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Valve vs. Bethesda - Half-Likes #0

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Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/valvenewsnetwork Watch my Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/valvenewsnetwork Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VNN Today on Valve News Network, I start off a series of videos I've wanted to create for a long time, called Half-Likes. Half-Likes aims to show Half-Life fans games that may scratch that itch because of their similarities, connections or inspirations from the Half-Life series, regardless of where Half-Life 3 is. In this first "prequel" episode, we take a look at the differences between Bethesda-Zenimax and Valve Software, and how Bethesda seems to be filling in the gabs left by Valve sitting around making controllers and stuff. Music by HOME : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nICWDlbQEKI My Social Media : Twitter : https://twitter.com/ValveNewsNetwor Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/valvenewsnetwork/ Waffler Weekly : goo.gl/Fm28Ge
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Text Comments (649)
I think Valve was wrong about the single player game
Jimbo 2: Revengeance (1 month ago)
You know, Prey was inspired by Bioshock, which was in turn inspired by System shock, which released before Half-Life. Half-Life and Prey barely share anything in terms of structure and game design.
Morph Verse (2 months ago)
At least Bethesda makes single player games, can't say that about Valve..
Half scrolls 3 fallout of tamriel
Ryan Scott (2 months ago)
Your videos are so high in quality I am so glad that someone like you is available to the gaming and general community. Keep up the absolutely wonderful work!
Zalkeriuz (3 months ago)
How to force valve to make hl3 make them bankrupt don't play there games and wait until hl3
Nick McCloud (3 months ago)
The grass is always greener.
Preston Garvey (3 months ago)
Which engine is worse Bethesda or Valve
nomercy8989 (3 months ago)
Evil Within 2 inspired by Ravenholm? Well that is a bit far fetched.
Moonscript (3 months ago)
HALF LIFE FANS. You guys gotta play Prey Dishonored 1 and 2 Bioshock Bioshock 2 Fuck Bioshock Infinite. That’s all Really Dishonored is fucking epic play it if you haven’t.
Michael Pace (3 months ago)
in short valve doesn't care about their fans in the current climate and seem to have lost all their inspired employees over time. While Bethesda in general just pumps stuff out with high reviews again and again and just seem to keep growing., Also porting to console is a nice aside, I'd like to play Left 4 Dead 2 on this gens consoles for split screen but we know they won't do that.
Nuclearpigz (3 months ago)
Bethesda is a game developing company makes games, valve is a game developing company that doesn't. And yet valve still somehow manages to be the best...
Alex Reeves (3 months ago)
Please do Bethesda News Network.
hope and nightmare (3 months ago)
bethesda is the new valve
Zakhar Vanzin (3 months ago)
Thank you for the brutal honest truth about Fallout 4 and the disgustingly oversimplified mechanics. It's a small detail but it's one I feel like doesn't get acknowledged often.
Ragnarock (3 months ago)
Prey is basically half life plus system shock. Its a very creative game and sadly very underrated.
Zachary Johnson (3 months ago)
I love Prey, and I'm glad someone else sees how similar they are: You're a badass with a bludgeoning tool and a suit. You never speak. Aliens in glass containers, being studied. No cutscenes (at least, so far). Aliens killing everyone are the fault of stupid science bitches. People explain things like pushing a button to you like you're retarded. Spider-like creatures, and you just know that some idiot has got one "tamed" as a "pet". Injecting yourself with so much shit that liver failure and/or severe brain damage is going to be what finally takes you down after surviving against an alien invasion. I mash that quick-save button like a motherfucker. You're speedy and can jump around like it's your first day of kindergarten. Stupid-ass self-recharging flashlight. Humanoid figures that fire pure sci-fi at you.
DJJOOLZDE (4 months ago)
Don't think i've played a Bethesda game since Skyrim. And i know i sure as hell wouldn't want useless plastic "collector" edition stuff. Already got enough random clutter i would love to get rid of. Guess i'm not a "gamer" they market towards. xD
Янди Фебриан (4 months ago)
You're comparing me with todd howard
Williamz (4 months ago)
Bethesda News Network when? Remembering Valve makes me sick and the lack of news on a news channel is just kind of sad at this point.
PostMalone (4 months ago)
I'm still waiting for Half Life 3
Half Life 3 News (4 months ago)
Valve dead is not give US Half Life 3
Kingy (4 months ago)
Yeah, more, more please
thePeterandByron (4 months ago)
This video looks like a mistake in retrospect, doesn't it?
The Typer (4 months ago)
EDIT: Don't want this misconstrued, I think this is a cool video that covers some good topics surrounding the material presented. The following is moreso on the plain and simple "Valve v Bethesda" concept. It should also be stated there's other really great single-player games under other publishers out there, just not ones that "feel" so similar to Valve's strengths. I think it's worth making those distinctions between iD Software and Bethesda even more prominent, even though it's all under ZeniMax and gets "Bethesda" as the parent name a lot of the time. And I think it's worth making that distinction for the following: I'd trade in Fallout 3, 4, 76 and Bethesda's continued weird and busted methods of relying on systems that take away from story and narrative parallel with worldbuilding utilizing names and franchises that have previously been heralded as some of the best RPGs in video gaming, I'd give it all back, even if it possibly meant we didn't have Fallout: New Vegas (a phenomenally underrated game that was likely pushed out fast so Bethesda didn't have to pay Obsidion royalties for high game performance). Though Quake Heroes is a thing and DOOM has had some experimental releases, for the most part iD Software has been HEAVILY focusing their developments on single-player video games first, with MachineGames taking up the helm on Wolfenstein and as we found out today, iD's already working on Doom "2". A different studio is really responsible for Dishonored and Prey. In comparison Bethesda makes an MMORPG to rake in cash and keep some development up in the TES sphere while the next sequel people are actually interested in gets played (because TES's fan base is that strong), they make a giant Fallout game every chunk of years or so but are slowly implementing online-based systems into it to try and bring in Borderlands/Destiny/"lifestyle game" systems into a franchise that is now a giant experiment hub for the company, which in turn slowly strips away the elements that got people into these games, and they're making a new franchise for the next generation / platforms / next engine essentially. Quantity doesn't equal quality, even if it does mean nothing gets released and I'm willing to say both Bethesda and Valve have some shady business methods to sitting on top of their piles of money. And I agree, having some of these titles is FAR WORTH IT, but I really wouldn't say as of that result, that Bethesda's any better. It's just a really good analog for saying that Valve doesn't release enough titles anymore (because Valve used to actually release more quality titles more often, of a far better quality than what Bethesda Actual is going to be giving us in the next few years).
ihavecojones (4 months ago)
Bro...BETHESDA is a game company. VALVE hasn't been a game company for a looooooooooong time now.
Kra Z Kapin (4 months ago)
Michael Johnson (4 months ago)
Closest game to Half Life 2 I've played is Resistance 2.
Spartan375x (4 months ago)
I love ya too!
Robert Hunter (4 months ago)
Maintaining tf2? I- Kinda can't agree on that. The team is small, and the game could do much better...
Sergeant Brown (4 months ago)
Huh. I was expecting something a bit more hostile from the "Valve vs Bethesda" title, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't genuinely surprised from its content. Definitely gonna expect more out of this series; of that you can be sure. As for the topic in question, I'm just dropping my two cents here when I say I was never really attached to single-player FPSes. I once bought (and still cherish) a physical Orange Box copy exceptionally for TF2 back then, but I eventually tried out HL2 and Portal -- and believe me when I say I tried; I gave up on HL2's Nova Prospekt after being 2-shot killed out of nowhere by a Poison/Fast Headcrab duo on a random corner of the map, and I also stopped playing Portal 1 after getting stumped on one of those platform-riding hallways over a sludge pit. To this day, I have yet to beat those two as well as Medal of Honor: Airborne (of which I wish I could play again if it weren't for superior graphic card shenanigans and ghfzndjfzdzjn...), I have yet to play both HL2 Episodes, Lost Coast, Portal 2 & Half-Life 1, and to this day the only 1P FPS game I've ever finished -- of all things -- is Medal of Honor: Heroes (yes, *that* PSP game). So maybe 1P FPSes aren't for me; maybe the seamless experience is a bit too exhaustive for me (I remember Ravenholm still being exhaustive on my mind even as I was reaching Nova Prospekt, so yeah), or maybe it's just the 3D aspect that doesn't work out for me quite like 2D action-based adventures do. Either way, it's just my two cents on the matter, and I have been wanting to speak about my 1P FPS experience for a while now, so yeah.
Kappa (4 months ago)
Valve is the reason PC gaming exists right now. for that sole reason, Gaben will be the only king i bow to.
cikame (4 months ago)
I wish Prey was made by someone else.
Where's Dinner (4 months ago)
YEESH... When you said "Valve's former flagship series" ...Former legitimately made me cringe.. Not because it's a bad statement.. I cringed, because it's true...
Hawk1291 (4 months ago)
TOOOOOODDDD! Who's Laughin' now?
(4 months ago)
Prey is Underrated and Awesome
the Top Clique (4 months ago)
For another canceled valve game, wasnt there also that space game? it was a turn based civilization type game iirc?
Angel LM (3 months ago)
the Top Clique yeah and prospero
The Fury Artist (4 months ago)
>"Games as a service" Oooohhhhhhhhhhh, I fucking hate that term. Every inch of my being writhes whenever I hear it.
Michael Harker (4 months ago)
No more love you's it's weird
valve vs Microsoft
Kellan Jett (4 months ago)
stoked for this. Prey 2017 is my fucking jam.
the dunce (4 months ago)
What does Prey have to do with Half-Life other than being an FPS and science fiction? I mean maybe in a universe where System Shock and Deus Ex don't exist I could think they're related, but that is a pretty baseless comparison.
Tyler Terry (4 months ago)
"I wanna talk about something that isn't Valve every once in a while" -Valve News Network
Bang Tri (4 months ago)
Jessomadic (4 months ago)
I would love if you made a Bethesda News Network Channel! You talk about it great!!!
PR Fo (4 months ago)
Well at least Zenimax/Bethesda isn't trying to make racing games anymore. Their drag racing games were horrible.
Von Fat Cat (4 months ago)
so when are you gonna become Bethesda News Network?
Commander Rex328 (4 months ago)
Half life took alot of inspiration from DOOM
jokerkdk (4 months ago)
I like this series so far. Keep em comin.
Toàn Khánh (4 months ago)
This sounds stupid as shit. Doom is fucking Doom! Prey is a System Shock 2 clone. And Wolfenstein is nothing like Half-Life (sorry but the gun play is just better).Today sure is a slow news day.
SPΛCEBOY (4 months ago)
I agree with you completely. I was just watching your videos a week ago and wondering if you or someone else was going to make a news network series on something other than valve. because lately valve is being dry on big news.
Jeff Harden (4 months ago)
tyler you look like shit hit the gym no offence just lookinfg out fo you
killer1one1 (4 months ago)
"...Valve's *former* flagship series" FUCK that hurt to hear. Such is life...
Crusty Bogan (4 months ago)
This video is amazing Tyler. More vids like this would be fantastic.
doge the dog (4 months ago)
MrZekeBlowstein (4 months ago)
Fuck Bethesda. They are gutting studios and messing up franchises.
Corinthian (4 months ago)
At least they release games.
Henry Munnich (4 months ago)
Dude your videos are so consistently interesting and entertaining. I have mad respect for you keep up the great work
TheADMVlogs (4 months ago)
Valve is dead for games. Simple as. They make enough money though Steam now so why bother...
Corinthian (4 months ago)
Well at least it'll be the easiest job to ever have if you can get a position there.
Adam Thompson (4 months ago)
no half life 3 info of course however there is an AIDS simulator I think you will all be interested in :)
Nicolas Dussias (4 months ago)
I have faith in this new series. In a sucker for game reviews, especially fps.
Juiceyboy Johansen (4 months ago)
Not every single FPS is half-life inspired, a majority of Bethesda games draw inspiration from other works. Sorry your channel is starved for content but maybe you should of thought about that before basing your entire channel around one company. Shit changes with time and now that your speculation is dead you might have to adapt.
Jonnie Collier (4 months ago)
There's probably not enough content in it to warrant a whole video, but Titanfall 2 has (imo) one of the best singleplayer shooter experiences in recent years.
Michael Niles (4 months ago)
Jack (4 months ago)
I Wish Valve Would Make Better Engine Then Unreal's
Zoshi (4 months ago)
I don't want Valve to make Half-Life over and over. That would get stale.
Nigralurker (4 months ago)
Keep in mind that much of the gunplay mechanic improvements for Fallout 4 were created by Id software simce both were under the banner of Zenimax. I'm not a fan of Bethesda's take on the Fallout series nor am I happy that IS software's Doom butchered modding in the form of their editor which is barebones and very much constrained. However they are making strides that is embarrassing to Valve. I'd be a bad day if Bethesda takes a leap towards their own service eith exclusive titles.
Ramm Stein (4 months ago)
Half-Life RPG game when?
Elly_0 (4 months ago)
Bethesda buys Half-Life
Aplix (4 months ago)
prey is clearly inspired by bioshock but the whole "Science facility breach" thing is obviously half-life
DirtiestHaRRy (4 months ago)
I originally subbed to this channel for valve related news 2 yrs ago. but I keep watching your vids for your content now. I don't care if it's valve related or not.
DUSKIE STUDIOS (4 months ago)
Tf has valve done recently that Bethesda has done?
C. B (4 months ago)
Fallout 76 isnt going to be single player tho lol
dessavio (4 months ago)
So Valve News Network is going to turn into.....News Network?
Mr EHEHE (4 months ago)
Prey was very good I couldn't stop playing it until I finished it playing with the turrets and stuff I wish I could play it again for the first time
tom wikwayer (4 months ago)
Bethesda News Network
Freed Seed (4 months ago)
Seeing you play in 4:3 is pleasing to my eyes, thank you.
tonton9598 (4 months ago)
every video being released in this channel since 3 months ago makes me feel a year older everytime i watch one. Valve is seems so dead now
Claudiu (4 months ago)
The Crossing was in development at the same time as Return to Ravenholm. Both were canceled in 2009
bazooka93 (4 months ago)
Valve vs Bethesda. Syphilis vs Gonorrhoea.
Sword (4 months ago)
Buying video game action figures and merchandise is very childish and lame.
Carson Frazier (4 months ago)
Bethesdas lineup of games was so nice until the crappy Wolfenstein 2 came out. That is the worst game I have ever played. I like the other two machine games ones
Noahfresh (4 months ago)
I don't care what anyone says, you can make Waluigi in Fallout 4 and that puts it in my heart.
NavJack27 (4 months ago)
The closest thing to System Shock I ever played.
Millad Bahrami (4 months ago)
For some reason, the game that reminds me the most of half life 2 is titanfall 2 but I can't seem to figure out why
Beginners! (4 months ago)
Are you sure about the PD2 part? Cuz you showed a Heist Poster from PD:TH
MrSefe (4 months ago)
Interesting thoughts of Valve's influence. I hope this series gets past Half-Like #3
Crackmandan (4 months ago)
I'm going to be the odd man out and say that I've played Prey, and didn't like it that much. Sorry peeps.
Shugo489 (4 months ago)
no I wouldn't like to own plastic garbage for no other reason than brand fandom
D4k (4 months ago)
Can I get the source on that "fucking incredible" quote? because its fucking incredible.
davidassinvader (4 months ago)
Bethesda News Network
Soctom (4 months ago)
Valve 'secretly' makes games, and 'secretly' cancels them.
Śniący (4 months ago)
You're a moron.
asgth th (4 months ago)
to me it is a bit weird that you are saying pray is somewhat like half-life due to it being welded together with system shock in my brain even though i definitely see where you are coming from
Baldurus (4 months ago)
I for one think that valve is selling more merchandise of Dota than you think. The secret shop is also so full of amazing items and the lines at Dota LANs are always kilometers in length
Pyraax (4 months ago)
"Former flagship series" ouch
bouteille d'eau 1 (4 months ago)
Bethesda News Network confirmed as a new channel, bois!
Kal (4 months ago)
Half life just cut my life in half
Highwayshark (4 months ago)
Tf2 “maintain”
Ezequiel Pereyra (4 months ago)
never undestood why people like tf2, shit moves so fast is unplayable.
Keaton [nommin] (4 months ago)
As much as people dislike Bethesda for releasing the same game over and over you really gotta appreciate the fact that they actually make games.

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