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The MP5 from earlier games is preferred over CS:GO's SMGs, particularly the MP7. But is it actually better? TIME TO FIND OUT. 0:11 - Damage 0:51 - Accuracy 1:20 - Recoil pattern 1:55 - Running speeds 2:12 - Equipping, reloading, firerate, ammo capacity 2:46 - Cost and conclusion Check out my channels: ● 3kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/3kliksphilip ● 2kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/2kliksphilip ● kliksphilip: https://www.youtube.com/kliksphilip Other information you might like: ● Website: http://3kliksphilip.com ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/3kliksphilip ● PC Specs: Intel 3770K, 16 GB RAM, Geforce 670 2 GB.
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Text Comments (1697)
Uwot MATE (12 days ago)
mp5 looks like a heart mp7 is a seven and mp9 is a 9 (kinda) while standing lol
Cripey Bong (13 days ago)
If Valve doesn't bring back the MP5 I'll quit CS:GO...
Mp7 is my favorite smg tho
Lucky Aznlars (18 days ago)
mp7 recoil pattern is 7
TheBlaze78 (21 days ago)
probably if the mp5 was in cs:go, the stats were probably going to be much diffrent than the cs:s (probably much more damage than the mp7)
SpiteD (21 days ago)
i got a nra add
Riste dzisev (25 days ago)
now we know why the mp7 was named that way, just look at it sprsy pattern
I am god like with the MP5 in 1.6
Lassigamer (27 days ago)
Bringing your mp3 to school is fine. Bringing your mp4 to school is fine. Bringing your mp5 to school is bad. Bringing your mp7 to school is worse. Bringing your mp9 to school is the worst.
WhitesisterRam (27 days ago)
Mp5 in cs:go just needs some love by valve balancing it more to current situation of cs:go as cs:s is different anyways.
Roly (27 days ago)
moving and shooting with the mp5 feels riculously accurate unlike the others
Inglisz_orendrz (27 days ago)
never thrust an edited comment
Inglisz_orendrz (27 days ago)
like wtf valve irl mp5 and ump shoot the SAME ammo valv plz fix
Der Allah Kommentierer (1 month ago)
SaintedPlacebo (1 month ago)
they flat out said that the mp9 replaced the mp5 in teh early testing stages of the game. comparing it to the mp7 is like comparing the galil and ak. different weapon price ranges.
Aaron Qin (1 month ago)
1:19 7?
MidnightRage (1 month ago)
YES APOLOGIZE! i can not apologize cuz i use it in every game of csgo
VoTkA Ciprian (1 month ago)
MP5 in cs 1.6 is better than all 3 combined
Adil Abdullah (1 month ago)
MP7 has a recoil spray that says 7
aero 1401 (1 month ago)
Hey don't be talkin shit about the mp7! It's a good gun
G4 Gaming (1 month ago)
Mp5 is way better than mp7, its just way esear to use than mp7
G4 Gaming (1 month ago)
At least in 1.6
Askm3music (1 month ago)
What happened between 5 and 7 in the fps games? name a game that has the mp6...
Nylak (1 month ago)
*Looks at the MP7 spray pattern* 1:15 mmh, It's a 7, ILLUMINATI COMFIRMED BOYS
James Tillman (1 month ago)
1:12 wait a second, the mp7's spray is a seven? What?!
- M4gnix - (1 month ago)
Back in the day Mp5 Is the most powerful gun in the game Due to its rapid firing bullets I missed that now
Krayl25 (1 month ago)
That mp7 spray tho
The msagent Danika207 (1 month ago)
3:34 lmao
Kerem OyundaTV (1 month ago)
Apologize From MP5!
Mr.Wagster (1 month ago)
the mp5 might be weaker but you can always just learn bhopping
GAMER Picimc - (1 month ago)
I like mp7 but i play 1.6
[EGEF]alcatraz007 (1 month ago)
If Gaben add mp5 you need to open mp5 case and get gold
aaabr2004 (2 months ago)
the mp5 sucks dog shit mp7 for life
Halil Hali (2 months ago)
1:53 africa
RainbowHalo (2 months ago)
Did you notice that the mp7's spray looks exactly like a 7?coincidence-i think not
CPU INTENSIVE (2 months ago)
that 250 movement speed though... so good
grapezzzz19 (2 months ago)
How about we get the TMP back
TaeWilliam (2 months ago)
1:11 i can understand why it's called the mp7
Rage Studios (2 months ago)
Vavle can make an mp5 and make it as a replacement for the mp7. That would be pretty cool
Sebagopotato (2 months ago)
the mp7 has a spray pattern making a 7
Adam Git (2 months ago)
Rip MP5 1999-2009
MP5: Everyone miss me... TMP: WAT ABOUT ME?!
Suhit (2 months ago)
1:11 MP7 Makes an 7 when sprayed, interesting.
NadaVer001 (2 months ago)
The only problem with the mp7 is that "butt" it's does not pulled.
Ehab Ata (2 months ago)
What about MP5 VS PP Bizon?
FinnbrGamer (2 months ago)
i love the MP7
RealBddy (2 months ago)
MP7 spray patter looks like a 7 :OO
YiKeSTM (2 months ago)
Its cooler
Coolchou Zhao (2 months ago)
Mp7 has the recoil pattern of number 7
PsydeON (3 months ago)
I would still use MP5 xD
TheMeMeS (3 months ago)
mp5 was an ultimate run and gun smg, it was basically like ak to me, they should replace mp5 with pp, cuz pp is pointless even R8 is better and mp5's sounds were sexy as fuck, always got a boner when i used it
Jano NOPETWO (3 months ago)
This is stupid
Relics (3 months ago)
why did the MP7 Spray look like a seven, hmm
struf ik (3 months ago)
the mp7 is my fav smg
ItsYaBoiTau (3 months ago)
mp5 would definetly be better than those smgs in cs:go
Kacp3rrak (3 months ago)
Am i the only one who sees a 7 when spraying with MP7?
dhruv pawar (3 months ago)
I'm sorry mp7 :'(
IceWyvern (3 months ago)
Mp7s spray pattern looks like a seven
Artie? (3 months ago)
I like how the mp7's recoil pattern is a giant 7
M4sked (3 months ago)
2018.0X.0X - MP5SD5 is added to the game. 30/90 rounds. 700 rpm. Slightly faster than UMP. 2000$. Accuracy is improved when single fire, But if full-auto, the recoil is random. Aim comes back slowly when burst.
N3R0 (3 months ago)
i believe the armour values changed form css to csgo and that the mp5 may be utter shit in csgo and the glock is probably better then it
pokefan548 (3 months ago)
I think that the SMGs in CS:GO just got a lot more extreme. You have a couple more good ones, like the UMP-45, that are basically just discount rifles, while more traditional SMGs have gotten worse both by comparison, and the slower gameplay of CS:GO, all at the same price point.
xXQuipXx Gaming (3 months ago)
in CSS the scout makes you move at 260 Units/sec
SparkyTheFox (3 months ago)
Well the mp6 is obviously too scared of the mp7, But Where is the mp8, And i thought the mp9 got fucking eaten to death, wtf.
Belrog Plutius (3 months ago)
how to make the MP5 good in CSGO Equal damage to the MP7 5 less rounds in each magazine  (25/100) move 10 unit faster then the MP7 *SUPPRESSOR* cost the same price basically an M4A1-S for a SMG, but the T can also buy it
iDatedMyPizza (3 months ago)
they should add the tmp and MP5sd in csgo. ik the mp9 and tmp are almost the same gun, but give the tmp a silencer
Rankerusaurus (3 months ago)
I will nevar apologize to the mp7. For me the MP5 is easy because of the sounds. MP7 should apologize to me. Nice video
Now i know why the mp7 is called the mp7... the pattern standing makes a 7
Al-Shara Husein (3 months ago)
Honestly if they added MP5 to CSGO it would get a lot more patches and changes. Probably more damage and a better acurracy. And maybe lower the running speed with it in hand to like 230 units per second Im just gonna say this. I really think Valve could add this weapon in the game as an option to change the MP7 for MP5.
Wankstanite IDK (3 months ago)
someone better make a mod that replaces the MP7 to an MP5
Cam 3155 (3 months ago)
But where is *the MP6*
Barış Pekalp (3 months ago)
mp5 is still better
Cosmico Andromeda (3 months ago)
I'll never pardon to the MP7 because it's the MP7
Geico Lizard Man (4 months ago)
MP7 gives you a 7 spraypattern, 1:18 GG
ValorFlame (4 months ago)
I think MP5 is better
Ashton Lim (4 months ago)
fast facts : mp7 isnt a smg its a pdw
Сука блять (4 months ago)
When the mp7’s pattern is a 7
xrhstos xaralampous (4 months ago)
i think css in general had low dmg and big recoil so the player can learn to controll the recoil and all that?
William Davis (4 months ago)
...no... I... satanist
gator airsoft (4 months ago)
Remmember how the ump sucked ass in 1.6?well look at it now.
Systamatic (4 months ago)
well its not as good as it used to be ;-;
Monster (4 months ago)
AtezGuy (4 months ago)
MP5 MP5 MP5 MP5!!!!!
Kuki-Muki (4 months ago)
I like that the MP7's recoil pattern is a 7 lol
Bastion main (4 months ago)
Mp7 pattern looks like 7 Oh boi
Ossi (4 months ago)
Mp 7 spray pattern is 7 1:11
Naruto Romania (4 months ago)
I started using the MP7 like a week ago, and I made 2 aces from that time with it. I mean.. is a good SMG, but I think that every "badass" person would use the MP5. It's still a legend, and is quite a dissapointment that they didn't include it into the CSGO game.
Wilson Extreme (4 months ago)
Mp7 rate of fire 950 rpm
MrJloa (4 months ago)
Ppl remember mp5 coz it was as op as m4 is cs 1.6 or even better on the run. That's why. In cs 1.6 it's mp5 or ak choice.
JonnyBarba (4 months ago)
Hey! I actually like the MP7
Sokol (5 months ago)
I find it funny that the Mp7’s spray pattern looks like a 7.
Sokol (5 months ago)
Crucial flaw in this analysis. If you don’t compare the average of damages between the two game’s weapons then you’re neglecting to realize the actual effectiveness.
b relatable (5 months ago)
Who else realized that the MP7’s spray pattern is a ‘7’ ? 1:11
Engineer Skalinera (5 months ago)
solution: mod for the mp7 that reskins it into the mp5. done
Diego (5 months ago)
mp5? NAVI from 1.5? * - *
blickyTM (5 months ago)
Critical Ops has both
Dominus (5 months ago)
Mp5 wins . Sexy af
Magic Table (5 months ago)
the MP7 spray made a 7..
Le Akahoshi (5 months ago)
mp5 are an accurate smg, mp9 is not from HK...
Dr.Nobody (5 months ago)
But the real question is where are 6 and 8
Captain Yuuri (5 months ago)
Umm... I think mp5 is a real deal. Good damage then mp7 and mp9
iloveteaalot (5 months ago)
In my opinion the mp7 is my favourite smg because it's accurate, has a 600$ kill reward and can be useful on but rounds.

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