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CS:BTE 2.99 - Fan Made Update 17/10/14

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Versão Portuguesa: Apenas um video sobre uma pequena actualização lançada para o CS:BTE. Todos os Créditos da actualização para YsufBrak's Esta actualização podemos encontrar: - Gilboa Carbine - Gilboa Viper - Spas 12 Cobra - Snap Blade (Attack on Titan Blades) Outros: - 99.9% em linguagem em Ingles - Sistema de Costumes adaptado ao Zombies Mod 4 Endereço desta versão(Está é uma versão completa ou seja não necessita dos fan made updates anteriores!) http://adf.ly/tzap9 Visitem para mais informações: - http://csomania.blogspot.pt/ English Version: Just a video about the Fan Update for CS:BTE. All Credits of the update for YsufBrak's In This update can be found: - Gilboa Carbine - Gilboa Viper - Spas 12 Cobra - Snap Blade (Attack on Titan Blades) Another: - 99.9% English Game - Costumes Adapted For ZM4 Link - (Its is a StandAlone version dont need the preview fan made updates!): http://adf.ly/tzap9 Visit for more information: - http://mania.csobr.com.br/
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Text Comments (74)
djnoom pattalung (1 year ago)
Link Please
Arizon (1 year ago)
Hey link not working anymore :/ can you repair the link ?
Arif Shukor (3 years ago)
Can give me link for latest version??Please~
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
+Arif Shukor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4G8HAJ4-Brc
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
Hai Hoang - You can add weapons in "CSBTEMywpnEditor"
Hai Hoang (3 years ago)
railcanon and some weapon can not do special !
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
try to reinstall Please!
Hai Hoang (3 years ago)
can not use the special weapons
Hai Hoang (3 years ago)
why can use special weapon ? balrog, janus, railcannon ?
MrVinny ThePoo (3 years ago)
i cant even play lol 
Ngoc Cloud (3 years ago)
How anyone can play for my share is not ! link play game ! Full game 2.99
Ngoc Cloud (3 years ago)
errors like this! when the game is starting suddenly show it! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1532134957043386&set=gm.686523754798213&type=1&theater
Ngoc Cloud (3 years ago)
I do not play games! Everyone can show me how to step installation
TheEletixonShow (3 years ago)
This is cs xtreme?
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
TomiYT (3 years ago)
oye es normal que se tarde 458178127 dias y 3 horas la descarga porque ami me tarda eso XD..HELP
k15. (3 years ago)
69gunga69 post a link games torrent
KraNeKi (3 years ago)
How many weapons can i choose so that it wont crash?
Yan Souza (3 years ago)
good afternoon Yusuf borak and 69 Guga 69 also, this CSTBE is very thought out (I mean .... great) so that ... they always have a launcher in the form of CMD, and also the message "the program does not pde be started because it is missing "" MSVCR100D "" on your computer. message types that appear like this all the time is very boring. but kind ... is there a fix for this message disappear? for the game funcio0na without problems as long as the message remains always I start it.
IceFluxx Cute (3 years ago)
How to change the Chinese / Japanese, threw out cstrike chienese no changes
Yusuf Borak (3 years ago)
New update is coming !!  -Good news zb3 black hand fixed -New weapons will add(Block AR) -New font for english game -And İf ia can i will add more costumes  Have Fun !!
Yusuf Borak (3 years ago)
cso.gamebanana.com burda bulabilirsin
Brock Martin Tarry (3 years ago)
.narları neyle açıyosun ?
Yusuf Borak (3 years ago)
evet gerekli targa kalıpları ve görüntü ve cso daki modelleri cso klasörlerinde .nar arşivleri var biz bunları csonun kendi dll leriyle açıp çıkartabiliyoruz :D
Brock Martin Tarry (3 years ago)
metahook ve visual studio görüntü için mi ? (ayrıca cso daki mdlerin hepsini nerden buluyosunuz ? )
Yusuf Borak (3 years ago)
öncelikle bunların tabanı amxmodx bunu daha iyi bi hale getirebilmek için metahook ve visual studio kulanıyoruz mdl leri cso(counter strike online) da alıyoruz cfgler de plugine göre şekilllendirilor :D(Sadece anlatması kolay ;) )
CSOmaniaPRO (3 years ago)
This cs is verry verry good but thers 1 problem fix janus11 and add aerlois janus 3 janus 5 and janus 7
RizzY The Memeiest (3 years ago)
69gunga69 can you fix a problem with black hands and some bugs with "Morale Boost" in purple, texture "moves out" Also can you add all weapons, like bow,aerolis,railcannon,m1garrand plz man
dwiky Farhan (4 years ago)
Why you not update in CSO Mania ?
Lucas Rivas! (4 years ago)
Gunga, do ya' think we can play togheter? if you want, but if you are busy, then no :3
GameMaestro (4 years ago)
GameMaestro (4 years ago)
This cs bte is very good but add aerolis and janus 3 plsss.
Jean Zoeiro Memo (4 years ago)
veio como eu baixo cliente pra mnim joga dboas passa link ae add whats ou facebook 91411581 facebook jean ribeiro pf n to consiquindo
q (4 years ago)
Fix bugs with skin hands, sometimes hands just returned in black color skins oO, some bugs with "Morale Boost" in purple, texture "moves out"
Hữu Thắng (4 years ago)
Lucas Rivas! (4 years ago)
Ooooh!! I want 2 try this right NOW!!! :D
Eray Şarman (4 years ago)
How to fixed black hands problem ? :/
Eray Şarman (3 years ago)
+Yusuf Borak Eyw kardeşim çünkü siyah siyah oynaysı gelmiyor insanın :D
Yusuf Borak (3 years ago)
Dostum en kısa zamanda fixleyip video attırcam arkadaşa :D
SeNdNanners10 (4 years ago)
you are awesome but you ll be more awesome if you make this game with all the guns(all you have in this update and bow,aerolis,railcannon,m1garrand etc.)please man do it this game is so good
Gunga CSOMania (4 years ago)
We will try sorry for that =/
Chryzzz (4 years ago)
lo estoy jugando ahora y esta de puta madre, se ve mejor a vuelto a la forma que tenia cuando estaba en la versión 1.0, esta muy, muy bueno, increíble mejor que la versión de china esta buenísimo, gran trabajo 69gunga69 :)
Gunga CSOMania (4 years ago)
Thanks for your support!
José DaVeRo (4 years ago)
+cristian ledesma si es identica esta muy bueno no se como han logrado hacer igual porque hay otros counters que copian esas armas pero no estan bien diseñadas
Joshwist55 (4 years ago)
Can u put the pick your own weapon plugin back please?
KraNeKi (3 years ago)
+69gunga69 Theres a Fatal Error when I try to load Zombie: The Hero and the error says''Too many resources on server''. Can help?
Gunga CSOMania (3 years ago)
Nevermind xD
Joshwist55 (3 years ago)
+69gunga69 why is their a halo gun in here XD
Gunga CSOMania (4 years ago)
We will try to add again this weapons. Sorry for that.
SeNdNanners10 (4 years ago)
+Lyhour Seila and aerolis and railcannon(not so sure)

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