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immigrate minecraft account/ bring back your old account does be stolen

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Hello guys! im happy that my minecraft account that has been stolen for 2 weeks now i have it back. Now i make this video to help you guys to get back your old account that has been stolen. by the way guys sorry again for the late voice. I hope i help you guys also if you like it please press like, if you dont like press unlike. First you need to changes you password: https://account.mojang.com/password then you need to go to your email click it and changes the password. After you made it go to this website to immigrate : https://help.mojang.com/customer/portal/articles/775905-migrating-from-minecraft-to-mojang after that should be show up the old profile you have, if the old profile you have show up your old account is done now its yours.
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aesthetic (4 months ago)
Hey, I brought the game and everything got an account. But whenever i log into my account on the launcher it says "Play Demo" when ive already brought the game. I dont know how to fix it... It seems like my account got deleted..
PegasusP (5 months ago)
i just remember my name but mojang said 'You've filled out all the required information, well done! Now if there actually is an account matching the e-mail address and username that you entered you will receive a reset e-mail to that address. If you need help migrating your old account contact Mojang customer support.' i hope i can get it back :(
RetroBlox (7 months ago)
Nigga ! (9 months ago)
i forgot my gmail password wat i do now?
jayden VAPES (9 months ago)
Can I have the link to where u put ur acc information
DaNdy cz (10 months ago)
Man i forgot my user name !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! too HEEEELP MEEE
Toxic Ice (1 year ago)
Muamer.Lastname (8 months ago)
im too shitt
DaNdy cz (10 months ago)
Im too man ,what can i do ?
IS Donut (1 year ago)
Toxic Ice how the fuck
lil carpx (1 year ago)
Hello bro i have minecraft account i change my email and i have migrated account , no now so im go to minecraft.net in mojang.net my account is migrated ok . Just i have the game and i make my account new in mojang my account is not really seest in minecraft.net is says i don't have minecraft account , but im buyed it -_- pls help ;(
wiggycone Gaming (1 year ago)
That probably won't work for you so install minecraft on a flash drive.
wiggycone Gaming (1 year ago)
CarpxPvP I got a new pc so there is another website where you can download minecraft when you already got it but it's a little hard to find
KringlaN (1 year ago)
i subed back carpx
lil carpx (1 year ago)
im send skype request
lil carpx (1 year ago)
but i don't know so good english ... and my microphone is broken now but i can't say anything!!!
Bunnyzen2219 (2 years ago)
You're a Filipino?
Bunnyzen2219 (1 year ago)
Slr, yeah I do play unturned
Pro Gamer19220 (1 year ago)
eAMcklien Toasted HOW you buy a minecraft gift code in.the philippines?? like wtf
eAMcklien Game (2 years ago)
nice. thats my first time i talk to my video im goin to try for next video. do you play Untured?
Bunnyzen2219 (2 years ago)
so that's you speak like that. I am too but not really. half half
eAMcklien Game (2 years ago)
yeah i Im
Salty Pearl (2 years ago)
...... My minecraft acount have been stolen My email too what i can do ?
eAMcklien Game (2 years ago)
https://youtu.be/_z8P0GA5JHg watch this should be helpful.
eAMcklien Game (2 years ago)

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