Bryce Gastelum (16 days ago)
Fuck u a child and a mother killed by you being a selfish asswhole
Heart GT (17 days ago)
Bro u rip why
Kalan Cabral (17 days ago)
MATTEO TOSI (17 days ago)
I know this is stupid but I always remember you RIP
y4 (17 days ago)
Anders (17 days ago)
You are a fucking Pussy
CrazyHeavyWheelers (18 days ago)
Die in Hell Modafuca !!!! Killin 2 innocent people on the road
-_Sm0K3_- ́ (18 days ago)
Rip its sad that he wont do anothet video
Wølf Rockz (18 days ago)
Nice job on killing those innocent people. They deserve to live! And going 100 mph?; Why would someone do that? Even on a highway. Ur virtual grave should be gone now
Bob loves 🐻 (18 days ago)
IcedOutBoy (19 days ago)
Brynx Siong (19 days ago)
_ Лайкосик_ (19 days ago)
Dragon lore😢
Martin Tiks (19 days ago)
watching old vids anyone?
David Sousa (19 days ago)
People please, mcskillet was driving 160km a hour on the wrong side of the highway and please do not fuck me by saying that he stopped there unintentionally, okay, unfortunately he could have a breakdown and have suicidal thoughts but he wasn't on that side of the road at 160km a hour just to kill himself he wanted take someone with him and managed to kill two innocent people among them a child with twelve years who can not live on this earth any longer however I have the opinion that even a murderer deserves to rest in peace. For that mother and child I am very sorry, i wish that R.I.P meant "Return If Possible" but it doesn't so i say Rest in Peace.
FlixBic (19 days ago)
ураааааааааааааааааааааааа он сдох!!!!! СУКААААААА НАХУЙЯ 2 ЧЕЛА ЧТО ОНИ ТЕБЕ СДЕЛАЛИ? МУДИЛА ЕБАНАЯ
1337 sat4n (19 days ago)
enjoy ur skins dumbass, рад, что ты сдох, привет из России
David HD (20 days ago)
Nice ur dead
Paul Rizzo (20 days ago)
Should have just stayed home and killed yourself. Piece of shit
TheFall3enDEMON (20 days ago)
Wonder what skin he has for his coffin?
Rest In Peace
Miłosz Kaszyński (20 days ago)
He should burn in hell for killing this kid and mother.
Justin Lee (20 days ago)
Imagine spending you’re entire low ass life collecting virtual skins and then losing them all just to kill 2 other people, pathetic
Arietem Incarnatum (20 days ago)
I actually feel pity that this happened (car crash). RIP the 3 of them. Thou technically it was his fault, it is still sad.
Eduardo Ayala (20 days ago)
can i take his inv?
Grey_fox_ 80 (20 days ago)
Burn in hell bitch. One less waste of skin in the world.
Mad Beef Streams (20 days ago)
Fuck this guy retarded little cunt
Keagboy 3 (20 days ago)
He even killed a family.
Keagboy 3 (20 days ago)
McSkillet is dead...
Gamer Trader (20 days ago)
RIP McSkillet . See you Again CSGO skin legend !
patryk stachecki (20 days ago)
On nie żyje
Ashwan 30 (21 days ago)
Kwisatz Haderach (21 days ago)
VanillaProduction (21 days ago)
RIP McSkillet and mother with daughter.. But he dont have to take 2 innocent people with him..
Anonymous (21 days ago)
Rip skillet <3
Tomi :3 (21 days ago)
And now have secret profile
Chub Chub (21 days ago)
rip mcskillet and rip those who were involved in the incident.
rjj datu (21 days ago)
May you rest in piece bro! You will be miss
GCwiththe3 (21 days ago)
Вор В Законе (21 days ago)
SoylentGreen13 (21 days ago)
I heard about this story but just recently learned that the daughter was one of our recipients of the Kids Into Music scholarship program through the San Diego Music Teacher's Association of California. Watching the video and hearing her talk about her love for music and what it meant for her was truly inspiring and makes it all the more heartbreaking that she and her mother were taken so tragically. You don't meet many kids with her level of maturity, may her memory last forever: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=611&v=OaD-Qn0-Y6k
Mödare Gaming (21 days ago)
I honestly hope he rots in hell
Fidelio (21 days ago)
Hey mcskillet how is it down there in hell
-Ryan - (21 days ago)
Jeremiah Augustin (21 days ago)
Why did he do that tho
Jeremiah Augustin (21 days ago)
Ripoff of mother and daughter
Schotmania voetbal (21 days ago)
BrawlinGhades YT (22 days ago)
is it full fade look at the lower tip of the gun it dosent seem like its full fade
T. C. (22 days ago)
what's the float for your mclaren?
T. C. (22 days ago)
dont run with your knife out, you'll go too fast
Lukas Rønnov (22 days ago)
He just went full GTA and drove in the wrong lane... now he's "wasted"
iHeponen (22 days ago)
This guy is idiot he killed.someones.mom and a kid this guy suck
Lolkofski l (22 days ago)
What's are YouTube die
many (22 days ago)
cheeki breeki (22 days ago)
Rip mcskillet Never forgotten 😩
To Dinow (22 days ago)
R. I. P
Kevin Le (22 days ago)
Blame valve for locking his like 200k skins
ツArtur (22 days ago)
Enescu Catalin (22 days ago)
lol, he went offline =)) FOREVER
IdealCintex (22 days ago)
This video was *alive* with humor
Gemin79 (22 days ago)
He is die
Momokyun (22 days ago)
It's fucked up that people are jumping on the bandwagon to hate on a dead man. What he did was wrong but that doesn't mean you have to insult him. Would you insult an autistic kid that shot his dad? No you'd probably blame the dad for letting an autistic kid get a gun. What McSkillet did was wrong but he was mentally ill. He was suicidal. As someone who has attempted suicide I can tell you the moment you think you are going through with it and about to die, in your head you regret it all, and I'm sure McSkillet realized his mistake as it was too late. I hope him, the mother, and the daughter all find peace. McSkillet would have been a normal cool dude if he got the right mental help. We all can agree what he did was wrong, but normal suicide isn't any better than this. It's all an awful thing.
Rust For Race (21 days ago)
Sorry man, but I don't understand: it was accident or he try to kill himself driving fast in the higtway? Sorry, here (italy) we know only someting about this story...
Sterling Archer (22 days ago)
Cyklon NeReX (22 days ago)

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