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CS:GO - Top 10 | Ninja Defuses

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Wana donate items? Link here: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=509&token=3JYtM5Hs Do you have any sick demos for me that include?: - Fast 5man Spraydowns - Flashbang/Smoke/Decoy kills - Ninja Defuses [No dust2/common defuses] - Sick Aces / 1vs5 Clutches - 5 man grenade kills - Wallbangs - Triple Kills (1 bullet 3 kills) - Sick Team-kills - MASSIVE Fails First, consult the demo sending guide so you get it right: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMLPQQ6xAT8 Then after you've watched the demo sending guide, please send them my way and you could be in the series! Click here: http://www.youtube.com/inbox?to_user_ext_ids=s3GloeEzu5rDlQlSLGrr4A&action_compose=1 Buy stuff from me!: http://www.eddstanton.com ----------------- Editing Team Website: http://www.sparklesprod.com ----------------- Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/SparklesYT
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Text Comments (3325)
ichigo kurosaki (12 hours ago)
best case ever from me https://skinhub.com/cases/maximov-3392185
Duda Ez (3 days ago)
Arya Putra Adhyasa (4 days ago)
2:19 lol
Hey Unikitty (5 days ago)
others are real other are scripted
G G (5 days ago)
today i ninja defused
TheReal*Jag (11 days ago)
I premise that I don't like in general SPAM but if you read under I explain: Hi, my nickname is TheRealJag, recently have started to record some clips and to make some editings of mine best play/best killings. As I have said before it doesn't like spam myself but I would want to have someone who follows me and you appreciates that, that I try to do since I am also learning to edit with a new program, I thank you if you have arrived up to here I leave you my last video: https://youtu.be/5DBWD_cwc5U
DeedPool Kek (11 days ago)
*_2_* _0_ *1* 8?
Romix channel (13 days ago)
Gustavo Alves (13 days ago)
King 熙 Louis (14 days ago)
Keep it going!
phantom (15 days ago)
2:21 this is an ninja defuse, others were too slow. AS COD THO
element Emir (16 days ago)
2:51 no ninja defuse
Csibész Vagyok (16 days ago)
Omg its old csgo
Vetri vendhan (17 days ago)
After all you use wallhack. You are a cheater. This cannot be a true Ninja defuse. Don't make others fool.
Позетив 123 (18 days ago)
ReiZen (19 days ago)
*шо за* -хуйня-
ReiZen (19 days ago)
Tristan Dursnake (19 days ago)
*2018 Anyone*
_ AibekFIFA (20 days ago)
Mr. BatyrTV (20 days ago)
4:30 {~•■•~} LOL
blue :DD (21 days ago)
How did you change gloves textures
BlackSANTA_GaMeTV (21 days ago)
9 nice hack
uznak 33 (21 days ago)
Atep Sunaedi (21 days ago)
song name?
1:37 кто российский тот поймёт))))
IgorOk (19 days ago)
Че там???
Bogdan Game (20 days ago)
Даззи ЭДВАРД, о российские
Chucrute Gamer (22 days ago)
Mai diqui
DMinZZ (25 days ago)
6 fake
Musa Baysal (26 days ago)
6. Çok güzel imha etmiş :D
Polski Crafter (26 days ago)
LogD0v0 gaming (26 days ago)
U made all of those cuzz on all clips u had the same skins
Dank Supplements (26 days ago)
next time get rid of the shit music other than that good vid
QHaUNKNOWN (26 days ago)
Its%80 fake video
Fire Romania (27 days ago)
and jaxiTV? :))
i am Th3uxzZ_ [NTC] (27 days ago)
Kravason (27 days ago)
The music sucks.
Ahmad Syahmi (27 days ago)
that was insane
Just Watch (28 days ago)
wtf dont eyes t
ÅßÐðU mL (28 days ago)
Is it really a ninja defuse if ur using wh ... !! I don't think ut is
BOOGGaming 27 (29 days ago)
3:57 autonoob
Lord Jheremia (1 month ago)
Eso no es ser ninja , eso es ser hackero porque puede ver la silueta de sus rivales
VPN (1 month ago)
Who else saw this from 1.6 ninja defuse?
Kverth YT (1 month ago)
5:03 he defused the bomb but, I hear terrorist win
zembee gaming (1 month ago)
Defuse makes sound man
falietuva !!! (1 month ago)
Eka 1944 (1 month ago)
Its hack not fair
Ozbiljan (1 month ago)
Hhahahahahahah this is fake kid hhahahaha noobb
Iván Oyarzo (1 month ago)
nazmi erhan Demirci (1 month ago)
fake game
NebularCrystal (1 month ago)
hiding in plain sight boi
TraX zoC (1 month ago)
Background song?
GamerBoy XD (1 month ago)
4:32 LOL THEY WILL BE LIKE WTF WHO DEFUSE THE BOMB HACKERS AND YOU WILL BE LIKE LOL GLITCH AND THEY WILL BE LIKE Jdjejkjdskjesjskjaksajskakjewjewkjewjkejwkewmekjewqkejwalkemlkejwalkelkjewqlkekewqkesakmekwlkdsaokesakjedks HOW?!??!??!?!??!?!!?!?
EmuLp (1 month ago)
Какие же неприятели тупые...
TAKAMASSA NOMURO (1 month ago)
Leimer Oduger (1 month ago)
Alan Suchomski (1 month ago)
10/10 fake
Kairan Siva (1 month ago)
some of these are so fake jeez
PCS4420 (1 month ago)
dpi Prod (1 month ago)
No, no, no or this terrorist guys are dumbs, stupids and deaf or all of this defuses are all fake, no way someone would sneak running like a trotting horse behind someone else without making any audible sound and the smokes? Nobody asked their teammates or even themselves why that estrange and useless smoke would be in that strange and unusual place? It doesn`t really make any sense at all.
jarvay. (2 months ago)
N9 map ?
Polski YT (2 months ago)
Well film
ToastNinja (2 months ago)
The Top 3 is Brilliant!
aboo yaman (2 months ago)
Plz the music you are use it in final video
Hero_richi (2 months ago)
Mas fake.. Porque este mundo sera tan mentiroso
Attitude 2050 (2 months ago)
Song name
BOZKURT- OKT (2 months ago)
2:28 WTF
Alejo Martinez (2 months ago)
Is fake
Black fish (2 months ago)
Senim Hotwheels (2 months ago)
4:30 whaaaaaat?!!!??!?!
Hall De Mort (2 months ago)
İ did ninja defuse and when defused i died instantly
dead (2 months ago)
Near games (3 months ago)
4:50 os cara e cego man
GAMER'S GAMING HUB (3 months ago)
TOP 6 NINJA defuses cs-s - https://youtu.be/vBo7HO_WYMw REPLY
Sirasak Prokpoon (3 months ago)
Easy Defuses
Bernaditto Mukin (3 months ago)
Its fake
Piotrek Michalski (3 months ago)
Piotrek Michalski (3 months ago)
PL:GO (3 months ago)
I better ninja xD
Joao Andrade (3 months ago)
i notice on video there is a guy called "qwerty" 1 of worst name ever using 6 words from keyborad very close i mean like foloweed
Joao Andrade (3 months ago)
Blind Strike Ungloball Inoffensive
AYMEN SPORTS (3 months ago)
4:30 Nice ninja defuse xD Fake Roof
Harsh Singhal (3 months ago)
Song name pls
ROXY BG (3 months ago)
Mr.phantomcat (3 months ago)
Wxld (4 months ago)
Simone Ramos (4 months ago)
Top !!! (4)
AK TV (4 months ago)
4:25 😥😥
Zulfan Falah (4 months ago)
05:25 XD he accindetally kill the enemy in dat face (headshot)
DeamHey GT (4 months ago)
there was some fakes
ErekleTMG (4 months ago)
Ash Pokè (4 months ago)
Tried the same as 3:32 When the smoke disappeared, I saw a terrorist right in front of me and a second later there was a bullet straight in my head.
ItzMeDracek 007 (4 months ago)
5:56 song???
Outdoors & Indoors (4 months ago)
How can you see all the players through the smoke and walls thats very retarded, like its no lomger a game i dont understand it
Yasuo - HD (4 months ago)
All Fake..
Миша Микус (4 months ago)
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Ilham Bahari (4 months ago)
that fucking setting ! that just acting haha i know it its FAKE
Jachu Freestyle (4 months ago)
The last one 👌👌👌
Ahmet Çağrı Gümüş (4 months ago)
Old csgo😢😢😢😭
Noel huerta (4 months ago)
Double BassBoosted (5 months ago)
Is fake :))

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