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Winter is Coming - Game of Thrones (Season 7 Part 1/3)

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I could not possibly do this seasons video in one episode. Enjoy.
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Dillon Smith (2 days ago)
1:51 is that... *megalovania begins to play*
William Strickland (4 days ago)
Awesome videos dude! Best GOT channel by miles
Faryow Cooljnr (9 days ago)
Thanks....long waited film is finally here
mheecyut (9 days ago)
Thanks Daemon, am so excited for the next season
Malou Juliette (13 days ago)
Dany become such an annoying bitch
DjTorpe Mendoza (13 days ago)
thank you
Peter J Reynolds (16 days ago)
I appreciate the post in any configuration.I live in Manila now and left the US at the end of season 6 after never missing an episode from 1/1.
Jake Pettibone (17 days ago)
I'm glad we don't have to use flaming torches anymore!!
Ricky Ramirez (18 days ago)
What that intro song
Chris Jones (20 days ago)
Nice touch with floyd
Angel Pabon Jr (23 days ago)
What did Tyrion do 2 become her hand? His clever plans lost Dany her allies. He doesn't want Jaime 2 die. Euron will kill Cersei or someone wearing his face!😉
Angel Pabon Jr (23 days ago)
Queen Danaerys should have attacked King's Landing and the Red Keep! The City would have fallen and then they could face the Night King together with all the Lannister forces with them.
CloudWrath D (28 days ago)
*Cant wait for Season8!.* 😢😢
Lilac Milkshake (28 days ago)
What is wrong with the brother Bran? He's emotionless and doesn't even hug them in return. His arms use, but he's just ... blah
Lilac Milkshake (28 days ago)
How do the ravens know where to go?
First Name (1 month ago)
Feels like the long night waiting for game of thrones season 8 to be released.
Brian Hutcherson (1 month ago)
Winter is here
Rehan Mukhtar (3 months ago)
Thanks for uploading
regie macute (3 months ago)
thanks for the upload..
Advance Group (3 months ago)
Can't find part 2 and part 3 ... please help me to find
tony tony (4 months ago)
Which pink Floyd track is that can any body tell me?? Please
darlene lee (4 months ago)
Awesome..Im re- watching everything..waiting on the next season
Isarma Winter (4 months ago)
Every day I watch! Gratitude 😊
Glennpalac Glenn (4 months ago)
"Thanks for the music bro"
Colin Smith (4 months ago)
Thx much !!!!
Pete Rush (5 months ago)
Great videos, I appreciate you taking the time to compile and upload these more than you could ever know. :)
Backa Guichene (5 months ago)
James Gravil (5 months ago)
"Three-eyed ravens and armies of the dead? Pah, what utter nonsense! Now, back to that dragon invasion..."
Rob (5 months ago)
Damn man, you play THE best music in your videos.
First world problems (7 months ago)
“This is Jon Snow”
Tisha Anderson (7 months ago)
LANS THE DUDE (7 months ago)
Choose: Create your own House/Faction or Join any Houses in Westeros I want to make my own house and call it House Ren My Motto is "Blood For My Enemies"
Phillip Raines (1 month ago)
I am restarting House Raines and fucking up the Lannisters.
John Schmit (7 months ago)
As with all those comments below Thank you so much Daemon!!!
MrWooaa (7 months ago)
32:00 Danny uses the same argument that Snow used for mance rayder and the wildlings.
Derek Poe (7 months ago)
The convo between Dany and Aejon was poorly edited.
Natalee Oz (7 months ago)
winter is coming to Australia
Christina Stouffer (7 months ago)
Fantastic opening music as always...you do know how to set the mood :)
NoneOfYour Beeswax (7 months ago)
I reckon it was a bit strong of Sansa to dis Eddard and Robb for making "stupid mistakes and they both lost their heads for it" when in fact Eddard Stark lost his head because of the stupid mistake from a stupid girl who went and grassed up her father to Cersei. Writing the letters was forgiveable under the circumstances, but there is no exculpating the guilt of delivering her father into the hands of their worst enemies.
Sheila Burns (7 months ago)
I agree.
Ya S a l a a m (7 months ago)
''winter is here your grace....we need the king of the north in the north''
Daniel HH (7 months ago)
wow,you are pretty fast in making these,thx for your effort dude,i like watching your character POV cuts better than rewatching the episodes actually,very much appreciated!
Daniel HH (7 months ago)
also your music taste is great just like your outros :D
brenoldt (7 months ago)
Sansa: Dont make the same mistakes Robb and Father did Jon: kk Daeneys: lets fight together against cersei "i wont bend my knees im northern prooud gtfo" Daeneys: you can mine your glass i'll give pickaxes and stuff "i wont bend my knees im northern prooud gtfo" Daeneys: I'll fight side by side with you against the whitewalkers, but ffs help me bending ur fkn knee" "i wont bend my knees im northern prooud gtfo" Daeneys: DUDE my motherfuckn dragon died to save your frozen ass "fine fine, ill bend.. but not now cuz i'm laying on this bed injured so.. "
MilkmanC (7 months ago)
can't say enough ya old stoner...the best intros ever
TheBOR1S (7 months ago)
Massive thanx DB am loving ur vids
Eric Grabowski (7 months ago)
I wonder, is it coincide the Targyrens settled on Dragonstone ? Did they know about the dragon glass?
Ray Anthony Brady (28 days ago)
Yes they do..
JaGuaR (2 months ago)
In the lore, dragons build their nest near active volcano, they might have chosen to settle there for that reason. So I think it's just a coincident that they were sitting on a mountain of dragon glass ( obsidian which is volcanic glass)
Mystikal 36 (7 months ago)
Dragonstone sits on a mountain of Dragon Ass oops glass
David thomas (7 months ago)
Daemon blackfyre leading us through the long night thanks
Jeff Murphy (7 months ago)
Yes Thanks Man Really.
PipeHitterX31 (7 months ago)
Their “father” also tried to steal the one ring from Frodo. Smh.
vgernyc (7 months ago)
22:19 I was kind of expecting her to say "You know nothing Jon Snow"
Joseph Mort (7 months ago)
They had no reason to believe that dragonglass can kill wights. They only killed White Walkers with it.
88th_BusStop (7 months ago)
Maesters are like Congressmen in Washington. Holding onto positions and philosophies, abandoning the only philosophy that differentiated the US from the world; the philosophy of practicality, born here on our very own soil. Abandoning Pragmatism for populism! Shame! Shame! Shame...
Indrumnity 9,999 (7 months ago)
Goodbye Blue Sky??!! FUCK yes bro haha!!! Gels right into the vid fucking NOICE thanks mate \m/
Leslie M. Isaacs (7 months ago)
Those Maesters are such idiots!!!!!!!
Raoul Duke (7 months ago)
That intro music is sexy
Professor. Moriarty (7 months ago)
U know if you use that time to look for dragon glasses, instead invite "Guns" would be more useful
Margherita Uzzo (7 months ago)
Daniel Cook (7 months ago)
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 hey ever thought of doing Edd the Dolorous? Like to see more of him
Margherita Uzzo (7 months ago)
Would you consider a video series about the houses? House Stark, House Lannister?
LANS THE DUDE (7 months ago)
Choose: Create your own House/Faction or Join any Houses in Westeros I want to make my own house and call it House Ren My Motto is "Blood For My Enemies"
Margherita Uzzo (7 months ago)
It would be cool
Jeff Murphy (7 months ago)
And Please Answer Our Questions Down A Little In The Comments Thank You?!!!
Jeff Murphy (7 months ago)
we left some likes on All the ones we commented on and some others.
Margherita Uzzo (7 months ago)
Winter is HERE!
illicitconfusion (7 months ago)
"in on episode" :) love ya
Jeff Murphy (7 months ago)
Mostly And Nice Pic Of Star Trek.
Soul breaker 234 (7 months ago)
Winter is not coming..... Spring is coming
lisa koola (7 months ago)
Soul breaker 234 😂😂😂
twinblade6 (7 months ago)
I wish Arya told Sansa about killing Meryn Trant. I would've loved to see her face when she found out.
Just_Bri (7 months ago)
Meryn Trant? The greatest swordsman alive got killed by Meryn fucking Trant
Jeff Murphy (7 months ago)
Agreed That Would Be Sooo Nice To Have Seen And What A Way To Go Huh??!!! About One Of The Worse In The Show Which Is Saying Some Thing We Think She Should Have Done That To Walda Frye Also As For The Red Wedding Being Late For Battle After Swearing With The Tully To Be There Etc/Etc What Do You Guys Think and why?And Who Had The Worse Ways To Go And Why? As Well As Who Deserved It The Most And Why And Who You Wish The Most Didnt Die Or 2 Be Brought Back And Why??!!!
Holly (7 months ago)
The maesters annoy me, they have the power to do so much influence in the kingdoms but they all act only in their self interest and ignore everyone.
rebel son (1 month ago)
just like democrats
Made IN Assam Rhino (2 months ago)
Your right
Jeff Murphy (7 months ago)
Sooo F/N True right?
Eve Nakiganda (7 months ago)
OK thanks I like what you doing for us love from Uganda
Good Ol' Papa Law (7 months ago)
4:16 *It was at this moment he knew, he fucked up*
Jeff Murphy (7 months ago)
Yes Very True!!!
Jeff Murphy (7 months ago)
Heck Yeah For Sure For House STARK#1,Storm Born,And Mormont The Best 3 Houses Most Likely What Do You Guys Think?!!!
Melissa Blackwood (7 months ago)
Little Bear is a force.
Laurinde Fleur (7 months ago)
ooooh YAY A NEW VIDEO. I am so excited for the new season to start
Mr Person01 (7 months ago)
Great episode
Random Guy (7 months ago)
Dam son where'd you get those clips?
Madara Aradam (7 months ago)
I was looking for a reason to post-pone a workout! Found one :D
Madara Aradam (7 months ago)
Jonny Hi! I don't run on a treadmill, I try to follow the exercise programm my physiotherapist made for me ;)
Jon McCloud (7 months ago)
Watch it on the treadmill don’t make excuses
Jeff Murphy (7 months ago)
it will work out in the end right?
Eve Nakiganda (7 months ago)
Am new on this channel and I am asking when are they realising season 8
Jeff Murphy (7 months ago)
Thanks!!! aND great Job.
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (7 months ago)
we do not know. some time in 2019. I'm guessing around April or May.
the colossal titan (7 months ago)
33:46 The Night King know that Bran watching him because he has the power to. And I hope that Night King kills everyone. And I Hope the most Arya dies. BEACAUSE she is so fucking Anoying... But she wont die because of Fanservice... And I hope the Hound dies to. I hope the Mountain kill him or the Night King.
Ricardo D'Oliveira (7 months ago)
Here before 1k views and 50 comments. Keep on doing this videos. Angola loves you 👌🏽
Jeff Murphy (7 months ago)
we are also as well just under a thounsand and we agree and thanks for the videos verrry much!!!<march 2018>
dibyanshu shekhar dey (7 months ago)
Great effort man...
Azir Ribady (7 months ago)
thank's u
Mhar Coo (7 months ago)
Daemon Blackfyre after this Winter is Coming seasonr7 what is next Episode or Season????? Inform me Please......!!!!
Jeff Murphy (7 months ago)
We always like your comments and videos and love to see those kind of videos and others also keep up the job man hope to see more soon.
Mhar Coo (7 months ago)
Thank I'm very like it Thanks so much
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (7 months ago)
not sure yet. I still have to finish jon snow season 7, but that is a very hard one to do right so it's taking some time. I'll probably do a few more Odd couple videos again, And I will Probably do a Live video soon to do a new top ten vote. Thanks for watching:) be sure and like and subscribe!!
lisa koola (7 months ago)
chills chills chills everywhere ! you are one of kind put all your effort for GOT thanks Daemon! 💖
AllAboutTheAFC (7 months ago)
Thank you soo much for the upload! :D
Fared hasny (7 months ago)
Thank you
Trix (7 months ago)
pink floyd music at the start earned a like
Oskar Brode (3 days ago)
IcrazyGaming (6 days ago)
Trix j
Jeff Murphy (7 months ago)
Yes! verrry much and Great Video As Well Thanks For Up LOADING Alll Of These videos, And Will You Continue With Game Of Thrones Videos After The 1st Main Story Ends?!! And When Will You Have More Videos Up Soon Were Going Into A G of Thrones Withdrawl Waiting for Season 7 and/Or 8 Thanks!!! And Please Like This Comment As We Like For Him To Keep Makeing Morrre Videos!!! And Black FYRE 2.0 Can You please Answer Our Questions???,<Big Fan By The Way And Keep Up Alll The Great Videos Also Can You Make Even + More With Our Favorites Arya#1,John#2,And The Hound#3/Brieanna Or Odd Couples We Like Those!!!,And What Do You Think Is Going To Happen To These Char? Or 2 Bronn What Do You Think??!!!Every One Else Can Tell Us What You Think Also And/Or Their Favorites And Why? And Leave Lottts Of Likes Peace Every One1! And Thanks Again!!!>.
Oracle13 (7 months ago)
Isabelle smith (7 months ago)
Been waiting😁
Heather L Thomas (7 months ago)
Thank you daemon I will watch it later I am going to my kid friend birthday party today I love your video's they leave me satisfy all the time God bless you and your heart ❤😁
Wrestling Favourites (4 months ago)
Heather L Thomas here after 3 months of you I'm newly introduced to GOT loving it have a nice and happy day
Heather L Thomas (6 months ago)
Ali Kazem I can't wait for season 8 for got
Ali Kazem (6 months ago)
Heather L Thomas How
Chris Hayes (7 months ago)
Cheer's daemon🐲
Uchie Faisal (7 months ago)
D LJ (7 months ago)
First. Yay
Jeff Murphy (7 months ago)
were the 9k347 viewer now but was here earlier also with like only 7 or so views maybe less any way Thanks!!! for up loading alll these videos verrry much!! and please like this comment as we like for him to keep makeing more videos and hope he contines to put out others soon and makes some when hbo comes out with the other game of thrones shows after the main story ends Please?!!! <were like the biggest fan of Game Of Thrones!!!!> Thanks again .
lisa koola (7 months ago)
D LJ yeahhh

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